Saturday, March 28th, 2009

The Hit List

Worst Liquid Liner? What product wins this category?

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49 thoughts on “The Hit List: Worst Liquid Liner

  1. Mackenzie

    The NYX liquid liner in the long tube, not the pen one. It cracks and flakes within an hour.

    Tie for the best: Prestige is amazing and only 5 bucks! Stays on forever and looks great!
    Urban Decay liquid liner is great too, and great for crazy bright colors!!!!!

  2. kensie

    NYC liquid liner cracks and is very goopy.

  3. Kayc

    Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner.. it smudges like crazy. Makes you look like death after a couple of hours.

  4. Tracy

    The Jordana pen liquid liner. I’m glad I tested it on my hand before i put it on my eyes! I seriously could NOT get it to come off for the life of me, and when I finally did, there was a perfect red, irritated line right where the product was. It got returned really quick! That stuff is garbage. I mean, maybe it was just an adverse reaction that *I* had, but if i were you i wouldn’t take a chance!

  5. Dawn

    Oh my god! Prestige. It burns when I put it on the upper lash line. I was like, um..I’m pretty sure this should NOT be burning! It looked fine but….yeah

  6. Wet n’ Wild. The wand suuuuucks.

  7. Brenda

    As amazing as some people may find what I’m going to say, it’s true, Dior liquid liner is absolutely horrible. It’s like a pen with a brush on the end and it clicks out either too much or too little, the liner takes a heck of a long time to try, and on top of that it doesn’t last over 2 hours on me (And I don’t have oily lids!)

  8. Andrea

    The Almay one — it cracks and flakes off within a few hours!

    • demi

      i second that. ive used it, my eye would get irritated & get this yucky goop inside my inner corner…yuck

  9. natalie

    ahh prestige would burn my lids too!!! whats up with that??? i hated the brush too

  10. Pizzicata

    Maybelline Ultra Liner (waterproof), It chunks off immediately.

  11. L

    MAC Liquidlast liner. The brush is a nightmare to use and it’s a pain to remove.

  12. Pri Rezende

    Amuse Pen Liner. There’s no color!

  13. baybee

    maybelline ultra liner waterproof liquid liner

  14. Brie

    I’m with the vote for MAC Liquid last liners. The brush is TERRIBLE.

  15. Ashley

    Ditto on the Wet n’Wild. I guess I was askin for it, only spending $1-2 on eyeliner…

  16. Philippine

    The Wet&Wild one. I bought the purple one and i have to pack it on several times in order to get an even application.

    I have a similar problem with the Urban Decay liquid liner, but not as bad. Although the packaging for the UD liquid liner is ridiculous. There’s no way you can reach 80% of what’s in there.

  17. Machostage

    MAC Liquidlast Liners. :-(

  18. oatmealfairy

    I don’t like liquid liner at all, I usually end up poking myself in the eye with it somehow. I least favorite is Mary-Kate and Ashley. It was way watery, felt like I was trying to paint my eye with watercolor.

  19. Lizzii

    I agree with Revlon colorstay. It burned, smudged, and faded so quickly. So much for the name. Actually, any Revlon product burns me. I thought I was just uber sensitive. Nope. MAC Liquidlast works just great for me. Almay I-liner was my go-to for quite some time, not sure if i’d use it again because i looooove my stila smudgepot. The wet n’ wild colored liners are beaaaaaaauuutiful colors but quite goopy and the brush is meh. Give me gel liners! 😀

    • Lizzii

      oh! and i forgot about this one from hot topic with a skull on has an uneven texture. very thin and watered down in the middle and leaves thick edges. see, that’s how forgettable it was. :p

  20. Rio

    I bought some Sephora brand glitter liquid liner that made my eyes feel like they were on fire.

    Wet N’ Wild isn’t great, but what do you expect for 2 bucks? I used it a lot as a teen though, so it served its purpose. lol

    • Rebecca

      Feel like they were on fire? Yikes! This made me laugh as that is soo not what a makeup product should do! That sucks!

  21. Annamari

    MAC liquid last liner.It’s hard to put on with that tiny brush, when it dries it doesnt look good, it’s kind of wrinkled, and it doesnt want to come off even with the strongest eye makeup remover.

  22. Max Factor Glide & Define, the packaging is aweful!
    L’oreal SuperLiner, it’s just crap! It’s not even black and after an hour it’s gone.
    NYX liquid eyeliner is good, but it cracks!

  23. nancy

    I know some people are a fan of Prestige’s liquid eyeliner, so I went out and tried it. But the brush was way too hard and felt so harsh on my eyelids!

    My favorite is L’oreal’s Lineur Intense!

  24. Susie

    loreal liner pen.. looks like a marker.. awful! Burned and made my eyes water

  25. Kim

    Clinique liquid liner, it flakes and the wand is horrible.

  26. Cristina

    Sephora (house brand) liquid liner :c It didn’t last at all! I got better luck with a cheaper brand.

  27. Ashley

    elf’s! the smell is not appealing. it flakes up too!

  28. Gloria

    The cheap $2 NYC liner is AWFUL ):
    The brush is horrible, the formula is watery, and it flakes of within an hour D;

    • AnneG

      NYC liquid eyeliner gave me a horrid allergic reaction, my eyes swelled shut a few hours after taking it off and they have been burning and red. I had to take several allergy meds to be able to open my eyes. This cheap-o product is horrid!

  29. Kendra

    Maybelline Ultra Liner (waterproof), and Prestige!

  30. Kimberly

    The Wet n Wild, the color is not so bad, but if you get the H2O proof kind it will NOT come off! You practically have to scrub your eyes off, & it’s not even close to coming off!

  31. Liana

    mac liquidlast liner.
    – brush is horrible
    – turns to sticky goopy formula after a couple weeks of using it
    – when it dries it wrinkles
    – never comes off, even after 2 days of make up remover

    • Maricruz

      when i bought the mac liquidlast liners, i was told to use an oil based remover. its been a while, but i believe baby oil worked well. ill try it again soon

    • lizzii

      i haven’t had ANY problems with that stuff. I’ve put that sh…. allll over my lid and had no problem taking it off once i realized it look f….ed up. I use Neutrogena “Oil-free” makeup remover [it feels a bit oily to me, and you have to shake it to activate it]

  32. MAC’s Penultimate… smudges like crazy all over my face. I like the pen concept for a liquid liner, but I think I’ll just stick with a gel one.

  33. Nathalie

    Not sure if it’s easily foundable in America but the worst to me is Agn

  34. Cristina

    Sephora Long Last Liquid Liner :( Not the least bit waterproof!

  35. Berrui

    The L.A. Colors liquid eyeliner sucks! It burns and it takes a long time to dry! Only $1 or so. BUT STILL A WASTE-ISH.

  36. Mansi

    Stila Liquid Eyeliner! It’s just watery muddy goop that comes out. Just terrible!

  37. Liz

    eh. i hate the brush on prestige liner, hard spongetip applicator does not make a nice line.
    i love the brush on wet n wild liner but it burns so bad if you get it in your eye! urban decay has a great brush too but unfortunately it’s so expensive.