Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

The Hit List

Worst Liquid Foundation? What product wins this category?

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57 thoughts on “The Hit List: Worst Liquid Foundation

  1. MAC Studio Sculpt – for the SMELL. Jeeeezus.

    KohGenDo Moisture Foundation – for its inability to really cover anything?? It’s a high def foundation, I expected it to be way better. If literally ALLLLL you need from a foundation is a little hiding of your pores, it might work. Otherwise, try something else.

    Revlon Colorstay w/ Softflex – hated it. Clogged me up SO badly despite all my best efforts with skin care. However, I love the old version w/o Softflex.

    • Sanita

      How does it smell like (we don’t have mac here)? I heard something sweet, is it sickly-sweet?

    • Natalie

      Koh Gen Do moisture foundation is not supposed to have a great coverage. You need a concealer! :)

  2. Nathalie

    Clinique Soft Finish make up for me. In general, I find Clinique to be an awful brand (I disliked they lipgloss, their concealer as well). That foundation doesn’t make any exception to me. I bought it because at that time my skin was very dry (and I was desperate because I was allegic to everything) and the seller told me I would easily tolerate it. I made the wrong choice trusting her. It was making my skin look artificially greasy and wearing it was not comfortable at all: too heavy, too thick, too covering (I was looking like I was wearing a mask, which I hate). It goes without mentionning the color was a weird greyish pink and far too dark although I had picked the lightest shade. It finished that I trashed the foundation after having barely used it, thing I hate doing.
    I never bought anything from Clinique again.

    • oh i knowww what you mean!
      both my mom and i had the same experience.
      horrible horrible foundation!!!

      • jasmine.w

        good skincare, HORRIBLE MAKEUP!

        • Sasha B

          I’m sorry but i have to disagree. my mother uses clinique makeup, and i have to tell you she is very picky about what she puts on her face. it was the first, EVER thing i used to cover up blemishes, like on picture day in the 5th grade or something. i find it to be my go-2-foundation if I ever run out because my family trusts it.

      • Vsolana1

        I know I have really tried to like Clinique but it ALWAYS looks terrible on me too.

      • Julia

        The same thing happened to me – it was too dark, it was not supposed to be full coverage but looked like it was, and with powder on top my face looked almost furry (powder was Clinique too). What is it with not being able to make a light enough foundation anyway?! Speaking as an NC15 here.

        • margot

          I’m also a NC15 and can never find the right colour of foundation … everything is always too yellowy or too pink or too orange or too something !!!

          BTW, tried the clinique and was really disapointed : waste of money and makeup remover. I put it on my skin and had to remove it instantly. It was so horrible !!!

          • Erin

            OMG!!! I always thought I was the only one out there with this EXACT problem with Clinique’s foundations. (I’m also a NC15) For years I have tried to like Clinique but the whole line (makeup and skincare included) is terrible. I’m a MAC diva!!!

    • Lisa

      My favorite lipglosses are Clinique! I haven’t tried their foundations before though.

    • kat

      I hate CLINIQUE too!!!! I actually am appauled and shocked its as “high end” and expensive as it is! I have the toughest skin ever-never get pimples, never get oil, never get dry, but anything from clinique just murders my face and I don’t know how someone with such ballanced and tough skin can get murdered by anything! I can even use cheap drugstore stuff on my face! EVERYTHING except clinique it’s the worst ever!

  3. JennXOXO

    Jane Iredale Liquid Mineral foundation. I had a makeup trial for my wedding and the salon I went to only had Jane Iredale cosmetics. The formulation was horrible. It only lasted for 2 hours and the coverage was minimal. It was too lightweight and I was shiny which is horrible for photographs. Thank goodness it was only a trial.

  4. Loreal True Match – made me break out so bad!!

  5. L’oréal Visible Lift : the colour is weird, the texture is light but how ever little you use it never feels like your skin is absorbing it, and it just lays there on your skin and you can almost see the pigment separating from the liquid

    Lancome foundations in general where pretty good pore – magnets too.

  6. I love MAC SFF but ugh @ the MAC Select Sheer Cover. Just watery and non even minimal coverage.

  7. Rose

    covergirl’s clean make up foundation, has no coverage

    maybelline dream matte mouse liquid foundation, made me break out so badly

    • IZzySA

      I didn’t even know they still made CG clean makeup — I used that when I was 18..lolol. But hey, I did like it then! Mostly agree on the Clinique foundations, although have been testing Ever better– which I think I like so far. I have little experience with some of the DS brands, except Revlon’s which is ok. MAC SS.. is a disaster imo. oxidizing like no tomorrow and have heard lots of skin breakouts due to ingredients.

      other than that — I am trying to cut down on makeup in general for summer! Luminizing moisturizers and bronzers /blush for now!

    • Courtney

      I used the CG foundation for years and it was fine. Even now, it’s the in the bag of shtuff I leave at my boyfriend’s for spur-of-the-moment sleepovers because it still works for me. Not saying I don’t prefer others, but I don’t hate it either. :-)

  8. Carol

    Anything Clinique, terrible junk.

  9. Nic15

    Foundations are one of those things that some are gonna love em & some are gonna hate em. People wanting full coverage hate the foundations that offer a light coverage option. Those w/ sensitive skin hate foundations that make them break out while those w/ normal skin may not have issues with those same foundations & love them. I think we are all on our quest for the perfect foundation. For me personally, I’ve had no luck with MAC’s foundations, they make me break out so for me they’re the worst. On the drugstore end, Revlon Colorstay agrees w/ my skin & provides the fullest coverage. When I want light coverage I use Cover Girl Clean Oil-Free or Maybelline Pure. When I want medium coverage, I go for Maybelline Mineral Power liquid or L’Oreal True Match. On the mineral end, BE isn’t the best in terms of longevity on my skin but gives me great coverage. MAC MSF Natural’s are my favorite but are more light/med coverage for me.

  10. I’m surprised at all the Clinique hate on here – I’ve two of their foundations right now, and I’m loving them both (Supermoisture and Even Better).

    • Nathalie

      I believe you. Maybe are some other Clinique foundations better than the horrible one I purchased and trashed, but frankly I don’t feel like trying them (for obvious reasons). They don’t even propose anything suiting fair skin tones anyway so it’s not as if I was missing something! 😉

  11. Kathleen

    Foundation that contain a high level of cyclomethicone and dimethicone break me out terribly. I have oily, acne-prone skin, so the following are horrible for me:
    1. MAC foundations
    2. Diorskin
    3. DiorForever
    4. Orlane foundations
    5. anything drug store
    6. anything Stila
    7. Laura Mercier
    8. Chanel Mat Lumiere

    Is this horrible or what? I am forever cursed with my oily, acne-prone skin. In fact the only foundations I can use at the moment are:
    1. Bare Escentuals
    2. Pur Minerals
    3. LORAC Natural Performance

  12. Amanda

    Yet another Clinique hater. Their “Superbalanced” turns my whole face pink, not enough coverage, and settles into my pores even with a primer.

  13. Kathy

    Clinique Perfectly real makeup = greasy hell = breakouts : (
    I do like some of their mascaras and skincare.

  14. Galen

    The Body Shop Flawless Foundation. It truly made my skin look flawless… for 15 minutes. Then it slid off my nose, settled into my pore, looked totally obvious, and started to make me itch.

  15. Lauren

    MAC’s Select Foundation…I couldn’t get it to blend! Streaks streaks streaks!

  16. Erica

    Another vote for MAC Studio Sculpt – I used it for a week and my skin paid the price recovering from the breakouts for a month after. It was horrible. Too bad because the texture is wonderful.

    Maybelline dream matte mouse liquid foundation, made me so greasy.

  17. adriana

    Mac Satinfinish! eww… that luiquid foundation is horrible

  18. Brino

    Covergirl. It’s so sheer, it doesn’t do anything. Most of covergirl’s products aren’t very good though. There eyeliner is ok.

  19. Sandy

    I find most of the Clinique foundations cakey. Actually, any face product from there sucks in my opinion.

  20. Jenny

    Covergirl TruBlend. I just think it leaves super streaky marks on my face, really hard to blend out.. and does not “blend” with my skintone. I really don’t like the consistency

    i like Revlon ColorStay liquid better than the TruBlend

  21. Minnie

    MAC’s Mineralized Satinfinish BLOWS!

    • Ms Trendy

      i second that… it literally washes off with sweat, tears or water. i had to set it with powder otherwise it wont stay put. its very light. i’ve resorted to using it as a mild highlight just to use it all up because it does reflect light without any obvious reflect particles like pigments, blushes, and traditional highlighters. i would not repurchase. I switched to studio sculpt despite mixed reviews i like it and set it with MUFE HD powder. if you dont set it it oxidizes and melts/shifts after long wear.

      • Dawn

        I’m so glad I read this! I was going to try the Satinfinish but was on the fence about it. I love the Studio Fix Fluid but its starting to get way too heavy for me. So I’m looking for something lighter but has decent coverage.
        thx for an idea of what NOT to try ladies!

        • Minnie - boxofmakeup

          Hey Dawn, I just got the MUFE MAT VELVET + and I am soooo in love with it. I tiny bit goes a long way med to full coverage and it’s matte. Go to Sephora and get a sample you WILL love it :)

          • Ms Trendy

            i’ve been hearing good reviews of the mat velvet and duo mat … i just broke my studiofix compact so maybe i will give the duo mat a try and get a sample of the velvet mat. i just find MUFE colour seem so unnecessarily complicated because the #s are all over the place. if anyone knows how to read their shade scales please share! I’m NC or NW 25/30 so i can pull off many shades because my skin is uneven so i can lean cool, neutral or warm.

          • Natalie

            If you have a tiniest dry spot, Mat Velvet + is not for you! I can only wear Mat Velvet + in summer, but not winter. I prefer Shu Uemura foundation over MUFE Mat Velvet or HD.

        • I use MAC Mineralized Satin Finish and I LOVE IT. My skin looks flawless, the coverage is medium and buildable. I have normal to dry skin and it works great for me. Don’t knock it till you try it.

  22. MAC Mineralized Satinfinish is the worst liquid foundation I have tried to date.

  23. Krista.K

    Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse Liquid foundation!
    Broke me out, got on EVERYTHING, it literlly tranfers onto anything; clothes, people, cell phone. flgkdg;ldg

  24. Michelle

    MAC Mineralized Satinfinish –> worst ever….it is so hard to get it even, it smells really bad, too orange for me and Ive tried many sample colours nothing matched…

  25. Neeraj

    I hate MAC select and hyper real foundations…..they just dont look right and the worst foundation according to me is Shiseido Dual balancing foundation and Christian Dior Forever Extreme makeup..they are just so horrible.
    i love my trusted Clinique Super balanced makeup

  26. Clinique because they do not stay on…even with a great primer! Plus it is hard to find a color that looks great on me as well.

  27. jess

    MAC foundations are too orange for my skin. StudioSculpt matches me best, but the smell is a bit much and it only looked good for a short period of time.

  28. Luda

    Bobby Brown foundations just don’t work well with my skin. They make me flaky and my skin is usually oily.

  29. Sans

    cover girl foundations… :( someone shoud have warned me

  30. KaylaK

    I will admit I am kind of surprised by all the hate for Clinique but yet at the same time I’m not lol. I only like 2 of the foundations and one of them is about to be discontinued (which sucks!) I work for Clinique and I agree I hate superbalance (I second settling in pores!) and perfectly real. I also agree that it is super hard to match anyone that is fair because our shades our limited, heck I have to mix mine with Custom Blend Prescriptives t/m to get it to look semi right on me! But I will say my worst foundation experience was with Estee Lauder double wear, that was wayyy too much for my skin. That and I couldn’t be matched that well into it to begin with but that made my skin break out. I guess it was to heavy for me being an oil slick lol.

  31. Brian

    i hate Clinique it all smells like dirt

  32. Cassykins

    Rimmel foundation. I have never used it, but my mom did. I think it made her look streaky and every shade turned orange (she had foundation mask lines that were pumpkin colored) I made her switch to CoverGirl TruBlend (which is what I use) and I think it looks a lot better on her. I guess she does too because she’s still buying it 6 months later.

  33. Lindsay

    Estee Lauder foundation= it looks good in person but in photography it reflects white and ghostly. It looks like I wasn’t able to match my foundation correctly. Yuckkkkkk

  34. MC

    Hahaha… wow… now there needs to be a FAVORITE liquid foundation… I’ve been looking for a new one, but all my ideas were striked down here!

    • Janet

      I have treied them all I am sure – the best I have found is Body Shop All in One compact makeup.