Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

The Hit List

Worst Lipstick Formula? What product wins this category?

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18 thoughts on “The Hit List: Worst Lipstick Formula

  1. Kathleen

    Mmmmnnn….Matt is my least favorite that’s for sure…they make me look old…LOL

  2. Sandy

    My least favourite is a tie between Glaze (it doesn’t have enough pigmentation) and Frost (I don’t like frosty lips). I still have a few lipsticks in these two formulas that I love, just generally not my favourite formula.

  3. Brooke

    worst lippie formula are NARS lippies. I have no idea if they’re matte, glaze, frost or whatever…. but they SUCK.

  4. DevilishDoll

    I think the only ones I’ve tried so far were frost and lustre, and I really liked them both. I would probably hate matte though, I like silky, shimmery lips. Well, I like everything shimmery, lol.

  5. Stacey

    I’m not a huuuuge fan of frosts.. but that doesn’t mean they’re awful. Some just make me look like an old lady who plays bingo on the weekends.

  6. I’m not a huge fan of frosts either. I also don’t like anything on my lips that has ‘icy shimmer’ if you will. And i haaate the supposed long-lasting formulas that dry your lips out ridiculously. I just bought a Sephora brand Maniac lipstic and not only is the color waaay too cool and frosty, but it’s ALSO like rubber cement on my damn lips..awful.

  7. slipnslide

    Is it Glaze that the Lollipop Loving stick was? I love Lollipop Loving, the pale coral with the duochrome green shimmer? But seriously, it goes on like chalk!

  8. Ruth

    I’m not a huge fan of super frosty lipsticks, although there are some companies that manage to make frost lipsticks without making my lips look old !

  9. Myxa

    I only own one MAC lipstick – Matte Glam Viva I. And I agree it is definitely quite drying. But that’s what you get with a matte look.

    Also, this is a bit off topic, but I was wondering about dazzleglasses. I have Like Venus and Miss Dynamite, and I got them both as gifts. Are these part of special collections? Which ones?

    I am trying to classify them in my MAC collection. LOL

  10. claudine

    the like venus dazzleglass is part of the Dazzleglass collection
    Miss Dynamite got released with the red she said collection

  11. Claudia M.

    I don’t like frosty lipsticks either and I hated UD’s new lipsticks (the ones with the blade on the bottom) they’re so soft, they kinda melt inside the tube, making a mess. I got one that tasted horrible, like rancid metal, ewww! I think, from reading reviews, the shimmery/glittery ones tasted worse, and the others were so-so.

  12. Shefali

    Of MAC lipsticks, I agree with everyone on Glazes and Frosts. I never even look at those categories on the lipstick rack at the MAC counter.

    Of other brands, I’ve actually been quite happy so far.

  13. Vivian

    Frosty the snowoman wins hands down, next comes sticky-tire track.

    explaination: glosses or lipsticks that makes my lips white frosty. errr (namely l’oreal glam shine)

    sticky tire track – tires are rubber-ish and doesn’t slip easily. I hate glosses that doesn’t spread easily. Hello, this is gloss we’re talking about. Namely Nars orgasm (or any kind of their glosses)-It’s so hard to spread it when I’m pressing my lips together and it’s rather sticky; not to mention it takes couple dips into the tube to get the right amount! but it looks better over a lip stain/stick

    Another offense: glitter in lipstick or lip gloss, just a no-no.

  14. Ziya

    ^ I completely agree! and lol at the sticky tire track..for me, I have a tendency to rub my lips togethor and I need it to have some give or it feels weird lol ( I know, I am weird:D )
    IMO, frost….dry city! For some reason they dry my lips out…even my VGI doesn’t as much and its a matte…
    Lustres are great BUT they don’t last!!! Grrrr my HG nude: Freckletone but it stays for a total of 5 seconds..:(

  15. Taj

    The worst lipstick formula is Bare Escentuals…and this is coming from someone who LOVES BE! Their formula is SO DRY that it skips across your lips when it is applied…HORRIBLE! I love the Buxoms though!

  16. jen

    MAC lipstick, sorry. Good colors but they always end up on my teeth. The only brand that does this. My teeth are completely straight so I find this weird. I stick my finger in my mouth, turn it and pull it out so it won’t happen, but with MAC it still happens. Anyone else experience this?