Monday, October 27th, 2008

The Hit List

Worst Lipstick Color? What product wins this category?

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44 thoughts on “The Hit List: Worst Lipstick Color

  1. Erin/slipnslide

    Hmm… I’ve never really seen someone rock a cool, true taupe… also it’s pretty hard to pull off fuschia or purple. But I have a feeling there are exceptions to everything. Blue looked awful on me, that’s for sure.

    • cloudburst

      I agree – a true taupe like MAC folio – the one Angelina Jolie used to wear years ago. It made her lips look grey & chapped.

  2. Anitacska

    Red! I cannot stand bright red lipstick. My mother-in-law has about 10 different kinds of red lipsticks, all vile! LOL

  3. Vivian

    Other than all mentioned above, I can’t take neon colored lipstick/gloss. I hope those won’t be making the trend, even in fashion shows meant to be futuristic themed. At least not too many people wear it on daily basis, or I could be wrong

  4. Brooke

    On ME or on anyone? Because what can look vile on one person looks great on someone else. On me, I can’t do bright pinks – I look like a clown! And I’m biased since my mom has worn nothing but for the last 20 years.

  5. DJ

    on me? anything too pale & opaque, especially Mac’s Myth.

    As long as someone is working with their own colouring, I am not sure there is a ‘worst’ lipstick colour, just unusual ones.

    • Eva

      I totally agree! I really *hate* ubernude lipcolours. Especially on really tan people. I think it looks really horrible.

      • Courtney

        I agree as well. Concealer lips are gross.

        So are super-pale frosty pinks. If you’re not a porn star, then stop it.

        • kat

          that’s hilarious. that’s exactly how i refer to frosty lipsticks when i visit a mua. i ask for a pretty pink but nothing porn-star-ish!

  6. I really don’t like Icon, Gel and Foil by MAC. Icky!

  7. Sandy

    on me, any yellow toned l/s. I can’t wear yellow or anything in that family….for some reason the colour just doesn’t suit me. Oh I also never seen a brown l/s that I could wear.

    I think everybody has their own hate list though, based on their skin tone

  8. Andrea

    on me, I would say red. but I like it on other people! Really I don’t like brown/dark colored l/s

  9. Shefali

    MAC’s M’Orange is SCARY.

  10. Angi

    Well, I’ve yet to see anyone look really good in bright magenta, hot pink or milky pale. I know people who like them and wear them and that’s their choice. But if they were to ask me, I would sure tell them that I don’t think it looks good. But, if not asked I sure don’t volunteer the opinion.

  11. Anything that doesn’t compliment skin/undertones.

    I know that most colours aren’t a natural lip colour, but finding the right tone and using the right application technique/tool can make it complimentary – instead of a garish mess.

  12. Nicky

    Really unusual coulours, like yellow, blue and green and stuff. but i don’t think anyone with eyes or brains would wear that. Exept on halloween, and jeez, it’s almost halloween.

  13. Naomi

    MAC lipstick in Pervette. That is some awful stuff.

  14. Chica

    LoL at the above choices – I wear bright pink, red and plum/purple toned lipstick all the time :) – although only with very minimal eye make up. I second the uber-pale thing though , I don’t like the lips blending into the face look at all but I know loads of people do. I also can’t pull off more unusual colours like blue/green/orange – and I’ve never really seen anyone else be able to pull them off either, not even the trendy-indie circuit.

  15. macaddict

    I agree that every one has colours that will and will not suit them. On me, any lipstick with yellow or too brown does not cut it! However, I can easily say that I wear bright reds and oranges, reddish-browns, purples quite well. I love Burnin’, N5, and Back to del Rio! I almost look a bit “goth”-chic with Burnin’and Nightmoth lip liner on.
    Also, I have the MAC blue lipstick and blue lipglosses and the YSL black one. If a colour is unusual, you can bet that I will at least try it and maybe buy it to play with.
    My favorite facial feature to highlight is my lips and so I will always showcase them first with bright colours.
    People tell me all the time that I am lucky that I can really pull well all the vibrant/funky colors. Honestly, if it’s too middle-of-the-road, I look sick and granny-like. It just does not suit me.

  16. Rio

    Very light pink. It pretty much looks good on no one.

  17. Briana

    I HATED Hue l/s from MAC.. it looked horrible on me.. but some people seem to like it.. however blankety i LOVE.

    and i don’t understand what people would use blast of blue for?.. halloween.. thats all. lol

  18. I’d have to say opaque violet is up there on my list. Specifically “Muse” by Club Monaco. I used to wear it all the time when I was in middle school, because I loved purple. I was not nearly as cool as I thought I was.

  19. I’m reading every ones comments and laughing because I wear barbie pinks, bright reds, purples, and dark lipsticks all the time. I despise lips that are camouflaged into the persons face, or really light and opaque lipsticks. Blast o blue was a nice colour, I’m sure I’d be able to find a way to pull it off if I had it lol.

  20. Donna

    Tanarama! I don’t really like nude lips and this looks horrible on everyone I think.

    • claudine

      if you use chapstick and apply tanarama lightly and blend it and add ensign lustreglass on top its so hot….some lipsticks work with more effort

  21. chuarmk

    Orchidazzle from MAC Strange Hybrid. Its makes me turns into a XXX instantly.

  22. Karen

    purple, dark plums, browns.. but i love concealer lips lol.. i know lots of ppl think it looks bad, but when i look at other ppl with milk pale likes i go ‘ ew’ but i am addicted.. n i dont think it looks bad ? ..

  23. Nell

    Pepto-Bismol Pink like Melrose Mood from Heatherette, I have yet to see someone pull that off!

  24. claudine

    on me i dont like dark plums, browns and anything to yellow or orange toned

    with my skintone macs pretty please looks best and yes its very light but not to opaque

  25. Zoe

    Orange, baby. Too 80s.

    Also, anything that’s smeared on teeth or outside natural lip line. It drives me batty.

  26. taj

    an yellowish orange I saw my sister wore. Its like she forgot to wipe the egg yolk off her mouth after breakfast !!!

  27. fhiggs

    I’ve yet to see anyone pull off a brown-based lipstick, I’m not a huge fan of dark brown lips…
    However, lip colour is definitely growing on me!

  28. Lindsay

    Nell I totally agree!

    • Lindsay


      Anyway, Melrose Mood looks good on almost no one. And uggghh…concealer lips are disgusting, nude milky looking lips are so horrible. The are better ways to do a toned down lip than just whiting them out. Oh and the shimmery lilac color, the kind that some one in middle school who does not know what they are doing would pick out. Oh, or silver lip gloss…

      I could go on and on!

  29. kat

    I think that its hard to say… “bad colour” seems more dependant on your own colour palette. Like pale and asian people can typically pull off nudes, but they look terrible on tanned people. I only like bright red on light skinned people; whereas browns look great on darker skinned people. I dunno… hard to say!

    For me (pale skin, used to have red hair now it’s dark) I think that dark lips, nude lips, and bright lips (save for pink and red which I like) look awful :(

  30. Erin/slipnslide

    I love Myth, but I agree: it works best if you’re not orange… and it really needs liner and gloss to sort of suck up another shade.

  31. Whitney

    It depends on the look and who is wearing it….. I am able to pull off just about every color…. i am actually venturing out into blue hues after the blue dazzlegalss was such a hit

  32. Sarah Charolette

    Well… theres a LOT of them i hate but the ones on the top of my list are probably
    2.Neon blues and Greens
    3.Orangey-Yelowishy colors
    4.Browns dark to light even a light brownish taupe is gross
    5.So far the black lips trend doesnt look to good black is for the band KISS
    6.Anything too shiny it makes your lips look like an ice skating rink
    7.Ballet Pinks and anything to winter pale
    8.lip gloss/stick with huge glitter chunks
    9.White(yes i’ve seen it before and it makes your teeth look yellow)
    10.Overdoing it, even if you have the cutest color it will look bleh
    Hope this helps you guys, and btw, I LOVE the red lipstick by YSL you just tone it down a bit for normal wear. But i guess its a personal prefrence. I have tannish skin and dark blue eyes so for those of you like me try red and make a statement!

  33. abby

    Pink Nouveau! it makes my lips look dry :(

  34. I can’t stand fushia (in my opinion!)

  35. freshpinklips

    Worst lipstick color on me is MAC Snob because it makes me look dead. I however use it as a cream blush and it looks really pretty. Great texture, doesn’t look patchy, appears natural up close or from afar. I’m glad it works that way or it would have been a total waste of $.

  36. guest8

    lime crime wins this one…i tend to think all of their colors are completely ugly with exception of their reds.