Saturday, December 6th, 2008

The Hit List

Worst Lipgloss Formula? What product wins this category?

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38 thoughts on “The Hit List: Worst Lipgloss Formula

  1. Rosie

    For me personally its MAC lipglass and Chanel lipgloss. They’re way 2 sticky and gunky.

  2. Catherine

    MAC lip gel

  3. Viv

    Stila lipglazes have zero pigmentation for me.

  4. emma

    loreal color juice lipgloss. they r sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sticky. also the chanel glossimers, they smell and taste weird, and the formula is gross

  5. Sunshine

    I’d say Napoleon Perdis glosses were the worst. Maybe the formula was fine but they smelled like turned oil. I got a holiday set last year from Sephora and it smelled horrible. Mally Beauty gloss and Signature Club A glaze smell quite awful, too. I love MAC, Goldie, Smashbox, Tarte, Laura Geller, Philosophy, LipFusion, BE Buxom, Prescriptives and Chanel glosses. The best formula is made by Scott Barnes. I love how some of his glosses are vibrant and opaque. It’s similar to a liquid lipstick.

  6. Nosh

    I have to admit I don’t like MAC lipglosses. I hate anything sticky or thick on my lips. I also really dislike the stila lipglazes.

    • Anna

      I also hate mac lipglasses and stila lipglazes i also hate clinique glosses there all too sticky they only lipgloss that im really loving are laura mercier

  7. Taylor

    Is it weird that I like almost all the lipglosses on the market right now? No big complaints.

  8. I actually hate the L’Occitane Bonbons. They’re so heavy and thick and sticky and I particularly dislike the color of the Rose one. One of my friends loves it and insists that it becomes YLBB on her after a little while, but I just can’t sit through that length of time with this stuff caked on. Their tube glosses, on the other hand, are amazing.

    I also would never buy Lorac Mocktails again. I think the squeeze tube with brush is an adorable idea, but I just feel like the stuff is way too sticky. If I want any significant amount of color, then I have to put on so much it becomes uneven and pools if I do anything with my lips at all.

  9. Shari

    Chanel and Nars are tied for worst. Not worth the money

    • Linz

      I agree on the Nars. I have a couple and the colors are pretty but the formulation is bad and the amount you have to put on to get it to look right is absurd.

  10. Monica

    luckily i haven’t made too many bad choices with lipglosses yet. i have tried MAC lipglass though…which as someone has said before, is way too sticky.

    MAC lip gelee, on the other hand, is amazing and i have about five of those aready.

  11. Ruth

    Hands down it’s Cargo, lasting power of 10 seconds.

    • NIVEA lip shine I think it was called. It smelled terrible and when I put it on my lips the smel was so ba I had to wipe it off. The taste was terrible as well! Worst gloss I ever bought!

  12. Archelle

    MAC liplgass is supposed to be sticky. It stays on longer that way.

    The worst one I’ve ever tried is Palladio herbal lip gloss. It dried out my lips so bad, and smells weird, and lasts for five minutes. Failgloss.

  13. I don’t like Stila, they are basically invisible on me. Also can’t stand MAC’s Plushglass, it slides right off my lips onto my CHIN!

  14. lindsey

    Stila lipglaze

  15. pquanda

    OK, so I have 18 mac lipglasses.. but I have since ventured to NYX and I totally abandoned ship on my mac lippies. Put the unused, back-up ones on swap and will probably B2M the rest. You need to have a slight tackiness/thickness/stickiness to achieve long wear, but honestly, the MAC ones stay on just as long as Chanel and NYX on me. Chanel is slightly thinner and NYX is way thinner. It doesn’t need to be THAT tacky! Ew! And ew at lipglass drying my lips out, making my lips flake (with the lg on, gross) and having that gross white junk in yur lips. Does anyone want my lippies!?

    • Shari

      in visualizing the white gunk, no thanks! I do like a few of my MAC l/g though – stays on longer, doesn’t slide anywhere.

  16. Vivian

    I hate super sticky and the sprkles cling to my lips, and the dry formula – I’m looking at you Nars Orgasm Lipgloss. But I find this great over a lip stain. Also, I hate frosty the snowoman look – I’m looking at you L’oreal glam shine and other gloss that tends to do that. I prefer watery texture than long-wearing stickiness gloss though – I like to eat every now and then so long-lasting lip colors are also great! me love L’oreal infallible duo compact, so sleek! I also dislike Dior’s texture and millions sparkles!

  17. stila lipglaze….ZERO pigmentation on me
    MAC LIPGLASS…nice colors but just too sticky…can’t leave my hair open/loose when i have these two on my lips…

  18. cloudburst

    I don’t remember exactly what they were called but several years ago Revlon put out these 3D glosses, and the smell alone put me off buying them, they had this weird super bitter chemically smell & taste.

  19. champagne

    maybelline superstay lipgloss – tried it on my lips and couldn’t get it off even with makeup remover, had to peel it off along with some skin off my lips. It was terrible and painful …and the worst cosmetic blunder of my life :(

  20. Kimberly Lovehewit

    NYC glosses. yuck.

  21. claudine

    to thin and they stink

  22. Melia

    I don’t like lipgloss very much because most feel heavy/drying/just not for me. The worst ever must be Collection 2000 and a close second a MAC lipgloss (can’t remember which) that I got as a gift and gave away because I couldn’t stand it. Manhattan (a German brand) make really bad lipgloss that dry my lips within 30 minutes.

  23. ali

    Ew, the Beauty Rush line at Victoria’s Secret is super sticky. It’s so thick it’s just too much. They have cute colors and flavors, the prices are also really eye catching too at only $7 a tube but if I wear my hair down it sticks to my lips bad.

  24. Carrie

    I agree with the person above. Loreal Colour Juices are ridiculously sticky.

  25. Lix

    Chanel Glossimers.
    So. Gunky. :[

  26. HoneyBrown1976

    MAC Lipglasses – too sticky

    Victoria’s Secret – too sticky

  27. jenny

    MAC Lipglass made me break out along my lipline which made it easy to return when the salesclerk asked why. Jessica simpson lipgloss stays shiny about 20 seconds. Revlon lipglosses all go on clear no matter what the color is on the tube.

  28. jen

    Lancome Juicy Tubes. Sticky Greasy flypaper in an expensive cheap looking tube.