Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

The Hit List

Worst Lip Stain? What brand/product wins this category?

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22 thoughts on “The Hit List: Worst Lip Stain

  1. Alexis

    Wow I really hate to bash a product because this is so subjective but I will for sake of argument, it would have to be Benefit’s Benetint. I have dark lips and this really does nothing for me.

    • Terry

      I agree with you. I really wanted Benetint to work for me, but it didn’t do anything to my lips or cheeks :(

    • artydistractions

      I’m with you with the benetint, I’m really pale but it just ran to the endge of my lips and sat there like lipliner – it wouldn’t stain my lips at all.

    • margot

      I have to agree. I don’t see any result on my lips and on my cheeks, it makes me look like a russian doll (I have very pale skin).

  2. shontay

    Cover Girl! I can’t stand their makeup in general, even though I know it’s popular. But, the talk about cracked lips, greasy top coat and peeling off your lips to get it off, even with remover. My goodness, never again.

    • Emm

      I totally agree with you! None of their makeup is well pigmented. Their lipstain drys out so quickly and comes within minutes if you lick your lips!

  3. Aamina

    Laura Mercier. I’ve only tried one, but it was awful. Didn’t last that long and completely stipped my lips of moisture. Not nice.

  4. angie

    this is interesting…i’ve never tried a bad one, however i’ve only tried mac, UD, & tarte. actually, i adore tarte’s lipstain + gloss combo.

  5. Sana

    Benefit’s Benetint

  6. jassy

    nars pampa.

  7. sprut6

    I couldn’t think of one until I saw other people say Cover Girl and I absolutely agree with that one. I find them drying and of the 4 colors I tried I feel like they all look the same.

  8. Lulee

    vincent longo! it was horrible! ekh never again!

  9. happybadfish

    anyone from Canada try the Joe Fresh lip stains?

    • Kathleen

      Woo, I want to try that. Thanks for mentioning it!

      • Chris

        They’re like markers and are dirt cheap! Only have 1. For the price you can’t beat it.

        I’ve only tried a few lip stains. I got one from Sephora years ago and it gave me this weird tingly feeling. It was very pigmented, but it tended to bleed.

  10. Revlon had a LE lipstain for a while, the colors were nice and it lasted on me… but it dispensed through a roller-ball top. It was very hard to get it to look neat. I eventually used pliers to rip off the tops of the ones I had, and dipped a fine paint brush in to apply them

    • Vivian

      Ah, I remember this one. It’s the only lip stain I own and will be the last one. I just adore that… it gives that nice rosy stain. I like the faint rosy smell and you can always go from sheer to glam full. However, the only flaw is the applicator – the rollerball. I will think of something to store them in a lip gloss pen which i’ve yet to purchase.. :)

  11. Meta

    I’d just bought CG’s Outlast Lipstain yesterday and I quite like it! I don’t find them too drying at all and gives me a stain much like if I’d been sucking on an iceblock. Very cute for summer!

  12. Faria

    I have to agree with the some others about CG lipstain. It only stained some parts of my lip and some parts were also more pigmented than the others. It was just a pain to use.

  13. Carmen

    I don’t think I’ve eer tried any because I don’t like the idea of a Magic Marker-type item on my lips. The ones I’ve swatched on my wrist did not impress me – Benetint and some other brand – eww!

  14. Kimberly

    benefit is aweful

    i have some great ones from mac

    i adore the cover girl ones…i bought 7!