Thursday, October 29th, 2009

The Hit List

Worst Hair Spray…

What brand/product wins this category? Any particular reason it wins?

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28 thoughts on “The Hit List: Worst Hair Spray

  1. rose

    white rain…stinky and sticky…yick!

  2. Lady Betty

    I agree, White Rain, is/was terrible! When I was in middle school in the 80s, all the girls used “Rave” or “Salon Selectives” hair spray. Both were pump sprays. So, I have to say that anything with a pump bottle instead of aerosol is just gross. The effect just creates hard, uneven globs of stiffness and stickiness in the hair. Bad, bad, bad.

  3. angie

    aquanet for everyday purposes (unless you are a cheerleader, rocking a bouffant, etc)

    anything in a pump sucks bc you don’t get an even fine mist

  4. Haley

    ok…i have nothing against this hairspray as i’ve never used it, but i remember always watching my grandma get ready and do her hair with some sebastian hairspray, and every time i remember just gagging from the nasty smell! haha. the only hair spray i don’t like is the herbal essences. and it’s for a trivial reason… the aerosol cans always clog on me and its just a pain in the butt. it does a good job with hold and smells good…but it’s a pain to remove the top and un plug it!

  5. victoria

    omg i’ve tried so many bad hair sprays but the worst one is white rain. actually i haven’t tried anything i really loved. i think with all the bad hairsprays i’ve developed a phobia because it’s makes me think i lose hair because of them. any suggestions for fine limp hair that won’t make you lose hair?

    • Lady Betty

      I am 34 years old and I am already experiencing hair loss due to heredity and the fact that I now off the Pill. Since July 09, my hair has been really shedding and because of this, I went to my dermatologist in September and she put me on women’s rogaine. My hair is fine as it is so I understand about the need to be concerned. As for me, I use Paul Mitchell Finishing Spray. It is the lightest hold and it does not cause any damage and/or loss. I also have used Sebastian Zero G Spray with no adverse effects. Both are light hold and the Sebastian is good to use on damp hair and then with a diffuser. This creates good curl and a volume effect which are both good for helping with fine hair.

  6. Kristina

    My hay day was in the 80’s so hairspray was purchased as often as a loaf of bread. It truly was on the weekly grocery list.

    Aqua net was the way to go back then and I now have a clinical post traumatic hair disorder. I can still hear and smell my hair crackling and burning as my crimping iron presses the freshly doused, sky high bangs.

    I shudder as I type this. I vote aqua net.

  7. Jonathan High Shine Flexible Hairspray—one spritz of it caused a section of my hair to break off 😡 Good thing I was able to blend that section in with the rest of my hair.

  8. Marina

    Tony&Guy is as sticky as glue.

  9. Katie W

    White Rain! Ew, it’s nasty. My mom uses it because it’s cheap. :(

  10. Carolyn

    I’m probably the only one, but I hate the CHI hairspray- it just stinks too bad to bother.

  11. Ashley

    Honestly, I’d say all! I’ve obviously not tried them all, but hairspray is just.. I hate the concept. Sticky, dries your hair out, doesn’t let your hair do its thing and be natural, and can easily damage hair.

    I basically am not a fan of anything that is designed to “hold” your hair – gel, mousse, hair spray, these products all make my hair look and feel disgusting. The only products that I am fine with using are things like serums (although not anymore, they are too greasy) and curling creams (which I have yet to find a good product that works on my wavy/curly hair without making it greasy or dry)

    • Ashley

      I have natural curls and I use Garnier Fructis curl defining gel spray and it works well for me. Non-drying and not stiff, very natural.

  12. amani

    everything i have used has been really bad.but the BEST HAIRSPRAY i ever used is GIGA HOLD HAIRSPRAy….only prob is i cant find it anywher anymore and i check the websight but cnt order it…:(

  13. Tania

    White Rain and ooh Aqua Net in the pink can. I think I’m just tramatized cuz pink can Aqua Net reminds me of Junior High. *shudder*

  14. I think the worst kind of hairspray or holding product is the kind that Mary used in the movie There’s Something About Mary.

  15. Missy

    I hate White Rain its make my hair hard as steel and as tough as nails. My hair also becomes sticky when I would use it at my friends house when I was like 11 and it has a assinating scent to it too. Ugh its the freakin worst.

  16. lkvy

    I don’t use hairspray but wow, so much hatred for White Rain. For such a shitty hairspray, their marketing campaign must have rocked!

    • rose

      i think more than their marketing rocking, was their price being right… $1! should’ve known…the old saying you get what you pay for rings true here.

  17. SusyLovesMac

    Aquanet hands down… even though that was my late 80’s/ early 90’s hairspray with my sky high bangs! how we look back on things!

  18. L’Oreal Kiwi hairspray smells TERRIBLE- the bottle is cute though

  19. Paloma

    My favorite hairspray HANDS DOWN would have to be anything by Aussie, and I prefer to use the freeze spray, because I hate my long hair blowing in my face. I don’t recall any hairsprays I used before Aussie.

  20. MandyMoss

    I am so glad Shielo started selling their Volume Flexible Hairspray online to its customers, because it’s hands down the best ever. I have really thick, long wavy hair that looks best when I blow dry it and run over it a few times with a straightener. This is the only hairspray that can control my hair and keep it looking (and FEELING) great all day! I’ve tried more expensive hairsprays (Elnett, Matrix sleek, etc.) after this went out of stores, and none of them compared.