Thursday, July 15th, 2010

The Hit List

What’s the Worst Hair Conditioner…?

What brand/product wins this category? Any particular reason it wins?

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108 thoughts on “The Hit List: Worst Hair Conditioner

  1. This one’s easy – L’oreal Vive Pro Nutri Gloss. Picked it up for $1 on clearance and I’m glad I didn’t spend more. My hair was a tangled mess and my hair NEVER TANGLES otherwise. More like unconditioner.

  2. Ali

    Garnier Fructis fortifying conditioner – all it did was make my hair waxy and dry! getting through the bottle was a miserable experience and enough to make me never want to try another Garnier product again!

  3. For my type of was the Aussie Volume conditioner. It just makes my hair feel like straw! My hair has never been so stripped before, it’s horrible.

  4. Lauryn

    Rusk Sensories.. I HATE IT. Its got a consistency thats so thin, its like water! And it does nothing for my hair.

    • Emilie

      The one I bought wasn’t really thin but it didn’t do anything for my hair other than make it greasy, tangly mess.

  5. Bedhead’s Control Freak Conditioner. ICK! Worst stuff on the PLANET! It’s mostly silicone and turns my hair into an SOS Pad instantly. I’ve never had conditioner make my hair (and it’s only a couple inches long) actually tangle up. YUK! Not for me, no thank you!


    It makes the BEST shaving cream EVER! EVER EVER EVER on the WHOLE PLANET! I LOVE this stuff to shave with. It’s AMAZING!!! :)

  6. audrey

    definately the Avalon Organics Lavender Conditioner! horrible! it left my hair stringy and crunchy. :(

  7. Leah

    Anything by Pantene makes my hair frizzy and weird to the touch. Pantene wins hands down simply because their advertising does an awesome job of making people feel bad about having less-than-awesome hair by showing girl after girl with amazing, digitally enhanced hair that no hair product could ever create. Boo!

    Aveda Damage Remedy worked fine for me until I had my hair lightened, and now all it does is make my damaged ends dull and velco-like. I can’t win :\

    • Sans

      i second this makes my hair oily

    • Kelly

      Funny, Pantene is my favorite hair care brand and I’ve tried many different brands.

    • betterthanmink

      Actually, I used to feel the same way about Pantene.. but then I tried their Time Renewal line and it’s really moisturizing! I think so far my favorite drugstore shampoo and conditioner.

      Aveda Black Malva Conditioner is crazy awful. Made my hair feel dry and scraggly and the worst part is… instead of “enhancing” black or brown hair, it turned my hair GREEN!!!

    • Arantzazu

      I agree completely!! Any product by Pantene works horrible on me… Even, makes my hair look dirtier after washing it than before!! ¬¬

    • Blair

      Agreed it made my scalp itch and my hair just got frizzier

    • Cristina

      Well, I’m not sure if the formulation for Pantene is different in Latin America (where I live), but Pantene is my favorite brand of conditioner! I love that they are so rich because I feel like my is really nourished.

    • Alison

      I don’t like Pantene conditioners… They make my hair duller.

      • Alison

        …Not to mention the fact that its hell for my scalp. I never even realised I reacted badly to Pantene until I stopped. I used to use Pantene on a regular basis, along with other generic brands like Head and Shoulders, Garnier, Palmolive, etc, etc, and only after stopping did I realise how terrible they were for me. My scalp stopped itching altogether, and didn’t smell after a few days of not washing… I simply stopped feeling my scalp. I think its even less oily now… I used to think I had oily hair with dry ends but my hair is actually just dry and it turns out that my scalp was simply reacting to the stuff I was using.

        I now use Moogoo shampoo which is the least irritating shampoo I’ve ever used (its cleansers have a lower irritation factor than water) and Matrix Conditioner. Both are more expensive than store brands but so worth it! My hair and scalp have never looked or felt better.

        • Andy

          Gosh, right now I am love with the new Pantene line, for thick hair in dry to mouisturized it’s so awesome my hair feels great

  8. Katt

    Lush Jungle. I was so excited to try it because I love Lush solid shampoos… but it’s too hard to apply, doesn’t detangle and is just overall bad !

    • TheSerpentsApple

      Aww . . . I love Jungle. But I will admit, it is hard to apply as LUSH suggests. I usually let it sit in a container in the shower and use the parts that get all squishy and melted. I suppose that is actually a lot of work just to smell kind of like a dirty hippy, huh?

      • Alison

        No LUSH conditioners have ever worked for me except for Jungle, but even then it hasn’t been the most effective… That said, the reason I stopped using it was the smell. It was just too overpowering to deal with and I didn’t like the scent.

  9. Dana

    I used some Herbal Essences colored crap that smelled like fruit salad when I was away a few months ago visiting a friend and used her conditioner. It completely weighed my hair down and left it unmanageable and greasy. It was awful.

    What I like
    John Freida Frizz Ease Weather Works – really helps control frizz, leave my hair moisturized and not weighed down. I’ve tried other conditioners of his and have liked them all, this one in particular though is my fave.

    Phystospecific Intense Nutrition Mask – I use this about every 10 days, it’s very intense and makes my hair very strong, I feel the effect in my hair for days after I use it, even after I shampoo. It’s completely amazing. (I also HIGHLY recommend PHYTO shampoos, they are the greatest I’ve ever used, completely worth the money. Phytorhum is my HG shampoo, I alternate that with Phytobrush shampoo)

    • Paloma

      was it long term relationship? Cuz I use Herbal Essences LTR alllllllll the time cuz it helps keep my hair flowy, soft and smelling wonderful.

      • Dana

        No, it was the purple twisted one. Maybe I’ll give the LTR a shot, I am always looking for recommendations for good drugstore products, thanks :)

        • Alice

          The blue moisturizing herbal essence conditioner and shampoo is alright but the purple shampoo from them completely ruined my hair and left it all stripped.
          I don’t like the Aussie Condition + Protect one either, that was even worse than the twisted herbal essence

  10. Leah Uridge

    Tresemme….The conditioner did nothing for my hair and broke me out horribly

    • Rebecca

      thats interesting Ive never correlated my conditioners with my breakouts I might have to start monitoring that. I use Tresemme now and my skin has been getting bumpy but I figured that was hormonal or something.


      • Sans

        oh yes dermatologist explained to me that they are very much connected. Did you know the order of your shower even makes a big difference. It should ideally be (according to dr) shampoo, conditioner and then body soap.

        • RR

          That’s the exact order I use. I never knew my haircare would affect my skin though, I just did it because I have a lot of hair, which means a lot of conditioner, and when I rinse, the conditioner runs down my body making me feel kind of slippery and just not clean.

    • Mandy B

      It did the same thing to me too! Brushing my hair was so painful afterwards. I broke out scalp, forehead, everywhere. Never again.

    • I hated this one too. I don’t remember breaking out from it but it made my hair kind of puffy and dry.

  11. Gisele

    Bumble and Bumble Leave-in Conditioner: expensive and dried the hair while at the same time making it feel gummy. Yuk!

  12. michelle

    K Pak Reconstructor and Burt’s Bees Grapefruit & Sugar Beet

  13. Morgan

    Tressame Anti-Breakage Conditioner!!! I’ve always heard good thing about this brand but this made my hair so oily I needed to wash it twice a day! Gross!

    • kenneth alan

      that’s funny, I use this conditioner now and it makes my hair extremely dry and like straw.. i hate it.

  14. julianne

    definalty the herabal essences drama clean conditioner! it dries out my hair like crazy when it is supposed to moisturize ur hair!

    • Paloma

      actually, drama clean is more for a deep cleaning and nice smelling…if you need more moisture, hydralicious would be best for you. The reason why H.E. has so many different bottle styles is because not everyone is going to need the same qualities. If moisture is your biggest problem, then hydralicious is best for you. If you need more volume for your long hair so it doesn’t fall flat after a few hours, long term relationship is good. (I use LTR and swear by it.)

  15. Alisha in WI

    For reference I have thick hair that is fine, very long and dyed dark brown. (=perfect recipe for nappy tangles)

    Frederic Fekkai shea butter hair mask (yellow tube). DO NOT BUY THIS! I don’t know if it counts cuz it’s a mask but seriously, save your money and buy Aussie 3 minute miracle or my fav which is Biolage. I think lollipop26 said she didn’t like this a while back but it was too late cuz I had already purchased.

    • Jess

      I remember her saying that, and I too had already purchased (and tried) that hair mask. It did nothing for me. What a waste. :(

    • Hannahbelle

      Oh that’s strange I’ve heard good things about it. What did it do to your hair? I was planning on purchasing too 😐

  16. Natalie

    Suave. I bought it once because there was a peaches and cream scent but it made my hair feel kinda sticky. It was really gross!

  17. Jackers

    Another vote for Jungle by Lush, hard to use and leaves hair dry yet greasy (A miracle! I never thought this was possible for hair to be both, but there it is) and tangled.

  18. Kalex

    Lush Jungle! I used it for the first and last time yesterday morning. No detangling or softening at all, and left my hair feeling sort of greasy but yet straw-like.

  19. Rachel

    Matrix’s volumizing makes my hair a miserable mess. It works for my cousin (which is where I used it, when I was visiting her), but makes my hair dry and frizzy.

  20. Opheliana

    Tresemme, don’t remember which one though. It felt like glue, my hair locked greasy and didn’t shine and I needed 2½ ton to be able to brush my hair after it.

    Tresemme. I don’t remember which one though, I think it was volume. It felt like putting glue in my hair and left it looking greasy, but not shiny. The big bottles lost their point when I needed about half a bottle to be able to brush my hair.

  21. NELL-C

    Garnier Fructis is horrible. Did nothing for me. I’m a curly head girl so curlisto products work the best for me along with Deva curl products.

  22. bxboricua

    Tresemme made my curly hair a tangled mess and Garnier Fructis triple nutrition conditioner left a gross waxy buildup on my hair. It was terrible!

  23. Heidi

    Definitely John Frieda Radiant Red conditioner! The name seems different now as to what it used to be, so maybe it’s changed – but ugh, I’ll never buy it again. This turned my recently cut and dyed red hair into a frizzy, yet flat, and dry mess. On top of all of that, it ruined my hair colour and turned it from a rich deep red to a muddy brown.

    • PeachBellini

      Not just you:( Same happened to me and the shampoo is rubbish too. I tossed mine away, deciding that having my hair redone is a lot more expensive than buying new shampoo.

  24. cherryglass

    Bedhead Self-Absorbed!!! It feels unpleasant and oily in the shower and makes hair tangled afterwards. The scent is nothing like the orange creamsickle of the namesake shampoo which I do love [sigh] Can’t wait to finish the 750mm (lol) bottle. [shudder]

    • Alisha in WI

      Agree…made my hair really tangly. I thought it was my hair and it was fried but turned out it was that!

  25. Lora

    Biosilk Hydrating conditioner! No matter how long I spent rinsing, I would be left with a grease pit on top of my head!

    • Deanna G.

      This gets my vote, too! It made my hair so sticky I couldn’t brush it. Horrible!

    • Sarah

      I use biosilk silk therapy conditioner, and I love it! It’s one of the only conditioners that moisturizes my curly hair and prevents it from becoming a frizzy bird’s nest.

  26. PeachBellini

    Anything by Pantene…that stuff is probably great for stripping paint but should never go near hair.

  27. Els

    fructis by garnier… just awful.

  28. Melissa

    Garnier Fructis, doesn’t make my hair nice and soft, just makes it frizz!

  29. V

    Probably any conditioner by Garnier Fructis. I tried one of them and it made my hair dry. I am Asian, so that normally means normal to oily hair. If I don’t wash my hair everyday, then it gets so disgustingly oily!! I have dyed brown hair from black. I normally use any conditioner by Dove. :)

  30. AnGeLwInGz

    VO5. I once used half a bottle in one shot in order to keep it on my hair. It’s so runny that it disappears as soon as it leaves the bottle. No results, of course.

    • Paloma

      Agreed! I used to love smelling theirs and Suaves shampoo/conditioners…but then I realized that not only does it suck compared to my current Herbal Essences LTR, but the smell doesn’t last and you can’t even tell it was scented.

  31. Rachel

    Bumble & Bumble Creme de Coco. There’s nothing creme-y about that stuff!

  32. Marian

    I’ve gotta go with Pantene too. I can’t understand why so many people use it. It makes my hair feel and look like straw.

  33. I second the Pantene thing. I hated it, made my hair limp, and in conjunction with the shampoo, it also caused my hair to fall out, never again :/

  34. kasiaj85

    John Frieda for blonde hair… eeeek…
    not only does this one do nothing, but it is terribly heavy aled makes my hair get greasy amazingly quickly. Even though I remove it carefully…never again.

  35. Kate

    head and shoulders ugh makes dandruff worse not better!

    • Nicole

      I second this! It makes me head DISGUSTING with dandruff. I had just a few flakes here and there but after using this it was like a snowy winter in Louisiana.

  36. CeeBee

    L’Oreal Expert Absolut Repair (pale yellow tub with a grey lid) – I didn’t think anything could make my hair feel so greasy and yet so brittle at the same time. Hated that stuff.

    I had really good results with L’Oreal Pro Vive Nutri Gloss though and I think VO5 Emergency Rescue Elixir is AMAZING.

  37. anna

    Garnier fructis worst worst worst conditioner. it makes my hair oily sooo fast.. and weight my hair down :(

  38. Stefanie

    That Sunsilk crap! Both the moisturizing, and the curly one made my curls as dry as the Sahara.

    • CeeBee

      Sunsilk KILLS my scalp. Literally kills it – dry patchy dandruff like flakes, crazy itchiness and open weeping scabs. NEVER AGAIN.


      That stuff should come with a hazard label.

      • Christa

        Oh my gosh, Pantene gave me the open weepy sores on my head. It was awful! I’ve never experienced anything like that. Sorry to hear it happened to you, but it’s comforting to know other people have had similar issues with crappy products.

    • I remember I used this stuff, and then my sister-in-law was cutting my hair the next day (she does this professionally) and asked me what on earth I had done to my hair, since it was so dry and full of build-up. NEVER using Sunsilk again.

  39. Vickie

    garnier fructis triple nutrition fortifying conditioner…dried my hair out soo bad..shampoo is good but the conditioner sucks

  40. Mindy

    The worst ever was made by Got2B. Whatever anyone else says about their worst, let me tell you this.

    It was AEROSOL!

    That should have told me it was no good.

    Got2B Too Sexy AEROSOL can conditioner.

    It left my hair feeling like a pile of knotted straw.

    Lush’s Jungle follows. oOo Gotta love the the “crapinthehair” feeling afterwards. 😀

  41. Kourtni

    Pantene! It made my hair dry and it was impossible to rinse out so my hair looked greasy.

  42. Maeve

    V05. I picked it up for 1 dollar because I didn’t have any money, and it was TERRIBLE. The shampoo smelled off, and the conditioner was practically water and made my hair feel GROSS! Elck.

  43. Dani

    Worst: Pantene, for sure!
    BEST: Dove’s daily moisturizing conditioner. It is absolutely amazing.

  44. Stephanie

    I’ve hear the complaints about the bad conditioners and I hate to agree about LUSH Jungle because it is so hard to use. I was wondering what conditioners everyone really liked? Especially for hair that is colored red. Thanks

    • Alison

      My favourite is Matrix Sleek Look conditioner. My hair isn’t dyed anymore but I still recommend this, especially for thicker, drier hair as it has been the very best conditioner I’ve used thus far: It doesn’t add build up or dull my hair or coat it, my hair looks shinier and the ends look… well, great. I just have to blow dry it after this and my hair looks lovely. I have very dry, frizz-prone wavy dark hair. That said, be careful not to use too much. I used a decent sized dollop the first time but it was a lot of work to rinse out. A little goes a long way and you don’t need to use very much. Its fantastic, really.

  45. I do not like the Rusk Sensories. It is just very thin liquid conditioner. It have used it many time, but it didn’t give any good results.

  46. Hilana

    Tresseme – hands down. Positively awful on my hair. And I used to love Pantene, but all of a sudden the products just made my hair feel and look like straw. I thought it was just me/the water/a bad batch. But when I bought it again and it acted out the same way, I ditched it permanently.

  47. LittlePepper3

    I have to say Herbal Essences hello hydration.
    made my hair heavy and streaky, my skalp was itching like mad (probably because of the coconut stuff in it), gave me dandruff, just nasty, nasty stuff! I do not recommend to anyone with sensitive skin, esp for prolonged use.

  48. I think VO5 is THE worst conditioner. The consistency is like water and so is Herbal Essences Body Envy conditioner. Such a waste!

    I LOVE Redken’s All Soft shampoo and conditioner. My mom got me the duo pack for Christmas two years ago and I’ve been addicted ever since!

  49. kenzie.

    Anything by Pantene. They dry out my 2c/3a wurls like nobody’s business. Their gel for curly hair is another story, however.

    Organix conditioner. It coats my hair. I had to clarify 3 times a week when I was using that crap. Normally I only have to clarify once a month.

    Tressemme is also crap…and everytime I use it I break out horribly. And I never break out.

    Herbal Essences doesn’t do anything good for my hair.

    The only thing V05 and Suave are good for is shaving my legs. I couldn’t even use them to co-wash they were so gross….

  50. Scientific Housewife

    Lush Coolaulin, it does not moisturize my hair at all and my hair still tangles after the shower. Fail!

  51. Margot

    This may come as a shock but I hate hate hate hate hate (LOL) Bumble and Bumble conditioners. I love their shampoos, but I hate all the conditioners I have tried. I’ve tried them combined with B&B shampoo, with another shampoo … but nothing does it, they just don’t suit my hair I think. So sad, cause for the money, I would have liked the conditioners to be really good

  52. Tiffany

    Garnier Fructis is the worst stuff I’ve ever put on my hair. I have lots of fine, mostly straight hair, and ended up with a waxy oily mess. I used it twice and tossed it. Never again.

    • Alison

      The Fructis range in general is just gross. It has a weird waxy, oily texture but doesn’t really MOISTURISE.

  53. Kelsey

    Organix Tea Tree Mint. It smells amazing, but my hair became greasy in a few hours, I could barely brush throught it (and I have very fine hair) and the breakage was crazy!

  54. Alison

    I didn’t really know what a bad conditioner was until I started using good conditioners, and now I can’t really narrow my answer down. I think that Pantene conditioners, Herbal Essences Conditioners, Head and Shoulders conditioners, the Garnier Fructis deep fortifying conditioner and all of the LUSH conditioners except Jungle (Yes, I have tried them all) deserve the title. They simply don’t do what they’re supposed to and actually make my hair look duller.

    I no longer like or use any drug store or supermarket brand conditioners because none of them have delivered.

  55. Andy

    Suave Hair Conditioner I needed something quick ‘cuz I couldn’t find my usual stuff, and my hair was AWFUL

  56. Rachel

    Aveda Damage Remedy!!!!!I made my hair WAXY and ruins my airy hairstyle. Come on, even drugstore pdt won’t make my hair oily!!!
    And Fancl conditioner. Pricy too and make my hair waxy!!!

  57. Aurelia

    The WORST conditioner – James Brown 2 combination/oily hair conditioner – did absolutely nothing for my hair, really watery (perhaps because I bought it cheap in TK max).