Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

The Hit List

Worst Flat Iron? What product wins this category?

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35 thoughts on “The Hit List: Worst Flat Iron

  1. Kimberly

    T3 hair straightener. worst product. fried my hair.

  2. Let me preface this by saying that it was an emergency. I had blown my hair out and straightened it at home the morning of, but it was raining outside. My hair frizzed and started to wave, so I went to the nearest drugstore and bought a Revlon straightener. Bad decision. It would not get hot. Not at all. I couldn’t burn myself with it if I tried. It did nothing. Worthless.

  3. Kat

    Definitely Sedu. What a hyped up piece of garbage!! Takes like an hour to do my hair instead of 20 minutes with my Solia that broke (Solia was alright). Chi is the best hands down

  4. Deirdre

    I just cut my hair really short and I got a 1 inch conair, let’s say you get what you pay for. So next pay day I’m spending the money on a CHI or something along those lines. I want a 3/4 inch plate, don’t think CHI makes that size….or do they?

  5. lesleykat

    i’m with Maria on Conair. just terrible. i got my GHD in december and have never looked back. LOVE IT.

    • Yeah, I just can’t stand those Conair ones… I want a GHD so badly!!! I’ll have to stick with my chi until it breaks though . haha

  6. daniela


  7. Nicole N.

    I honestly hate my CHI due to the fact that it gets TOO hot for my hair and doesn’t have adjustable heat settings.

    • Peyton

      i love the chi its really hot but that helps cuz it straightens fast and u dont have to wait around i hate this conair one it was a wet to straight one it totally sucked it dryed it but my hair looked frizzy and terrible grr it was ugly looking hair that day lol

  8. i love my sedu kat, i couldn’t live w/o it! def. revlon for the worst what a piece of crap haha.

  9. Conair! it ripped out my hair and wasn’t hot enough.
    plus it burned my fingers because it wouldn’t shut properly.

    • Irazema

      OMG i got the red one, and it totally fried my hair!!
      It gave me so much split ends and its over dried, now i know why my hair is in these conditions

  10. anna

    Conair is pretty bad, it just flattens ur hair instead of making it staright. The maxi glide was just ok, it frys hair pretty bad, though u could use it on damp hair. But, hair frizzes soon after. I’m pretty happy with my solia right now

  11. Amanda

    REVLON and CONAIR suck, very badly. One day I decided to borrow my friends before a dance, because I didn’t want to bring my own.. it KILLED my hair.. KILLED. Don’t waste your money, invest in a good hairstraightener.. aka CHI!!!!

  12. Karla

    CHI isn’t always the best. I have Enzo Milano GIO hair staightener it’s the best I’ve had besides my Paul Mitchell one I use in school. At the Chicago Hair show I saw SOOO many terrible straighteners. My friends hair was breaking off when we tried this cute zebra striped one… Somethings with actual temp. settings is always a good choice. My first one was a Conair from target. Even my hair was breaking off and it was virgin and healthy at the time. With Cos. school it’s definetly not virgin or healthy. lol. Paul Mitchell just came out with 2 new ones. The Black one is AWESOME for non-textured hair. The smaller Silver one is more for textured. Both have Ionic power so hair doesn’t get as damaged. Using the right thermal protectant helps too. I rambled too much sorry. I love hair and hair irons.

  13. Lindsay

    Conair- I used it for a month before I dumped it for a Chi. One month was all it took to fry my hair. I counted 17 split ends on one single hair. Unreal…

  14. Heather

    Worst was Revlon or Conair for sure. I’m guessing any that come in plastic at drug store or target types can’t be that great.

    I got a HAI off Ebay per my stylists recommendation and it is great! No snagging plus it has a temperature setting.

  15. claudia

    I once had a Remington flat iron that was called something like, “wet to set” that you were supposed to be able to use on damp hair and it was supposed to dry and straighten at the same time. It didn’t work very well. It dried my hair alright, but not in the way that I wanted!

    I’m using the HAI convertible iron these days, and have been for the past 3 years…love it!

  16. Jody

    IGIA is the worst flat iron ever! I so wanted this to work because it is a portable one so if anyone knows of a portable one that works, do tell! As for the best one ever, it would be the Chi for me, I had my first one for like 5 years and it would still work but I dropped it a zillion times so I recently bought the Earth day Chi at Ulta.

  17. Vivian

    I feel the need to weigh in here, although I’ve never bought any flat iron. One time I went to the Mall, there’s this Stand girl who pulled me to test their iron. It’s for flattening and curling too, so for the first time, it’s exciting. Then she helped me. Can we say HURT!? Then this burnt smell went right through my nose. No thanks I would not buy a hair flat iron anytime soon. She claimed this is better than the drugstore ones and pursuaded me to buy. I guess it’s the little sephora bag in my hand (just my bd gift). I finally said I don’t have money and I was there to window shopping. (which is true) Guess how much she asked for? She said it retailed for $150, but she could give it to me by discount, like for 50 dollars. Nice try, I might as well buy revlon or conair. Next time, I’ll be careful. LOL

  18. Nicolle

    I have used Conair, Revlon, Rusk, another brand I can’t rememeber, and have been using Chi for the past 2 yrs. Chi is the best…heats up quickly and does the job!

  19. Karla

    My Paul Mitchell litterally heats up in under 60 seconds to the full 450 degree mark. No Joke. I have the burns on my hand to prove it from flat ironing hair all day. PLUS you can curl your hair with it too because it heats on the outside. It’s one of the most amazing tools. I love flat iron curls. Especially for Prom season right now with all the updos on fridays and saturdays. It’s tons of fun. Chi has been around longer. Conair and revlon irons suck…

  20. cambrea

    i absolutely hate revlon. i bought one for 35 dollars it wasnt hot at all it came with a mini one which got hotter than the big one. i bought a remington t studio 2.5 inch plates for 47 its the 3rd generation one ive had. I bought the original. It works great. but when the plates on it wear it FRIES your hair.

  21. chrissy

    i never have bought a straightner because im not a girly girl if i need
    one my sister or my friends have straightners but there is this one i have been wanting to try we were at the mall and an asian stand girl had me sit down to try straightners and it was $120 but the thing was it actually worked on my hair which is a hard job for any striaghtner i wanted it so bad but i didnt have the money and she said it was $25 because it was a student discount what really sucked me in was the fact i had the money for it but my chaperone i was with told me i couldnt buy it because i needed the money for food which really sucked

  22. Maddi

    Yea conair sucks pretty bad. I mean it’ll get the job done but it takes me a whole hour to straigten my all my hair and i’ll still have little waves left. it’s super annoying. im getting the new edition of the sedu. can’t wait for it. i would recomend it to annyone. just watch a youtube on it.

  23. Lexi

    i hate hot tools flat iron it is by far the worst straightener i have ever used next to chi which i also hate but my fav flat iron is my purple ghd i wouldn’t live with out it once you go ghd you never look back

  24. Carlos

    Conair its not the worst one, it depends how much it cost, if u get a $70 dollar conair wont damage ur hair alot, and it has to be 100% solid ceramic too.

  25. Erin

    I currently own a Revlon strsghtener- worst ever. Leaves my hair feeling coarse and uneven. when I use it, it stinks up the room and gets really hot. Doesn’t even straighten hair well. If I use it for as much as 30 minutes, my hair still ends up wavy and feels burned and frayed. I would NOT reccommend paying for this. Bottom line- any straghtener under $30 will probably not be as good as it says.

  26. Rach

    Vidal Solutions was the worst. I just recently got a Metropolis straightner for $300 and it was worth it! Loved it.
    I only got it cause my last one didn’t even do anything. It was a Vidal Solutions, the one with the changeable heads (crimper, straightner, curling iron) and it would take about half an hour to heat up and by the time it was heated it wasn’t even hot. It was also a little backwards than most, instead of closing the plates to straighten, you had to open it and then release to straighten. It did nothing to my hair but fry it.