Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

The Hit List

Worst Face Moisturizer? What brand/product wins this category?

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45 thoughts on “The Hit List: Worst Face Moisturizer

  1. Daniela

    studio moisture CREAM the lotion is fine
    that thing broke me out badly and dried out my skin :(

    • Christy

      Actually I like MAC Studio Moisture Cream. My skin feels nice & smooth, never dry using it. Worst was this cream from Pond’s that I got when I was on vacation in Asia. It was a small bottle and it had this weird smell to it. I got rid of it asap and picked up tube of Nivea instead.

  2. Molly

    I have moderate acne and I find all moisturizers I have used make it worse

    • Chiara

      Oh! I SO know what you mean. Try Givenchy’s Skin Drink Matte. Its a dream come true :)

      • Izek

        I second that :) Even Skin Drink Soft is ok despite my acne prone skin.

      • apfelwinter

        I have a same problem. More moisturizing-more acne. Especially products for “oily skin” break my skin. Exfoliating, AHA, BHA also make it worse.
        Can this product you mentioned help stopping acnes or it just for moisturizing? Only Skin Drink Serum is aviable for me at the moment, is it works too? Or do you have other recommendation?

        • Chiara

          Givenchy’s Skin Drink line contains several moisturizers. I’ve never tried the Serum before, but the Matte version is especially for women with oily or oily-combined skin. Its been my holy grail for 1,5 year now, and after using it for 6 months in combination with a good cleanser and toner, my skin changed from oily to combined (soft cheeks, little greasy on the T-zone). Also, my pores are less noticable and my pimples are visibily reduced. I highly recommend it to everyone.

    • Stephanie

      Try Lush’s Vanishing Cream. It’s super light!

  3. Chiara

    Lancome Aqua thingy .. i already even forgot its name. It made me break out soo bad and i was shining like a fresh polished bowling ball.

  4. Jezi

    This is kind of a weird category since everyone’s skin reacts differently, but I never got the hype of Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar.

    It never really seeped in, and felt too thick for me.

  5. Emm

    Stila’s illuminating tinted moisturizer is too thick and heavyfor my skin.

  6. Cetaphil. It feels like regular body lotion to me.

  7. Nosh

    It’s hard to find good moisturizers for my oily skin with dry patches. Ick.

    • Jenny

      Try clinique’s moisturizer. i HAVE OILY WITH DRY PATCHES AND IT WRKS WELL.

      • Jennifer


        But make sure you get the gel, not the lotion!
        The gel is an oil-free formula :)
        Works wonders!

        • Thirded! I love that stuff!

          • sugarcrumb

            Clinique’s Dramatically Different MOisturising Gel broke me out and gave me dark patches – and i usually have minimal or no reactions to stuff! Estee Lauder’s Day Wear (gel form) works wayyy better

  8. K

    Benefit’s Dear John. It has a nice consistency and texture, but it doesn’t do anything for my skin.

    • Nicci

      I got a sample of this on Saturday. I just use it as a night cream. Not sure if it is doing anythign great yet but my skin does feel soft in the morning. It helped my skin stop flaking – I was over exfoliating.

  9. maddie

    this is a face serum but i just had to add my comment.. i love dior so i spent $$$ on their L’or de Vie… they say u can wear it day and nite…but it peels off in little balls after applying foundation.
    i wear it only at night now and would not spend $$ on it again

    • Alice

      Maddie, I know exactly what you mean!! Moisturizers that make your foundation ball up. WTH? I thought it was me; misery loves company.

  10. Lulee

    i love hope in a jar but it has the MOST DISGUSTING smell ever. i literally can not breathe through my nose for 30 minutes after applying it, otherwise my gag reflex will set in. however, it seems to work realy well with my skin so i will just have to put up with it.

  11. Carmen

    i got a free gift of a tube of serum moisturizer called Moisture 10X by Bioelements, and it it waaay to greasy, and sticky, on my skin. I look like a beige bowling ball! But since I got it free in one of these gift signups, I can’t complain too much. I think for really dry skin, it would be great. I’ve used it 2 or 3 times, hoping it might be better, but it’s not. I had oily skin when I was younger, and now it’s a nice normal tone, (I’m over 50), but I still get the occasional shiny forehead if I don’t watch it.

  12. Connie

    I have nightmares that Clinique has huge vats of that awful yellow moisturizer somewhere.

    • Meredith

      I’m with you Connie! I hate that stuff. I don’t get the hype?! It totally burns my skin whenever I’ve used it. Hypogenic, yeah, whatever.

  13. Tina

    the clinique yellow moisturizer makes me break out sooooo bad. it’s sad because i love the gel version, but the breakouts are terrible :(

  14. Nicci

    Clinique – not the gel one though. The regular moisturizer broke me. I used the gel one a fes times but have stopped using anything from Clinique though for some reason.

  15. Nicole

    hope in a jar sensitive – does nothing for me; actually irritates my rosacea
    korres materia herba – breaks me out REALLY badly

  16. All of them!
    My dermatologist tells me I should not wear moisturizer at all – so I don’t… and my skin has never been clearer :)

  17. Rachel

    That horrible yellow Clinique mineral oil garbage.

  18. Heather

    Este Lauder’s day wear worked horrible on me. I have terrible dry skin and it was too thick and greasy my skin felt horrible. I do like Clinque’s yellow lotion.

  19. Mac has got to be the worst !!
    Considering that MAC is owned by Estee Lauder…that’s bad.
    Come on MAC brighten up. Get your act together.

  20. Janelle

    Mine’s really weird.

    As a preteen, Clean & Clear’s Oil Free Moisturiser was HORRIBLE, it was greasy, yet it made my face feel horribly tight after using it.

    But now in my later teens, now that I’ve developed combination skin, it’s perfect for me. I dont know if they changed the formula since it doesnt feel different, or if it was just my skin changing.

  21. Anything Aveeno makes my face burn. I don’t know what they put in it, but my skin doesn’t like it at all!

    • Lorraine

      Same! Even the body lotion BURNS! And all along I thought that it was just due to my celiac disease induced rash. Good to know others have problems with it.

  22. San

    has Aveeno moisturizers done any good to anyone?
    not for me…:(

    • Hyzenthlay

      I know everyone is different, but the Aveeno stuff has been awesome for me! I was diagnosed with eczema on my face a year and a half ago, and the only thing that calmed it down was the Aveeno Ultra-Calming line. I’ve now moved on to using some other products, I still use the Ultra-Calming day lotion with SPF 15. The body lotion also does great things for me.

  23. Janora

    It’s not a moisturizer per say, but Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer gives me hives on my face… not awesome!!

  24. alyssamae.

    Korres! I have oily skin so i felt like i had a thick layer on my face! =X I love love Sheseido!!!

  25. viv

    I agree with a lot of you; it seems ANYTHING I try makes my skin more oily and tend to break out.

  26. Maria

    aveeno moisturizer, the one that makes your face radiant. It’s horrible, dried me out more plus made my eczema worse. D: