Monday, February 23rd, 2009

The Hit List

Worst Eyeshadow Brand? What product wins this category?

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93 thoughts on “The Hit List: Worst Eyeshadow Brand

  1. Rimmel… I tried it when I was young and it is absolute crap.

  2. platinumheart

    Max Factor, Rimmel, Maybelline, and CoverGirl. Too powdery, no color.

  3. melanie

    The Body Shop, Elizabeth Arden. There’s hardly any pigmentation and they’re extremely expensive!

    • Shealyn

      the body shop, really? i like their shadows! they are expensive, but there’s no proper makeup stores around here, and the body shop has a range of colours and textures to play with.

    • Pigmentation for the Body Shop eyeshadows are amazing I find! x

      • The Body Shop eye shadows are actually really pigmented and really great, however the size of the eye shadows and the price isn’t too appealing. The best thing (in my opinion) that they offer for eye color are their eye shimmers which are almost like an eyeshadow finish and can give you really amazing color combination’s.

  4. cloudburst

    Maybelline & Elizabeth Arden – the first has a weird almost sticky texture that makes it next to impossible to apply & the second is dusty & poorly pigmented.

  5. Coffee

    Sephora Brand…yuck

    • Macaddict

      Totally agree!!! I was very disappointed becuz I was told that Sephota m/u was really up there for quality. Also Elizabeth Arden, Lancome, Christian Dior (I know some ppl will totally disagree with me since many Temptalia readers – including Temptalia herself – love the quints). I think that they are way too sheer and very little pigmented for the price tag! I purchased 3 quints and never used them. 2 are in the garbage & 1 on “death row”. Also Guerlain and AVON. I haven’t bought drugstore m/u in ages but I know that these brands too are probably the pits.

    • Rio

      I actually quite like the Sephora brand shadows. They aren’t as good as some, but they are good for the price certainly.

    • emily

      I like their mattes better than shimmers.

  6. Kay

    RIMMEL EWWwwww

  7. Tina

    Max Factor….chalky, awful color payoff…ick ick ick!

  8. Lena

    Max Factor should just give it up on the e/s. It looks pretty in the clear compact. Trying to get that color is like trying to get e/s off of cardboard paper.

  9. bCreative


  10. mahalia

    Idk. Mac is all I have ever known…
    But I will say that covergirl frustrates me when I swatched a color one of my friends had

  11. Kayc

    Cover Girl, Maybelline, Sephora Brand — absolutely NO pigmentation, and the 2 drugstore brands are just plain chalky

  12. Claudia M.

    It’s been a long time since I even tried a drugstore eyeshadow but I’ll go with Maybelline and Cover Girl. They might look pretty decent in the compact, but they’re so chalky and do not look anything like the compact once applied.
    Too Faced and Clinique are two others that just aren’t that pigmented in my opinion. Doesn’t stop me from buying TF’s quickie chronicles, though =P Sephora brand sucks too, from the pan to the eyelid is a big old different shade and whatever shimmer might be there is gone.
    I have one Rimmel eyeshadow, this deep, dark, slightly metallic green that I really like and always got compliments on.

  13. Kelsey

    you need to PACK it on to get any colour payoff.
    maybelline’s lighter, shimmery shades are good, but other than that…
    rimmel is the best drugstore brand, IMO

  14. Chrystie

    Maybelline has absolutely no color payoff.

  15. nikki

    maybelline, cover girl, sephora brand, clinque

  16. the sephora brand is awful lol…i have had luck with one maybelline trio…the one with the light gold, bronze and copper colours…but other than that maybelline has frustrated me as well…not much experience with others but sometimes i cant be bothered with revlon either.

  17. megan

    Maybelline and almay….neither one of them have any pigmentation at all. I tired them both when I first got into makeup then I discovered MAC and I realized what I was missing out on:P

  18. Rio

    Probably Rimmel. I have to cake it on to get any color. People love Make Up Forever, but it comes right off for me. I guess it’s just my skin type.

  19. Covergirl, Maybellin, and Too Faced

    • elizabeth lee

      i really love two faced!!

    • Macaddict

      Oh! A few weeks ago, I bought my 1st (and last) Too Faced e/s quads (the very LE Smurfettes collection, yeah, I know… :-( ). Anyhow, horrible, horrible, horrible!! The colors look nice in the pan, but too much glitter and it just flakes off. Way too powdery. And to think that I paid almost $50 for this piece of $#@^&*!!!

  20. Brittany

    Hi i was just wondering if you ladies are referring to any sephora make up? like urban decay etc.. or if there is actually just a plain sephora brand… because i love sephora makeup…

    i’ve never had any makeup to horrible, i own some covergirl that shows up fantastic and its shimmery to… . i would have to think about it

    mary kate and ashley hahaha. but i usually try to buy decent makeup! so i haven’t tried the horrible stuff yet heh..

    ( i hate the makeup that comes in the huge pallets from wal mart etc, you know the christmas gifts you get when they dont know what to get you)

  21. Marisol

    I’m not a big fan of Estee Lauder. I bought a palet of 4 colors, and it wasn’t cheap. I found the pigment horrible, and powdery. I have to really rub my brush on the color to try and pick up anything. Very disappointed!

  22. Sally

    Max Factor in the square case…worst!

  23. Anitacska

    I agree on Rimmel, it’s pretty crap. I don’t own any Maybelline e/s, and maybe one or two Max Factor (can’t remember, haven’t used in ages). I have to say that for the price, the Body Shop shimmer cubes aren’t that pigmented at all, palette no 15 (the one with the blue, green, yellow and red colours) looks amazing in the pack, but looks nothing on my eyes. Just a bit of a wash of colour.

    I think one of the best (if not best) drugstore e/s are by 17 (Boots’s own brand), they have really good texture and lovely colours. :)

    • Macaddict

      Hey Anitacska!
      You might want to try GOSH make up line! VEEERRYY colorful and pigmented! Very reasonable prices too! Check it out next time you go to a drugstore’s beauty department.

  24. I agree with Sephora brand itsef. The ones with glitter in them are HORRIBLE! big huge glittery chunky mess with no color payoff!

  25. rayne

    Caryl Baker [Canadian brand] & annabelle.

  26. TLD

    Clinique got the worse eyeshadows!No color payoff what so ever no matter how hard you pack it on.

    • evangelia

      Clinique eye shadow is HORRIBLE…and it’s too bad, because I have a duo that is so pretty! It’s called Strawberry Fudge and if it were MAC, it’d be awesome!

      • Lingping

        Clinique’s Strawberry Fudge is one of my all time favorites :) I love it for its ability to give both shape and depth and a subtle wash of shimmer and color :)

  27. Cover Girl and Maybelline has the worst color payoff. When I swatched them, they seemed chalky and I’ve never bought their eyeshadows again.

  28. Cover girl. yuk yuk yulk

  29. Emma

    maybelline. all that i get is cheap glitter, and they r barely pigmented

  30. mich

    colorworks sucks

  31. Margaret

    Ugh, man the stuff is a tease. Pretty color and no results on the lids. Not enough pigment and chalky

  32. Renata

    CoverGirl and Maybelline. They are chalky and have no color payoff, no matter how much you pack on. Total crap.

    I have a few Clinique eyeshadows as well, the texture is fine, but they’re not that pigmented.
    I just rely on MAC now!

  33. Brittney

    Max Factor! Man I hope they’re reading this (maybe they’ll take the hint!) that stuff is chalky beyond belief! It breaks my heart to know that Pat McGrath was the consultant for the shadows :-/ I guess they didn’t consult her on the formula!

  34. Sasha

    Bonne Bell. I love most of their lip products, but the eyeshadow quad I have SUCKS.

  35. zoila

    Ulta eyeshadows, NYC, I think that’s it :)

    • pquanda

      The old ULTA shadows were nasty, chalky, and non-pigmented. Go check them out now – they’re totally reformulated!!

  36. Allison

    too faced has terrible payoff! i have the glamour to go pallette and the eye shadows hardly show up and definitely don’t stay no matter what base i use or how i try to pack on the color. too bad because their stuff is sooo cute! but i would choose a drugstore brand like l’oreal hip over too faced eyeshadows.

    • Lingping

      I was disappointed with my Too Faced shadows at first, but found out that applying them with a damp brush makes a world of difference. It’s definitely still not at the top of my list, though.

    • Really? I love Too Faced shadows! Not as much as MAC or Urban Decay granted but I still think the pigmentation is pretty good :)

  37. Jami

    Max Factor. I shouldn’t have to scrape at an e/s to get it to barely show up.

  38. JennBee

    I can’t believe people are saying ULTA is the worst when it’s one of the best for the price!

    CG and Maybelline are definitely down there… they have other good products, but better shadows would make them so much more money.

  39. Shanna

    Avon and NYC.. they were the two brands my mom would buy me to play with when I was younger. and recently tried both again as an adult and there its chalky and no pigmentation at all

  40. Ashley

    Max Factor. Revlon.

  41. I haaate Maybelline eyeshadows. The Mary Kay shadows I have aren’t always particulary pigmented either.

    Don’t mind Covergirl so much. I’ve got a couple of those that I find work just fine.

  42. Moon

    I remember trying one of those NYX trios.

    Yes, you get color but its way chalky.
    Not recommended.
    It made me afraid of drugstore brand eyeshadows.

  43. Ruth

    Rimmel hands down, bad quality & no pigmentation.

  44. Nicole Straka

    Clinique definitely has no color pay-off…

  45. Tee

    I don’t like Maybelline. I always have tried to avoid Covergirl eyeshadows and the Max Factor ones too. The worst brand in my opinion is Marwins. I have a few of their trios and one of their pigments. The pigment is VERY cakey and there is hardly any color pay-off from the trios.

  46. I basically stay away from anything having to do with drug store cosmetics because I don’t trust them. I really don’t have the money to afford MAC as often as most but I’d rather use their heavenly eyeshadows then trying to even use drug store eye shadows. I tried a few of those HIP eye shadows…worse story of my LIFE.

    • Kate

      Hmmm… that was actually the one drugstore e/s that worked for me. I have it in Flare, and really liked both the colors themselves and the pigmentation. What didn’t work for you Candee?

      • I tried a tan brown and a really dark blue one, I can’t remember the name of it but the pigmentation was pretty decent but it was just soo sloppy to use for me really. I still have it and use the brown that comes with it if I’m in a hurry but they’re just not for me.

  47. Christy

    Maybelline, Cover Girl and Revlon are a chalky icky mess. I’ve tried to help it with some MAC Paint pots but that still doesn’t help. Actually, I like Too Faced Eyeshadows, especially when they come with palettes with blush and lip gloss. Perfect for travel!

  48. ice

    I haven’t tried many e/s brands but i would say that from what I have: Sephora Blockbuster palette, Revlon palette(forgot the name) and MAC e/s, Sephora is the worst. Not really bad, but some of the e/s aren’t very pigmented. I never had any problem with the glitters though. But I do like the lip products included in that palette.

  49. Paola

    i just bought the sephora moroccan sunshine palette and the colors are awesome…and super pigmented

    i don’t like cover girl at all :(

  50. pj

    Avon. The ones I have tried were very powdery, had no pigmentation, and had lots of fall out.

    I also bought the Bobbi Brown Shimmering Nudes Palette and I was so disappointed! I expected so much better from Bobbi Brown

  51. Shannon

    maybelline cover girl and max factor!

  52. muffingrl

    omg, AVON mineralized eyeshadows SUCK. they have the consistency of flour and blends right off your skin, its like taking colored flour and rubbing it all over your eyelids. And it sinks into your fine lines too. i swatched a lilac color on my hand, and it looked like i had sparkly lilac veining all over my hand. GROSS.

  53. Myxa

    From the ones I tried, Rimmel hands-down is the worst. Also, Marcelle which is a Canadian brand.

  54. Myxa

    Anyone tried Shiseido e/s? Thoughts?

  55. shangrila

    im gonna have to chime in on the max factor shadows. they just didnt work for me. avon shadows dont work for me either. i loooove clinique shadows, though! their black (midnight) shadow is awesome!

  56. deepblue

    Body Shop and Clinique!

  57. Ju

    Chanel, their quads. They are no pigmentation at all ! Horribles !

    And I think the Mac loose their qualities (all products) since their repurchase by Est

  58. Amanda

    I LOVE Elizabeth Arden eyeshadows! I have been using them forever. Don’t know which one you tried and didn’t like. Have you tried the new duos?

  59. carriespooner

    Re: Sephora Brand. I bought the Giraffe Palette and it’s gorgeous. Good pigmentation. I’m not saying it’s as good as Mac but I really liked it alot. Perhaps the regular Sephora shadows are less pigmented. I never was interested in trying them. They look chalky.

    Drugstore: Ugh.. I gave that up years ago but if I had to mention..
    Covergirl, Max Factor, Maybelline.

    I second Clinique: No pigment. Good for moms to buy teens so they don’t come out looking whorish.

    BE: I might be unpopular for this, but I don’t like their shadows at all. They fade fast and don’t give me the pigment I want. Everytime I see my mom, she’s creased and remnants of Queen Tiffany are left on her lids. I bought her some primer and can’t confirm that she’s using it but I think it’s just too pale. I want to see my colors!

  60. Julie

    Rimmel, Maybelline, Max Factor. Also Este Lauder, no color payoff, too powdery and have same effect as pure air… useless unless you are the invisible woman LOL

  61. Loveeeee MAC

    i would say hard candy not even sure they still sell cosmetics got a really pretty pink color and it is gross
    there is NOOOOOOO color at all
    and clinique is not colorful enough
    it made my eyes puffy and redd ickkkkk :p

  62. MAYBELLINE!!! bleerrgh!

  63. Theresa

    I think Red Earth eyeshadowns are terrible. No colour payoff, no pigments whatever. Its just plain flat and blah.

  64. Briseida

    I hate NYX eyeshadows! After hearing many ppl talk about them i bought a couple… what a waste!

  65. Cassykins

    Of course those Color Works/no-name pallets of like 60 shadows are the worst. Surprisingly when I took my make up artistry course, that’s what they gave us. I was pissed. At least the brushes they gave us were nice-ish, but that is not what one should be using when training to possibly be a professional. My second worst would be Rimmel. I hate that brand in general.

  66. zoe7777

    hm i would have to say #1 would be maybelline, it is complete crap in every way. #2 would be fyinnae’s pigments. i have had so many problems with them its unreal. still trying to make them work because the colors are so beautiful and unique, but until then, they are still on my $h*t list!

  67. Cindy

    Maybelline and certain colors from Covergirl.

  68. Crystal

    not a fan of estee lauder eyeshadows- they’re okay but quite sheer and just useless considering the price! Whats the best do you guys reckon?

  69. Allison

    I HATE covergirl

    (my favs are mac and urban decay)

  70. My worst experiences were Rimmel, some Maybelline (the old ones) and max Factor

  71. Amber

    The Sephora brand eyeshadows are just awful. The matte shadows are that bad, but if you try the shimmer/glitter shadows you’ll end up with no color on your lids but tons of glitter all over the rest of your face. Also can’t stand Covergirl.