Saturday, March 14th, 2009

The Hit List

Worst Eyeliner? What product wins this category?

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63 thoughts on “The Hit List: Worst Eyeliner

  1. So I went through a mini one-week phase where I decided I would save money and try some lower-end cosmetics brands. Anyway, I got a liquid liner from E.L.F. and wow… I hated it! It was hard to work with, too liquidy – like water, and it smeared everywhere. It was one hot mess. I’ll still to my preferred brands I guess.

    • I second Elf liners…tried to buy a bargain and I shouldn’t have bothered!

    • fanntabulous

      Me three on e.l.f. Cheap you want, cheap you get! Felt like a colored pencil

      • Chanice

        Wow! I love my E.L.F. liners! They make great shadow bases too. I like the liquid liner as well. It’s very pigmented and sets nicely and their gel liners are also great.

        The worst for me are the Jordana glitter eye liners. They draw nicely on my hand but scratch and tug like crazy on my eye and are not pigmented.

  2. Sara

    This crappy NYC one, it was a duo, “mockingbird” in my opinion I hated it!

  3. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Pencil, I know everyone loves these, and they are mentioned in so many yt videos, but me and some of the other gurus dont like them, i have zero, which works great on the upper lashline , but doesnt last for three minutes on the waterline. Mac Eye Kohls and Powerpoint liners ftw !

    • Allison

      I love the 24/7 pencils ya and maybe they dont last on the waterline for that long but are they really the worst eyeliners outthere i think not
      (I hate NYC and ELF)

    • Kayc

      I agree with Allison. UD 24/7 may not be best on the waterline for some people but i doubt its the worst eyeliner out there.

      I think CoverGirl’s Perfect Blend liners are terrible.

  4. Anitacska

    I have a purple liquid liner from Avon that peals/flakes off after a while. Other than that, I haven’t found any bad liners, although I find the brushes a bit useless sometimes. My current favourite is my black Gosh liner though, it’s great.

  5. Jenny

    MAC eye kohl. I think they are off my eyes in about 5 minutes on the waterline and 30 minutes before its off my upper lash line

  6. Liana

    WORST, and “surprisingly” the worst is Smashbox Proof Cream eye liners. I bought the palette for $50 and expecting great results because its smashbox. But i was SO wrong. I will stick to my MAC FLUIDLINES (THEY ARE #1 TO ME!)

  7. Lexi

    Worst eyeliner I’ve ever tried is MAC’s Kohl Power.

  8. Jenny

    I hope I won’t get stoned to death for saying this since I know it’s a lot of people’s HG eyeliner.. but I really hate Feline Kohl power. I really honestly tried to make it work because I love the intense colour payoff but it seriously would not stay in place for me!

    • sarah

      to get my feline to stay on my waterline, i dip it in blacktrack. i’m not sure if i just think it stays longer or if it actually does, but it works pretty well. also, if i want to make sure it’s not going to move, i’ll pat some matte black e/s onto my waterline, but i’m not sure if that’s the best idea for everyone, haha.

  9. sam :)

    WET AND WILD got one becuase it was like 99 cents
    it is horrible it doesnt even go on your eyes

  10. Raquel

    Wet’n Wild hands down. Awful stuff.


    what’s the best brush for applying MAC Blot? And what brush would suggest for loose powder? 182?


  11. Sejal

    Almay liners…the ones that are supposed to be long lasting. They are not as smooth as MAC when it comes to application, and the color isnt very intense. I love my MAC!!

  12. Lori

    cover girl liquid liner and pencil liners. bleck.

    I loathe indelible “gel” liners. IMO you can’t call them gel–nothing smooth about them!

    • vicki

      I second that cover girl liquid liner! I got the felt tip pen one and it is pure effing crap!

      • Nicole15

        I totally agree on the cover girl liquid pen liners. the pen just dries up instantly & the liner itself goes on thick and flakes. ick!

        • Sarah

          F*ck, i wish i would have known this earlier today :S
          i went to the store for eye liner and thought i would take a risk by straying away from my pencil liner and testing out liquid. so i bought the covergirl exact liquid liner (the one that kind of looks like a mini felt) and i was expecting great results since i have been using their pencil liners for years and they have worked great (they dont do well on your bottom lid though and may not last as long as others but still they are pretty good to me). well i was SO wrong! as soon as i opened it the tip was dried up and i had to press down super hard on my hand for any eyeliner to even appear on it. the texture was cakey and awful. not at all what i was expecting. it was a terrible experience for my first and possibly last time with liquid eye liner.
          personally for me i find the best eyeliner is honestly found at Merle Normans, its like spa-ish place. you can get waxed and get pedicures/manicures there and they sell great makeup. i highly reccomend everyone to go there. the workers match all the makeup to your skin and show you how to apply it and pick out the shades that complment you best. its a little pricey but its worth the money and the makeup lasts longer than most. and trust me its not like old lady makeup because im 15 and i get most of my stuff from their and it suits my age well.

  13. hi

    Hmm… covergirl brow & eye makers. My mom used them once on her brows when she was on a black brown stint, and when her fad was over, she handed them to me – they were horrible! I have no need for black brows (im a redhead), so I tried it as eyeliner. There was virtually no pigment, it went on immensely rough and scratchy, and lasted for, what.. all of 3 minutes? It was awful! I also disliked the Rimmel kohl liners. Even though they went on smoothly and with lovely, rich black pigmentation, it was obviously TOO smooth and slipped off my lashlines within a few hours – and that’s with shadow layered over!

  14. Lara

    L’Oreal HiP is the worst that I’ve tried… the damn pot dried out in the space of 5 minutes!

    • Karli

      I second that!
      The pot I bought dried out in about a week.
      And when I did use it (before it dried), it chipped off of my eyes, got inside of my eyes, and hurt so bad. It was horrible.

  15. Susie

    Rimmel Kohl liners were a mess! Went everywhere but the eye area.

    If you are doing the covergirl brow pencils, you got to do the 80s trick.. get a lighter and melt them a little

    Almay liners dont stay either and does not go on smoothly. BLECK

    Also the NYC suck, but I do like 999 wet n wild lip liner but I melt it with the radient heat with my curling iron.

  16. Michelle

    Cover girl brow & eye makers as well as Wet and Wild pencils… they’re absolutely awful! Never again would i ever buy them

  17. Christy

    When I was first trying makeup, I got a ton of Bonne Bell and Wet n Wild eyeliners. Gah, they were awful. Thankfully my budget for eyeliners has grown and I now use MAC fluidline in blacktrack and MAC Kohl Powerliner in Feline.

  18. taymi

    Max factor glide and define, very watery, no staying power, hard to work with looks like a mini penultimate liner but it came out before the penultimate liner. its a piece of crap

  19. Thi

    Hard Candy hands down.


    Glittery, gritty, none of the sharpeners I had could even fit to sharpen in (too small.)

    Overall, WORST.

  20. NYC AND ELF!!!
    i am just going to have to stick to my trusty fluidline and sephora eyeliner

  21. Kimie

    I second( or fifteenth) ELF and also Mary Kay…grrr so waxy they wear off in like 20 minutes.

  22. Arika BH

    I wont buy Urban Decay’s 24/7 eye pencil in Zero again. For the price, this pencil does not deliver on any long lasting staying power. I have a blue pencil from this line and that one doesn’t budge but Zero is a crappy black liner that costs like $17.

  23. smugbear

    anything by avon! they have some good skincreams and bubblebath but the makeup is terrible! my fav eyeliner is mac penultimate and mac kohl fo wt, i like the chromaline by mac too!!

  24. Bridget

    The worst eyeliner I’ve ever used is NYX’s liquid liner. It’s horrible! it’s really watery and takes 15 minutes to dry, no joke! I had that eyeliner on my browbone problem every time I used it.

  25. Maybelline and Wet n’ Wild……My favorite eyeliners are by NYX! :)

  26. Rachel

    MAC’s Powerpoint in Permaplum leaves me with swollen eyelids! I’m also beginning to think pencil eyeliners – even Urban Decay’s 24/7 – are really better for colouring the eyelid, not lining the lashline.

  27. Patty

    MAC Eyeliner in “Black Funk”. It was part of the “Charming Glamour Basics” and it is the worst eyeliner ever, it smudged right away and made me look like Alice Cooper :(

    • I second that, the rest of them are fab but Black Funk seemed to slide right off and give me panda eyes withing 10 minutes :(

  28. IZzySA

    Guerlain Divinora Liquid Eyeliner.. sucks big time for big bucks. YSL liquid eyeliner is a rip off too. I prefer Smudge pot to line as it is easier to work with than MAC Fluidline, also Bobbi Brown’s liners are great. Best cheapo: Jordana That stuff lasts all day on eyes and in waterline, but it is hellacious to get some, if you do buy a dozen and resell.. lol.

  29. MACmademoiselle

    Mary Kay Eye Defining Pencil in Forest! Never stays on (even w/ shadow on top)and slips from the waterline in 5 minutes.

  30. ice

    I haven’t tried many eyeliners but the worst one I’ve ever used is Rimmel eyeliner in white. But it doesn’t suck bigtime, just so so. I have fluidline and it’s all i need to line my upper and lower lashline plus waterline:) and the best thing is when i line my waterline, i get automatic tightline too after i close my eyes a bit:) I want to grab some UD 24/7 liners but the Sephora here in Riyadh don’t carry them:(( So as PHilosophy products…i tried ordering from the net but the shipping cost is outrageous! i even ordered some coastal scents brushes, they costed $16 and my shipping cost is $67. I cancelled it right away lol:))

    • Kelsey

      i agree!
      i bought the white rimmel london kajal liner, and it is HORRIBLE.
      going back to fascinating as soon as this one runes out.

  31. zoila

    …. MAC’s liquidlast liners…

    oh vey.. i regret ever buying it, it’s just not for me, it does a good job staying on and lasting, but to apply it is a mission, (a good base though)

  32. Hanna

    Amuse Eyeliner in Metallic Lavender. I think it was like .50 cents or something at Cherry Yea, big mistake. I think I can write with this thing on paper rather than on my actual eye. The pencil is so HARD! I actually just scrap a cream shadow like NYX Jumbo Pencils and place it on my waterline. Anything to get my money’s worth lol.

  33. hannah

    agree with the ELF, and also NYX. horrid.

  34. Cass

    Elf is bad – can’t get it to show up at all.
    Everyone else seems to like the Clinique Cream Shapers but they have no staying power on my eyes. Smudge city then disappears!

  35. Nellie

    I HATE L’Oreal HiP “Cream” eyeliners. Ick. It’s ao dry and flaky. Not the worst though. The worst to me is NYX eyeliners. Won’t show up on my waterline for anything~

  36. Andrea

    I’m an eyeliner junkie and have tried lots of eyeliners and like most of what I’ve tried. My problem most often is with the applicator the liners come with. The specific liners I’ve disliked the most are the L’Oreal HIP Cream eyeliners (only tried Eggplant) and MAC’s Kohl liner (only tried Feline). Neither had any lasting power.

  37. Kimberly

    I’d have to say the Wet n Wild eyeliners.

  38. PK

    I bought a Wet ‘n’ Wild liquid eyeliner in their black color. It irritated my eyes sooooo bad. I put it on my upper lashline and it somehow ran into my eye– you could see it in the whites of my eyes! Holy crap did it buuuuuurn! Don’t get it!

    I now use UD in Oil Slick, the exact same way, and I have no problem.

  39. rowan

    mac pearlglide eyeliner. i bought a purple shade and it’s sitting neglected because it’s worthless! it’s just vaseline in a stick with glitter :/ the glitter is pretty though…

  40. Red Earth pencil eyeliner – it was so hard that it scratched my eye and hardly any colour came out.

  41. L’oreal HiP cream/gel liners!

  42. Nicole15

    got e.l.f. pencil liners as well once trying to be all economical & save $ but i absolutely hated them. the pencil was like a colored drawing pencil. it was not smooth, not soft & scratched my eyelid because i had to press so hard just to get a smidgen of color out of it. horrible!! *yuck*

  43. Tamara

    I will never buy Avon Luxury eye liners again, there was no color payoff and what color did come on, faded away within an hour… Also I will never buy anymore drugstore eyeliners anymore…Maybelline, Cover Girl, etc… I’m using Urban Decay 24/7 liners right now and loving them!

  44. Cassykins

    Cover Girl! Maybe I’m just biased because I’m allergic to their eye stuff, but I don’t even think they go on nice. The liquid liner pen seemed to go everywhere but in a line across my lash line. I actually -like- the wet n wild h2o proof liner. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cheap and certainly not h2o proof, but for what it is I think it looks good.

  45. I just saw the post. :)

    The worst eyeliner is MAC Penultimate. Does not stay on at all! Runs everywhere, total raccoon eyes.

  46. Sasha

    I was really disappointed with Stila’s Kajal liners. They go on smoothly, but I always end up with raccoon eyes. Sucks because they almost always include one in their value sets!

  47. Chynna

    N.Y.C. New York Color Liquid Liner. The brush was great and applied well, but after a couple of hours the line started flaking off. UGH!

  48. heather

    maybeline or however you spell it,its not very creamy,hard to put on