Thursday, May 19th, 2011

The Hit List

What’s the Worst Dry Shampoo…?

What brand/product wins this category? What makes it so terrible?

Thanks to Kat for today’s topic!

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67 thoughts on “The Hit List: Worst Dry Shampoo

  1. Missy

    I have to say the TreSemme one. The dry shampoo is so thick and clumpy it’s really difficult to brush out completely without there still being a white haze and pieces of your hair kind of frozen together.

    TreSemme’s water-free shampoo (the foam one) is also pretty useless. It does nothing to cleanse the hair, it keeps it oily, just giving it a weak “just shampooed” smell.

    • Priscilla

      I love the TreSemme one! I’ve tried a bunch of others, and it might just be my favorite. I didn’t like the Sexy Hair one probably because the nozzle broke three days into it.

    • Sarah

      AGREE. i hate this dry shampoo. i bought it per the recommendations of lots of youtube gurus, and it SUCKS. it made my hair knotty, frizzy, and curly. i should have just stuck with baby powder!

      this has put a bad taste in my mouth about dry shampoo and i have yet to try another.

    • Dana

      The TreSemme dry shampoo nozzle stopped working the second time I tried to use it. Ugh.

    • Tia

      Yeah, was not a fan of the foam one at all. Didn’t do anything for my hair.

    • Meg

      The Tresemme foam one SUCKS. It doesn’t do ANYTHING. I actually thought my hair looked greasier AFTER I used it.

    • Boone

      Totally agree about the foam version. I actually thought it made my hair look dirtier, and darker. Yuck!

    • Agreed. It make it look like I had some major dandruff going on. Yuck. Better results with baby powder thank you very much!

  2. Tresemme! It actually makes my hair feel dirtier, and it feels really gross after, too. Ironically the Suave dry shampoo is amazing, smells better, and is cheaper.

  3. Oscar Blandi is the worst that I’ve tried. It doesn’t absorb the oils and I absolutely hate the smell of it.

    • Leah

      Really? I used the Oscar Blandi shampoo at the Glastonbury music festival in the UK last year and I thought it worked well. My hair is thin and gets greasy so easily – this dry shampoo absorbed the oil and gave it body.

    • Love Ann Dougherty

      Absolutely AGREE! The nozzle on the can got blocked after only a few uses…WAY to expensive of a product to only be able to use a few times! So dissapointing!

    • meme

      Trick is NOT to use the Oscar Blandi dry shampoo in the spray…use the original one in the powder that you poof out of the bottle it is in. It works great and gives volume. Totally agree that the OB in the spray can is icky! I have only used the 2 OB and Ojon Rub Out. Found both Ojon and as said, OB spray horrible. Something maybe about the spray can? Not sure. However, I get days extra out of OB non spray can formula. GREAT if you are in the hospital. I know the days there were no dry shampoos (Pist was gone for a long time before big brands came back with dry shampoos), we used baby powder – preferably one without talc in it like Burts Bees.

  4. Anh

    I like Tressemme, Got2Be, Psssst, and Big Sexy Hair’s dry shampoo. I want to try Suave’s next. Of the ones I’ve listed my favorite is Pssst. It’s cheap and works well.

    Also, Salon Grafix Invisible Dry Shampoo is horrible. It does nothing and is pricey for a dry shampoo.

  5. Ashley Sarah

    I’ve never tried a Dry Shampoo D: It’s not htat I am against it or don’t like the idea of them, just haven’t bought one.

  6. Sara

    I haven’t tried many but I dislike the got2b one. The formula itself is okay but I used it three times and then it died. no thank you

    • shreeza

      same here tried it once and when i really wanted to use it, its gone no more i hate it

  7. heather

    Ojon’s. The first time I used it the nozzle broke. The formula dried my hair out as well.

  8. Gabi

    I don’t have a lot of experience with dry shampoos because honestly this wave hasn’t really landed in Brazil just yet. But, I did tried Klorane’s dry shampoo for oily hair and it was as good as nothing. I tried several times, applying in different ways, and still saw no results. Waste of money… anyone knows if rene furterer dry shampoo is good?

  9. Dana

    Tresemme! The spray in one was the worst I’ve ever used by far! It left my hair greasy and it felt scummy and dirty, much dirtier then before I sprayed it in!

    My favorite is the Oscar Blandi loose powder. I also thought the Psssst and Bastisse (sp?) were good too.

    • lacey

      ugh, i hate the tresseme one!!! i have super straight and baby fine hair and it made my hair super nasty! though my boyfriend with really thick coarse hair loved it, as did my sister with thicker hair. i like pssst and the next one im going for is the suave one!

    • Carrie B

      Totally, the Tresemme–it makes my hair greasy, too! I used the foam kind for dry-normal hair; maybe that was my mistake–maybe it’s supposed to be moisturizing?? I thought it would remove oil. I don’t like the smell either.

  10. worst treseme, best batise

  11. Melissa

    Tigi Rockaholic. I used it *once* and the nozzle died. At $20, it was an appalling failure.

    • i agree. i worked at a hair store and we were constantly getting returns as the nozzle was clogging up

      • dana

        there were a lot of problems with the first couple waves of that..with the nozzle and the bottles emptying..but the rockaholic is by far the best ive used..and i swear by it. in a desperate moment i ran out (i ususally keep like 3 bottles of it at a time)
        and had to buy the beyond the zone from sallys..and it was gross and left my hair white.

        • Marissa B

          I love the Rockaholic one, it’s my fave on those mornings when I have no time. Brushes in great and doesn’t leave the white cast baby powder does, plus it has a decent smell.

  12. Ashley Tatton

    I have only tried one dry shampoo and I actually love it. Batiste! I use the tropical scent because it smells like fruit loops and being in CANADA I can get it Shoppers Drug Mart. Slowly other brands are coming out with them that are available here but after looking through the comments before me I don’t think I’ll try them. A can of Batiste lasts me about 2-3 years as I don’t have very oily hair at all, just very fine straight hair.

  13. I didn’t like the Sally Beauty Supply version of Tigi’s Rockaholic line (the Beyond The Zone Rock On Dry Shampoo). I bought it and it randomly exploded everywhere and made a ginormous mess. I bought another one and the cap clogged completely. I wanted it to work so bad! I guess I’ll just shell out the $20-ish for Rockaholic… :<

  14. Nadia

    Unrelated question, Christine! Do you get notified somehow when there are comments pending approval? For example, I was looking at some old reviews today and I had a question but I wasn’t sure if you’d see it if I posted (unless you have a notification system). Please let me know, thanks!
    My question was: Do the Chanel Rouge Allure Laques bleed at all?

    • All comments require approval (it’s manual, not automated), so I see comments by when they were left. I only approve them if they don’t require a response or if I’ve responded to them (so I always know what comments I need to address still).

      I didn’t have any bleeding with them!

  15. Kim

    Oscar Blandi’s aresol dry shampoo, the lemon scented liquid leaked out after the first usage leaving it completely useless. Paid $$$ for one time use? No thanks. PS. Happened again with the travel sized one i purchased at sephora about 6 months later.

    LOVE: T3 Tinted Dry Shampoo.

  16. Hillary

    Big Sexy Hair leaves my hair with a gritty film and it smells really bad. However, it does give my hair quite a bit of volume. I got the TreSemme to stay on a budget and I think leaves my hair lighter and smells better. Pssst also smells good (like a pina colada), but I had to use a lot more of the product for each application so it wasn’t a very good value.

  17. Angelcat47

    I like the Tresemme Waterless Shampoo(foam):there’s no residue as you use a towel to blot after application.It left my thick hair clean and full after use.

  18. lexi

    I don’t care for Batiste or Suave. I DO like the Victoria’s Secret one – that’s pretty great. I’m on my second bottle!

  19. TRESEMME for sure. Not impressed in the least. Ive tried a lot of dry shampoos and no matter how well you apply it, it makes your hair greasier. Haven’t been impressed with Bumble and Bumble hair powder either, which isn’t technically a dry shampoo, but it is supposed to help with excess oils, but no luck!

  20. kim

    this is my favorite dry shampoo.

  21. Amy M

    Ojon had a very strong smell that I didn’t like much, so I shampooed right away, so I’m not sure if it was any good or not.

  22. Chrissy

    What a coincidence. I JUST bought TRESemme waterless foam shampoo today. I hope it works. It seems as if a lot of people here don’t like the TRESemme dry shampoo. There is a dry shampoo and the one I got. Hopefully I got the right one since I have wavy hair!

    • Chrissy

      Man, I really wish I read this before I got it today. I literally got the email about this topic right after I came back from CVS.

      • Chrissy

        Okay, so I used the waterless foam shampoo and it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I like how it smells and it didn’t leave my hair greasy. I don’t think I’ll return it. I also like the Klorane dry shampoo with the aerosol spray.

  23. Nicole

    Tigi Rockaholic! It sprayed out product TWICE and then the bottle felt completely empty. Such a waste.

  24. Ashley

    The only one I’ve used is the Oscar Blandi volumizing one. Maybe I just don’t get the jist of using it, but it didn’t do anything for my hair. It was still oily. It said to let it dry and shake it to get the excess out. I let it dry for about 40 minutes but as I said, it was still oily, and I didn’t notice any kind of difference. I didn’t like the smell either.

  25. April

    Batiste is my favorite for several reasons: dirt cheap, comes in a travel size, multiple scents available and it’s easy to find at Sally’s as well and my mom and pop beauty supply around the block.

  26. Shellie

    I have yet to use one that’s absolutely horrid, but the smell of the Suave one makes me gag and want to never use it again. My favorite? VICTORIA’S SECRET so sexy hair dry shampoo. OMG I didn’t think I would like it but it works amazing! You just spray it in, let it dry, and brush through, it gives me awesome body too. It’s really hard to describe, kinda something like the Osis dust it powder, if you use the VS dry shampoo you get the body effect and you can ruffle your hair up all day to ‘renew’ your pouf. hahahah.

    • Amanda

      i bought the vs dry shampoo and used it once and it worked great. but 3 days later i went to use it and the can felt empty and the nozzle didnt work. which sucks because i really like the outcome. how did your vic secret can not run out or feel empty after one use? i dont want to buy another one and have the same thing happen. what should i do?

  27. The worst has been Beyond The Zone Rock On Dry Shampoo from Sally’s – YUCK. Leaves a nasty residue on hair. All of the spray ones I’ve tried (Oscar Blandi, Ojon, John Freida) take WAY too much product and just don’t last. John Freida was actually the best of the three. After reading this I want to try the Vicki’s one! I use Oscar Blandi (powder form) regularly and haven’t found anything that comes close.

  28. Anita

    Suave dry shampoo, because even though it’s awesome,somehow it manages to escape from the tube or something, so after like 2 or 3 uses (with noticeable lightness of the tube) it will be completely gone. Luckily walmart is good with returns so I’m on my 3nd bottle, which has also fallen to the same destiny and is sitting on my desk waiting to be returned lol.

    • Allyssa

      I agree! I LOVE how it works. I used it on my bangs the most and it gets rid of the funks that creeps up after a full day or on day 2 of a wash. My roots are lifted, it’s easy to brush out, etc. and the price can’t be beat. BUT, the first time I bought it I used it once before it “leaked” out into my drawer. My drawer smells lovely but the can was totally empty. I returned it at Stop and Shop and got another one. I used it 2-3 times and left it upright, hoping that would solve the problem. Guess what? It’s empty again! I love the product but they need to fix this issue.

  29. I’ve only tried the TreSemme and the Salon Grafix, and I don’t like either of them. I normally just use translucent loose face powder because it doesn’t make my dark hair grey.

  30. Kimmy

    all of them. dry shampoo is nasty.

  31. Stephanie

    I don’t like the spray one by Tresemme but it’s not horrible. Not great and I just wouldn’t buy it again.
    Baby powder works best for me:) I have been using baby powder in my hair for almost 10 years (I am blonde though so it might not work as well for darker colored hair).

  32. Ana

    The Suave stuff worked, but oh my gosh did it smell horrible. That disgusting, cloying overripe fruit smell followed me around all day. :(

  33. April

    Tresemme FreshStart Waterless Foam Shampoo is freaking horrible on my hair! I’m afraid to try anything else after that experience!
    …and before anybody asks, I did do it right:)

  34. Swimsalot

    It’s got to be TRESEMME spray. It smells bad and leaves hair oily and powdery
    My fav is the John Frieda. It gives alot of volume

  35. LJ

    I loved Suave- smells great, works well. Except it keeps leaking out of the can on me. I have to give it up because even though it’s cheap, when you have to buy a new one every two weeks there’s a problem. Trying Batiste again, with a different scent. Original was gross.

  36. Christina

    I don’t know why, but both times I have tried dry shampoo the aerosol can was empty after just one use??? I notice the product leaked out after shaking both times and I ended up spending 10$ each time. I purchased once at a salon, and once at Target. Has anyone else experienced this???

  37. Jenn S.

    I absolutely hate Beyond the Zone Rock On Volumizing Powder/Dry Shampoo from Sally’s! It made my scalp itch, frizzed out my fine hair, and left the areas I used it on dull and matte, not shiny like the rest of my hair. Thank goodness I didn’t pay a lot for it.

  38. Teresa

    Schwartzkopf’s Got2Be, its awful! Left my hair white and scalp really itchy! Also the Tresemme foam shampoo did nothing to my hair but made it limp and greasy!

  39. Layni

    I tried the John Frieda one in the blue can that came out not too long ago, I think they are marketing it as a “volume refresher.” It is the worst one I have ever tried by a mile. You have to use a ton of it to notice any difference at all, then it leaves this weird coating on your hair and it just ends up looking totally flat and stringy and lifeless within an hour. I was afraid to even try the TreSemme one, because it had SO many bad reviews on MakeUpAlley. My favorite one is Batiste; I have tried Pssst and it is pretty good too.

  40. I actually really like Beyond the Zone from Sally Beauty Supply. No probs, i’m on my 6th can. Works great!

  41. Queentut

    I’ve never even tried a “dry” shampoo. I don’t even like the sound of it. I’m sure they do something or they wouldn’t be on the market, but I just can’t imagine it getting my hair clean. I use a whole lot of root boost, thickener and spray…I can only imagine one big mess on my head.

  42. sandy

    Ive tried Not Your Mom’s and Suave. Apparently they all leak. I think the powder doesn’t allow the nozzle to completely shut off. Very irritating because I am probably getting only 1/2 of what I am paying for.