Thursday, October 1st, 2009

The Hit List

Wost Drugstore Mascara…

What brand/product wins this category? Any particular reason it wins?

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149 thoughts on “The Hit List: Worst Drugstore Mascara

  1. Stephanie

    Im sure there are some that will disagree but I HATE Cover Girl Lash Blast. LOL It flakes WAY too much for my liking which is super annoying and that brush is not all that.

  2. platinumheart

    Mybelline Great Lash: Most overrated mascara ever! Too wet, and it never dries. There is no volume or thickening either. :/

  3. Maybelline Stilettos. I like how black my lashes got, but they didnt add length or volume. I had to help it out using MAC Prep Prime Lash, but the 2 formulas together made my lashes so heavy that they lost their curl.

  4. Miss_M

    The worst drugstore mascare Ive ever tried was Maybelline Great Lash mascara. The consistency is so thin, its like putting black water on your lashes…

  5. Danielle

    Maybelline Great Lash. Overrated, and hurts like nothing else when you cry.

  6. Torie

    For me it it was the Maybelline Great Lash. It just clumped too much on me.

  7. Kajsa

    Sucks: Maybelline Great lash.
    Wins: Cover girl Lash blast! <3

  8. Kari

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that doesn’t like Great Lash! I’ve never understood what the fuss is about, every time I put it on, I end up with clumpy lashes and smudges everywhere.

    • Lana A

      Totally agree, also the brush is so tiny – waaay to hard to apply. And it stinks (I mean, smells bad, not just sucks)

  9. Lady Betty

    I have to agree with the others that Great Lash by Maybelline is the worst. Second would be Lash Blast by Cover Girl. As for Great Lash, I have no idea why all the magazines rave about it. It is just terrible. It is too wet, does not hold a curl, and it gives me major “raccoon eyes.” Lash Blast is just bad all around. I have to say that most Cover Girl products suck. However, the only redeemable product is Marathon Mascara. I have used it since high school (about 18 years now). It stays on and does not budge until I take it off with MAC’s Cleanse Off Oil.

  10. Anitacska

    The new Boots No 7 Extravagant Lashes mascara. Its wand is absolutely huge (it’s square and plastic) and very hard to use. The formula might be good, but it’s hard to know without a proper wand. Ended up smearing it all over my eye – crap! :(

    • Thalia Garcia

      Same thing happened to me!! I hate Extravagant Lashes with a burning passion >:)) It smeared everywhere, in my eye, on my lid, under my bottom lid, on my waterline!! The formula is nice, but the brush just doesn’t do it justice :/

  11. Great Lash and Lash Blast. Yuck. If it flakes off, it’s baaad.

  12. Ann

    I’ve yet to try great lash because of all these bad reviews! But one of my friends uses it and her eyelashes come out like KAPOW. I guess it’s rare for someone to actually love great lash!
    My worst mascara is Mac’s zoomlash. That mascara clumped so bad I didn’t even bother giving it a 2nd try

    • Sarah

      MAC’s Zoomlash did the same for me, looked like clumpy spider lashes. Luckily it was a free sample with purchase. My fav is BadGal Lash from Benefit though.

  13. Rena

    Cover Girl Lash Blast!
    I have rather thin, wispy lashes and this glopped on and made my eyes look like a spidery mess. Even when I thoroughly wiped off the wand before applying, it still went on WAY too heavy. It would make all my lashes stick together.

    The other worst I’ve encounters is L’Oreal Paris Extra Volume Collagen mascara. I don’t know if the regular is any better than the waterproof, but the formula was so dry, and the wand was huge. It went on super clumpy.

    • Marchella

      Couldn’t agree with you more!!! Lash Blast was such a pain to remove i thought i was going to rip off my lashes…and the Loreal collagen formula was so flaky and dry at the end of the day i looked like a racoon…I will never but these mascaras again!

  14. Bettina

    I’m sure great lash is crappy but I had pretty nasty revlon one once…ick it was flaky and it burned, not fun!

    I’m ok with Maybeline Stiletto lash, it may not lenghten my eyelashes a whole lot, but it does keep mine thin and separated and not all think and chunky which I hate.

  15. Sass

    Rimmel…all of ’em.

    • Ki

      Agree – rimmel sucks I love maybeline full and soft

      • Emm

        Love Maybelline Full +Soft! Hate all Rimmel, and Maybelline’s Great Lash.

      • queenmarie

        I love Rimmel’s Extra Super Lash ! Isn’t it weird how some people love it and some hate it. It just all depends on the lashes you start with and those vary greatly, so it’s hard to say what’s great and what’s not……… But I love reading everyone’s opinions !

    • Arielle

      Yeah, let’s bang the gavel on this one, all of the rimmell lash products sucked for me. I hate EVERY mascara that has the white lenthening end and the regular mascara end, period. It never does anything for my lashes. But the most awful mascara I’ve ever tried is Lorac “Lotsa Lash”! It’s dry beyond belief and the fibers that they say are in the formula are non existant! AND I tried 2 tubes!!! AND its over priced!!!

  16. Sixx

    I second. Definitely RIMMEL.

  17. Carrie

    Maybelline Great Lash and Cover Girl Lash Blast. The latter went all over my eyelids and missed my thin lashes completely.

  18. Ali

    Maybelline’s Colossal Volum’ … it smells JUST like gin.

  19. margot

    the new maybeline that vibrates. It just did nothing for me.

    • OMG I totally forgot about that! The first time I heard vibrating mascara wand I fell over laughing. Whats next?

      They tried to do the same thing with mens razors a few years back… Once they ran out of room to put in any more blades, they had to make it vibrate. No thank you! LOL.

      • Thalia Garcia

        I love the vibrating wand mascara actually(the vibrating actually DID help!) :) It was a good everyday mascara, no clumps or spider lashes! I hate big wands, they smear too much and I get lazy with being paaatient with such a huge brush. Lash blast is trash. I love FUll n Soft by maybelline in dark brown!! Lashes stay super soft all day, literally, you can’t tell you have mascara on, and gives such pretty look to the lashes, it looks very natural.

  20. I would have to say Eact eyelights by CG. I hated the brush and I always felt like my eye was going to be poked out at any minute. I also didn’t like how they claimed there was “flecks of sparkles” and I never saw them. Sometimes they wouldn’t show up and then other times it would look like I got into a fight with a christmas ornament with my eyes, where there was TO much sparkle. Also, it ran out REALLY fast, like 2 weeks fast. And I do not go through mascara that quickly.

  21. Erica

    I got the new cover girl lash blast length mascara and am very disappointed. Seems like there is barely any mascara on the brush so after a couple coats, i’m left with the same length and clumpage. Still searching..

    • dyc

      Seriously the best mascara I’ve tryed is buxom by bare essentials. Does not clump or flake…. And it’s buildable. U can get it at sephora.

      • Karin

        I agree “boxum by bare escentuals” IS good stuff for my blond tiny limited eyeslashes, dont have to work so hard to apply and another good one i discovered is LANCOME’S Virtouse Black Carat and Hypnose em will never go back to drugstore brands..ever!

  22. Connie

    Lash Blast – hate that stuff. Horrible, horrible, horrible.

  23. kaaren

    great lash–MUA favorite–not this one!! the WORST!

  24. hrbiaggi

    Maybelline that vibrates…actually, none of these mascaras that I’ve tried so far -both high and low end-stand by their claims. I can make my hand vibrate while putting on the mascara (i.e. jiggle movement)and I get a far better effect on my lashes, for free!

  25. amy

    Almay Intense I-Colour in purple amethyst because the formula is clumpy and the purple is not purple enough.

    • Alisha

      I second this! I threw it away it was so terrible and I couldn’t remember the name. The brush was terrible and the formula clumpy.

  26. Gabby

    Maybelline’s Great lash! it just sucks, and the waterproof version!! worse!

  27. GREAT LASH. It’s supposedly the number one staple for professionals, but they must get a different formula than what’s sold in stores! It smudges, smears, and is incredibly stubborn when it comes to removing your raccoon eyes out of the shower. Hate it.

    • Ashley

      You just reminded me of Carmindy from What Not To Wear, when she’d apply this to the women, and it always looked terrible.

      I just hate her so much. Most of the makeup she does in terms of foundation looks caked on unless the camera is far away and the lighting disguises it. Not to mention she makes me want to strangle her.

      Ah, that felt good to let out.

  28. Bridgette

    Maybelline Lash Stilleto (However you spell that.) I hate the mascara with a living passion! The scent of this mascara is so strong that it made my eyes watery.

  29. Great post! I need to pick up a mascara very soon and this will help sort out the bads. I don’t care for Maybelline Great Lash or Covergirl Lash Blast.

  30. ANYTHING Cover Girl. I’ve never found a single one I could pretend to like a even a little bit.

  31. ice

    L’oreal something….the one with silver handle and black body…gosh, it was my first ever mascara and it was just so weird…it clumped, it flaked, it made my lashes looked like they were in a rally!

    well just wanna add (LOL) I love bourjois clubbing mascara! i get super sexy lashes, volumized and lengthened with very less effort…my lashes don’t look natural with it because it really thickens them but I really love the dramatic effect but not too over the top(i hope u get what i mean)…i’m a total convert now, my plushlash will now be kept in the draw:))

  32. wow, and i thought everyone lovedddd great lash, i ended up buying my own and could not figure out why it was so great, it’s so clumpy..

    also, my rimmel lash maxxx was awful, if not for the wand, the product didnt actually do anything at all… except dry out within a month

  33. Rimmel Sexy Curves. Hate it.

  34. Janelle

    Great Lash 😐

  35. tasha

    i would have to say… rimmel glam eyes and covergirl lash blast

  36. sheryl

    Fiberwig is gaaaaaaaaaaag!
    I was picking fibers out of my eyes all day!!!! WORTHLESS

    • Arielle

      No way, I adore fiberwig mascara!! Its give me a ton of length, (no volume tho) but the only thing I don’t like about it is that it works best when you’ve had it a couple days and it dries out a lil.

  37. Ashley

    Great Lash.

    Seriously does not work unless you have very long, thick lashes. On anything sparser or thicker than fake lashes, it just makes the lashes look stubby, clumped, fake (in the bad way), and unattractive.

    Ironic though, wasn’t it touted as being one of the best back in its day?

  38. Alisha

    Don’t like lash stiletto, does nothing, use it for a “natural look”. Also, Great lash wasn’t bad but it wasn’t anything to rave about so I just don’t get it. I don’t know if anyone agrees with this but either you’re a volume girl or a length girl. You can be and like both but for me it’s all about volume so maybe that’s why I don’t like lash stiletto.

  39. MAYBELLINE LASH STILETTO! I was sent a few of these from Maybelline to review on my youtube channel, and after trying it, I was like, “…Seriously?” It’s bullshit. And not even worth reviewing. Wtf.

    • mzjoozy

      i agree with stiletto!!!!i hate it!!just wanted to try it but i threw it away after one use!!!

    • Diane

      Now see I LIKE Last Stiletto! It’s not my drugstore fave, but it is one mascara that does work for me! ♥

  40. Crissy

    I don’t like Maybelline Great Lash!!!

    The brush is so tiny. The waterproof formula isn’t waterproof. Doesn’t volumize or lengthen.

  41. kristin

    Revlon 3D extreme! Revlon isn’t known for their mascaras and this is probably why. It is the ONLY thing I have ever purchased and tossed immediately after trying it. It was so bad I didn’t even want to give it a second chance.

  42. Faith

    I tried Lash Stiletto recently and didn’t care for it. It flaked off midway through the day on me.

    Oddly, it’s the only mascara I’ve ever tried other than Great Lash, which I love! Maybe I just have the ideal lashes for it…

  43. Beck

    Revlon FabuLash – bothered the heck out of my eyes all day.

    Too Faced Lash Injection – went on clumpy, and then the clumps shed all over my face. It didn’t even stay on four hours.

    • Ashley

      Too Faced worked great for me actually, just a tad too drying and was a bitch to remove. I think it might have also flaked once the bottle started drying out, but I can’t remember. It gave me SUCH nice lashes though, similar to Maybelline Full N Soft only intensified.

      Too bad mascara can’t just magically transform on contact to work for your lashes and to give the best results. One can only dream..

  44. Vanesa


  45. maybelline great lash & xxl curl power.

  46. Kim

    Maybelline Great Lash!! I wore it in High School cause it was the only one I could afford!! I hated it then and have never worn it since! It flakes, or too wet. Always ended up looking like a raccoon by the mid day Why its the number one to this day is beyond me 😛

  47. Lacy

    Maybelline Great Lash wins the gold for this one.
    Without a doubt.

  48. Nicci

    Hmmm…I have not used a drug store brand mascara in so long. From what I can remember, possibly Maybeline Great Lash…didnt notice much of a difference. Odd, a co-worker of mine loves it! Best mascara she has ever used…she needs to get out more :)

  49. I absolutely dislike lash blash mascara!! it doesnt lengthen my lashes it doesnt volumize them. it does nothing for them exept excentuate the stubbyness of my lashes! because of the rave i thought i would really try it out and i can say with confidence this is the absolute worst mascara i have ever used. Sorry guys!

  50. Amal

    Maybelline define-a-lash. Even jeally beans are more stable than that wand.

  51. francesca

    RIMMEL Sexy Curves. The worst Ive ever tried.

  52. Nik

    Lol I used to love Great Lash… I tried it because Id always see everyone with that hotpink and lime green tube… But then when I really started to branch out I found out that YSL Faux Cils, Chanel Cils a Cils and Diors Diorshow work wonders for flimsy fringe… Too bad those items cant be found at Rite Aid for 9 bucks!!! I should start wearing Ardell fake lashes again!!! I hate Revlon mascara and I really like Rimmel!!

  53. SAN

    I hate all mascaras by Cover Girl!

  54. I understand everyone has different lashes but I hate Cover Girl Lash Blash, Lash Blast Luxe,Lash Blast Length and Revlon Double Twist. I hate to sound so negative, so I will say that there are several drugstore ones that I do like though:)

  55. Jenny

    Maybelline New York Products:The Colossal Volum’ Express

    I usually wear contacts, but dang.. I CANNOT wear this mascara when I am wearing contacts. For me, this mascara flakes like no other mascara I’ve ever used. Every time I use it, I end up with countless flakes that fall into my eyes and causes my eyes to become extremely irritated.

    I’ve given it several tries, and I just will not use this product again, let alone buy another.

  56. Ashley

    Stiletto lash mascara has to be the WORST ever…omg i was so upset that I had wasted my money on that crap. The best has to be MAC Zoomlash…LOVE IT!! HG!!

  57. Lucia

    No wonder CVS is overloaded with CG Lash Blast and Maybelline Lash Stilletto. That should give the consumer a hint because if they were both great it would fly off the shelves. Laura Mercier Building & Thickening mascara is the best better than False Lashes mascara by Prescriptives.

  58. Qwerty

    Maybelline Great Last–how can they claim that it’s America’s favorite mascara (I can’t remember the exact words, but it’s something along that line) when EVERY girl I’ve talked to hates it?

  59. Marcela

    CoverGirl Lash Blast for sure. Totally overrated, the mascara is just awful and the brush doesn’t do much either.

  60. revlon 3D mascara! it clumps like crazy!!

  61. WORST

    Rimmel Glam Lashes (or glam something. TERRIBLE. Did nothing at all. Took a zillion coats to actually look like I was wearing mascara)

    Maybelline Great Lash (They really must’ve been stuck for mascaras for a long time if this is meant to be a classic. Awful. Basically and no redeeming qualities whatsoever)

    Diorshow (Overpriced, clumpy and flake central. Proof that a big brush dosen’t equal big lashes!)

    MAC Fibre Rich (Not exactly drugstore but I had to add this one in just because it is officially the worst mascara in the world. Couldn’t even apply this one because the brush is ridiculous and it goes everywhere and all that hassle for RUBBISH lashes. Only good thing about this is the fact that I can back to mac it haha!


  62. Katey

    Wow, i have noticed it is either a love or hate for CG Lash Blast. I love that stuff. I wont use anything else.

    The worst i have EVER used was maybelline colossal mascara/ great lash. i think the brushes suck and it makes my lashes feel heavy and wierd

  63. Bunny

    Cover Girl Lash Blast (waterproof)! Goes on gloppy, and never comes off. Also flakes. It’s a nightmare. Tried using a different brush and it was a little better, but not much.

  64. Antonia

    I hate maybelline great lash…you’re all right…it’s so overrated!

    Clinique makes some great mascaras…

  65. When I was first starting to build a kit for use on other people I bought a tube of the Sally Girl mascara- I had to have gotten a bad tube, because it was completely empty! Not just dry- but empty! There had never been product in the tube at all. I never was willing to try it again. Thankfully it was only 89c so I wasn’t out much money!

    I also have never cared for Great Lash. Others on my “no thanks” list: Bad Gal and Hypnose. As far as use in my kit, I prefer Almay Triple Effect. Actually, I love that on myself, too, for when I want waterproof. When I don’t, my favorite is Avon Supershock. I refuse to pay tons for mascara because I’ll just have to spend that tons of money again in a couple months.

  66. minke

    Maybelline Great Lash. I just don’t get all the love.

  67. Montrese

    I absolutely hate Lash Stiletto…sucks!! But i do like the Rimmel Lash MAXXX…its actually the best drugstore mascara i’ve ever tried

  68. Definitely…Great Lash by Maybelline(wet, burns my eyes and the brush is way to spacy for my kinda curled lashes).

  69. Samantha

    I finally got my hands on the Telescopic explosion with the round end. HORRIBLE !!! it clumps sooo bad it seems like I have only 4 thick lashes. My HG will always be COvergirl Lash blast, I use my shu to curl and apply about 2 coats and it looks like I hava on false lashes. The only con about that is that at the end of the day it does start to flake.

  70. Donna

    Maybelline Lash Stiletto was the worst mascara ever! Did NOTHING for my lashes. Did not lengthen, all it did was separate my lashes making them look so sparse!

  71. Mattea

    CG exact eyelights!! Ugh i hate this stuff so much. it doesnt do what its supposed to do at all and it clumps like no other!!!! dont buy it.

  72. Elle

    Any Cover Girl mascara. Also Physicans Formula wasn’t very good. However I don’t have much eye lashes so I’ve been sticking with Dior and Estee Lauder (very surprised on that one)

  73. amanda

    Did anyone experience the covergirl lashblast formula irritating their eyes when trying to wash it off?? i would get black chunks of it in my eyes like nobodies business…my eyes got so irritated that they would become red, watery and swollen every night. I thought it held very well, but my eyes couldn’t take it for more than a few days…

  74. Diane

    My HG drugstore mascara is L’Oreal Telescopic. I like the Clean Definition and the Carbon Black versions. These mascaras give me noticeable length, dark black lashes, no clumping, no smearing, and doesn’t apply wet and ruin my eyeshadow or pull the curl out of my lashes. I don’t even need to rake thru my lashes with a lash comb after applying half the time. My worst drugstore mascara purchases have all been from Cover Girl and Revlon so far.

  75. Michelle

    I HATE Cover Girl Lash Blast… I got it because people were raving about it, but it made my lashes clumpy and the brush used to irritate my eyes… and it used to smudge like CRAZY… I don’t get what all the hype is with this mascara… I have fairly long lashes, but I HATE when they get all plastered together. I think some people think this makes their lashes look thick, but to me that is just clumpy… I see this on youtube reviews all the time. The person reviewing is talking about how thick it made their lashes and I can think is, eww CLUMP CITY!

    My favorites have to be Bare Essentials Buxom Lash Mascara or MAC Dazzle Lash (usually I HATE MAC mascaras, but this has kinda become my go-to lately).

  76. Lauryn

    Lash Blast. I don’t care what anyone says. i have short lashes and this stuff did NOTHING for me. ZERO. Did i expect long gorgeous lashes? Of course not, totally unrealistic. But I hoped for SOME improvment.. nada, zip, zero. PS- I hate the brush too.

    Stiletto: OMG, this stuff is CRAP.. Took FOREVER to build with and by the time i got any “result” it looked terrible. Serious crap here.

  77. make_up_maven

    Revlon Twist – wins hands down as the worst mascara on the planet. It’s horrible – really bad brush, super clumpy and virtually UNUSABLE!

  78. sarah

    i tried one of rimmel’s new mascaras and it was horrible. the brush sucked.

    covergirl’s lash exact is my favorite and i’ll never buy anything else :)

  79. Christina

    I try every mascara in the universe and hate almost all of them. Buxom Lash is the best by far.

  80. Liz

    maybelline great lash are just overrated… too thin and watery.. absolutely worthless, but i must say, i love all covergirl mascara, it works wonder for me… anyways, im using dior show right now my absolute HG

  81. Autumn

    Maybelline the Colossal mascara.

  82. I’d say any Bourjois mascara. Not sure why but all of them burn my eyeballs like acid vapors! Horrible.

  83. christiv

    Maybelline Great Lash… and they now came out with the Great Lash BIG like if its gonna make it any better.. i think the formula itself has been the problem for all of us( unless your lashes dont need any lengthing or volumizing )

  84. Jenny

    Maybelline’s Colossal Volum’

    I wear contacts often.. but I cannot wear this mascara when I am wearing contacts. For some reason, it just flakes like crazy and I have pieces of mascara falling into my eye all day. And Im sure those of you whove worn contacts before can also agree that anything in your eye (especially when wearing contacts) can cause extreme irritation.

    I really do not like this mascara. I wont purchase it again and I would not recommend it.

  85. Carolyn

    great lash is the worst, but covergirl eyelights is up there, too.

  86. great lash was really wet feeling and didn’t do anything for me. I think that’s the winner (or loser in this case) after reading all the comments.

  87. Veronica

    Worst: Covergirl Lashblast
    – doesn’t hold a curl, flakes, smudges, etc. It’s just bad.
    Best: Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Mascara!
    Maybelline has a lot of good mascaras, but I love this one! It separates lashes, giving them length and volume, and it doesn’t flake or smudge throughout the day.

  88. Catherine

    I have a few:
    Maybelline Define-A-Lash Green tube (length), the wand is so loss and unstable + the formula is extremely watery which makes the mascara really hard to control, and it gives me raccoon eyes literally just after applying. This mascara does not do one thing for me!

    Maybelline XXL something waterproof (the duo ended one that comes with a primer), this mascara does not make any sense, because it goes on clumpy, plus it is impossible to use the black mascara side to cover up the white primer, it doesn’t do anything it claims which is really funny,

    Last but not least is L’oreal Voluminous Original, I’m sorry I know this one happens to be many people’s favor, but I just don’t get all the hype. The formula is too thick and wet which give me panda eyes half an hour after applying, plus it is SOOOOO clumpy my lashes always end up looking like spiders.

    On the other hand, Great Lash is not fantastic but it’s not that bad either, maybe it just happens to work for my lashes? However the formula on this is kinda wet for it does fade under my eyes by the mid of the day.

  89. Katie

    I LOVE lash blast! Its all I use now. The worst mascara Ive used was Maybelline Great Lash. It made my lashes skinny and sharp

  90. I have to agree that great lash is the absolute worst. Sexy curves by rimmel and colossal volume by maybelline tie for second place in utter crappiness! I love lash blast, but the waterproof formula is very irritating on my sensitive eyes. Wouldn’t recommend it to contact lens wearers.

  91. Scarie

    I love MAybelline Full and Soft but it’s not available in IReland :( I hate MAybelline Great LASh, hate BEnefit Bad Gal, love MAx Factor MAsterpiece Max , it’s my HG

  92. Laura

    Revlon Double Twist….goopy, clumpy, messy. The fist time I pulled the brush out of the tube it was a complete mess. I attempted to clean the brush off and the tube became a huge mess as well. I made an effort to apply it just to see what it went on like….clumps galore!

  93. Ellie

    The new Revlon one with the wand that looks like they were ‘inspired’ by the Chanel Exceptionnel. It is the epitiome of chunky globby clumpy mascara.

  94. annabelle

    My vote for worst drugstore mascara is anything from L’Oreal — all of their mascaras make my eyes burn. I don’t have that problem with any other brand.

  95. cjb1879

    I agree with the other posters- Great Lash is the WORST! Never did anything for me. On the other hand, I LOVE Loreal’s Voluminous (especially in Carbon Black). My lashes are kind of long already, but hopelessly straight. This mascara thickens and curls them. Plus it NEVER runs on me!

  96. Elise

    Epic Fails:

    Maybelline Great Lash (regular tube)- Did nothing & clumped!
    Maybelline Stiletto – Did nothing for me
    Rimmel Glam Eyes Lash Flirt – Clump clump clump!
    Rimmel Lash Maxx – Eh. More clumping!

    A tip for those of you who try it once or twice and hate it. Save your receipt and take it back. Most drugstores will honor your dissatisfaction with a product with a refund, replacement, or exchange. Remember it is your money and you should get your money’s worth out of a product. Peace!

  97. Missy

    Worst drug store mascara is Max Factor’s volume couture it did absolutely nothing and Maybelline Great lash also suxx and does nothing.

    Best drug store mascara is Maybelline’s collasal lash, L’oreal Telescopic & Cover Girl lash blast.

  98. Remi

    Ok, I am late to this discussion, but I loved reading these comments! Some I HATE:
    L’Oreal Voluminous – omg, can’t believe I didn’t see this mentioned! This is the only mascara I ever actually returned bc I hated it so much. It got crusty and flaky on my lashes – AHH!
    Great Lash – not surprised to see a lot of hate for this. IMO it comes out looking.. kind of ok… but the main problem is with how freaking hard it is to get off (the non-waterproof version).

    I actually like some of the ones people mention on here.. I really like Rimmel’s Glam’Eyes mascara (haven’t tried the other ones). I have Revlon’s 3D Extreme now and have to say it’s kind of a pain in the butt. Requires a LOT of combing to make it look decent.

  99. My worst is definitely Lashblast Length! Ugh idk what went wrong with this, but I’m definitely sticking with the original in the orange tube.

  100. Maybelline Great Lash, that smell!! OMG! its to nasty, and it doesnt do anything to my lashes. Cant believe that this mascara got awards for best mascara