Thursday, May 5th, 2011

The Hit List

What’s the Worst Drugstore Face Primer…?

What brand/product wins this category? What makes it so terrible?

Thanks to Jenny for today’s topic!

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36 thoughts on “The Hit List: Worst Drugstore Face Primer

  1. Lisa

    Revlon!! It’s so greasy. Yuck.

    • Joey

      I love the Revlon Primer. Awesome for dry skin but you do have to massage it in a bit or it does become a bit of a disaster.

  2. Dame Elizabeth

    So sorry if this isn’t relevant to the USA…but the British brands Rimmel and Boots No. 17 both put out awful primers.

    • Belinda

      We have Rimmell and Boots in the U.S.!

      • Niki

        I will second the Rimmel prime – this primer should be banned! Enough said.

        A close second should be the Avon MagiX Face Perfector – and why this product is not among the many Avon products that is contantly being discontinued is beyond — this product is pure garbage.

      • barclee

        yes, rimmel primer sucks.
        why haven’t i thrown it out? (goes to throw it out)
        useless. unless you want your face primed orange.

    • Elizabeth

      I’ve seen both of those brands in the US, actually!

    • Renee

      ditto on boots primer, the mattifying one specifically…it SUCKS

  3. Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer is terrible. It has a thin, oily sort of consistency and doesn’t make makeup go on any smoother. Maybe it would be good for dry, older skin, but it was just terrible when I tried it. 😛

    • lo

      Yes! So gross… I wore it through a humid, swampy Florida summer, and it made my face equally humid and swampy :(

      I actually like the Rimmel primer. It’s tinted, which terrified me at first, but it blends out and actually does keep my mineral foundation from getting cakey and weird, plus keeps my face matte. Granted, my skin is naturally pretty dry. But the Revlon one is disgusting! It made my skin look slick and plasticky after only an hour, even in a/c.

      • Liz

        I thought I was the only person in the world who actually liked the Rimmel primer! I use it for mineral foundation, too, and find it helps it “stick” without… getting cakey and weird. Exactly. (And the color is terrifying, especially since I’m the palest person ever, but it really doesn’t make my face orange, and I find that blended in, it actually brightens my complexion).

    • Teri

      What do you mean older skin?

  4. I actually don’t like L’Oreal’s new Studio Secrets Primer. Its way to thick, feels like spackle on my face, and makes me break out, and its pricey for a drugstore product at almost $14. I had much better luck with Revlons clear gel primer.

    • Dana

      Ditto, I hate how this feels on my face, it made me break out too. And it’s pricey for a drug store product.

    • Kim

      Same here. This is the first product I’ve ever used that caused an allergic reaction.

    • shelly

      Even pricier when you consider you get only 1/2 oz. of product for the L’Oreal one. (Works out to $28/oz. for you.)

    • Mindy

      I hate the l’oreal primer too. It felt horrible and did nothing for me. Such a waste using it only once!

  5. Em

    Boots No.7 matte primer (UK!). you literally can’t put anything over it because it just looks caked on – even the sheerest tinted moisturisers!

  6. Jill

    Rimmel Fix&Perfect – made me break out and didn’t even do anything!

  7. Britney

    Hard Candy’s “Sheer Envy” Purple one is soooooo gross, oily and thick. I absolutely hate it.

    • You know what’s sad? ALL of the Hard Candy primers are awful. They are slick and separate in the tube. Terrible, terrible product.

      • I haven’t had any luck with the ‘new’ Hard Candy. Sure, the packaging is cute, and it’s nice that they made it more widely available, but the quality is not good at all in my opinion.

        • Teri

          I disagree. The eye shadow duo’s are just fine. No creasing & great color payoff. Other products from hem, I don’t know but the shadows are fine.

    • Jessica Kayla

      i threw mine away, and i never do that.
      i’ll usually give things away to my mom, cousins or best friend to see if they like it.
      i dont have oily skin, whatsoever…and my foundation had just slid off my face.
      its terrible, and does not smell good at all.

  8. Alex T

    L’Oreal Studio Secrets is dreadful. Goes really ‘bitty’ on my face and is too thick.

  9. Christel

    L’oreal studio secrets primer- so disappointing and a waste of money. Just didn’t work for me at all, I have combination skin and it made me feel extremely greasy and spotty.

  10. Sue

    Hard Candy! Just ewww!

  11. Becky

    L’Oreal Studio Secrets primer, without a doubt.

    For almost £15 I think it’s way out-priced for a drugstore brand. It made my foundation look awful, the primer never ‘set’ so it just sat on the surface of my skin and subsequently my foundation simply slid off my face! I don’t have particularly oily skin so I was unimpressed that my foundation lasted less time with the primer than without. It caused my foundation to sort of ‘separate’ on my skin. Gross. It’s a shame because when I tested it in store on my hand it felt beautifully smooth.
    I now use MAC Pro Longwear Foundation and don’t need a primer, but if I ever do need one, it won’t be L’Oreal’s, that’s for sure!

  12. I didn’t like Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind Primer Skin Transformer very much. If you have dry or normal skin, it will work well but my skin is combo/oily and it made me feel a little more greasy than usual.

  13. Niki

    Rimmel Fix and Perfect Foundation Primer. I love the texture of it but it made me so orange.

    I guess I’m a minority here on loving Revlon’s Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer.

  14. meme

    All of them I ever wasted $ trying. I now only use eye lid primer and skip the face primers. I have a system that leaves me with lasting foundation, even coloring all day without a primer so why bother?

  15. karen

    hard candy it was a great product at the first but now turned my face into oily and smell suck after using on my face for like a hour! I brought the back up now don’t really know what to do with it!

  16. lisaaaah

    Revlon’s is a terrible face primer… But AWESOME eyeshadow primer!! Holds all day and does not crease, and even holds urban decay glitter shadows better than primer potion! Zero fallout!

  17. Katie

    Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer! I read SUCH good reviews about it, but it makes my face an oily mess, and all my makeup just seperates and slides off. UGH. I’m on the hunt for a cheaper primer that works awesome, because the Smashbox one I was using is too pricey!