Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

The Hit List

Worst Concealer? What product wins this category?

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42 thoughts on “The Hit List: Worst Concealer

  1. My boyfriend is taking me shoppin on thursday for my valentines day gifts…. I’m super excited :)

  2. rowan

    rimmel hide the blemish…oh the bad memories

  3. Anitacska

    I have an Avon concealer that doesn’t really conceal anything much. :)

  4. Claudia M.

    Lorac, tiny, tiny, tinyyyyy little thing for $16. and it turned grey on me. what the hell is that about? it was so pretty in the packaging, heavy on the yellow for my yellow-based skin, but for some reason, it turns freaking grey!!!!

  5. Right now I am kinda hating Benefit’s BOING concealer. Literally 30 seconds after I apply it, it has settled into every fine line under my eyes and keeps on doing it even after I smooth it out. Grrrrrrr.

    • Jacqueline

      I HATE Benefits Boing, I got it as a part of a giftset and its SHOCKING, never use it other than to mess about with.

      • Jenny

        Oh gosh, I have to agree with this one. Benefit’s boing was horrible! I kept trying to make it work, but I gave up after 2 weeks of owning it.

  6. CeeBee

    I remember using a Maybelleine Cover Stick concealer once when I was a teenager – it looked OK in the mirror but then I saw a photo someone had taken of me and it looked like I had randomly swatted my face with white chalk! It looked so bad!

  7. Kathleen

    Anything from Benefit sucks, Bare Escentuals sucks too…thank goodness that I found my favorite concealer after two try’s… 😀

  8. Joanna

    Vincent Longo’s concealer in a small compact. Sorry, Forgot the name!

  9. Samantha

    The worst concealer I ever used was Sheercover’s, it was too dry and would literally flake off on my face, it was the weirdest thing!

  10. Samira Jeimy

    Lancome’s photogenic – did not cover a thing for me :(

  11. Kat

    Rimmel hide the blemish – horrid, horrid stuff. Drying, cakey, grainy, grayish…

  12. L’Oreal Infallible Concealer- it gave me a rash and the texture was terrible- too hard. I like a concealer that is smoother and blendable (and doesn’t give me a rash!).

  13. mopan

    I’ve been using Clinique’s line smoothing concealer, and it’s been working great for my undereye circles.

    • mopan

      forgot to add what i thought was bad! maybelline cover stick .. i had one of those a million years ago too. texture and cover no good.

  14. Leah

    ELF’s liquid concealer was orange, runny, sheer, and had no staying power. At least it was a cheapie.

  15. Shealyn

    covergirl trueblend in 1 (light) is horrendous. this one is the right shade for me (light and neutral enough) but it’s chalky, doesn’t blend, settles into every little fine line that i never knew i had. (i’m only 19!)

  16. IZzySA

    oh oh.. I have to say I agree with all the above comments as they are relatively inexpensive products for such a delicate area. But, I personally dislike MAC’s concealer (studio). It is too dry for my old under eye skin and cracks.. eww. I am now trying the studio sculpt — so far so good. But, I do love the Bobbi Brown concealers, and the Estee Lauder for old ladies which was discontinued:D

  17. Renata

    MAC’s studio finish concealer.
    I don’t like the texture, it’s very dry and doesn’t stay under my eyes. It settles into every little crack you wouldn’t even see when I’m not wearing concealer. It also fades away quickly.
    I will try Studio Sculpt next.

  18. Chelsey

    Maybelline Coverstick Concealer. Ick! Terrible consistency, fades away easily and doesn’t cover as well as my others.

  19. Michele

    I’d have to say Benefit’s Erase Paste for undereye cirlces…it didn’t last at all

    • AbbyL

      yep, i agree! the color looked awful on me and the texture made it super hard to apply. basically gave me orange wrinkles under my eyes… hot!

    • Natalie

      I totally agree too!!! This would disappear on me right after I applied it!

  20. Melissa

    I don’t have a concealer that I don’t like but for people that need a good one, I use Diorskin for under the eyes. Its a little pricy but it works good. I also like the new bobbi brown concealer stick, that works good and you can use it on your face and under the eyes.

    • Anitacska

      YSL Radiant Touch is fantastic as well. There’s also a cheap one by Collection 2000 (in the UK) that works very well too. Nice and creamy and hides dark circles and spots very well. :)

  21. I would have to say Maybelline’s Liquid concealer. I’m not sure the name for it but it doesn’t cover well and on top of that it feels quite oily after applying.

  22. Diana

    Mac’s concealers -BAD- YSL Radiant Touche -GOOD

  23. carriespooner

    Covergirl has one that’s in a tube with a doe foot wand. It was ridiculous. How unsanitary is that mess.

    I also second Boing and that Maybelline craptastastic concealer.
    High school memories..Yep!

    • Oh no! I use that concealer…I never thought about the unsanitariness (is that a word? lol) I will have to find something else…It doesn’t work anyway…gross :(

  24. Cass

    Loreal Infallible has an awful texture and it impossible to blend. The stuff is hard as a rock.

  25. Stephanie

    wasn’t necesssarily bad, just a bad shade for me, it was wayy to orange for me

  26. Bunny

    Maybeline stick concealer & Estee Lauder lucidity. My skin hasnt been the same since. UGH

  27. Sarah

    Funnily enough Benefit’s Boiing (and E. Arden’s flawless finish) concealors are my HG concealors. I’ve tried everything on the market.
    I can’t remember the last worst one I tried… I think it was max factor’s and 17’s (uk brand) stick concealors, almost made me cry, both were horrendous on me.

  28. Sarah

    Rimmel’s hide the blemish isn’t so bad, but soon as I turned about 23 and started gettign crinkly around the eyes, it turned nasty, would settle into the lines.

  29. Virginia

    moisture mist green stick, what a catastrophe!

  30. This crappy drugstore brand, this was when I started makeup. It was orange, and showed my fine lines, also to top that off, it broke.

  31. Maybelline Age Rewind is SHOCKING. Too sheer and runny to actually conceal anything but plenty cakey enough to settle in and accentuate my fine lines. HORRIBLE.

  32. cristina

    Benefit Boing, got the light shade but it’s still too dark. Difficult to blend. I hate to throw $ away :(

  33. Sarah

    Bit late on the uptake with this one… but I once used maybelline green concealer, worked like a charm until I went out to a club that night, got caught under a uv light, and each on my blemishes were shining blue. Not my best moment.