Thursday, December 10th, 2009

The Hit List

What’s the Worst Cheek Highlighter…?

What brand/product wins this category? Any particular reason it wins?

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34 thoughts on “The Hit List: Worst Cheek Highlighter

  1. Alexis

    Sorry if I piss off anyone but my vote is still Benefit’s Benetint. I feel that this doesn’t do anything if you have a darker skin tone like me (NC42).

    • Sarah M

      Alexis: Did you mean Benefit High Beam??? I’m an NC42 in MAC foundations too and I really hate this product on me. :-( It’s a shame because I love using it on my clients who have lighter skin. It looks fabulous on them.

      • Alexis

        No I was referring to the classic berry lip/cheek tint that everyone else (in editorials) seems to love Benetint. I think I tried High Beam once and it didn’t look too bad on me – surprisingly!

      • Vivian

        the only reason there was confusion is cause this is a post for worse highlighter, not stain

        • Alexis

          oh sorry about that – then my vote would be Orgasm Multiples stick

          that also doesn’t show up well on my skin tone!

    • ha! it doesn’t do anything if you have light/medium skin like me either. NW20
      it’s worthless.

  2. I actually don’t care for MAC’s Emphasize. I find that it’s far too light with very little pigmentation and doesn’t build at all (too sheer). All it does it add the slightest bit of sheen to the skin. I’ll usually go for a white, shimmery eyeshadow or cream-shadow (personal favorite) instead.

  3. sandra

    Most very cheap highlighter…. they are always complete over “glittered” in my opinion.

  4. Nicole

    Hopefully no one says the NARS Hungry Heart duo, because I just bought it online last night. LOL. I did swatch it a few months back, and it seemed lovely.

    • I really like that one! :) I swatched it a while back and thought it was nothing special, but then I ended up buying it and I love it! It blends out my blush whenever I apply it too high 😀

    • yvette

      i bought that thinking it was more of a blush, not a highlighter. if i wanted it for that purpose it would have been good, but i returned it because there wasn’t enough pigment for me. pretty, and very shimmery, but very nude.

    • Torie

      I have really been wanting that one. That’s what I have been wishing for on the #sephoraclaus thing on twitter. I’m currently using TheBalm brand one(I can’t remember the name), it’s a champagne shimmery one. I do like it alot so I don’t know why I’m wanting the other one too. Just greedy I guess. But I don’t think I’ve tried any that I absolutely hate.

  5. Jennifer

    Not sure if I know a bad one…Haven’t tried many…

    OT: I found a almost exact dupe for Benefit’s Silky finish lipstick in “Good to go.” Mac’s “Cream in your coffee” or is it “Cream in my coffee” other way it is seriously the same color. Mac’s goes on a bit more opaque, and a tad more brown, but seriously same color.


  6. angie

    Stila all over shimmer powder -don’t know if they still make it, but it was a pink glittery mess…not what you want to subtly draw attention to your cheekbones, brow bones, etc…

  7. Siledhel

    Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Candlelight Powder: Luminizer

    When they say Invisible they actually mean it. The girl from sephora told me it was supposed to do the same as Benetint but that it was easier to use. Well, I don’t know about Benetint but she was lying when she said that that thing was Amazing
    I’m still testing it, I’m still hoping that maybe I’m not applying it right… or… something. That it’s faaar from amazing. At least for me

    • Jessie

      I have this and I use a stipled brush to apply it. Or a BE flawless face brush. It works just fine! :]

    • shontay

      Oh no, I had to return the same Too Faced product. I had to have my nose touch the mirror in order for me to see the product on my face. It’s like invisible setting powder. Useless.

    • Trisha Mae

      I’ll have to agree, this product seems like it does nothing! I swatched it in store & found that it comes off very invisible. I really wanted to like it, the packaging is so cute!

      & To add, I’m not too sure if I’m all too crazy about MAC’s pressed iridescent powder in Belightful. I don’t really like my highlighters chunky! I’d rather stick to MSFs or Hush Cream Color Base!♥

      • I tried Belightful and thought it was be-dumb. Kept working with it for about a week before I returned it. If I’m using a powder highlighter (which I don’t prefer) I actually quite like MAC’s loose Beauty Powder in Paper White (I think it’s a Beauty Powder…). It’s a Pro product that’s being phased out though.

        • Evelyn

          ha! “be-dumb” had me rolling! Seriously, though, I can’t stand this product either. I might not be using it properly, but for me it is way too glittery to be a decent highlight.

  8. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks, especially the newer ones, they are SO shimmery, you’d really have to go lightly on them or else you end up looking like a disco-ball. And then you’d wonder if you’d ever hit pan on them =(

    • Theresa

      TOTALLY agree!

    • dancepig

      Oh yes, I agree on the Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks, as a highlighter, they are far too sparkly for me. I have taken to using them as eye shadows, just so I feel as though I’m getting something back for what I spent.

  9. Luisafer

    have no idea LOL!!!

  10. Nene

    MAC Silver Aura! I don’t like it bc it’s loose powder and end up making a huge mess.

  11. Chess

    Benefit Georgia! I seriously don’t understand the point of this product. I’m pale pale pale, and it doesn’t even show up on me! No shimmer, no colour, no glow. Ridic.

    • i knowwwwwwwwwwwwww…….goshh waste of $40 CDN for me, doesn’t do anything I try to convince myself it does…but NOPE. I now use a kabuki and use it as all over to buff out my blush and stuff..or if I overdue blush/or something else I buff it using this waste of money product

  12. alice

    Given the hype and price, I vote for BB Shimmerbricks. There’s nothing beautiful or special about them. Just an overly sparkly, visible mess that looks horrible in day light. Off the top of my head, there are so many highlighters that are cheaper and prettier.

  13. Theresa

    When I was looking for a cheek highlighter recently, this MA at MAC (not the usual fave MA that I go too) suggested I try MAC’s blusher in Honour. It looked fine then. Possibly under the warm bright lights at the departmental store. And so I caved in and bought it. HUGE MISTAKE! When i apply it at home before stepping out, I don’t see any difference. No highlights whatsoever. So so invisible. For reference, I’m a NC42.

  14. Rachel

    MAC Lightscapade MSF. Everyone loved it, but I found the formula to be really cheap. It was like chalk. MAC has improved their MSFs significantly within the last couple of years. Perfect Topping, for example, is a really good highlighter (especially for pink blushes).

  15. Coco

    Wow! This has made me think twice about buying a shimmer brick from Bobbi Brown. They looked so pretty but since I am short for cash I think I’ll wait. Thanks for the helpful insight guys!


  16. I got one from Yves Rocher about 10 years ago that was basically a nude powder with gold glitter in it. It was so useless as a highlighter. I had lots of gold glitter everywhere when I used it. It was good for my decolette when going out on a Saturday night. It was just not a daily use highlighter!

  17. Erin

    I loathe a lot of MAC’s MSFs for cheek highlighting. I love my super-smooth Sugarsweet MSFs (Refined & Perfect Topping), but all other ones I’ve had (like Petticoat) are total crap–overly shimmery. I don’t want to look like a 13-year-old Backstreet Boy groupie, kthx.