Thursday, November 18th, 2010

The Hit List

What’s the Worst Brush for Liquid Foundation…?

What brand/product wins this category? Any particular reason it wins?

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48 thoughts on “The Hit List: Worst Brush for Liquid Foundation

  1. ivy

    Sonia Kushak flat top blender. The bristles clump together very quickly leading to a streaky application.

    • Andrea

      (Gasp!) I love my SK flat top blender. You just have to wash it often.

    • ann

      i love the sk flat top blender too. i do agree you have to wash it really good. i use revlon colorstay and it does build up. i used to have same problem as you until i started using olive oil to get all the product out first and then using baby shampoo afterwards. it takes a little bit of time to get it really clean but in the end all worth it

  2. Shannon

    Benefit Foundation Brush hands down. Horrible bristles and impossible to clean!

    • Fourthin…Fourthed…Four..oh well, lol!

      I agree, I had to stop using the 109 for liquid foundation ’cause I was afraid it’d loose all the bristles. All of them were on my face, all over the counter, the sink…no no no. MAC says it was designed for powder product, but even then, it shed –in smaller amounts– but it does. It’s sad, I do love the finish it provides =(

  3. Vilde

    The MAC 109 brush, because it sheds like crazy and leaves you with a non flattering mustache of black hairs that are cemented to your face by means of foundation.

    • Mallory

      Seconding. The only reason I still use it is because it’s the only blending brush have that doesn’t make my foundation look streaky. I’m constantly picking off shedding hairs!

      • Evelyn

        It’s great for blending but mine has a shedding problem too, and I’ve washed it bunches of times already
        Your foundation will look great but at the price of hairs stuck all over ur face :/

  4. Andrea

    Any duo fibre, like the Mac 187. I find it streaky and even after stippling it still requires additional blending.

  5. Lea

    Any kind of duo-fibre brush. It takes forever and I don’t get that “air-brushed” finish everyone talks about. I just use a flat synthetic foundation brush or my fingers when I’m lazy. I also have a few round synthetic powder brushes that I use and that works well, maybe because they are super tightly packed with bristles.

    • nikki c.

      I apply foundation with my fingers and then to blend it out for an even airbrushed look, I spritz fix+ on my 187 and blend/buff the foundation to make it more natural looking
      it’s a bit time consuming but works well for me:)

    • Louise

      I feel like “airbrushed” is just a synonym for caked on, coz that’s what I get when I use 187 (and I don’t use a lot of foundation by any means)

  6. allie

    I HATE the MAC 190. I like an airbrush look and I feel the 190 doesn’t do it for me. I use the 187!

  7. Chloevien

    109 is actually a wonderful brush for foundation, but after I use it, it leaves hairs everywhere on my face *lol*

  8. K.Jai

    131 brush it’s just TERRIBLE

  9. Liliane

    Esprit Foundation Brush, I don’t even know if they make it anymore, but it’s just soaking up product and the application is incredibly streaky.

  10. Ani_BEE

    A lot of flat rounded end foundation brushes is the hair are to wide and too firm.

  11. I don’t know what they call it now since the numbering system was changed, but I proudly nominate the Sigma SS190 foundation brush as the WORST. It’s so scratchy that I can’t bare to use it! My Clinique foundation brush is just the 190 but no scratchiness at all. I love it!

  12. I had a terrible experience with the Benefit foundation brush. The bristles were too slick and left streaks across my face. I used the same Face/Body MAC foundation with my MAC foundation brush and had no issues. Same when I used both brushes with CARGO’s foundation. I wasn’t really pleased with the overall quality of the Benefit brush, it became unglued (yikes) within a month of using it. I glued it back together and used it for cream blushes, a bit of a waste.

  13. It’s depends on the liquid foundation…I cannot use my MAC 109 with Pro Long wear, but it goes on great with Studio Fix Fluid. I have to use a sponge or my 190 to apply my Pro Longwear. I use my 188 with SFF as well. I’m still looking for better foundation brushes as always.

  14. Indah

    Hard to say but MAC 187, it makes it so hard to blend and I need to use a lot of foundation to cover my face, more than using fingers, sponge or traditional foundation brush!

  15. Wendy R.

    I think foundation brushes in general because most of the time they leave streaks . You have to really buff it out!

  16. Carol

    MAC’s 109. Mine doesn´t really shed, but the bristles hurt my skin, they’re so harsh in comparison to other brushes with the same shape, like sephora’s professional 45 brush

  17. sigma ex-ss187. really don’t like it: i prefer Sephora platinum #44 instead, softer and, most of all, black dye doesn’t fade (and it doesn’t dye white hairs).

  18. Julie

    I use the Quo cream blush brush, because the lady told me it was ok, but it feels like it leaves way to much product on my face… or maybe I put too much on the brush…?

  19. I have to disagree with most of you. I like the 190 brush for applying foundation (cream or liquid) and blend using the187. I love the 187 for liquid. I can’t put on foundation without using it. I think it’s unreasonable to expect one foundation brush to do the job of applying and blending. I’ve always used separate brushes for both.

    • That’s exactly what I do. I use the 190 on my face. Then I take the leftover foundation and use the 187 on my neck and then I blend it upward and blend out my face. I think it’s actually the perfect combo.

  20. Katharine

    I think someone else said this – but it depends which foundation I’m using. I have a 187 and I love it for Studio Fix Fluid, but can’t get it to work with Select Fluid.

    For all of the people that hate the 187 brush, I have to ask, how are you using it? I find I get the best results if I spritz some water on the brush. Also it really helps if you warm up the foundation a bit before you apply it. I usually put 1 pump of fix fluid on the back of my hand and let it warm up while I apply my primer. I find it applies better after it has warmed up a bit – just applies and spreads more evenly and is easier to buff out.

  21. Armani is horrible! I paid $45 for that brush a few years ago. I thought it terribly expensive but got talked into it. It just streaks like crazy. No matter how little or how much I use, I still get streaks. I’m back to using my fingers.

    ttfn :) Yuki

  22. Emily

    The Sonia Kashuk foundation brush! It leaves my foundation so streaky and gross!

  23. allisee

    crown, it is flimsy and streaky!

  24. The MAC 190. SO STREAKY! Ewww

  25. Ayr

    Mac 239. Ha,ha. Imagine applying foundation with that thing.

  26. JEN

    Bare Escentuals/Minerals brushes! Shed like crazy and then becomes dry and brittle.