Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

The Hit List

Worst Brush Brand…

What brand/product wins this category? Any particular reason it wins?

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56 thoughts on “The Hit List: Worst Brush Brand

  1. Noemie

    Posh. In Toronto, you can buy them at Rexall. The ferrule always falls off and is never glued on properly. The actual hair part of the brush is not bad…just not held together that well.

    • Bridgette

      I second on that. Posh brushes are just terrible. They shed too much and it doesnt feel glued properly. The only thing I like about that brush is the hairs which are soft but they shed. Other then that I hate Posh and I will never buy any of their brushes ever again!

  2. ELF–they are good if you like hairs all over your face!

  3. Ruby & Millie. They cost about £12-20 each, are scratchy and shed everywhere.

  4. Avery

    bare escentuals. not only are they expensive, but most of them (some of them are decent) are awfully scratchy

    • raquel

      I second this one. Tried washing my BE kabuki brush and it was a disaster. I had to through the brush out because it became this horrible hard peace of something.

    • Diabla

      I once checked them at Sephora and found them so scratchy indeed that I didn’t buy any!

    • Nicole15

      I have to agree. If they were on the less expensive end then they may have a better rep for an affordable brush, but since they are in the mid range, you would expect better quality for your money.

    • Rada

      I totally agree with you! I hated them (except the concealer brush) – I tried to give them away to my family or my friends but they all declined the offer saying they were scratchy! They ended up in the garbage…!

    • Margarett

      I hate everything Bare Escentuals. I am not sure if the makeup made my skin crack and peel or the kabuki brush they tell you to sandpaper your face with that did it but they suck!

  5. Ziya

    Prestige.. Their kabuki was sooo rough and shed like crazy!

  6. mlou

    Sephora Platinum. Seem soft at first, but even a couple yrs wear w/good care/cleansing, get quite rough.

  7. lesleykat

    coastal scents big brushes are terrible. the smaller/eye brushes are okay. none of their brushes are really good.

    • Diabla

      Indeed, I bought a bronzer brush from them: AWFUL. It sheds horribly and is definitely not usable. On the other hand, I bought a eye brush at coastal scents that I really like. It’s all or nothing with them, they’re not constant in quality.

    • Carol

      Coastal scents brushes shed like crazy and they smell like a skunk.
      YUCK!!!! I don’t care HOW cheap they are, you get what you pay for.

    • Nunu

      I so agree!they don’t feel rough on your hand, but on your face it’s so scratchy!
      I adore their fluffy blending brush though, the best blending brush I’ve ever had!

  8. Anitacska

    Boots’ own brushes. Also Superdrug’s own eyeshadow brushes, although I like their powder and blush brushes.

  9. alana

    i second ruby and millie, i got a slant liner brush, that is actually alright, but an eyeshadow brush that hurts to use, and a foundation brush that no matter how many times i deep clean it feels greasy and leaves streaks all over my face, their lip brush just leaves hairs on my lips.. not a good look. they have a blush brush that is very soft, but way too small! i use it to blend my crease!

  10. Leah

    Bare escentuals since they are so stratchy and I hate short handled brushes (except kabuki brushes).

  11. Nene

    Coastal scents… I will never buy their brushes again!

  12. Darrien

    SpaResource you can buy them at Wal-Mart and Target they are the wost brushes ever. The bristles fall out and are so rough. Its best just to invest in some good brushes like MAC.

    • Noemie

      Yes! SpaResource is just so damn terrible. I’ve stopped using their brushes…and started using Eco Tools (which are nice and soft, btw).

  13. purple

    coastal scents, I hate their brushes!

  14. kate

    umm..kirkland from costco!!!!after a while of using them youre only left with the handle… sheds too much

  15. Erica

    I second the votes for Bare Essentials! Their face brushes are scratch-city. And most of the eye brushes are not stiff enough to hold the color – you either have to use the color wet or apply with a denser brush.
    And the Sephora Brand brushes are very hit or miss – and very overpriced.

  16. Although I love it, my MAC 226 is a little scratchy :(

    • Daphnee

      You’re right about the 226!

    • Erica

      I agree with the 226 being alittle scratchy! Disappointed as I waited a long time for it. : (

    • Cherie

      Oh no! How long have you had it for???

      I’ve had my 226 for a month or two and it’s great.

    • Debbie

      i’m glad i’m not the only one who thought the 226 was scratchy…it seems that there were only raves for the brush. the bristles irritated my eyelid so much, i had to returned it…and the sales associates had a disapproving look on their face because i was returning a “highly sought after brush”…but whatever, scratchy brushes are a definite no-go for me!

  17. i once tried Wet n Wild kabuki brush….man, it was like broom!!!

  18. Carol

    Bare Escentual brushes are soooo scratchy and stiff. Lousy brushes.

    • cmferrets

      yes, i totally agree with u too, the BE brushes are very scratchy and i think they smell bad too. and u know what , the thing is , they always give u their brushes in their sets. its like ….. “hello, enough with the brushes, we have enough” . they should not include the brushes and lower ther prices on their makeup sets.

  19. Madeleine

    Some of Coastal Scents brushes aren’t that good. Those Badger brushes are nice to use at first but after a while and cleaning and washing them, they become so prickly that it hurts your skin when you use it. I guess that’s what you get for paying at a lower cost.

  20. Madeleine

    Even Ingot brushes are wayyy better than CS’s brushes. We’ve got Inglot here in Australia and they are super soft!

  21. Crissy

    The MAC brushes that come in sets…meaning not the permanent long handled ones :(

    • Kristina

      I completely agree! I regret buying them – it gives me the impression that the long handled ones would be just as scratchy/weird as the short handled ones! They’re so different from each other! “/

      • Lily

        The SE brushes aren’t handmade, so the quality isn’t as good.

        I got the darker brush bag from GG, and all the brushes were beautiful, except for the 165SE, which I have the full size of. It didn’t even feel like the same brush! So don’t let the SE editions fool you. Sometimes they’re just as good, other times there’s no comparison. It’s probably best to just go instore and feel them, rather than order them online.

    • Cherie

      I have purchased two MAC SE brush sets at the Bay over the years and most of them have been great. I also like the smaller handles.

      The only one I will complain about is the 219 which after 2 yrs is now so pointy and rough I can hardly stand to use it. Now I’m afraid my 239 is going the same way. Perhaps it’s overuse?? lol

      Oh and the 187SE sheds a lot…. does the full size do the same???

      • Christy

        I got a MAC SE set several years ago that was great. When I got the 129SH, it was exactly the same as the 129SE that came in my set. Newer SE sets haven’t been as nice. I opted against buying the ones from GG, they didn’t feel as good.

  22. Megan

    I don’t have a worst brand but I will say the my Sigma SS150 is a bit rough as well as my Mac 129

  23. I agree about the Posh brushes. They are soft but the ferrule feels like it is going to fall off all the time. They need to invest in some hot glue or something. Coastal Scents is also hit or miss… and as for Costco’s Kirkland brand- I still use most of those brushes after a couple years of use. The bigger powder brush is crap though.

  24. Erin

    Hands down, Bare Escentuals. Absolutely horriblly scratchy!

  25. Chris

    Really? I actually like the Posh brushes. I have the white angle blush brush and it never sheds when I use it. And they are very soft brushes. I recently purchased the Sigma Professional Brush kit and although I like the eye brushes, the blush brush, and the SS150 (very soft) I’m not too crazy about the SS187. It seems really flimsy to me, and sheds quite frequently. I also bought a kit from Coastal Scents when they were on sale, just to try them out, one of the eyeshadow brushes I have is very good and I use it almost everyday. But the two face brushes that came in the kit are so cheap looking and they are so rough!

  26. Sushi Flower

    NYC brushes are the worst I’ve tried so far. I bought their brush kit because it was small and came in a carrying case, perfect for traveling. The 2 eye shadow brushes make all my eyeshadows go on super sheer, the eyeliner brush is too skimpy and flimsy, and the blush brush doesn’t blend very well.

  27. Tamyra

    I have two Dior bronzer brushes & they constantly shed! I don’t even use them because its so annoying!

  28. Justine

    Posh brushes are really not that bad.

    Coastal scents are by far the worst, all the youtube guru overhyped them, everyone went out and ordered them and now we are all throwing them out. they smell like head animals, even after washing them over and over.

  29. ANY brushes off ebay! MAC ones, Bobbi Brown ones..99% of them are fake (trust me..I was stupid enough to buy LOADS years ago before investing in a few of the real thing- which was when I realised Id been had in a big way and it was too late to demand a refund)

    ..they shed, they scratch…theyre rubbish at blending… and over priced considering that 24 piece sets are purchased for as little as £5 when bought in bulk from abroad, and then sold individually for and average price of £8-£12 each ( roughly, once bidding ends) see…Ive done my research haha! stay away from these at all costs

    I agree that the MAC 226 is scratchy, but every other brush is awesome. Coastal Scents are cheap and cheerful- they do a couple of gems- like the slanted eyeliner brush..but also have some rubbish the kabuki..its not as soft as it should be and smaller than expected.