Thursday, June 17th, 2010

The Hit List

What’s the Most Pigmented Eyeshadow…?

What brand/product wins this category? Any particular reason it wins?

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72 thoughts on “The Hit List: Most Pigmented Eyeshadow

  1. Avatar of Michelle Michou

    MAC and Urban Decay have the most pigemented eyeshadows I’ve seen. MAC has it both standard pan shadows and pigments, as does UD, and some of them are so opaque I can’t even see my skin through the color when swatching. Colors like Electric Eel, Humid and even their base colors are just so rich! UD makes EXCELLENTLY high pigmented sparkly shades as well. :)

    • sharon

      Check out these two sellers “mybeautyaddiction” and “concrete minerals” on These sellers make eyeshadows that are the equivalent of urban in quality (in my opinion). (And I still swear by UD sometimes.) But get this…They are all mineral eyeshadows with the same vibrancy!

      Since I am going organic in everything, that’s how I came across these sellers and their product. Check it out!

  2. Pam

    Hmmm.. i think anything that’s like Frost, Satin or Veluxe Pearl finish… definitely not lustres… LOL. My favourite would be MAC Satin Taupe!

  3. Just so you know, I do NOT own many eye shadows – but if you want a cheap, really pigmented pink loose eye shadow (shimmery), try out Viva La Diva Hot In The City.
    The other colors are also pigmented, but I only own three, and this one’s the most pigmented

  4. Julia

    its woodwinked by MAC :D

  5. Michelle

    I’ve never run across a MUFE e/s that doesn’t have good payoff.

  6. sophie

    urban decay deluxe eyeshadows

  7. Tiffany

    I would say MUFE or Sugarpill

  8. MAC! of course. I love it because it can go on very pigmented or very sheer.

  9. Avatar of Quennie Quennie

    I won a beauty package from Sephora two winters ago and in it was this palette. All it said on the back was DUSK. I’ve never heard of this, so I’m assuming that that’s the brand name. I actually love it and it’s the most pigmented eyeshadow that I have.

  10. Silk

    Inglot cosmetics has the most pigmented eyeshadows to me. I have been pairing them with MAC and they over power MAC hands down.

  11. Kelly

    I’d say Urban Decay. Their eyeshadows always have such rich pigment.

  12. Diana B

    I’m no expert at this but I can say that I love Mac eyeshadows and the price is so reasonable compared to others

  13. Avatar of Schara Thincspot

    ALmost anything by NARS, Veluxe Pearls by MAC, Hourglass and Kat Von D.

  14. A lot of my Fyrinnae, Aromaleigh, Morgana, Evil Shades, Hi-Fi and Sugarpill are very pigmented. Love them!

  15. Claire

    For me, Art Deco eyeshadows are extremely pigmented. They have awesome staying power and are super vibrant. There are many eyeshadows like this though so its hard to say. I also like Urban Decay, Dior, etc.

  16. Nazia

    Suqqu, undoubtedly! I barely touch my brush to a green Suqqu single I have and it gives me so much colour, it’s unbelievable! They are expensive though.

  17. jen

    Makeup forever for sure and mac pigments

  18. Hi,

    I feel MAC’s Humid and Club are the most pigmented eyeshadows….they go like crazy on eyes and look amazing just in one swipe..

  19. Yumika

    I think Urban Decay eyeshadows in general are super super pigmented! I’ve not found one of their shadows that doesn’t come up vibrant on one swatch :)

  20. Diana

    I’ve never had to wet my brush with chantecaille eyeshadows.

  21. Kim

    MAC eyeshadow wins!!! The veluxe pearl ones especially, like Woodwinked :)

  22. Sarah M

    Yaby pearl paint eye shadows. They are powders that feel so buttery and soft and are so so so pigmented. Basically, they are awesome!!! :-)

  23. Stephanie

    I think MAC is hit or miss. LORAC is great (from what I’ve tried) and of course the Beauties Factory 120 palatte! It’s probably the most pigmented eyeshadow I own.

    • Tawny

      AGREE with you on the LORAC. THeir shadows have great great quality, it’s just that they have a TINY color range. LOve Lorac, though.
      URban Decay, MAC velux pearls & SUGARPILL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. melanie

    Urban decay or nars i would say!

  25. to me, MAC Haux is a really pigmented eyeshadow — it’s a dusty mauve that i always seem to add too much of even though i only put a smidgen on my brush.

  26. Amy

    ben nyes are pretty rich! i have the hot pink one, and it stains my skin haha!

  27. Haley

    painkiller by urban decay!

  28. Kajsa

    Urban decay Painkiller! That blue sucker is so damn pigmented it stains my eyelids while it’s at it :D

  29. I’d have to say Aromaleigh or Fyrinnae or Meow Cosmetics. I’m not a fan of sheer eyeshadows and when I want true colour, how it looks in the pot, I turn to these 3 brands. It sucks to spend a ton of money to get a bright green and it ends up looking sheer (I’m looking at you MAC Tempting quad!)
    That and being loose shadows makes them so much easier to work with.

  30. tifaLockheart

    urban decay- “peace” MUFE- “92 purple” loreal hip duo “gilded”(the gold side) :)

  31. I’d say MAC Satin Taupe!

  32. Ema

    MAC Amber Lights

  33. Violet

    Overall, I find Urban Decay eyeshadows to be most pigmented… although eyeshadows overall seem pretty hit or miss. I’ve had some great hits from MAC and NARS, and some misses from both… but for me, Urban Decay has been almost entirely impressive.

  34. chibu74

    Mac Amber lights is the most pigmented for me…how about you?

  35. Leenie

    Golden olive and fuchsia, but then those are the only two that I own lol

  36. Inglot has been win this race for me.

  37. zoe77

    ben nye – i love my lumiere palette! their loose shadows are amazing too – my favorite is royal purple. my other picks are my 88 palettes and my 120 palette – both highly pigmented and a great value.

  38. Danielle Sharkey

    Make Up For Ever hands down! By far my favorite! All you have to do is lightly dab your brush into the shadow, tap out any excess, apply to your eyes and you have such intensity that is still build-able! Their matte shadows are velvety and so pigmented!

  39. Lauren

    I think MAC’s veluxe pearls, frosts and starflashes; and Urban Decay eyeshadows have the best pigmentation for the money you pay for them :)

  40. Vale

    Kiko, above all. It’s a quite new Italian brand (hope there is no problem in linking the site ) with prices ridiculously cheap and really high quality products. The most pigmented eyeshadow I’ve ever seen!
    Then I would put MAC and Clarins.

  41. sean

    MAC eyeshadows hands down, while they have 9 different textures of shadow, they still remain the ultimate in pigment and quality. especially with a base underneath. using a firm brush and packing the shadow helps to give opacity.

  42. Avatar of Katarzyna kasiaj85

    MAC eyeshadows and pigments!
    though not all eyeshadows :( I still don’t like Lustres, got two and I’m not satisfied. But apart from these ones, I love all other MAC eyeshadows.

  43. vanessa

    I would have to say nars eyeshadows..Love them and their pigmentation..Its always soo easy to blend!

  44. Farida

    MUFE, MUFE AND MUFE! They are so pigmented that sometimes it even leaves the colour behind after taking if off with a good make-up remover.

  45. Leslie

    Mufe hands down

  46. Meika

    MAC and MUFE are pretty pigmented for me. MUFE #92 is so pigmented it acutually stained my skin.

  47. MAC veluxe pearl and frost finishes and Tarte eyeshadows.

  48. If this is by overall brand, I’d have to say Make Up Forever, regardless of the finish.

  49. Jazz

    higher end: urban decay , mufe
    drug store : loreal hip milani

  50. Megan

    I think the coastal scents 88 palettes have the most pigmented eyeshadows. They’re almost too pigmented but they’re still very pigmented.

  51. Avatar of Dini Dini

    I find MUFE and Lorac to be the most pigmented. Love them both.

  52. venny

    urban decayyy

  53. milani is pigmented considering its price!

  54. Avatar of LU LNU

    Theres a bunch. UD, MAC, and Inglot. I’m really amazed at the pigmentation of inglot, but its definitely hit and miss with all three brands for me.

  55. Carri

    Barry M or Urban Decay.

    I’ve never really used Mac.

  56. Busola

    Escuse my language but I think that Bitchslap Cosmetics has to have the most pigmented eyeshadow I have ever seen. It’s not a company many people know about but me and my friends use their makeup ALL the time.

    • Nikki Marie

      i love kat von d’s pigments, but so far shes really the only “higher quality” makeup i’ve tried, or been able to afford! lol but i just looked up bitchslap, and OMG I WANT IT ALL!!! amazing! i know im a little obsessed about makeup but why dont more people know of this brand!!!!! the art u can come up with using these colors!!! my next goal when i have extra money is def to buy some of these eyeshadows!! thank you so much for mentioning this brand! and besides the website, where can u buy it at?? i’ve checked ebay and amazon, just to see, and came up w nothing!

  57. Sophie

    I think Barry M eyeshadows (which are in small pots) are very pigmented.

  58. Hannah

    MAC and Urban Decay are the most pigmented eyeshadows I’ve found.

  59. Paula

    Kat Von D!

  60. Tiss

    Most MAC eyeshadows and pigments, Ben Nye’s pressed matte eyeshadows and Lumiere’s, and everything by Sugarpill.

  61. Chicca

    Urban Decay, MAC Matte2 and Veluxe Pearl, MUFE.
    I’m about to try Sugarpill very soon, hope all the opinions I read here and elsewhere will be confirmed!

    • Chanice

      Believe it or not but Amuse 8 Color High Definition Eyeshadow Kit. In swipe these colors come on super crazy vibrant! What’s so amazing about it is, that it’s super supple. It’s compacted like a powder, domed like a baked shadow, rich like a loose pigment, but swipes on like a creamy mousse color. It sits like a powder so no smearing at all and it wears all day.

      I got my pallet by luck wandering into a local beauty store but everyone can find it on

      I only wish there were more colors to this pallet. Not a single shade has disappointed me YET. It also has unique colors like reds and because you only need so little, these bad boys will last forever!!!

  62. kittyloaf

    Definitely Sugarpill. :D
    Urban Decay is good, too.
    MAC hasn’t been very good to me. :/

  63. Avatar of Corliss Corliss

    Mac eyeshadows are hit or miss for me. I’m very choosy about buying them because of that. I love Kat Von D shadows, MUFE always great and my favorite is Nars. Inglot is also in the running but their website sucks when it comes to finding the right colors.