Thursday, January 13th, 2011

The Hit List

What’s the Most Drying Lipstick…?

What brand/product wins this category?

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148 thoughts on “The Hit List: Most Drying Lipstick

  1. Ani_BEE

    Matte formulas in general and some of MAC Satin shades.

  2. francesca

    Mac Fresh Moroccan. I love the colour, but it’s SO glittery and drying…

  3. Kristen

    MAC Ruby woo- the dryest lipstick I’ve ever tried.

    • Gina

      I don’t own Ruby Woo, but I swatched it at my local MAC counter once. It skipped along my arm! What a beautiful red, though!

      • JessicaM

        second that. i was swatching MAC RED, ruby woo and russian red and i was really looking forward to ruby woo but then it was soo dry so I bought Mac red.

  4. Marcela

    Of all the lipsticks I own (9 MAC in different finishes and 1 Dior Addict) the most drying is MAC Fresh Moroccan (frost). It’s a beautiful rich brick red/copper with gold microshimmer but it feels so dry on my lips. At least it lasts hours!

    • emily

      if your a fan of fresh morrocan but cant stand the drying, try Clinique’s different lipstick in rasberry glace…. its a little more red pink than brown but does have gold sparkles in it!

  5. MAC Pro Longwear lipcreme. I don’t know about the others, but my colour, goes and goes, makes my lips feel dry and powdery. I have to wear it with a gloss

    • Catherine

      I would check if you havent one that is weird cause i have the same color and it is just ssoooo creamy, but maybe its just personnal taste too. Try it with a bright pink lipgloss, it makes the color really pretty

    • Solangel

      That’s strange, I have the same shade and it’s very creamy o.o It does get a liiiittle dry when it dries down, but that’s only when I haven’t used chapstick beforehand.

    • Amelia

      I have lasting lust, I agree with you if i don’t remember to apply the gloss my lips literally shrivel up. They are really red though. trade offs

  6. Hana

    Chanel’s Rouge Cocos always get a little gritty dry on my lips after a few hours :/ … still love them though!

    • Carolina

      MTE. I love the more understated formula as compared to the Allures, but the dryness of my lips is not worth it. I got Mademoiselle: great colour, cannot use it. I’m giving the Rouge Laquers a try.

      • Appollom

        Bummer! I just bought Mademoiselle, it is such a nice color. I haven’t put it to the test yet though.

  7. ann

    mac’s ruby woo is so drying that when i swatched it on the back of my hand it dragged and i could not even get a good swatch

  8. Eileen

    MAC lipsticks leave my lips absolutely parched :-( I’m obviously in the minority as they seem to be very popular.

    • beth maiorana

      I don’t think you’re really in the minority at all! Like highest heels, we suffer great pain for beauty. MAC lipsticks are so pretty, but as you can read, most feel they are some degree of drying and that includes me, but I still purchase/wear them, right?

    • Joyce B

      I find that the MAC Lustre lipsticks are less drying than the others.

    • Vania

      I completely agree! I have to confess I’m not a MAC fan, their products just don’t work for me, and honestly I don’t think the lipsticks have enough quality to be considered “high end”… I have a few, but I rarely grab for them, because they always make my lips so dry and ugly…

  9. j e n


  10. Pam

    MAC matte lipsticks… IMO…

  11. Naz

    I love MAC and I love NARS, but sometimes, just sometimes I find their lipsticks to be drying. I just bought Mehr (MAC) and while I love the color I find that I need to top it with something in order for it to stay moist.

    • Sara

      I love Mehr! It’s so pigmented and lasts forever. I wore it today. Put it on at 8:30 am, went to lunch at 1 pm and still on. When I came back after lunch to reapply, it was still there!! Around 3 pm, my lips started to feel a little dry so I had to dab a little lip balm on them. Left work at five and while faded a little, the color was still there!! If I hadn’t put the lip balm on, it probably would’ve still been bright. That’s the trade off with MAC. They are a little dry but they last FOREVER!! Get those rich moist lipsticks and they are worn up in 2 hours, if that.

  12. Basema

    It will have to be Rubywoo lipstick by MAC

  13. ShockingBlue

    MAC matte lipsticks usually dry the hell out of my lips!

  14. Allegra

    Mac Cosmetics Ruby Woo

  15. Chantal

    Ruby Woo, a MAC matte. I still wear it once in a while because I adore the color, but the prep and maintenance to wear it is insane!

    • ShaSha

      LOL! I know what you mean. Even though it kills my lips, I’m addicted to it. It’s the only red I wear that makes men walk into walls!

  16. rebeca

    illamasqua’s ones!!!!!!! they are so freaking drying :( such a shame, because the colors are just GORGEOUSSSS!!

    • Natalie

      I agree with you! The color is pretty, but is freaking dry!! Another dry lipstick would be Revlon matte lipstick in nude attitude.

      • Emily

        I can’t wear Revlons Nude Attitude either! I saw beautiful swatches but no matter what I do, it flakes my lips so badd

  17. Kelly

    For me .. Bare Escentuals lipsticks. Horrible! Even when I use a moisturizing balm first, they still dry me out.

  18. Laura

    Bare Minerals Lipsticks. Ew!

  19. Kelsi

    mac’s glaze lipsticks. awful!

  20. Bella

    Ruby Woo. Woe is me.

  21. Steffi

    for me so far it is mac :(

  22. Jesse

    MAC’s Ruby Woo

  23. Niki

    Revlon! Which is a shame because they have so many pretty colors. Unfortunately, my lips just do not like them.

  24. TonTeezy

    I find that MAC lipsticks are very drying on my lips. Then again, that EOS lip balm dried my lips also…

  25. Friederike

    For me its all Mac lipsticks I have tried – every one dried out my lips within an hour :(

  26. Lauriel

    barry m 101 marshmellow

  27. ShaSha

    MAC Ruby Woo. But it’s my favorite red lipstick!

  28. Vanessa S

    I Hated the new Wet n Wild lipsticks yuck :(

  29. Chloe

    Ruby woo no questions asked it was painful to swatch so i can not imagine what it is like to wear !

  30. fabiola

    I love mac lipsticks, but the satin formula is very drying on my lips, I have cherish, brave and peachstock, I love all those color, but I barely use them because they dry on lips so much even using my eos lip balm.

  31. Alisha

    For me it’s Chanel Rouge Coco in Chintz. Love the colour but really HATE the formula!

  32. cherryglass

    MAC’s Retro Mat formula. I think Ruby Woo is the only permanent lipstick available at the moment. It’d be nice to see a small colour collection of corals and fuchsias in the same finish.

    • ak

      I wish they’d bring back the whole Retro Matte line again. Matte lipstick came back into style so I’m surprised they never brought them back again. I’d buy Bronx, Santiago, and Moxie.

      • cherryglass

        I’m with you. Blow was also Retro matte, right? I’m sad to miss out on that one. I love that finish, even though it’s high maintenance. It doesn’t move and I don’t worry about the bleeding of colour.

        p.s. I acknowledge it’s “matte” not “mat”

  33. holly

    those kat von d painted love lipsticks but im not even gonna lie, the colour payoff/lasting power is so amazing that i dont even care ;]

    • Callin

      2nd! Great color but they are dry.

      The more pigment in a lipstick the drier it is on the lips which is why Mac, Kat and lime crime are all on the hit list.

      • Bree

        3rd I have & love backstage bambi…but man its DRY I apply lip balm b4 & after applying that color.

  34. Pinksoda

    Mac Russian red

  35. hands down RUBY WOO by mac! i wouldn’t dream of touching it without lip balm at hand and even then it drains all moisture whatsoever from the lips.

  36. Malia

    Rubywoo by MAC!! Also the tarte matte lipsurgenece ones can be fairly drying as well! Only the matte ones though

    • Brenda

      I find all of the tarte lipsurgence line dry, funny thing they’re suppose to give your lips 1000x moisture or something crazy like that, but I still use a lip balm underneath

  37. Faye

    I tried MAC Ruby Woo once, and it was the driest I’ve ever used. It practically peeled off my lips!

  38. allison1998

    Bare Escentuals hands down!

  39. Valerie

    Colorstay ultimate of Revlon (Liquid lipstick) Horrible!!! Not only it is drying but it shows all the crack you have on your lips will never by this product again :(

  40. I found that some of those round wet n wild lipsticks seem to be the worst.

  41. karen

    Illamasqua’s “Obey” is super drying!

  42. Jayjep

    mac ruby woo

  43. Silvia


  44. Angela

    Out of my whole lipstick collection… which is not big at all… I would say my Mac Pro Longwear Lipcolour in Unchanging… even though it comes with a gloss on the end, after a while it wears off and becomes dry again. I’m gonna still use it for when I go to work, but never gonna purchase again.

  45. Marta

    For me it’s MAC Russian Red, but the color is awesome!

  46. sophie

    MAC Ruby woo……..

  47. Catherine

    Mac mattes but not all of them. I have velvet teddy and it is just fine but smoked purple is so dry, it is really hard to pull this off. Still like the color though

  48. theblackqueen

    I’m surprised no one else has mentioned this already, but I find the Kat Von D lipsticks to be the most drying, far more than any MAC lipstick I have ever worn!

    • sam

      omg yes, kat von d lipsticks are soo drying. i love the colours but cant stand wearing it. they make my lips peel.

  49. Emily

    For the price people pay for MAC products I am kind of shocked how many of you find their products drying, considering the cost you’d hope they wouldn’t have a problem. Shame shame @ MAC

  50. Inky

    Definitely MAC’s Ruby Woo. I love a good matte lippie but Ruby Woo is more drying than Russian Red, any of the Illamasqua reds and Nars reds.

  51. ashley


  52. Kathy

    I think that all lipsticks are pretty drying on my lips to some extent, so it’s difficult for me to say which one is the most drying.

    I will say that the lipsticks that tend to show off dry spots on my lips the most are MAC’s Cremesheens. Ever Hip is one of my favorite colors to wear, but I have to make sure to exfoliate like crazy every time I wear it, because it will show off cracks, lines, and dry spots like you wouldn’t believe.

    • Sara

      Off point, but I love Ever Hip too! It was given to me by a MUA and at first glance I thought “this isn’t for me.” But then I put it on and WOW!! So pretty! I wear it at least once a week.

  53. Courtney

    MAC matte lipsticks were pretty bad, come to think of it. I wanted to like Teddy, but it looked very dry.

  54. Adelita

    Revlon!!! It even made my lips bleed!
    Oh, and all MAC w/ matte finish (and some satin finish) are a bit drying too.

  55. kfm

    The entire retro matte collection from Mac, of which Ruby Woo is the only one remaining. A friend of mine used to have Verushka, which was a beautiful colour, but every time she wore it, within a half an hour, you could start to see cracks forming on her lips.

    I also remember trying a bunch of lipsticks by Manic Panic which were amazing colours, but almost painfully drying.

  56. Michelle

    I have never tried Ruby Woo but since so many people are saying it is the most drying I can’t even imagine!! Is it bad that I want to seek out and try it now? Haha! :)

  57. Paige

    I haven’t tried a variety of brands but out of the three (Shu Uemura, MAC, and Clinique), MAC (except lustre ones) is the most drying for me.

  58. vanetta stanford

    OCC LIPTARS…. But, it is a tolerable negative compared to all its other qualities.

    1. long lasting (9 hours at least)!!!!!!!
    2. A little goes a long way
    3 Non-sticky
    4. Mixable
    5. Great price
    6. Great colors

    • Alexis

      I found them pretty drying as well, I have to use soo little, because if I use even a little too much it can get very drying. I still love them!

  59. Ariel

    MAC Satin Lipcolor. I tried Myth and it was very unattractive. I think some MAC lipcolor is great…it totally depends on the formulation.

  60. z

    I don’t know, but my lips have been ridiculously dry this winter. I’ve been applying lip balm all different kinds (burts bees, eos, alba botanica unpetroleum etc) and nothing is working. I exfoliate too. Christine, how do you keep your lips so nice and how do you get such a great looking swatch on your lips every time?

  61. Shilpa

    Those Revlon long wearing liquid lipsticks – too bad b/c they are inexpensive, pigmented, great colors – but so drying that i completely pass

  62. Liz

    MAC ruby woo! Used to use it all the time for dance and was so flaky and uncomfortable to wear. Also will stay on for at least 24 hours. No thanks

  63. Nlinton

    Revlon. Yuck. Fuschia was pretty but I had to toss it.

  64. Katie

    Mac Satin lipsticks. I love some of the colors (myth, snob, captive), but they just tug on my lips so badly when I apply them.

  65. Ruth

    Make Up For Ever Rouge Artiste

    • Nichole

      YES! Pigmented, but… I got them right before it got really popular and I didn’t understand the hype. I rarely wear mine.

    • I thought I was the only one. I got the Matte 8 Red and woooo talk about DRY. That’s after I moisturized my lips. Right now all I can say is that I have it. I’ve never worn it.

  66. Victoria

    Mac Brave New Bronze (satin finish from Style Warriors) never fails to dry my lips out to a cracked flakey mess

  67. JenT

    Not a lipstick but the Tarte Lip Stain (with LipSurgence – claims a 6000% increase in moisture) dry my lips out so bad they get chapped and flaky. I keep trying to like the set I got for Christmas but I just can’t. Boo.

    • NeenaJ

      Agree! Just took mine back to Sephora for a full refund, where the clerk told me that she knew she’d be seeing a lot of them returned because of the false claim.

      I get that lipsticks/stains/pencils can be drying, but when your marketing campaign for the product revolves around lips staying moist, it’s a major FAIL. Boo Tarte.

  68. Though I love them, lip tars are very drying to me

  69. Stupid Pink4Friday by Mac. :-(

  70. Olga

    Most of MAC lipsticks dry out my lips :( I own so many & yet don’t wear them much.

  71. Barbara Derrick

    Any of the various lipstains just parch my lips, even in summer. Now, I buy only rich lipsticks and glosses (non-tacky) and find them much more comfortable to wear, if not as long lasting. They also protect my lips much better in winter from the extreme temps.

  72. Tara

    those loreal infallible double lip color/over balm. my lips would literally crack when i tried to do the long wear thing

  73. Verna

    Colorstay by Revlon is pretty drying.

  74. Sarz

    the NARS pure matte lipsticks dry my lips out SO much!

  75. CeeBee

    MAC Satin finish lipsticks. I really love the colour of Brave but it makes my lips look and feel really dry :(

  76. MARGO

    mac’s long last lipstick that came out this year. i found to be very drying. i got the color perpetual flame-color great-dryness horrible……..

  77. Cristalle

    wow. Seems like many people voted for mac ruby woo specifically in this colour. I dont own it but cant wait to dry it out in person.

    For me it would be illamasqua’s lipsticks. Flakes and cracks, very uncomfortable hated it

  78. Lorna

    without a doubt illamasqua makes the most drying lipsticks i have ever experienced in my entire life. i have liv and i HAVE to pair it with a gloss. if you want your lips to crack on the spot, get an illamasqua lipstick.

  79. Andrew

    mac dazzle,matte,and satin. my lips peeled after wearing pink nuvau

  80. Chandra

    Def the new matte MUFE lipsticks

  81. Lucie

    MAC’s Ruby Woo in my experience BUT it is my favourite lipstick for this reason. Feels uncomfortable but lasts forever, so I use it on school days when I have limited time for touch ups.

  82. Definitely the Kat von D lipsticks. All are matte and just feel like a vice on your lips. They are beautiful though…

  83. Sarah

    MAC Dazzle lipsticks. They’re gorgeous but they dry lips out like no other.

    Too Faced lip insurance is horribly drying! It dries out moisturizing lipsticks and makes them flake off in little crumbley balls of lipsticks, it’s horrible stuff.

  84. From my very limited experience MAC mattes definitely are drying, I have Media (got it because I lusted after that super dark wine look, haven’t actually worn it that much because it is so hard to maintain).

  85. Wet n Wild lipsticks

  86. shilpa

    has to be mac roooby woo…

  87. suzieg89

    I find the OCC lip tars really drying and I always have to wear a gloss with them.

    There was an old Maybelline lipstick I had which you applied like a lipgloss and it dried then you added a glossy lipstick to it but I can’t remember the name of it – it was really really drying anyway but it stayed on for so long so it was worth it!

  88. Cindy

    All matte formules!

  89. Sioned

    I find MAC Viva Glam Gaga very drying! xxxx

  90. Amanda

    Shu Uemura’s matte lipsticks are painfully drying

  91. NicoleJax

    Bare Escentual lipsticks are so dry I have a hard time applying them to my lips. It’s disappointing since the Buxom glosses are the my all time favorite.

  92. Katie

    MAC Ruby Woo!

  93. Hend

    Matte lipstick formulas,
    especially the drug store and mac ones

  94. Hands down MAC is the most drying for me!