Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

The Hit List

What’s the Best Under Eye Concealer…?

What brand/product wins this category? What makes it so fabulous?

Thanks to Jenny for today’s topic!

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146 thoughts on “The Hit List: Best Under Eye Concealer

  1. Ani_BEE

    AmazingCosmetics Amazing Concealer for the shade range and opacity, It dose cover dark cirles you you have to layer it in thin layers).

    Eve Pearls salmon concealer for colour correcting dark circles.

  2. Tina

    bobbi brown corrector – light bisque with fingers onto dark areas
    mac pro long wear – nw20 with 224 brush
    benefit powderflage with 224 brush

    i have insane under eye circles and very fair skin. Ive tried quite a few concealers and this combo seems to be working well for me right now.

    • Kimmy

      The Bobby Brown Corrector is really nice. I use it too and like it alot. It makes a huge difference from just wearing concealer by itself.

  3. Celia

    Mac’s select cover up, for sure! I’ve tried several concealers ranging from channel to cover girl and have experienced problems with them settling into fine creases, and even worse CAKING! Mac’s select cover up formula doesn’t do either, and it brightens my under eye area perfectly :). Love it!

  4. Rayna

    I usually prefer a brightener under the eye rather than concealer due to the light weight texture but when I really need a little something Dior hydrating concealer is gorgeous, doesn’t cake and looks quite natural.

  5. Bobbi Brown corrector or creamy concealer!

  6. I love Amazing Cosmetic’s concealer…it’s excellent! I’ve also been using Hard Candy’s under eye concealer. The name eludes me but it comes with a cooling lotion that goes under your eyes. It’s ingenious!

  7. ms_fleur

    For me, Bobbi Brown 100%.

  8. Leenie

    I love Eve Pearl concealer It’s creamy and it blends well without settling into my under eye creases

  9. helen

    Cle de Peau without question. It’s expensive, lasts a long time but it’s magic Great coverage. Circles under my eyes disappear with just a small amount. Colour (has a great beige variety w/o being too yellow) and texture (smooth enough but not too creamy) keeps the product in place. Wouldn’t use anything else!

    • Carrie

      Same here~ It’s definitely THE best. I’ve tried Laura Mercier’s secret camouflage, Bobbi Brown’s concealer, Le Metier de Beaute’s concealer and many more, CPB is quite outstanding.

      The best thing is that it’s not drying at all, and can also being used as a foundation cream on the go.

      A cannot-live-without product.

  10. Miss J

    MAC pro longwear. Only one that does not enhance dryness and lines under the eyes.

  11. Armani Cosmetics High Precision Concealer !!!
    Doesn’t grease, great shades, not so much coverage but light reflecting, for mature skin

  12. Lisa

    Right now I’m loving Time Balm!

  13. Simone

    I wish I had one! I need one so much but nothing seems to help. I have lines like this under my eyes – and EVERYTHING settles in them! any idea on what to do? or what products to use? I’m only 18 so this worries me.

    (Dry skin, if that helps)

    • Gina

      Having lines like that isn’t a huge problem, and it’s not surprising if you have very dry skin. Get yourself a good eye cream. And I think MAC has a moisturizing concealer as well.

      • Catherine

        I am 21 and i have the same problem as you (even if my skin is not so dry). I use Lancome Genefique eyes as a “base” for my concealer. After that, i use Mac prolongwear concealer with a blending brush (fluffy brush). Try to use the thinnest layer of concealer you can possibly use (trick from a mac artist).
        Hope it works for you! If not, mac make a line filler primer that is AMAZING! i don’t know if its safe for near the eyes but it hides my acnee scars amazingly!

      • Ani_BEE

        Those crease line are not unnatural in the lower lid. Normal to dry skin types can get them. I have them as well and to help prevent build up concealer I use a eyecream first before applying.
        My dark circles are crescent shaped but I still need to blend the concealer our and cream concealer is best at that over a powder or liquid.

        I also like MAC pro longwear concealer for medium coverage as well.

    • BRoze2001

      I’ve had the same line since I was 22..such a pain as if dark circles weren’t enough! lol
      What works for me is prepping the undereye with a nice eye cream right before applying concealer. I’ve used Lancome revitalist, Mario Badescu Hyaluronic, and Bobby Brown Hydrating. (Basically anything that is a moisturing and wrinkle reducing cream).

      I have pretty bad circles so I usually apply a salmon colored corrector first with a brush, careful not to rub but pat it on gently and then wait a little and apply my concealer over that. What also helps is blending the concealer on with a wet sponge.

  14. t_zwiggy

    Amazing Cosmetics Concealer!!! Only concealer I’ve found that completely covers my extremely dark circles. Doesn’t crease/cake/settle into fine lines either. LOVE <3

  15. Bobbi Brown creamy concealer!

  16. GJ

    I use Amazing Concealer which i love, but I am also interested in trying other products. I’ve used Amazing for 3 years and if I ever switch to something else, people tell me I look tired. I have serious circles though!

  17. Karana

    Everyday: Bobbi Brown’s creamy concealer or kit Kat Von D’s tattoo concealer
    Emergency go-to: Hard Candy’s glamoflauge (light hand)
    Special Occasions: Cle de Peau’s concealer! (pricey that’s why it’s occasions) haha

  18. Lady Di.

    Bobbi Brown corrector in peach and Benefit Erase paste are my favorites!

  19. I’m Currently using MAC Studio Finish w/SPF. I could use something new, ne suggestions. sometimes it looks dried out.

  20. Rachael

    MAC prolongwear concealer, I use NW 25

  21. Natalie

    YSL Touche Eclat by far! It is truly amazing – never cakes or creases, and lasts for ages.

  22. Anitha

    Eve Pearl’s Salmon Concealer

  23. Brittany CrazyHat

    i like benefit erase paste, it jus works so well for my under eye bt never blemishes lol

    • that one creases into lines soo badly, i have tried everything to set it, it just doesnt work. it covers up wonderfully great, but doesnt last. i am goning to try that on a paintpot by mac, maybe that will prevent it from creasing?

  24. Stephanie

    I wish I knew that… Christine, what do you recommend? I have REALLY dark circles and a quite light skin (NC15-20).

  25. Kelly C.

    I love Pixi Brightening Peach corrector for my undereye circles. It has the same consistency as MAC Studio Finish Concealer, but with the peach color to really take out of the blue tones!

  26. Renee

    It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eyes concealer…it is creamy, easy to blend and is full coverage!

  27. I have 3:
    #1) Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer in Deep
    #2) Bobbi Brown Corrector in Deep Bisque
    #3) MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW45

    Depending on the look, how dark the circles or how flawless/full of a finish/coverage I’m going for… But all of these concealers have gotten the job done for me time and time again… Im ready to try YSL touche eclat radiant touch since they extended the shade range to include us brown girls!

  28. annie

    Bobbi Brown corrector…loves it…

  29. P

    MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer in NW 25!

  30. I love the MAC pro longwear concealer. It takes a bit of getting used to but it is really good

  31. Jami

    For me Benefit Erase Paste has been by far the best under eye concealer. I have dark circles and it covers them so well. I have no want or need to look at other concealers because of how good a job it does!!!!

  32. TibiTaylor

    I have dark circles & think it depends on what you are looking for the concealer to do and how deep/dark your circles are. I keep switching back & forth between liquid and solid concealers. I find most liquids do not provide enough coverage and solids accentuate fine wrinkles. Right now, I’m using MAC paint pot in Painterly as both a shadow base & undereye concealer. You also need to consider the range of colors to match your skin tone. Concealers I’ve tried that are not bad, but not holy grail: Lancome Effacernes (liquid – flat color), Cle de Peau (stick – too dry), Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer (liquid – hard to match skintone), Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat (liquid – not enough coverage), Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer (good coverage, but settles in lines), Make Up For Ever Lift Concealer (liquid – not enough coverage), Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer (liquid – not enough coverage), Cover FX Foundation (good coverage, difficult color match), Jouer Age Repairing Concealer (solid – not enough coverage). Do you have any experience with the RCMA concealer palette?

  33. Iolanthe

    For me, Clinique’s Airbrush Concealer – I don’t need much coverage, so the light texture and brightening qualities are perfect. It also smells a bit like Chanel No. 22…

  34. Laurina

    MAC Pro Longwear Concealer!!!! Love this stuff! Covers my dark circles, lasts all day, and is easy to blend. The only drawback is the stupid hair trigger. I always end up dispensing too much product.

    • Mariella

      I asked for one of the sample jars when I was at MAC a few weeks after buying Pro Longwear and now, I squirt into the sample jar. I use what’s left over for the next 2 or 3 days or simply toss the sample jar into my gym bag for using after my workout (I’ve now got 3 sample jars “on the go”). It really is the perfect solution to the pump issue and the MAC ladies have all heard complaints about the pump so they should be willing to give you an empty sample jar!

      • Tina

        i do this exact same thing!!!

      • Alexandra

        That’s brilliant, I have bought the concealer three times now and am always frustrated when I have to repurchase thinking of all the product that was wasted by that pump >:(…but it is an amazing under eye concealer…

  35. Dame Elizabeth

    I’d say MAC pro-longwear concealer does a good job for me, or bobbi brown’s under eye concealer with yellow powder to set it.
    Then I’d have to say touche eclat, I know it’s a bit obvious, but I really rate it and would never go without it!

  36. Jessie

    Eve Pearl Salmon concealer in medium!!

  37. Ruby

    by Terry touche veloutée concealer!!!!! I’ve tried everything from MAC to MUFE to drug store brands and so far nothing can compete with Terry concealer!

  38. torontogal

    i’m south asian with dark under eye cirles and bobby brown dark peach corrector works wonders for me!

  39. Kimberly

    I’m really liking mac select moisturecover right now!

  40. MJ

    There isn’t one. I have tried every one on the market (at least it feels that way) and they all have issues. The new one from CARGO isn’t bad, but it’s still not there. I want one that covers, blends without tugging, doesn’t crease and brightens without being glittery. Yeah, I have high expectations!

  41. Neta

    Make Up Forever Lift Concealer

  42. holly

    benefit erase paste! super creamy formula that covers the dark circles under my eyes completely and never fails to make me look like ive had a full nights sleep, even if i was up til 4 am partying haha

  43. Suzanne

    It depends on how bad your dark circles are. I’m NC 40 with genetic very heavy pigmentation under the eyes and on the side of mu nose. I use the Apricot Corrector from the Mac Mickey Contractor collection and Studio Sculpt over it and then a setting powder. Works miracles.

  44. Sugar cookie

    Clinique. All about eyes concelear! The best.

  45. jenni

    YSL touche eclat, it melts i and covers those baggies just perfectly :)

  46. I use MUFE Full Cover because my dark circles are super bad. The only downside is that it’s slightly drying, but heck, until I find a better one im sticking with this.

  47. Ooh, Hourglass has a fantastic concealer stick that I love! I use their concealer brush as well and a little goes a long way, which is great considering they are not an inexpensive brand. Also, I love to put a little bit of the Physician’s Formula Glow and Mood Boosting translucent powder over the concealer. It has a touch of shimmer, which acts like a subtle brightener under the eyes.

  48. Cara

    right now loving my Amazing Concealer in combination with a layer of Benefit Powderflage.

  49. Dorna

    I like BeneFit erase paste… it has a good salmon color and brightening highlights. It looks natural, good for ‘no makeup’ looks. when I’m doing elaborate shadow looks I layer amazing cosmetics concealer on top to completely erase everything.

  50. Marieke

    For people on a budget I would recommend L’oreal True Match Touche Magique. It’s an illuminating concealer, like the famous YSL Touche Eclat.
    It makes me look awake and fresh. The range of colors is not that bad either.

  51. snm

    mac prolongwear works fine,but it is not strong enough for me since i have terrible eye circles.I use studiofinish on prolongwear when i want a fuller coverage

  52. Ashley

    I’m currently using (and loving) Bobbi Brown’s corrector in Deep Bisque; creamy enough for easy blending with the fingers and in a small compact package that you can carry anywhere.

    Another good one is MAC’s prolongwear concealer, however the pump annoyed me a bit and I just find Bobbi Brown’s easier to use and blend.

  53. Marian

    Bobbi Brown corrector

  54. MAC ProLongwear doesn’t budge over stay don’t stray primer and covers well with 2 coats + dry time in between

  55. Stephanie

    YSL Touche Eclat is awesome! Doesn’t settle into lines and lasts forever!

    I also love Amazing concealer for undereyes, red spots, blemishes- everything!

    The Garnier roller ball for under eye circles is really nice too!

    I use the Benefit Powderflage over top of whatever I put underneath my eyes and never put foundation or any other powder under my eyes or it settles into the lines:(

  56. Kitty

    Benefit erase paste, covers really well and nice texture!

  57. sue

    Amazing concealer is… well….. amazing. Not only does it work on dark circles under the eyes, it’s great for covering age spots, too ! When I 1st got it the small tube seemed like it wouldn’t last long with all the areas I had to cover up. I use it daily and the small tube has lasted more than 3 months. You don’t need to use much at all.

  58. Mariella

    I have tried SO many concealers and in my opinion, MAC’s Prolongwear is the BEST there is. I can apply it with my Sonia Kashuk brush, MAC’s 224, the absolutely crummy MAC 194 or my fingers and it looks great. I can blend it down to cover the redness on my cheeks and basically forgo foundation entirely. I absolutely love this stuff. I’ve got it in both NW 15 and 20 (for when I’m a bit darker in summer or paler, like now). Before this, my fave was Clarins’s Instant Light Perfecting Touch (similar to YSL’s Touche Eclat but I like it better).

  59. monika-luiza

    benefit erase paste no.1, the only concealer that doesn’t cake on me and doesn’t settle in my very fine first lines.
    for days when I don’t need that much concealing I use touch eclat, a staple in my make-uo bag for 14years now (i’m 29)

  60. Mac Studio Sculpt!

  61. beautyaddict

    blend both ends of maybelline age rewind double-ended and tap on gently

  62. Annaz

    I like my Mac Pro Longwear Concealer in NW15.
    For the pump problem: I have a little tester pot from The Body Shop where I put some in. It won’t dry out for a few days and nothing ends up in a tissue :)

  63. NikiLFT

    DIOR Sculpt 😉

  64. Sarah

    I love Fresh Umbrian clay, as it covers under the eye beautifully and the color is very natural

  65. Carrie Ann

    The only under eye concealer I’ll use is Clinique All About Eyes. The shade Light is perfect for my skin tone, it covers nicely, lasts all day and does not cake, smudge or crease. You only need a tiny bit, so the tube lasts forever. I absolutely love it.

  66. Vanessa V

    Best concealer- Laura Mercier Under Cover Pot, because there is a creamy side and a drier side that covers imperfections too. Drug store brand Cover Girl Smoothers it probably the perfect consistency for under the eyes and blemishes.

  67. Rosanna

    Bobbi Brown Corrector! (Mine is in Peach!)

  68. Lyn

    MAC Pro Longwear!! It doesn’t fade and never settles in my fine lines. HG status for sure!!

  69. Marina

    YSL Touche Eclat! Love the stuff!

  70. Mel

    I’ve very fair skin and naturally problems with dark circles – no matter if I sleep 3 hours or 10 hours a night. I really like the Illamasqua under-eye concealer for touch-ups during the day because its little case has a mirror in it.

    Been using MAC’s select moisturecover concealer in NW15. Has surprising staying power on me. Lasts pretty much all day if I set it with some powder.

  71. justjamiexo

    I have terrible bags under my eyes and I’m only 18! College life i guess :( I’m using benefit erase paste and it’s okay but it’s not amazing. Think I’ll try Bobbi brown’s correcter it seems like it’s getting the most praise here!

  72. Samantha

    Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer. It is the BEST thing I have ever tried, and I have tried A LOT. I am native american so I have many folds under my eyes, and it doesn’t cake up or emphasize them. I also, from genetics, have extremely dark circles under my eyes, and I don’t sleep nearly enough either, my teachers and even my boyfriend noticed how well rested I looked using this concealer… during finals week, which I definitely wasn’t anything close to being well rested! I totally recommend this, it may be pricey but you seriously only need to use the amount the size of the tip of a ball point pen to cover both under eyes. I also have bad acne and rosacea, and this also covers this– always looking natural and never cakey. LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

  73. Katie

    Benefit Boooing!! i’ve tried so many but I love this one the most!!!

  74. Leslie

    Lancome waterproof concealer!

  75. Ariana Cruz

    clinique line smoothing concealer and benefits boing concealer

  76. Love pEace and Mac

    I rotate between,
    MAC Prolongwear in NW20
    Timebalm in Light

  77. Stephanie

    I don’t have 1 “best” concealer, but I have a best routine:
    1. Smashbox Photo Op – smooths out my undereye and adds brightness
    2. Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer – just on the darkest areas
    3. Bobbi Brown Corrector – anywhere that needs to be brightened more
    4. Benefit Powderflage – set everything

  78. Ama

    Anybody have recommendations for a concealer for people with extremely dark inherited under-eye circles? I mean the kind where if you go out without makeup, people sometimes think you’ve got double black eyes. Mine look a lot like this:

    …except I’m mostly of northern European stock and very pale (maybe NC 15), so it stands out even more.

    I’d love to hear from anyone who is in the same boat or otherwise experienced with this. I’m using Boi-ing in 01 and 02 right now. It’s great for not creasing but it’s not giving me good coverage at all–it really just tones them down a bit.

    • I have circles like that too, my lids also tend to be that color. And when I don’t wear any makeup people keep telling me how tired I look, which is really annoying.

      I have tried pretty much every concealer out there. The ones that cover the best in my opinion are
      -Mac Studiofinish concealer (the little pot)
      – Make Up For Ever Camo pot
      – Bobbi Brown concealers and correctors. (I have several shades)
      -Boing from Benefit works sometimes, but only at my palest.

      I find that I often need 2 or 3 layers of products for the circles to go away. I also reapply through out the day. Highlighting your cheekbones is also part of my routine as it brightens the area around the dark area.

      Also, using a neutralizing base or primer on your lid can also make you look more awake. I use Smashbox Lid Primer daily, sometimes alternate with UDPP in Eden. (I am NC25-NC30)

      Hope that helps a little.

  79. Dianna

    Dior Nude Skin is so much user-friendly than Bobbi Brown which I also loved (now it is # 2 for me)

  80. Right now I’m using Benefit Erase Paste and I really don’t like it! It has great coverage but it’s too creamy, almost sticky and it enhance all the lines under the eyes. Still searching for a good one. After reading you comments, I’ll think I’ll try MAC.

  81. Carrie

    My current favorite is MAC’s Studio Finish concealer, it’s my favorite concealer for everything- blemishes and under eyes. To get the best results, I apply and slightly blend it with my finger but then use a concealer brush to finish. It’s wonderful!

  82. Christine

    Bobbi brown!

  83. Anne Marie D.

    i love the cle de peau concealer! it’s expensive, but sooooo amazing!

  84. Lisa G

    Hands down, Eve Pearl salmon concealer. Then, a little sweep of Benefit’s Powderflage.

  85. Another vote for Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer! It’s pricey but gives really opaque coverage with just a little amount of product. Another great one is Benefit Boi-ing. I used that for 2-3 years before I discovered Amazing Cosmetics. I made the switch because the shade matched my skin better.

  86. Milani HD concealer for me

  87. Meg

    it’s AMAZING

  88. nenebird

    I use a couple: Cle de peau – loved the tube, just swipe it on.

    Amazing concealer is amazing. Expensive but last two years using every day.

    Px – in the silver compact.

    KA SSX is a foundation but the S5 is a nice yellow that counteracts my dark circles.

    Senna has a peach concealer. Sounds alot like Eve Pearl.

  89. ashleigh

    Garnier tinted eye roller it gives enough coverage and the caffiene in it gets rid of your dark under eye circles

  90. Mariana

    Make Up Designory blue correctors!

  91. Rebecca

    Bobbi Brown corrector in bisque and concealer in beige!!

  92. Angela H.

    MAC Moisturecover is my favorite.

  93. Ms.lollipop

    wow it’s great

  94. MissBrooke

    My ultimate success with under eye concealed (so far) has been Amazing Cosmetics, and either Mac studio finish or byTerry to (compensate ) adjust color. Under eye concealer remains one of those area’s where I am always open to improvements, and looking to try new products!!

  95. Jen

    My favorite is Tarte’s Dark Defense concealer. It’s a salmon shade that really covers the dark circles. It’s a wonderful, creamy concealer!

  96. Val

    I love Eve Pearl’s salmon concealer. Got it from Hautelook on sale and when I tried it today I can’t see my dark circles all day long!!! I actually look awake for the first time! Yeah!

  97. marilu

    benefit erase paste, for ever!

  98. kasiaj85

    I love my Clinique All About Eyes Concealer, it covers without drying my undereye area :)

  99. summerblue

    MUFE Full Coverage Concealer — exact match for my skintone or Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer depending on that day. Touch up with BE Well-rested. MUFE & BE are exact matches for my skintone.

  100. Covergirls ageless benefits undereye concealer/corrector is the only thing that I’ve ever used that actually does ( after a few weeks of use) get rid of under eye circles. Whatever it has in it is pretty wonderful!