Thursday, February 11th, 2010

The Hit List

What’s the Best Nail Top Coat…?

What brand/product wins this category? Any particular reason it wins?

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101 thoughts on “The Hit List: Best Top Coat (for Nails)

  1. Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat wins by far!

    • Ashley

      How do you apply it? When the polish is completely dry, or when it’s slightly “damp”? I’ve read different answers, and I’ve always had issues with applying top coats, as they always seem to smear my polish :( But I really want to try this one, and it’s available at my local drug store.

      • Mai

        I apply it when it’s slighty damp. I usually wait a minute or two after I’ve finished all my nails and then apply it.

      • Kai

        apply wet, i apply it pretty much right after i do the pinkie of my right hand. so i do my fingers, then go back to first finger and apply t/c. never smeared for me.

    • Nicole

      Seche Vite totally has its ups and downs.

      (+) It dries quickly. It’s super shiny.

      (-) It peels. Instead of a tiny chip of polish off my nail, like I normally get using just polish or another top coat, this top coat will make the polish and Seche Vite coat peel. If you pull at the peeling edge, the entire nail of polish will peel right off.

      I’d rather use a crappy top coat that will chip a little at the edges and be able to repaint those tiny chips, rather than have this pull up an entire nail of polish.

      Would I recommend Seche Vite? No.

  2. Stacey

    Seche Vite. Thick formula, adds a lot of shine and dries ultra fast.

  3. Poshe Super Fast Drying Topcoat!

  4. Jess

    Out The Door is my favorite topcoat!

  5. Yukie

    seche vite dry fast top coat! it’s amazing!

  6. Ophelia

    sally hansen’s hard as nails is really good too!

  7. Andrea

    I only have OPI but it’s so hard to get it off!

  8. Fari

    I’m quite a clumsy person, so seche vite is my lifesaver. aha

  9. Jade

    Seche Vite. If you have nail art or more than 2 coats of nail polish applied, this makes them dry so much faster and the shine is unbelievable! I’ve tried many and this is the one to go to.

  10. Alexis

    BIG FAN of Seche Vite – dries in no time and keeps your nails shiny as a MoFo! hahaha

  11. Megan

    Seche vite all day!

  12. Melly

    either OPI or seche vite

  13. Sara

    I love Revlon Extra Life Top Coat….perfect nails for 5-6 days, beautiful glossy effect and….cheap! 😉

  14. Noa

    Poshe Super Fast Drying Topcoat – The best.

  15. Miranda

    I’ve always used Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength.

    • chris

      Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength is a base coat which will peel off if you apply as top coat. Seche Vite is good but if you apply too soon, it will take some of the nail polish off.

  16. Sarah

    Seche Vite <3

  17. allison

    Another vote for Seche Vite! Love it.

  18. Rachel Reay

    Ive always used Barry M 3 in 1 topcoat. My varnish lasts a good week 😀

  19. hands down: seche vite!

  20. Vee

    Poshe wins because it dries polish in seconds and is 3-Free, unlike Seche Vite, which contains Toluene.

  21. Lingping

    Poshe Super Fast Drying Topcoat is my favorite. it does not shrink the polish like seche vite does for me, and it dries fast and is shiny. I gave it to my friend too, but she experiences peeling with it. Guess we’re all different :)

  22. Amy

    Seche Vite for sure

  23. Tracy

    Seche Vite used to be my ONLY top coat – but I read a really good comparison on another blog where they did a blind comparison, and this top coat came in FIRST – and I’ve been using it with great success ever since. Dries fast and does not chip. It’s “be natural Seal n Set”. You can buy it on I believe. Good stuff!

  24. Kaylabella

    Seche Vite is the king of top coats!

  25. DoDe

    Seche Vite is great. I have the small bottle and the large jar to refill it.
    HOWEVER the Ruby kisses acrylic fast dry Top coat is great. And is like $1.99.

  26. Shayna

    seche vite for sure although i do like poshe – but, it leaves air bubbles for me!

  27. Ryan

    I have only tried opi and mac so definetly opi.

  28. sandra1900

    Seche vite & Opi topcoat

  29. Kristi

    Hands down, Seche Vite!

  30. Diana

    Out The Door is really good I picked it up at Sally’s last summer for my pedicures and they lasted so long. The shine was also amazing and it dried super fast.

  31. Nubar Diamont. It’s super quick drying and shiny like Poshe and Seche Vite, but isn’t so thick that scratches show up on the nail. Also it won’t cause tip shrinkage!

  32. cacauate

    I say Orly’s In A Snap! It drys so shiny and fast! I love it. Plus it doesn’t get as thick as Seche Vite can get!

  33. shelpen

    I like Essie’s Good to go! better than SV… The latter is thick and shrinks like crazy – have none of those problems with Essie. :)

  34. ddevil

    Orly – In a Snap

  35. Lucy H.

    Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat :)

  36. Erin K

    I find Seche Vite chips faster than OPI…..So I choose OPI!

  37. Kai

    the two i tried are Seche Vite and Posche, and both are about equally as good. Seche Vite I find is a bit thicker/faster at drying, but it shrinks at the edge and unfortunately gives me tip wear literally the same night (as in within a couple of hours). Posche is better at that, with no tipwear for at a day or so. But I find Posche to be not as thick as my SV (or maybe my SV just need thinner!), so i needed to apply more coats. Posche also scratched easier than SV, even though I applied two coats of the Posche tc. had a couple of marks/scuffs/scratches on my nails by 2nd day.

  38. reesa

    seche vite – love!

  39. kpenn09

    Seche Vite is definitely my fav, but can sometimes be hard to find where I’m from. I always stock up when I do come across it!

  40. Liz

    seche vite for sure!!!! dry fast and the shine is unbelievable….

  41. Anna

    Seche Vite and their Restore is amazing at bringing Seche Vite back to life. LOVE :).

  42. Mags

    I’ve only ever used OPI, Sally Hansen, and Essie, but Essie’s 3-Way Glaze is by far my favourite. It’s a nail hardener, base coat, and top coat in one, dries really fast and stays shiny :)

  43. Sai

    I like seche vite and poshe

    and I think ChG fast forward top coat is good too
    becuz I like that smellXDDD

    but no opi for me
    I tried the raipdry top coat….worse topcoat ever

  44. sai

    Seche Vite and Poshe are nice :) I use these 2 most of the time

    and I think ChG Fast forward topcoat is nice too, it dries quite fast(although not as fast as SV and Poshe I think) and its smell is funny hahhahha

    OPI raipdry topcoat is the worst topcoat ever. It didn’t really dry that fast and it is so easy to get bubble on the nail..

  45. Yaël from France

    I love Revlon Top Speed, use it since a very long time. The best !

  46. Anitacska

    My nail polish usually chips within 24 hours, so I will try this legendary Seche Vite top coat! :)

  47. Seche Vite and OPI as a runner up.

  48. Best top coat is Nubar Diamont Seal & Shine Top Coat. It dries really fast but leaves my nails super shiny like at a nail salon!

  49. Kira

    For longevity – CND “Air Dry,” three free, no tip shrinkage and re-application every 2nd or 3rd day have given me 7 day manis

    For quickest dry – Nubar “Diamont,” three free, lasts maybe 2 to 3 days

    Seche, ick, massive shrinkage and NOT three free at last check, I urge you not to use it when comparable three free are available.

  50. audrey

    I personally don’t add a top coat! I change the color on my nailpolish everyday to match my outfits that I don’t need the longlasting effect! But for Special Occasions, I really do like The Orly topcoat!

  51. Laura

    I love the shine and fast-drying factor of Seche Vite . . . but nothing compares to China Glaze top coat in terms of long, long wear and chip resistance. When I use Seche Vite, I chip like crazy by day 3.

  52. make_up_maven

    Poshe for super sonic fast drying. (it dries faster than Seche – for me – almost instantly, but it peels on me)
    Seche for super fast dry, and mega durability. (dries slightly slower than Poshe, but keeps my polish from peeling for 5-7 days)

  53. kim v.

    yes seche vite! which of course means dry fast!

  54. Lily

    Seche Vite!!it dries fast and leaves it shiny.i absolutely love it!

  55. By far it’s Seche Vite! It helps to dry your polish faster, leaves incredible shine, and helps ward off chipping. What more could a girl want!

  56. I like essie and seche vite.. the solution to the shrinking is just paint your nails all the way to the edge( and over) and when you apply the top coat do the same. no shrinkage!

  57. GG

    Seche Vite! But you really do need to make sure you have a bottle of Restore, also. I find that if I keep my Seche properly thinned, and make sure I wrap my tips with each coat of base, polish and top coat, I have no issues with shrinkage. The only thing is you really can’t use SV to go over already dried polish – for instance, if you want to give your mani a mid-week boost. Then it’ll shrink like mad. But, yes, Seche Vite FTW!

  58. NaNa

    My favourite top coat is actually Sally Hansen’s Hard As Nails, but for convenience I end up using Seche Vite more often. It dries faster and tends to self-level a little easier than Sally Hansen, which is useful when I’ve been doing nail art- I can just place a glob of SV in the middle of the nail and it’ll spread itself. No streaking/marks! But Seche ‘shrinks’ and peels after a day on me. :c

  59. Liz

    I always use CND Super Shiney on my clients, but after the raves about Seche Vite, I will have to try it next. For those of you who experience peeling of your polish, make sure your nail bed is squeaky clean before you apply that first coat of base coat. That should help. :) Thanks!!

    • Yuvzie

      I love CND Shiney! Wonder why no one else mentioned it. The gloss is perfect and it dries faster than OPI (which I hate) and ChG’s High – Gloss Patent Leather Top Coat.

  60. miawanda

    Seche Vite

  61. So. I’ve used Out The Door, Seche Vite Quick Dry, and Essie Good To Go (among tens of others) but I really love these three. Good To Go is probably the shiniest, and that’s the biggest difference i’ve noticed between the three. they all dry relatively quickly, Seche Vite’s thick formula feels luscious on my nails, but it contains Toluene, and has a fairly strong scent. I don’t have any huge qualms with Out The Door yet, but i don’t think it’s as fast drying as the Seche Vite or the Essie. What I do like about the INM (OTD) is that if you so desire, it comes in a huge round bottle that will probably last forever. All in all, it’s up to you what you like, but those are my opinions.

    oh! and if you want a matte finish, Essie Matte About You is AMAZING it’ll take any glossy finish polish and turn it matte almost instantly. it’s wonderful! Even if you don’t paint your nails matte that often, i would go out and buy it, (it’s really super fun to watch the gloss turn matte. it’s like magic!)

  62. Ali

    Out The Door

  63. faezeh

    Just bought seche vite dry fast top coat, didnt know whether it included shine or not. Tried it, definatly noticed the shine.. (would be nice to have something even more shinier!).. but have just realise while im typing the polish on my toes!!!.. Definatly making it peel but hasnt actually peeled off or sticking out, but in any case the colour is frosty/nude so its obvious (as it does that weird thing were it goes kinda white).. I had on 3 layers 1st sally hansen diamond strength (which is amazing btw) then 2 layers of polish nd then seche vite.. have had it on for about 1 week.. but the peeling happened earlier just didnt pay attention to it.

    Has any1 tried “In A Hurry” air dry top coat with uv protection ?!

    heard its a miricale worker?!

  64. Valerie

    sally hansen xtreme wear -invisible(:
    perfect no chip not chunk just shiny
    love ett:DDD

  65. Im not for seche vete at all. It shrinks(as a side effect) and is to thich for me. By far, I love Ruby Kisses Quick Dry and Sally Hansen (any topcoat of hers suits me) Most people havent tried Ruby Kisses cause it isnt at most beauty supply but its at both my beauty supply near me. So again Ruby Kisses and Sally Hansen!

  66. Rachel

    I love Jessica Diamonds topcoat, it’s ultra glossy and keeps my nails chip free for over a week, it doesn’t dry as fast as seche vite, but the result is much better x

  67. Kitteh

    I just picked up Out The Door today.  Since I’d already done my nails the other day, I put some on just to see how fast it would actually dry.  It did dry really fast, but even hours later, it still feels tacky when you touch two nails together, even though it’s good and dry.  Other than that ‘still tacky’ feeling, it dried super fast, it feels nice and thick on my nails, and the shine is amazing :)