Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

The Hit List

What’s the Best Products for Dry Skin…?

What brand/products win this category? What makes them so great for dry skin?

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53 thoughts on “The Hit List: Best Products for Dry Skin

  1. Marieke

    Weleda. 100% natural, 100% organic and it just works SO GOOD!

  2. Oh definitely Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè! It does all it claims – and more! Keeps my dry skin hydrated throughout the day. In fact, it is less dry now even when I’m not using it. So it works in the long run too, not just “at the moment”. Love love love it!

  3. Oilatum natural repair face cream! it’s AWESOME! ox

  4. Hinahon

    I don’t buy many products (especially cause i have a really reaaally tight budget) but I have dry skin and what i’ve been using those days were: Sephora cranberry and lychee body lotion (perhaps not the best but still really good for the price and basically almost all that i can afford) and for my lips i used Neutrogena lip balm. So far it’s the best I found for lips cause I have really dry lip that crackle in winter AND summer.

  5. jenni

    Avon Solutions Plus Moisture Boost best product ever but i can only get it on ebay now i think!
    caudalie, weleda, jasons naturals, nude all do good ones too :)

  6. lurganista

    Elizabeth Arden 8hr cream. Muli tasking cream for dry areas, lip balm, spot breakouts, night cream amazing texture.

  7. Sarah

    I like Cerave Products. Their cleaner and moisturizing creame are great for overly dry skin. I am on accutane right now which dries your skin out ALOT. Cerave is the only thing that has worked to keep it under control. The best thing is, they are sold at Target and regular drug stores and priced between $10-$15.

  8. Donna W

    Darphin Hydraskin Essential

  9. Jocelyn

    Peter Thomas Roth Viz-1000 serum! It makes any moisturizer much more effective.

  10. Annette

    If you have *really* dry skin (flaky bits and peeling – which i used to get on my nose all the time) try using The Body Shop shea body butter as a night cream and as a day cream when you hang about the house without make-up. A bonus is if you rub it into your eyelashes lightly it conditions them and makes them grow longer and thicker. tried and tested for 3 months now. No break outs, soft skin, no peeling bits. Brilliant.

  11. Annette

    Embryolisse is good too – i agree. I use it under make-up and in winter. In summer i need a sun block so the La Roche-Posoy Anthelios XL 50+ cream (for dry skin) version is brilliant .

  12. I’ve been using Spectro HydraCare™ Dry Skin. It works just as well and is not as heavy feeling as Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè.

    You also got me started on Jack Black lip balms as well. ^_^

  13. Bellegloss

    For my face I love Clinique Resurgance Moisturiser with their 3 step #1 toner and Extra Mild facial cleanser. I use the cleanser with my clarisonic and this is the best regimen that I have found and I have dry-skin acne breakouts. After every use I feel like I just got a facial, I absolutely love the system. (I have tried Proactive, Philosophy, Dr. Brandt, Murad, and lots more.) But for a body moisturiser I do love Philosophy’s Amazing Grace and other scents, it keep my skin moisturised but it also firms.

    • laura

      Sound like i have similar skin as you and have been wanting to try the Clinique system so im glad you recommend it! My new skin care miricle is bio oil. I rub it on at night with a cotton pad and its so hydrating! I actually been having less break out and my acne scars are less noticiable so ive been very happy with that.

  14. It isn’t likely to catch on, but when I have some dry skin that I want to fix in a hurry I use neat anhydrous lanolin. It is cheap and works extremely well. The effect is long lasting too. But I admit that it isn’t a great experience applying it.

  15. rowan

    palmers cocoa buter formula, it’s deeply moisturising & gets rid of dry skin very well.
    if my face is very dry, i use skin drink by lush, it’s extremely rich and nourishing.
    any cream cleanser is good.
    and never underestimate the importance of diet, drinking enough water and eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids & zinc.

  16. Amanda A

    During and immediately after being pregnant, my skin was very dry and sensitive. I started with Clinque which has some great moisturizers. I also really liked Dior’s hydra-life. Due to the sensitivity, however, I ended up moving into the natural products. I liked Korres Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturizer because of it’s light texture. I also really love Ren’s Omega 3 Night Repair Serum which is an night oil. Finally, I’ve heard that Kate Somerville’s Quench Hydrating Face Serum is great too.

  17. I could type SO much! LOL! In brief:

    Creamy, non-foaming facial cleansers.

    “Fix” your skin a little before you slather on the moisturizer. A good AHA EXFOLIATOR (check for the proper PH ballance) works wonders on dry skin – Giving it a little bit of a “re-boot.”

    Choose your product based on whatever works for YOU. All moisturizer needs to do is hydrate you skin. Fancy face creams work, so does olive oil (though olive oil doesn’t protect you from UVA/UVB rays).

    Personally speaking, I like serums. Some people don’t. Whether or not anyone thinks it’s doing anything for MY skin, the feeling I get pampering yourself with a few extra skincare steps makes me happy :) And happy goes a LONG way in keeping your skin healthy too!!

  18. Monika-Luiza

    la roche-posay – hydraphase and hydreane products (for dry and very dry skin)
    100% raw and pure shea butter (for very dry skin)
    chanel – hydramax products (for dry and very dry skin)
    biotherm – auquasource products (for dry and very dry skin)
    Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè (for very dry skin)

  19. Luka

    I have psoriasis which is the ultimate in dry skin and Eminence products really work well for me. I first tried them at Burke Williams (LA/OC chain of day spas) and noticed such a huge improvement in my skin I started buying the line for home use. It’s rare now that I have ever dry skin on my face. For my body I use shea cleanser (Body Shop) instead of soap which is drying and for lotion the best I’ve found is Jergens Ultra Healing lotion. Last thing I’ll mention is a huge game changer for me was no longer using a towel to dry off when I get out of the shower and immediately putting lotion on.

  20. Abby

    First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream is SUCH a miracle worker!

  21. Mary Beth

    As I have the ultimate in dry skin, a combination of eczema, psoriasis, and thyroid problems, I have tried just about everything out there. Plus, after using a moisturizer for a few months, my skin tends to become “immune,” so I have a few I rotate now…other than the topical prescription hormonal ointment I occasionally use for my eyelids and other spots. They are as follows:
    Cetaphil Cream
    Dermaquest Skin Therapy Advanced B5 Serum
    Robathol – made by Vanicream
    Renew Moisturizer
    CeraVe Cream
    Also, my dermatologist has suggested no use of scented products (not even candles in my home….I haven’t gone quite that far yet) because they can trigger dry skin reactions.

    • Staci

      I agree with Mary Beth. I too have psoriasis and my derm recommended no scented soaps, lotions, even laundry detergents and my skin is much better. Other than my prescription creams, I like Eucerin the best. Very mild.

  22. Jessi

    A Clairsonic will make a huge difference in the skin’s ability to absorb moisturizing products, as well as improve circulation over time, which will naturally help your skin’s delicate balance. Probably my #1 advice (as someone who’s always had really dry skin).

    A good hydrating serum makes a huge difference too in the long run – even more than what moisturizer you’re using. I used Clarins for many years, also their beauty oils at night. Lately I’m a huge fan of Rodial Glamtox serum, and their Glam Balm and moisturizers, because they’re very multipurpose and help brighten skin and even out skin texture as well as moisturize and add SPF.

    • Chantal

      However, if you have SENSITIVE dry skin, for heaven’s sake please use the delicate brush head for the Clarisonic. And don’t use it every day. For me at least, it was WAY too much manual exfoliation! I love my Clarisonic, don’t get me wrong. But I use it more as a biweekly spa treatment rather than a daily cleansing tool. Oil cleansing (sun/safflower oil is non-clogging for me) is much more gentle for sunscreen and makeup removal; I can then use an ultra gentle cleanser (Spectro Gel in my case) without worrying about residue.

      Caveat: I should mention that my skin is unbelievable sensitive to certain cleansers/makeup/etc., but it seems to tolerate hot water very well. I only mention this because I’ve found that the OCM works best for me when I “steam” my skin afterwords with a hot washcloth–a warm washcloth somehow doesn’t work as well. Strange, I know (especially since I am rosacea-prone, and for many people hot water is a trigger!). I just thought I’d mention it.

  23. Carrie Ann

    For the face, I like Atopalm Face Cream. For the body, Korres Body Butter.

  24. S

    Maracuja oil (aka Passionflower) is a wonderful moisturizer! I bought an 8 oz bottle for about $20 online.

  25. Maya

    Without a doubt, the BEST face moisturizer for really dry skin is the from Caudalie (it’s in the pink tube, there’s one for dry skin and one for very dry skin, I use the latter and it’s truly been amazing).
    Clinique makes a cream called Comfort on Call that’s great for those really bad dry patches that come with weather change.
    I also love the Cetaphil body lotion for dry, sensitive skin and Clinique Body Butter. All incredible!

    • Maya

      Oh and don’t forget the Clarisonic! Helps get rid of all those dry flakes and allows all those creams to absorb well while using less product :-)

  26. Bribri

    I swear sometimes i think you read my mind!!!!!! i needed this post

  27. Jasmine

    I use the Clinque Dramatically Different moisturizer for dry skin everyday. When my skin gets really flaky, dry, and rough I mix in some Nivea Cream with my moisturizer for very plump, soft skin! :)

  28. Kathryn

    LUSH Dream Cream! has every possible natural ingredient that is good for your skin! Calming, soothing and moisturizing

  29. I’ve enjoyed reading all the posts! I’m definitely going to try the Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè and the La Roche Posay Anthelios XL 50+ cream.

    Right now, I alternate at night with my Tri-Luma regimin (which contains Retin-A – very drying) and Oilatum. For day, I’m using Murad Perfecting Day Lotion with SPF 30 – but it is not moisturizing enough. I will sometimes forego the SPF and apply the Oilatum again in the morning (bad, I know, but I’m in an office for 9 hours anyway).

  30. Jojoba oil! Can’t live without it. From my hair, to my face, my bod and cuticles it is indispensable. I use it alone and in conjunction with lotions and face creams. Happy skin. :)

    • Maeve

      I totally agree! I mix it in with everything, including my lotion, and my face lotion! It works great after shaving too. I never get razor burn with that stuff. 😀

  31. I’m using Oilatum Natural Repair face cream at the moment. Or if i need something a little heavier i find i always go back to Lush’s Skin Drink. Although im looking for a decent inexpensive night cream!

  32. Stephanie

    I really love Josie Maran’s 3in1 cleansing oil. It’s SO good for my parched skin!

  33. Sarah Lynn

    I have dry/combination skin and have tried many products out there. Here are my top picks:

    1. Origins Checks and Balances: Gently cleanses the face of oils and dirt without leaving the skin feeling tight or dry. A little goes a long way because the tourmaline allows the product to easily spread across the skin.

    2. First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser: Does the exact same thing as Origin’s Checks and Balances. My only issue with this product is that it doesn’t cleanse as well as I would like (i.e. after using a toner, I still see make up and dirt on the cotton pad).

    1. Origins Purifying Tonic: This leaves my skin feeling squeeky clean without feeling taut and dried out. Organic Vinegar flakes off dead cells and leaves skin feeling smooth.

    Serums: In general, serums can be your dry skin’s best friend. It not only protects your skin from free radicals and environmental damage, it seals in your skin’s natural moisture.
    1. Origins White tea skin guardian: I used to have dryness around my mouth and, after using this serum at night, the dryness has gone away! And since using this product, I do not use as much moisturizer! Hurray!

    1. Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè: Money saver to the max. This product hydrates, primes, and removes make up like a dream. I use it to remove my eye make up before I wash my face. However, when doing so, do not get the product in your eye!

    2. Murad Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture: My skin always feels soft and supple in the mornings after applying this cream at night. It’s light and not oily and makes my skin feel super hydrated!

  34. Luka

    Mary Beth, sounds like we have similar problems. I found Eminence’s Pumpkin Peel (5%) made a huge difference for me. I use it twice a week.

  35. Maureen

    Nighttime moisturizer. I use all kinds of stuff from the YTC line, but NOTHING would cure the dryness in the corners of my eyes… until I started removing my makeup with olive oil.

  36. I like raw, unrefined shea butter for very dry bits. I bought a huge brick (1.5 lb) of it on for a song! It’s great for nighttime use. I gave some to my sister when she was pregnant and she rubbed it on her belly. She says it’s fantastically moisturizing too!

    I think it’s too rich to put on the face. But it’s a superb body moisturizer. I put some in my hand and then squirt grapeseed oil on it and then rub it all over my body. For elbows and knees I apply it straight. Love it.

  37. Stephanie

    I have dry, acne-prone skin (hormonal acne sucks) and believe or not the best thing I’ve found for my dry skin isn’t a product at all, but something totally free: steam. I originally started steaming my face for the acne, but realized later that my face felt WAY more hydrated and less flakey. All I do is boil water, pour it into a bowl, throw a towel over my head and sit there for 10 minutes. Then I wash my face really well and apply moisturizer. Acne and dry, flakey skin gone. :)

  38. MaryEllen

    Although I’m a daily reader I rarely post, but I want to thank everyone who contributed to this thread. I have very dry skin and just moved to Tempe, AZ, which is decidedly not helping! I’ll be trying many of your recs. Thanks again!

  39. Instant Karma

    My under eye area is extremely dry, and I think if Avene’s Trixera emollient cream were discontinued, my heart would break. It’s REALLY moisturizing! It’s fragrance free, too, which is good for me because fragranced facial products often give me acne.

  40. Selina

    First off I have eczema, second I’m a single parent so I don’t have the funds to buy & test out a lot of products. Aside from my eczema ointments, dove soap & Cetaphil, I’ve always used cocoa butter. I used a Cetaphil facial moisturizer on my face and then for my body I use Palmers Cocoa Butter formula. These are lotion & jar forms. A cheap product I’m going to start using is monoi oil from Tahiti. Mostly for fragrance :)

  41. Som

    Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

  42. Sara

    I absolutely love Sisley’s Crème Réparatrice! It’s quite expensive, but to me, it’s really worth it. When I have dry spots etc., I apply it at night and in the morning, my skin looks perfect again!

  43. Adelita

    I actually have very oily skin to begin with, but being saying that, my skin also dehydrated and prone to eczema (I know, nice right? (¬__¬)). But now I just found my HG, Cicaplast by La Roche-Posay!!! It keep my face from oil slick yet cured my eczema & dry patches! Hooraaaaayyyy!!!

  44. piggles

    Baby shampoo. I’ve found that cream cleansers can have way too much oil in them and can cause break-outs and regular face wash strips any moisture my skin produces on its own. Baby shampoo is design for delicate skin that needs to be cleaned but not stripped.

    Think about it: if it can clean a baby’s butt, it’ll work on your face. Plus it’s cheap too. Although I do wish I could lather up like a big girl at times…

  45. Suzanne

    I just got done reading everyone’s posts THANK YOU!!! =) I added a bunch of products to my “try out” list =)Right now my fave products for my dry skin (due to Retin-A) is Topix Glycolix Elite Treatment Pads 20% glycolic acid (also comes in 10% & 15%). AMAZING!!! I ran out & I totally saw the difference in my skin =( I found mine on Amazon for only $20 which was super good news since my dermatologist was ripping me off by selling it to me for $45!!! SOB!!! Anywho, I use mine everyday so it comes out to $10 a month for amazing skin (as soon as I started using it again I got soooooo many compliments on my glowing skin!!!) For my face during the day, I use Jurlique’s Moisture Replenishing Day Cream which I use to get @ Sephora but now I get it from Whole Foods. For my face at night I use Alba Un-Petroleum Multi-Purpose Jelly (costs a few bucks from Whole Foods). And for body cream, Cetaphil DailyAdvance Ultra Hydrating Lotion hands down =) Thanks again all you lovely ladies for your recommendations! =)

  46. IceFluffPenguin

    Cetaphil face lotion and face wash are the only things that don’t make my face flake from my acne medication. After years I finally found something that works!

  47. Korres yogurt mask! What a life saver to my dry skin!

    Avoid Clinique 3 step. Made my skin even drier.

  48. Mimi

    Cream de la Mer, hands down every time.

    Second, La Creme by Cle de Peau