Thursday, April 29th, 2010

The Hit List

What’s the Best Non-Sticky Lipgloss…?

What brand/product wins this category? Any particular reason it wins?

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112 thoughts on “The Hit List: Best Non-Sticky Lipgloss

  1. Naz

    Best non sticky lipgloss. Best color payoff, best feel on lips, no annoying fruit flavor & even on windy days the hair doesn’t stick to it like a magnet.

    • whitney

      Not to be rude, but I disagree. The only Nars glosses I have are Orgasm and Harlow but I fine them both very sticky. I love the colors so much I deal with it. Are other colors not as sticky?

    • Angela

      I have three nars glosses and they are not sticky at all! Stella and Talitha and Misbehave. Mac Lipgelee are also very nonsticky.

  2. Angie

    Chanel *swoons*. I never thought I’d pay that much for a gloss, but they’re soooooo worth it.

  3. Elsemiek

    Stila! Lip Glazes :)

  4. NARS or Illamaqua
    I know for sure that it’s not MAC!

  5. I love the Korres glosses, they’re not sticky at all. They do smell like cherry, but they actually smell like real cherries, not sicky-sweet fake ones, and it’s very subtle, so I can deal.

    The Korres lip butters are actually my favorite lip product ever, and some of them are pretty colorful themselves, but they’re more of a tinted balm.

  6. Amanda

    Hey Christine – this is totally OT but I really have no idea who would have the answer to this question! I got an invitation in the mail from MAC to attend a “sneak peek” of the to the beach collection. I have been a customer for years but have never received anything like this. Who gets invited to these sorts of things and do you know what happens there? I thought just press and VIP type people were invited, not regular folk lol. Sorry for the randomness of this but thanks in advance if you know! :)

    • No, as far as I know, most press events are only in NYC and are very, very selective/exclusive/secretive (never been to one!) – but MAC stores regularly have events, including unveilings — often for larger collections and at higher volume stores. I’m not sure what merits a mailed invite, but I know I don’t usually get them! I tend to just ask my artists if they have any upcoming events, and if they have an unveiling, they put me down :)

      Sooo, as far as I know, it’s random for the most part — obviously based on the location you shop at the most, I would imagine, at the very least!

      What happens is it’s basically a party where you can preview the products AND purchase them. They have appetizers and cocktails circulated by (usually!) scantily clad men, a ton of artists on the floor, and tons of people in the store. In the past two or three years, they give out a postcard-shaped paper that lists the products from the launch, and then you use a pen/pencil to mark what you want, how many, etc. and give it to one of the artists who will retrieve your goodies while you wait to pay.

      • Kim L

        Yea, my friend who barely buys any makeup got one and me who buys it constantly didn’t!

        Le metier de beaute lipglosses are the best!!!!!!

    • Hey, I actually went to one of these for the Liberty of London collection. My MAC holds these sneak peaks as well. They just randomly select customers since they cannot invite everyone to each event. Enjoy ! :)

  7. Abril

    I think I have two non-sticky haha… YSL & Chanel lipglosses. Expensive but totally worth it! Buy I don’t really care if lipglosses are sticky like MAC’s…

  8. ilona

    Chanel Glossimers

  9. CaroleenD

    YSL gloss volupte because I swatched every single gloss at my Sephora and it was the only one not sticky at all.

  10. longtime lurker here…

    the best two nonsticky glosses i’ve tried are dior creme de glosses & chanel glossimers!

    • JEN

      this may sound wierd but i recognized your picture from for ruby woo lipstick. i put a pic up there too…with the two girls.

  11. Illamasqua!
    As much as I like Mac lipglosses, I find them all awfully sticky :)

  12. Uggh! I can’t stand sticky lipglosses!!! I like MAC’s Lipglée, but that’s not exactly a lipgloss…

  13. Christina

    i love Tarte’s double ended lipglosses, and Kryolan’s lip emphasizer

    • Danielle

      Tarte’s glosses are my favorite too, they wear really long for me without being sticky or thick and have just the right amount of color.

  14. Brielle

    Definately either NARS or the Elizabeth Arden Glosses.

  15. Dianna

    Kiehl’s Lipglosses for sure! I’ve only tried the clear one but it just feels sooo nice on my lips.

  16. Paz

    I love Sue Devitt’s Lip Enhancing lip glosses (the ones in the bigger tubes with a brush). Non-sticky, moisturizing, slightly minty and comes with a brush-wand applicator (my preferred style).

    Unfortunately they only come in 4 colors.

    My second favorite formula are Chanel Glossimers.

  17. Guerlain Kiss Kiss glosses and Chanel Glossimers and Aqualumieres. Also Mac Lustreglass.

  18. Elysia

    not MAC! I love their shades, but they are soo sticky

  19. hannah

    High end- MAC dazzleglass, Korres Lip Butter

    Drugstore- Covergirl WetSlicks, ALL rimmel london lip gloss

  20. Amanda

    Chanel, and creamsheens. Those are my all time favorite glosses

  21. NARS, Korres, even MAC I find to be not that sticky.

  22. shiseido glosses are the winner and dior addict glosses are the first runner up.but they both lasting issues, shiseido is still better though.

  23. Virginia

    Definitely NARS. I just love their formula, and the colors are divine!

  24. I hate HATE to say it but Chantecaille.

  25. Kathy

    Honestly, I think that NYX has some of the best lip gloss consistencies I’ve ever tried. They don’t feel sticky AT ALL, and they last a long time on my lips.

  26. Katherine

    NARS, Laura Mercier Lip Glace

  27. Verojo

    Neutrogena has lipglosses that aren’t at all sticky. They smell a little funny though.

  28. AnGeLwInGz

    I just got the Dior Crystal gloss and I must say it wins the non-sticky category. Nothing else really supreme about it though :(

  29. Zoe

    the revlon lipglosses!

  30. Jordan

    Urban Decay Pocket Rocket. Its non sticky but thick (in a good way!) so its not too sheer but isn’t quite opaque. LOVE it!

  31. Kelsey

    MAC Creamsheens. I love loove LOOOOVE them!

  32. Rachel

    Chanel Aqualumieres!!!

  33. Nazia

    Chanel Aqualumiere glosses imo. They’re gorgeous

  34. kristina

    NARS and Chanel are the two I can handle. Although I have plenty glosses, I don’t fancy myself a gloss girl b/c most on the market are too sticky or goopy looking. I love Chanel especially because they have a dewy finish rather than a goopy, “just ate fried chicken” look.

  35. I’m not really sure whether they qualify as lipglosses, but I’m totally in love with the MAC cremesheen glasses. Enough colour pay off, and not sticky at all IMO!

    • Those are definitely lipglosses!

      • Heather H

        Hi Christine,
        What is the difference between the Dazzleglass Cremes and Cremesheen glasses? I bought a Dazzleglass Creme when they first came out and I didn’t like the formula or the way it smelled. I don’t know if they are suppose to have a vanilla scent but mine definately didn’t.

  36. Jo

    By Terry light expert absolute high gloss non stick fantastic! It hasn’t the staying power but what lip gloss has it does stay in longer than Nars – only down side is price and colour varity!!!

  37. Laura


    I hadn’t worn gloss for years as I HATE stickiness, but then my boyfriend bought me these and it changed my (beauty) life forever. Honestly, there is not even a hint of stickiness. I didn’t know a product like this could ever exist!


  38. Ashley

    maybelline color sensational lipgloss, milani 3D glitzy glamour gloss and rimmel vinyl lip. They’re all cheapies but fantastic;)

  39. Sarah M

    i am really loving the bobbi brown rich colour glosses at the moment. they are very pigmented and almost like liquid lip colour. They feel and smell amazing in my opinion. :-)

  40. Emily

    MAC Creamsheens!

  41. Alexis

    NARS! I also love Chanel Glossimers but that is just a touch thicker than the NARS glosses.

  42. Cee Elle


  43. Kayt

    Philosophy Kiss Me – the original one! Slightly tinted and not sticky at all and doesn’t dry out my lips

  44. christy

    chanel glossimers, guerlain kiss kiss glosses, and givenchy’s

  45. Tia Patrice

    I love tiNte lipglosses especially Double Bubble :)

  46. LORAC 3D Multiplexes.. LOVE these so so sooo much. They’re like Dazzleglasses but 10x better without the stickiness and actually moisturize my lips and last for hours.

    Only downside is that there are only 6 colors. I wish they’d add more. Plus, they look really different on every one.

  47. For non-sticky glosses I like Dior Addict glosses and Korres Cherry Oil glosses. Both are shiny, long lasting and lip moisturizing.

  48. Jennifer

    NYX lipgloss :)

  49. Danielle P.

    NARS – Luv Sweet Revenge and Supervixen!

  50. MAC Cremesheen Glass

  51. Thincspot

    MAC lip gelees and Estee Lauder High Gloss Ultra Brilliance.

  52. Carrie

    Laura Mercier Lip Glaces. They also come in gorgeous colors and smell wonderful. Benefit lip glosses aren’t sticky and they smell great. Lip Fusion also makes non-sticky glosses. I think MAC has some great glosses that are not sticky at all. I love the Cremesheens and Lipgelees. A cheaper option would be Revlon Super Lustrous gloss. IMO, they’re the drugstore glosses that come closest to the quality of department store brands.

  53. Guerlain kisskiss gloss stick, because it’s like a lipstick/balm/gloss all rolled into one, pretty, moisturising and in no way sticky :)

  54. jillo

    Cargo classic gloss, in the tin or tube…the best

  55. Jenny H.

    There doesn’t seem to be a consensus.. which leads me to believe that I was right to think.. THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS NON-STICKY GLOSS!!


    • Or maybe there isn’t one clear winner (although I thought most people said Chanel Glossimers) because there are more than one brands that have non-sticky glosses?! I certainly own several brands of glosses that are really not sticky.

    • Airisu

      I think it just depends on your personal taste, what’s sticky to one person is not necessarily sticky to someone else. Or they may not be as sensitive to it.

  56. Chanel glossimers hands down. And CClarins Instant Light Lip Perfector. I couldn’t believe how quickly I used the tube up (first lip product I’ve ever finished, in fact!)

  57. Chrystia

    THEBALM Balmshelter Tinted Gloss. This stuff is smooth and satiny on the lips and it smells delicious. You can buy it at Sephora!

  58. SuSu

    Smashbox all the way!

  59. Victoria

    NYX wins!! Although I’d say it is slightly sticky, but not the hair sticks to lips kind, the just sticky enough to be long-ish lasting kind :)

  60. Nic

    I tend to buy mostly thick (stickyish) glosses, so I don’t have a ton of non-sticky ones to compare. Of the ones I’ve tried, I have to go with NARS. It’s non-sticky, lightweight, and it stays on quite a while. :)

  61. condesa

    YSL Golden Gloss’es are not sticky at all.
    Also Chanel, long lasting & not sticky
    I love Dior Ultra GLoss too… buth these are a tad stickier (Nothing I cannot waer! I have 4 of them!!!)

  62. Lana A

    Well, I guess it has to be Eau de Gloss by Bourjois. It’s water-based, so it glides on smoothly, doesn’t stick and gives you that wet look. I love it, I finished up two bottles (the sahde is Moka Frappe). It does go bad quite quick, I’m afraid. it gets kind of goopy/lumpy *yuck*. But the shades are gorgeous and it gives you a pleasant cooling effect =) Love it!

  63. I actually think that the best non sticky lip gloss is from a drugstore. It is the Bonnebell lipLITES. They are so non sticky, but very pigmented! I love them!

  64. alice

    I like the regular Sue Devitt in mini tubes, YSL, Shiseido & Nars.

  65. TresLeches

    MAC Cremesheen lipglosses are the BEST!!!!!!!!!! Just right..!

  66. Airisu

    The best glosses I’ve found are from Korres (the cherry oil, imo the lip butters don’t count as glosses, but they’re non-sticky 😀 ) and Sephora gloss – and they smell yummy too. I want to say MAC’s Dazzleglasses but – and this may sound weird – mine are really bipolar, sometimes they feel sticky, other times they don’t :/

  67. Juliana

    NYX glosses are not sticky and pigmented

  68. Nana

    I think Mac creamsheen glass and MAC lipgelees are great and they are not sticky.

  69. MAC Cremesheen Glasses are the best! I would so buy them over and over again!

  70. Eileen

    Chanel Glossimers win hands down!

  71. I would have to say that I love NYX glosses and the MAC creamsheens…..I just don’t feel like they are sticky at all

  72. Karen

    Tarte’s double-ended glosses… so moisturizing and creamy, but they last long!

  73. I would definitely say YSL’s Golden Gloss. Love the scent and feel of that lipgloss (And I can’t stop bragging about how much I love it)!

  74. Liz W

    NYX megashine gloss.

  75. marlena

    Bonne Bell’s Lip Lites are great and cheap – they’re glossy without being sticky or greasy.

  76. Paula

    MAC cremesheen glass!

  77. Chanel Glossimers !!

  78. NP Set is my hands-down winner. (Will have to try Chanel Glossimer to see how it compares…)

    Others that follow quite closely are:
    Urban Decay Pocket Rocket
    MAC Lipgelee
    and lastly, I like e.l.f.

  79. Lanolips is the best non-sticky lipgloss out there EVER! :)

  80. Freya

    Chanel Glossimiers and the new Dior Addict Ultra Glosses are great too.

  81. Ice Breaker lip gloss! you have to try it, its the best so far.

  82. Jules


    CHANEL, YSL, Dior, Nars

  83. Ijif Tenny

    My vote for the best non-stick lip gloss is Chanel Levres Scintillantes. My personal favorite color is Amour. Even though these are quite pricey, but are worth every penny. Their colors are subtle but yet elegant. They last a bit longer than most other brands. I also use Bobbi Brown lip glosses (quite good and cheaper), but they don’t quite compare with Chanel.