Saturday, March 7th, 2009

The Hit List

Best Nail Polish Brand? What product wins this category?

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77 thoughts on “The Hit List: Best Nail Polish Brand

  1. Erica

    China Glaze lasts almost 2 weeks without chipping! The best color is Agent Lavender!

  2. cloudburst

    I hate the price, but Dior’s polish is really long wearing.

  3. Andrea

    I used to be all about OPI, but I’m a recent Misa convert! This stuff is spectacular!! Lasts over two weeks with no chipping..

  4. Macaddict

    Chanel & Christian Dior!

  5. Ashley

    I love OPI. I refuse to pay too much for a nail polish, and I am usually sick of a colour after a week or two anyways.

  6. I’m loving China Glaze and Zoya lately! I’ve picked up a few high end ones – there’s a beautiful YSL color, and Chanel has a knack for catching my eye!

  7. Lingping

    China Glaze for colors, Chanel for staying power and Opi for application :)

  8. Only 1?! Eek, Essie I think :) I love OPI too but they’re both really expensive. Cheapy-wise Rimmel 60 seconds and Bourjois are pretty good.

  9. Leah

    I used to be partial to OPI but recently I’m loving China Glaze for its staying power and color choices.

  10. HijabiApprentice

    A tie between China Glaze and Zoya!!

  11. Terry

    Chanel nail polishes are the best, in my opinion, for their staying power and the shades.

  12. Angie

    OPI i guess! Its not expensive and there’s so many colours!

  13. Rio

    OPI, but I haven’t tried many brands.

  14. jamie

    opi nail polish then china glaze! that is my vote!

  15. Tracy

    I’ve always used OPI and China Glaze, but I’ve been so unhappy with chipping that I was looking around. I tried Orly Bonder base coat, and the Orly No Chip top coat and I’m so happy! I’ll still use my normal brands, and I do have some Orly too, but I’m definitely sticking with this base and top coat!

  16. SND

    Essie hands down!

  17. sprut

    I have never been picky about my nail polish. As I’ve gotten older I use OPI more mostly because they just have so many color options but there are still some drugstore colors that I love. I used to love a color by Love My Nails but it was discontinued several years ago.

  18. China Glaze!
    I’ve tried so many types of nail polishes, Chanel, Dior, MAC, OPI, etc., but I have one problem. I love rubbing my thumbnails against my bottom teeth, which inevitably causes them to chip. With China Glaze, they have not chipped at all! I’ve had on For Audrey for about a week now, and I have yet to have any chips on my thumbnails.

  19. Eddie

    I guess OPI, but I haven’t tried much… Where could I find China Glaze? Please!

  20. Heather

    I haven’t tried to many brands but thats just cause I use to not do my nails very much because I hate when it chips alot but I decided to get some avon nail polish a couple of months ago since it was really cheap and I absolutely love them I can wear them for a week straight without chips thats with the base and top coats

  21. Carrie

    hmmm…I choose Zoya!

  22. I love China Glaze, Zoya, Nubar, OPI, you name it. I have one by Nfu-Oh that I love, it’s kind of expensive though. I don’t know too much about Essie. I can’t seem to keep any brand polish on for too long & I have so many colors I like to change alot.

  23. Rachael

    Never tried the high end stuff but I like OPI for middle of the road polish.

  24. Maren

    China Glaze!!!

  25. Tanya

    I am an OPI girl :) Of course I wont be wearing any polish for a week or two…I tried to sew through two of my nails today on my sewing machine…GAHHHH soooo much blood, and I now have a huge hole in one of my finger nails and another through the tip of my finger. Good thing my son was around to help me because I was bleeding all over the place. Yep…poor poor Tanya…LOL

  26. Right now I’d say China Glaze. They’ve been killing my wallet with their awesome collections the last couple of years.

  27. Liana

    OPI! hands down

  28. Liana

    China Glaze hands down, then Color Club. Orly for base coat and Seche Vite for top coat. Trust me, Seche makes a DIFFERENCE!!

    • Caylin

      Seche is the best top coat ive ever used. I work in childcare and with horses so im alwasy chipping my nails. With Seche on ive had my manicure for 2 weeks!!!

  29. rowan

    chanel, mavala. urban decays sadly discontinued nail varnishes were amazing.

  30. Izzy

    I like the range from The Face Shop, its cheap and there’s lots of colours to choose from.

  31. i’m loving china glaze in the color for aubrey :)
    reminds me of tiffany’s co.!

  32. victoria

    if i had a lot of money, i would choose chanel but i don’t so my best alternative will be essie.

  33. Ruth

    I hardly ever wear nail polish but when I do it’s Lise Watier. The bottle is small, so there’s not too much product, it lasts a really long time, never chips and applies smoothly.

  34. IndigoXX

    1st Finger Paints – Glossy Finish, Fast Drying, Long Wearing, Never Chips
    2nd China Glaze
    3rd OPI

    Finger Paints & China Glaze can be found at Sally’s Beauty Supply

  35. cmferrets


  36. Melissa

    China Glaze !!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Bona

    Chanel, OPI,dior!!!

  38. DaniMae

    Love me some China Glaze. That’s all I own.

  39. HoneyBrown1976

    I like OPI for it’s color variation.

  40. April

    OPI, Essie, China Glaze are all my favorites! OPI probably has the best application.
    I’m starting to love Zoya for its unique, beautiful colors too!

  41. Sophia

    China Glaze and Misa! The best!!

  42. vinna

    OPI tops my list. Essie quickly follows.
    ………… i actually don’t really like my Chanel compared to my OPIs.

  43. Marieke

    OPI. I LOVE IT!! the colours and the application brushes are just perfect!! And they stay on for such a long time, even without a topcoat!

    CiaoOo Marieke

  44. Amanda

    I love OPI and China Glaze. They both have a nice selection of colors, and both provide long lasting results :)

  45. iloovemakeup

    CHINA GLAZE!!! love it!!

  46. I loveee China Glaze. So many colors to choose from, easy application, and long staying power. With a Sally’s card, they’re only $3.25 at Sally Beauty Supply. Love that part, hehe.

  47. BlueRoze2001

    OPI. love the application!

  48. I know many people will not agree with my, but my favorite nail polish is MAC’s. I have used many others including OPI, ORLY, China Glaze, and many many more and none of them have lasted as long a the MAC nail polishes (using the same base and top coat with all of them).

  49. Linds

    OPI!!!! I love the colors and the polish lasted up to 2 weeks without chipping!

  50. S.

    Purple e/s in different shades wold go nice. Light pink lips. I love my fun and game blush but havent used it. Waiting for those nice breezy sunny days :)

  51. S.

    I really dont know much about nail polish but there is this really nice clear one Im in love with. Its from Bath and Body works but they do not sell any more as a single so I think you have to buy the whole manicure set which I plan to get. I think its called blue spa. I like clear and nail polish makes my nails really strong.

  52. Amy

    I have plenty of OPI and Chanel, but lately I’ve been trying to start buying Butter London because their formula is non-toxic (and they have fun, chic colors).

  53. Melody

    I like a lot of brands. OPI, China Glaze, Misa and Essie are all at the tope though!

  54. Reese

    OPI & China Glaze!

  55. Annie

    Anna Sui! not only they are super easy to apply, anna sui offers the most unique colors and smell really good after!

  56. Kellie

    I like a brand called Creative.

  57. Nicole15

    1st place – OPI
    2nd place – Essie

  58. MEGHAN

    Honestly, I adore Finger Paints, Indigo is right, they never chip….ever!!!

  59. I have tried OPI, Sephora by OPI, (their nail polsih fast drying drops are amazing), Essie ($8.00 a bottle) for their 300+ colors; and OPI has the best applications (wide pro brush) and gorgoeus color. Has anyone used Sinful colors? Just wanted to know why is SInful so inexpensiove at $2.50 a bottle?

    Like China Glaze they have over 300 shades. Wow! That’s allot of nail colors. Plus OPI “Try on this Color” Menu is awesome, bnetter than Sally Hansen’s nail Color selector page. Tgank you.

  60. Vyki

    OPI is good but there are a few that are better. I tried wearing a hand each of Barry M and OPI for week, and it’s much more chip resistant. The OPI looked very scatty and messy and the Barry still look really neat and had a lovely finish. Plus it’s about a quarter of the price! And in some stores you can get three bottles for £6. They might not have as many shades as OPI but the ones they do have are lovely, especially the matt ones.
    Also I recently got a gift set of Nails Inc polishes, and they’re fantastic! You have to put three coats on with some colours, but they have such a gorgeous finish and shades and last for absolutely weeks and weeks!

  61. lm

    No RBL fans? They may be pricey, but they’re not as expensive as some (hello Chanel) and Ji’s unique colors are out of this world.

  62. izabela

    OPI By far.

  63. icecelia

    sally hanson…..all the way! nothing better than it! buy it and fall in luv with it!

  64. Kassandra

    Butter London Ftw!

  65. kaylee

    it’s gotta be OPI. it has a wide variety of colors, applies smoothly, and doesn’t chip easily.