Sunday, January 11th, 2009

The Hit List

Best Liquid Eyeliner? What product wins this category?

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42 thoughts on “The Hit List: Best Liquid Eyeliner

  1. DevilishDoll

    The only liquid eyeliners I’ve ever used are the MAC ones. I have Fuchsia-ism and Pop Iris, then I just ordered Greenplay. I’m still learning how to use them though. And dang, those things never wanna come off, I tried soap and water, baby wipes, makeup remover. Usually I just pick at it until it comes off.

    • Sanayhs

      Olive oil takes them off beautifully.

    • eva

      i know which eyeliner youre talking about. you have to buy eye makeup remover that appears seperated in the bottle. (the way oil and water look). i buy mine at Sephora. you shake the bottle before you use it. put it on a cotton pad and it disapears off your eyes. its better then picking at it or using cooking oil.

      • Jenny

        I have used both liquid and pencil liners. I like the liquid because you can do finer lines. The pencils I don’t care for because I can never get it sharpened just right. I also have sensitive eyes so I like the waterproof eyeliner. I live in Iowa and don’t really want to pay a lot for it. I used clinique liquid eyeliner and it just comes out way too thick. Any suggestions???

  2. rose

    If you live in Canada or the UK you must try the Gosh Cosmetics line, it is awesome! the BEST eyeliner I have ever used is the Gosh Extremely Waterproof liquid liner. It really is smudgeproof and waterproof, and it creats a great thin line or thick line. I even went swimming (I mean actually swimming laps–not just playing in the pool) and it stayed on perfectly! I highly recommend it, and for it’s price it can’t be beat ($13 CAD)

    • Anitacska

      Oh cool, I just bought a black one today! :)

    • sasha

      hi how are you?im looking to buy a gosh eyeliner on ebay,and im looking for one that really stays put and doesnt move,some are saying that the waterproof gosh pencil eyeliner still ruins,would you say that the liquid waterproof gosh eyeliner stays better than the pencil from there line?ive tried tons of eyeliners,i need a good one,also do you know one that stays good in the inner rim of the eye?ive tried everything,thanks very much:0)

      • Lumi

        I suck at applying liquid liners and am a pencil and kohl liner faithful. Gosh has the darkest and smoothest black pencil liner that I have ever tried, but it still smudges and runs like any other liner =/

    • lily-rose

      i’m gunna try that one cuz it souds really good and i’m always using liquid eyelinerr :) thank you

  3. avon liquid eyeliner – probably the only avon product i use.

  4. Cassie

    I am m LOVING the new Penultimate eyeliner in Rapid Black that came out in the Dame Edna Collection for MAC! By far my fav liquid eyeliner that I’ve ever tried. And I’ve tried a zillion!

  5. Ceci

    The only liquid liner I really use (aside from some random drugstore brands) is the Zuzu Liquid Eyeliner, just because I have sensitive eyes and they’re pretty much as natural as they come, not to mention that they come in some interesting colors (price is around USD$13). I think Dr. Hauschka makes a nice one too though. A bit pricey though, in the neighborhood of USD$20+ bucks.

    Aside from the natural stuff, MAC does a pretty good job in making a liquid liner (although I personally prefer the gel formula (Fluidline) because of its versatility in terms of the many looks you can create with it). So does Prestige (also comes in 9 different colors if I’m not mistaken).

  6. Macaddict

    Don’t like liquid eyeliners because most are waterproof and too hard – read almost impossible to remove! I do own some MAC liquidlast (which I never use for the reasons mentioned above), some GOSH ones as well (but they are extremely waterproof too), and I have purchased the new Penultimate liner when it came out. The MA had to sell me on it because I assumed that it was waterproof and thus incredibly unremovable. She said it is waterproof but also very easy to remove with a MAC m/u wipe remover and she demonstrated on my skin. Well, she was right and I bought it on the spot. Aside from that, I use MAC fluidline (which I love) and combos of pencil liners and e/s.

  7. Andrea

    My current fave is L’OREAL Lineur Intense. The only thing I don’t like is that it dries to a shinier finish. I had hoped that the Penultimate would be my new fave but it didn’t pan out for me.

  8. I have 3 of MAC’s Liquidlast liner in Greenplay, Inky and Point Black. Originally I liked the colors and how they stayed but hated the brush. When I started using my own brush instead of the piece of crap that came with it, I loved the product. I almost threw these out before I tried them with my bent eyeliner brush and I’m soo glad I didn’t. I’ve also tried Almay’s liquid eyeliner, which is ok, and MAC’s Liquid Eye Liner, which I liked.

    • Myxa

      Are you using one of the MAC brushes? Which number? Do you just dip the brush inside? That’s a cool tip!

      • Ellie

        I’ve used a bent eyeliner brush from Avon-it was really inexpensive and great for cream formulas of eyeliner. And once it gets worn/hard to clean you can just toss it and get another since its under $5.

  9. DaniMae

    I’m loving MAC Penultimate in Rapidblack.

  10. MAC Liquidlast in Point Black.

    • Ashley

      MAC Liquidlast in Point Black.
      I agree.
      stays on through everything. takes off with oil based removers(olive oil and such).

  11. Katherine

    First place -UD Liquid liners. Second – Lancome Artliners

  12. Abigail

    Though I really do like the MAC Pentultimate (as nice as the Hourglass felt tip, but MUCH less expensive), my all time favorites are for drug store, the original Almay Liquid Eyeliner (only comes in black or brown–don’t bother with the colored ones) and for high end, the Shu refillable pen.

  13. mahalia

    The only liquid liner I have ever tried is the penultimate in rapid black. I love it!

  14. champagne

    definitely shiseido’s “The Makeup Fine Eyeliner”. I’ve been using it for five years now and its so good. The brush is so luxurious..

  15. I like a natural look and was never a liquid eyeliner fan till I tried the pen liner from Shiseido Integrate (drugstore line). It makes a very fine line, is very dark, and is super easy to use, even for a klutz like me.

  16. Turkidhdelight573

    i am so so in love with benefits Babecake!!!!
    but looks like im the only one here

  17. Latia

    Hey Turkidhdelight…I work for Benefit and a select few ladies come in for the Babecakes…Seems like these days, most ladies don’t like the extra step of wetting a brush or dipping it in a sealant (like Benefit’s SheLaq)…But it’s a goodie.

    My fave liquid liner is the Bobbi Brown Gel Liners…They are all intensely pigmented and dry matte. The shimmer inks are all fabulous and the matte inks are just as good.

    I’ve tried the Chanel liquid liner pen and have had it for going on a couple of years…it’s alright, but it tends to rub off onto itself when you do multiple coats.

  18. suuzieq

    K-Palette 24-hour — the best thing ever!

  19. suziewho

    anyone have any inexpensive brands? id love to try MAC products, but they are just too expensive! Surely there must be a less expensive alternative!

  20. tara

    Anyone have an opinion on the Kat Von D liquid liners? I tried in-store and they seem cool, but wondering….Tx! Also, I have heard terrific things about Lancome’s Laque Liner, but website says they’re discontinued! (geeeeez..)

  21. Cindy

    Prestige liquid liner

    • Bunny7

      The Cheap NYC in black works really well and it does not smudge. I think its number 883 or 881. The waterproof one has that hard felt tip and its chips off and lands on your eye concealor. Trust me for $2.99 try the regular black/noir. You can find this in Rite Aid,

      • Maria Vivas

        I really agree with you! I’ve been using this NYC liquid eyeliner for about 5 years now, and
        let me tell you, it work like magic! It’s super
        black, doesn’t smudge, and stays on throughout the whole day! Best inexpensive liquid eyeliner i’ve ever used!

  22. Vyki

    Almost every single bit of my staple make up is MAC, but when it comes to liquid eyeliner, I’d say Collection 2000. It stays just the right amount, not too much so that you need a flamethrower to get it off when you make a mistake like the MAC liquid ones, but it won’t fade away when it’s on. Plus it’s super cheap.
    I bought the brand new eyeliner from MAC from the Tabloid Beauty line, and I have to say, the apllicators amazing, you can put it only really slapdash and it doesn’t make a mess, and it’s thin anough to do tiny detail. Only thing is it that it doesn’t come out very very balck, and it smudges with the tiniest knock

  23. may

    Koji Japan is the best! creating extremely fine line…super waterproof n smudge proof! dries at the right time and u can easily remove it with warm water! Don’t know where you could get it in the US but does sell them. US13 i guess?

  24. Dee

    I have used IsaDora glossy liner for years…and its just amazing…really black, smudge proof and easy to remove

  25. MR

    The best liquid eyeliner I have used is Gosh Extreme Art Liquid Eyeliner (even compared to Makeup Forever Aqualiners). I’ve only used the liquid and not the pencil but nothing takes this liner off. Once it’s dry it’s on for the night. The only issue I’ve had with it is taking it off at night since it stays on so well. I’m going to try the coconut oil suggestion.