Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

The Hit List

Best Lip Balm? What product wins this category?

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61 thoughts on “The Hit List: Best Lip Balm

  1. Crystal

    Burts Bees, amazing!

  2. tatiana

    Ever since I was 11 years old and one summer I burned my lips in the hot Nevada sun, forgetting to bring my trusty Chapstick on the boat, I’ve been a lip balm fiend. I’ve tried expensive to cheap and so far the bestest ever is Kiehl’s #1 in Cranberry. So emollient and makes my lips moist for a long time.

  3. styrch

    Personally I still love Beauticontrol’s lip balm. But I also love Skyn Iceland’s Angelica Lip Repair. Too bad both are kinda pricey for lip balm…

  4. I personally LOVE Carmex tins. Tried the tubes and was not quite as pleased

  5. My favorite is the MAC Tendertones Collection above all else.

    When they come out in the beginning of summer i buy 2-3 extra to last me thru out the year.

  6. Blistex Mint SPF 15 Lip Balm

  7. jess

    Carmex Tins. Cheap and good. But…I don’t like to put my finger in the pot, so I usually use Burt’s Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm.

  8. Burts Bees honey lip balm… smells like honey and keeps my lips so smooth and moisturized!

  9. Kella

    I’m actually still looking for my fav! I’ve tried many.. but I’m not 100% happy with any one of them yet. So far I like La Roche Posay’s Ceralip bc of the ingredients, etc., but I wish it was thicker!

  10. Rebecca

    Korres lip butter is my new favorite. It keeps my lips moisturized and I love the sheer wash of color.

    • Sammie

      Oh yeah..I forgot about Korres! Their quince one is mah fave =)
      What about you? The lot, or one in particular?

    • Shefali

      Korres is THE BOMB. I have tried so many different balms and this wins hands down for me. I have the Plum one that came out during the holidays in a set, and the Guava one as well. I keep them in different rooms in my house and just slather them on when I need to. They last long and my lips are seriously softer an hour later. I don’t know how they work so well, but they truly are amazing. Nothing works as good.

  11. Sammie

    Carmex: works and doesnt cost the earth..

  12. KaylaK

    I second with the tendertones! Gosh I hope they come back this year, mine is almost gone! :(

  13. Anitacska


  14. I prefer Blistex Cans, but when it comes to color, Benetint lipbalm is gorgeous too!!!

  15. Kimie

    Nivea’s is my current fave oh also the one from E.L.F. in raspberry- can’t beat the price!

  16. Tam

    Blistex Lip Tone w/ SPF 15 “A Touch of Color. Total Care”. The tiniest bit of color that just looks like you have a great natural lips.

  17. HoneyBrown1976


  18. CeeBee

    Lucas Papaw Ointment is great as a lip balm – and for just about anything else, sort of like a not so sticky (or smelly) version of Eight Hour Cream. Way cheaper too!

    Otherwise, Clinique SuperBalm.

  19. mahalia

    Carmex and chapstick

  20. Sasha

    Softlips, definitely! I really like John Masters Organics’ Lip Calm too.

    I LOVE tendertones, but for me these are more like glosses than balms.

  21. roslynd

    carmex wins right now. I am a chapstick queen(i have tried them all, and have like 10 on hand at a time, at least with this weather carmex is the only thing that holds up, i do generally love soft lips though

  22. Nora

    I’ve recently converted into a Carmex fan. Their strawberry tube is the BEST I’ve found so far. Chapstick is …too dry for me. Just feel waxy. But Carmex is good waxy, slightly tingly, smells good, and makes my lips beautiful!

  23. Sara

    i looove my rose salve from bath and body works (so i’ll assume its be c.o.bigelow) it smells soooooooooooooo good and it’s great for my cuticles too

  24. jessica

    Haven’t used too many lip balms but I’m digging the neutrogena exfoliating lip balm. I don’t get breakouts from it.

  25. Emma

    burts bees is awesome especially cuz its cheap. i do love the fresh sugar lip treatment, but it is ridiculously expensive at $22.50

  26. I used to be a huge Carmex fan, but cannot stand the smell anymore for some reason. I am very surprised that I am the only one so far to say Smith’s Rosebud Salve! I have about 6 tins of it all over the place, including the Brambleberry Rose and Strawberry “flavors” and I LOVE them all!

  27. leslie

    I like, no, I LOVE KARITE shea butter lip balm. I bought it at Whole Foods grocery for $7 in the natural heathcare aisle.

    • Marlena

      LOVE this too! Definitely my HG. It is a lovely texture, actually moisturizes, and smells like vanilla, and is generally a freaking godsend.

  28. Rachel

    I love Aquaphor for lips.. in comes in a pack of two at Walgreens for like six bux and is heavy-duty in the moisturizing department.. plus you can use it on flakey skin/cuticles too 😛

    I also LOVE Smith’s Rosebud Salve.. my favorite is the minty flavor one..

  29. Monica

    Someone up there FINALLY mentioned the rosebud salve from sephora. That is my new HG lip balm.

    Which says sooo much coming from me, because I used to swear by blistex (the one in the blue cup) and never gave ANYTHING else a chance cause I always missed the menthol feel and everything else is just too waxy.

    But I’ve been using the rosebud salve for about a month now and oh em gee is that not the best stuff ever. And I love it cause its so cheap…$6 for an all around salve (its not just for lips, its an all purpose for irritations, dryness, etc). I’m definetely gonna pick up some more tins of that stuff next time I go to sephora.

  30. Andrea

    burt’s bees!

  31. jess


  32. I’ve tried tons of chapsticks/lip balms and the ones that I find myself gravitating back to would be Vaseline (the one for lips in a squeeze tube) and Nivea Lip Balms. After reading these comments I might give Blistex a shot.

  33. megan

    I love my trusty tin of vaseline..but if i want something different i go to loreal jelly balms. i LOVE these they smell great and their nice and thick, but not to thick and thier not at all sticky. i actually like these better than mac tendetones

  34. Jenny

    Rosebud lip salve or Bag Balm by far!

  35. Hana

    Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer is perfect for day. It’s unscented, really moisturizes, and is SPF 15.

    Aquaphor is my favorite for night.

  36. I too love BB honey l/b. I also just purchased Burts Bees pomegranate l/b, im really liking it.

  37. ncj

    LypSyl, Burtsbees or Blistex Complete moisture

  38. carriespooner

    Eqyptian Magic or straight up raw shea butter.

    If you haven’t got into Eqyptian Magic.. OMG. It’s the bomb for so many things.
    You can google them or go to their site.

    It’s my go to product.

  39. Sarah

    I’ve tried trillions of lip balms over the years (who hasn’t?) but my favourite has to be nivea, the one in the lipstick-like tube in original.
    a fave luxury one is l’occitane’s rose bonbon (yum!) or a fun one-off like lipsmackers in cherry coca-cola.

  40. hi

    I kinda like Yes To Carrots C Me Smiles Vitamin C Carrot Lip Butter (GOD thats a long name) because its very smooth, shiny, and makes my lips a little red-tinted. It also smells like cherries at first, but after a while it smells like camphor without the mintish smell. The camphor scent isn;’t as pleasant, but I’ll take that smell any day with the super moisture from this balm!

  41. neena

    My favorite is the MAC lip conditioner, preferably the one in the pot. For some reason I find the pot version to work better then the other versions.

  42. Kate

    Burt’s Bees. Love the peppermint scent! :)

  43. aeys1

    Lansinoh Lanolin (it’s mainly to treat cracked nipples for breastfeeding..kinda gross..i know but it’s 100% high grade lanolin and brand claims this to be the world’s purest lanolin. Give it a try!

  44. L

    Burts Bees, i love how there’s no weird stuff in it as Blistex had a chemical w/ the sunscreen that caused me to have an allergic reaction.

  45. Mamainak

    I love Burt’s Bees with honey (I’d love to try beeswax and pomegranate ones too) and now i bought Carmex, but I don’t like the smell and it has menthol in it and tingles a bit…

  46. leslie

    I just recently tried Loreal Jelly Lip Balms. I was totally surprised by how nice they were being that i’m not into drugstore stuff. Just a little color and moisturizing. I liked it soo much that i went to Walgreens and bought more since the store has buy one get one!

  47. gigi

    I LOVED soy mocha lip balm by bare escentuals but they discontinued it :(

    I finally found some on ebay a lot of 10 and bought them all!!!!!!!! it is the best lip balm ever made!

  48. gigi

    Oh 4 got to mention… other then the soy mocha lip balm, Ive been using Juara Candlenut Lip Balm SPF 20 & Jane Iredale Lip Drink SPF 15 which are really good …but still they don’t have the “maxi lip” ingredient which plumps up the lips a bit. But for really soft lips I do recommend the 2

  49. Lindsay

    smith’s rosebud salve is amazing. i have turned so many people on to it. i love it so much because it doesn’t sting chapped lips, it’s the perfect texture, and smells great. the only thing i hate is that if i put it in my purse in the summer time it melts and can leak out of the tin. also caudalie grape seed lip conditioner is wonderful. lllllooooovvvve the smell, taste, and texture.

  50. Blistex Medicated Berry Balm! It’s right in between the perfect range of applying too thin and too heavy, and it feels slippery and soft without being greasy. It’s just the right texture, keeps lips moisturized for forever, and it can stand through eating most of the time! The next time I see it in stores I must remind myself to stock up on it, because I think they are discontinuing it :((

    The mint flavor of this brand though is annoying. It goes on thinner and doesn’t last as long.

    • I worded that wrong…I didn’t mean the berry kind lasted longer as in I didn’t have to buy it as much – I meant it lasted longer as in the lip balm stayed longer.

  51. vaishali

    actually, i wannna ask a Question that…Is Nivea’s lip balms are good or not? ….
    thank you! :)