Thursday, November 19th, 2009

The Hit List

What’s the Best Waterline Eyeliner…?

What brand/product wins this category? Any particular reason it wins?

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71 thoughts on “The Hit List: Best Liner for the Waterline

  1. Laura

    I think MACs pearlglides are fantastic! Those things are super pigmented and they do not budge at all!

    • Aramis

      I second this! they are not safe for waterline but i tried it and loved it! Unfortunately Feline does not stay on my waterline but i did like that it was a true black!

  2. I heard that Wet N’ Wild has this AWESOME Liquid eyeliner. Cheap and works like a charm!

    • Maria

      “Cheap,” indeed! It burned my (non-sensitive) eyes just using is as a regular liner, much less on the waterline. How can you tell it “works like a charm” if you’ve only “heard” but never tried it?

  3. shatani

    i really like MAC feline power kohl for the waterline, but if its particularly windy or my eyes are watery, it goes away. for color on the waterline, urban decay 24/7 liners are fantastic!

  4. slick

    For me its MUFE’s Aqua Eyes Pencils. Love these pencils, they are waterproof, long-lasting, and not too soft.

  5. Evelyn

    ive tried all kinds of waterproof liners and ones with great reviews likes stila kajal, urban decay 24/7, coastal scents gel liner, clinique cream liner, anna sui waterproof, nars liners
    NONE of them stayed, my eyes are the absolute worst for waterline lining, and even though liquid last is probably not safe for the waterline, it’s the only one that doesn’t budge wheras all those other ones fade and smudge and goop up in the corners of my eyes, even when i set them with shadow

    • Giggal

      Have you tried Bobbi Brown Gel Liners? Especially the shimmer ones! They are fab for the waterline. I was the same as you with MAC, UD 24/7, Clarins, YSL, they all disappeared, but nothing has lasted as well as BB. They are very comfortable too.
      MAC 209 brush is great for the waterline too. I semi close my eyes & pull the brush across & it lines the top & bottom waterline.

  6. Kajsa

    Zero all the way baby! <3

  7. Rowan

    UD 24/7 has absolutely NO competition

  8. francesca

    Mac Technakhol in Graphblack and Brownborder!

  9. kpenn

    Lise Watier (not sure if it’s available in the US since it’s a Canadian brand) – her liners are awesome, super soft and non-irritating for the water line. They last the longest of any I’ve ever tried, and come in gorgeous seasonal colours.

    All of her products are pretty amazing, actually; I would highly recommend them!

  10. Tatiana

    I’m UD 24/7 til I die but for the waterline, I think MUFE has them beat.

  11. Nicole15

    UD 24/7 liners take the prize. Not a day goes by that i don’t use zero or the new dark brown color, Corrupt. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

  12. coco72

    Loreal HIP khol, in black and Burgundy.
    MAC Fluidline, Feline, Smolder, Chanel Khol Graphite agoes away in my waterline
    I haven´t tried MAC Liquidlast liner, I will take a note in my wishlist

  13. I like to use a smudgepot on the waterline :) It really doesn’t fade! I know the urban decay ones sometimes melt off when I go to work (I work in a restaurant) and it DOES NOT look cute at all! :( Kinda embarrassing actually lol!

  14. Sans

    STila Eye Kajal. NO CONTEST.

  15. angelica

    24/7 doesnt stay on too long…the loreal liquid pncil was good, but the one that stays put the longest is the black stila smudge pot on my waterline!!!

  16. mLacey464

    Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero!

  17. Julia

    If I line my waterline I want something really pigmented & intense. I like using soft kohl pencils, I like using cheap maybelline liners (the red ones), warming them up with a lighter like scott barnes is showing in this video
    I think its a great way to soften up any hard kohl pencil.

  18. My waterline is like Evelyns and NOTHING will stay. I have tried all the pencils and the best is MAC feline. I have even tried fluidline and other gel liners but those irritate my eyes so I have to use pencil.

  19. jenny

    revlon colorstay pencil liner . love this stuffff

  20. Tina

    Loreal HIP Creme Eyeliner…that’s the only one that doesn’t budge on me at all…for 8 hours or more…

  21. Rebecca

    The only one I can get to stay is MAC’s Greasepaint Stick.

  22. Lis

    tecknokohl in black works for me. smolder and feline

  23. MAC addict

    Urban decay 24/7. Towards the end of the day, they do fade a little but u can still see some color. Its awesome!
    Christine….you didnt tell us which is your favorite.

  24. Anitacska

    Urban Decay 24/7! The best! But I’ve just bought the HIP metallic liners, so I will have to try them and see if they’re as good as the UD 24/7 liners.

  25. none! no liner stays on my waterline for more that an hour! i’ve tried so many, and ive tried setting it as well with shadow.

  26. Dorie

    Urban Decay 24/7 liners

  27. Lisa

    Prescriptives softliner in Jet. I’ve stocked up since they are closing down! :-(

    I got an email from them today announcing that they will have a new online ordering system in January 2010 where you can save your custom blend recipe and reorder your makeup. Why would they send an email out like this? Are some of their products still going to be available?

  28. Sarah M

    I actually love using gel liners on the waterline. MAC, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Smashbox… which ever one is to hand really. I feel they all work just as well for me.

  29. Karley

    MUFE aqua eyes and then setting it with a black eye shadow, it lasts all day!
    i have used urban decay and mac waterproof pencils and they still smear on me even with setting :/

  30. I have tried all of the above and more, from ALL kinds of brands and I can say, hands down, the best waterproof liner for the waterline is Revlon Colorstay eyeliner…amazing stuff and AFFORDABLE!

  31. Heatherette

    I like MAC smolder but it does smear under my waterline about half way through the day.

  32. Amber

    I wear hard contacts and have sensitive eyes so i am the AUTHORITY on this one. BAR NONE? MUFE aqua liner and Urban Decay 24/7. TRUST ME!

  33. SarahT

    MAC Feline! Smolder smeared all over the place for me. I want to try urban decay zero since Ive heard good things about it…

  34. Revlon ColorStay eyeliner – black. For some reason the brown isnt as intense as the black, but the black applies very dark and lasts for hours.

  35. amy

    I like U/D 24/7 Glide on liner in zero because it is waterproof and smudge proof making it perfect rainy water and allergy season friendly. I like that it is black and has no sparkles or shimmer.

  36. Connie

    bobbi brown gel liner or prestige total intensity!

  37. Erica

    My favorite pencil eyeliner EVER because it does NOT budge on my waterline whatsoever is the entire prestige total intensity line. The colors are soo pretty too; they all have black undertones which I really like.

    • yajaira

      I have to agree the prestige total intensity and the MUFE aqua eyes are the best!!! But the total intensity in deepest black is blacker than the MUFE and a fraction of the cost

  38. Annie

    Still haven’t found the perfect one =[

  39. MAC Fluidline and Urban Decay 24/7 liners that have no glitter or shimmer. As well Gosh Let’s Twist eye liners. They’re waterproof and come in lots of colors.

  40. Chrissy

    I love MAC’s kohl power pencil in feline because it’s so black and intense. I have heard of several stories where feline smudges like crazy because of how smooth it is so every now and then I’ll use black eyeshadow to set it. I have tried out the brown 24/7 UD liner that came with the Book of Shadows 2 set and I quite liked it a lot as it didn’t budge was was fairly intense in colour.

  41. Prestige Eyeliner! Cheap and works like UD!

  42. Shira

    Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes all the way!!!

  43. Gloria

    The best eyeliner for my waterline out of all the eyeliners i tried is

    BeYu Soft Liner for eyes more

    its a Germany brand but its the only liner the last in my waterline for a long period time because i have really teary sensitive eyes and i tried eyeliners from MAC, Make Up For Ever, The Body Shop.

    Really love it.

  44. penny

    urban decay 24/7, especially in Zero!
    i have the MUFE aqua eyes which is maybe my 2nd favorite but i still feel like it would smudge under my eyes. and i have MACs Feline eye kohl, i wanted to like it so much, but it smudges SO bad on the water line! its terrible! its great for a smokey eye.. and smolder eye kohl is alright, def better than feline. but UD ALL DAY!

  45. allison

    MAC Feline…just discovered it and will never be without it! :0)

  46. When it comes to intensity, MAC Feline is the winner hands down. But in terms of long wear.. I’m still looking. ;]

  47. Sass

    MAC Feline. I was under a lot of pressure last night and it did not run a bit! Lasted a whole four hours. Sweet.

  48. laura

    stila kajal, mac feline, ud 24/7 in zero

  49. Karen

    MUFE OL! This is the only one that doesnt make eyes panda like!

  50. Leah

    Revlon Colorstay in Black always stays on my waterline. Espescially if I set it with black eyeshadow.

  51. Ive been using MAC Feline set with Carbon and sometimes it stays a while sometimes not so much. I guess it depends on my eyes that day. I want to try the Stila Kajal though, keep hearing good things about it.

  52. Nells

    Bobbi Brown Gel Liner is the best!

  53. LOVE Urban Decay (try the new gold there) smooth, smudgeable and waterproof!

  54. Bridgette

    I like MAC’s Powerpoint liner and Revlon’s Colorstay.

  55. aksaiyo

    MAC liquidlast! it’s the only thing that lasts on my waterline

  56. Emm

    Honestly I love UD 24/7 Liners and Styli Style Line and Seal 24/7 liners.

  57. Farah

    i realize this is an old post but would you say clinique’s cream liner is waterline appropriate christine?

  58. Diana 198352

    The best waterline eyeliner I have found is Milian Liquid eye eyeliner. Its Great !