Thursday, April 15th, 2010

The Hit List

What’s the Best Hair Dye…?

What brand/product wins this category? Any particular reason it wins?

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57 thoughts on “The Hit List: Best Hair Dye

  1. Sari

    special effects , without a doubt . it ‘s bright hair colors though but it beats manic panic by a long shot and actually lasts .

  2. Simone

    Nice n Easy always turns me black-brown not dark brown! but then when I dyed my hair black, it just went a sort of black-brown :( Lóreal is the best for black dyes

  3. It seriously is natural instincts, especially the “brass free” line they came out with. Ok this is why it’s the best: it does NOT fry your hair whatsoever. It’s semi permanent, but doesn’t actually wash out, it will grow out before it ever washes out. The colors are nice and natural and your hair actually feels softer after you use it. Trust me on this because when I was a teenager I used permanent dyes are my hair was fried and also turned greenish gray after a particularly bad “ash” blonde…helpful hint, avoid blonde colors describes with the word “ash.” their “golden” blondes look a lot more yellow…the brass free is more natural. honestly though they are just gentle and nice natural looking colors.

  4. It depends what you’re going for.
    If you can get it in a salon, Magma by Wella is pretty good.
    So is Pravana ColorSilks.

    If you’re doing it yourself, you can usually snag the Pravana on ebay. Jerome Russel Punky Color is pretty fantastic. Some of the Special Effects line and Manic Panic lines are good. It’s all about technique, too.

    I’ve been dyeing my hair for close to 15 years, so I’ve got it down for what works for my hair 😉

  5. i like paul mitchell for brights – you get more and i’ve found the colors to be must more intense than say… manic panic. otherwise i usually use joico (vero k-pak chrome usually) but mostly just because i’m familiar with them.

    • shannnon

      do the reds leak after? i used chi and omfg everything is pink in my house lol annoying love the super bright im a 6rv just dont want it all over my pillows etc! been doin hair 12 years worked with redken not bright enough, aveda crap and lanza ok but nothing is bright enough love how bright the chi is hate the mess!
      apar shwartzchoff is supp to b nice reds but heard they leak too! plsget back to me i can always go to suppliers when roots need touchin up never really used paul mitchell.

  6. Vanessa


  7. I’ve NEVER dyed my hair in my LIFE. Not even highlights. I’ve been wanting to more though lately. I can’t decide if I want to add blonder highlights to my naturally strawberry blond/auburn/notreallyginger hair, or if I should go for a deep auburn, or just a ZOMGEXTREMECHANGE dark brown with reddish tones, or a blond and a really short cut.

    I liked my natural color with long hair and curls, but since its been so fragile and I haven’t been curling it, and the length got damaged and had to be cut… I dunnno. I just don’t have any confidence in it.

  8. Cathy

    Special effects hair color without a doubt. I have my hair black with thick pink color placement in certain spots on my hair! Ive been using only special effects atomic pink and virgin rose to get the pink i want and eventhough the color fades it doesnt turn ugly!! The color last for a long time. I swear by it now…lol

  9. Catherine

    I really like Feria by L’Oreal. My hair is really shiny and the color is always beautiful when i choose this dye.

  10. Soly

    I’ve been using Excellence Cream with Pro Keratin (L’Oreal). Love it. Cheap, covers grays, has dimension and depth, and cheap ;)!

  11. domenique

    i loveee redken color fusion and color gels . . & magma by wella for reds and highlights (it bleaches & tones the color in one step)

  12. Emm

    For me it depends on what color you want to achieve. Special Effects are great for bright colors but for natural ones to me they aren’t as good. I prefer Natural Instincts or Nice and Easy. I loathe Feria though!

  13. None at all! I honestly think that our natural hair colour is best. But if you insist on dying your hair, I’d have to say using natural dyes such as henna and indigo. Much better for your hair, and less damaging. has some great mixes you can buy, which are actually good for your hair and won’t damage it.

    • Kacie

      Henna will NEVER come out, not even if you bleach it. It creates unpredictable color results. There is no amount of money anyone could pay me to dye my hair with henna.

      • Hehe – Well eventually it’s going to grow out. LOL 😉
        I completely forgot about Henna!

        Oh seventeen, I remember you well… Hanging out with my friends who played hacky sack and smoked too much weed – Hah! One of my best friends back then actually dyed her hair with Henna. It was the most beautiful and natural looking vibrant red I have EVER seen – Absolutely gorgeous. I remember going to a local shop and picking out the different henna colors from these big containers.

        I smelled like incense back then. LOL!

        I think it all depends on what you’re doing with it and how your hair takes to it. When I colored my hair the same way she did hers, mine just looked brassy and blah.

  14. Holly

    I really can’t help but recommend that if you are dying your hair, to check out Sally’s and buy the dye and developer yourself. The mixing isn’t difficult, and it tends to be way less harsh on your hair than drugstore box dye.

    On that front, I’ve been using Ion Color Brilliance and really like it, I find it comparable to when I used to have my hair done at a salon with Redken.

  15. Joanna R

    If you want pro color, Alter Ego

  16. Joy

    Do you people know a brand that would be the best one for highlights? Blonde highlights…THANKS!

  17. audrey

    I swear by Magma by Wella and Frederic Fekkai. Frederic Fekkai col is sold at Macy’s and the price tag is $30.00. The Magma is a bit hard to find. I would suggest snagging it on Ebay, your local salon, or a Beauty supply store!

  18. lexi

    I’ve been using L’oreal color gems demi permanent in darkest natural brown for a while. I get it at Sally’s and it’s great- b/c demi permanent doesn’t washout or have a line of demarcation when it grows it. It’s easy, natural, shiny, and I can use it to cover my grays every couple of weeks :)

  19. starr

    odi codi! its an all natural dye made from plants. the colour never washes out and my hair feels just as healthy afterwards! the only problem is that it doesnt have a very wide range of colour.

  20. Garnier. Left my hair in better condition then when I started and didn’t fade.

  21. I love Lush Cosmetics Caca Marron Mama Henna Hair Dye. It’s all natural and covers those 5 white hairs i’ve been finding recently without harsh chemicals. Also it’s temporary (but that doesn’t mean it bleeds on your clothes if you sweat, no ma’am), so if i want to get a little wild and add some red to my hair, I can try Caca Rouge–and if i hate it well, it will fade away eventually! Caca Henna Hair dyes come in bricks that resemble chocolate bars, and the process of mashing it up into a paste that you cover your head in is messy but excites the inner mud-pie baker child in me — its like having a mud pie on your head! Best of all, at $20 it won’t break the bank!

    • Claire

      Hi Lynn, Sorry just need to clarify what you wrote (just in case anyone tries the Caca range at Lush) this range contains henna – therefore it is NOT temporary – henna cannot be removed once on the hair shaft, it will fade considerably but it is never temporary – in fact attempting to strip the hair will result in the henna going further into the hair shaft. Sorry to criticise your post but I am an ex-manager of a number of Lush stores and have had to deal with some very upset customers who had not realised that henna is not a ‘wash out’ product, I wouldn’t want anyone to be unhappy with what really is a fantastic product (if you are prepared to commit to it!)

  22. ilmy

    Well i like Lorea’l paris,excellence cream in black.It gives me a nice natural black without looking weird.
    by the way this remain me,that I need a touch up.
    Christine do you dye your hair? If so, what do you use?

    • I don’t dye my hair!

      • Spitfire

        Then dont waste space by commenting on a hair dye forum that you dont dye your hair. . .

        As for hair dye I only do odd ball colors I like Special Effects, Raw, and Manic Panic’s new Amplified color cream (in no particular order)

        • Eren

          Dude…what is your problem? Why are you snapping at the creator of this site and others like you own the joint? Have you ever heard of the First Amendment?

          I realize this is an old thread, but SHEESH!

  23. Erin

    Clairol’s Natural Instincts. Recently I’ve been using the creme formula in Coffee Creme (rich darkest brown) and it gives me the exact color I want (deep, rich dark brown) without it being black. I love it!

    • Thanks Erin! I have been trying everything under the sun for a dark brown color without turning my hair black. I’m going to try this over the weekend. Oh,did it leave red highlights because i don’t want that either?

  24. Nik

    Feria is the one I am sticking to it is the best for me, (but the conditioner included is the worst so I use my own!) I tried Revlon 10 min. Permanent treatment for Dark Brown Black a few times and liked it!

    Recently I did a order for various dyes and got 2 different shades from Garnier 100%, (which I liked years ago), and they were a let down.

  25. Wendy

    I usually get mine done at a salon, and right now it’s half brown/half purple and they use Pravana for the purple… love it.
    I used to use Natural Instincts and never had a problem until I tried putting it over my red hair (dying it burgundy) and it faded REALLY fast, so.

  26. Melissa

    I love my Feria #41. It’s not a flat color. The ‘prismatic’ color (L’Oreal’s term) becomes very evident when I’m in the sun.

    Feria typically sells for $9.99 but, Walgreens or Target seems to knock off $2.00 every few weeks. I also use coupons so, between sales and coupons, I spend $5.99.

    It completely covers grey hair, doesn’t fade, and applies easily (it’s like a slightly wetter gel consistency – the thickness seems to vary based on color). The only negative – I don’t use my best pillowcases the night I dye my hair. I’ve stained pillowcases when my hair was still wet. After the 2nd shampoo, no more ‘bleeding’ occurs.

    I used to spend $60 for a single process dye job. I don’t go in often enough for hair cuts so my hairdresser forgets how I dye my hair. Every time I sit in his chair he is stunned by the way the sun picks up all the highlights. The place uses Redken exclusively for all its hair products – he said he doesn’t think it’s worth a professional dye job based on the results I get from my Feria color.

  27. Roxanne

    Definitely partial to L’Oreal Preference, but I can’t quite find a nice dark chocolate brown. Hair always goes black :/

    Natural Match by L’Oreal is TERRIBLE though. I picked out a dark brown and my hair went blue black. I had to go to the salon to get it fixed.

    But I also love Manic Panic. For awhile I had blonde streaks in my hair that were orange, pink and purple depending on my mood.

  28. Melanie

    I use to use Redken, but even with the ash colors the red always seems to come out. My colorist for the past 5 yr uses Schwarzkopf. I use the shampoo and conditioner and a few of the stylong products, absolutely love it. I get my roots done every 5 weeks I have fast growing hair. My hair is in great condition and color lasts for a good 4 weeks. I have found that hair styling product strip the hair of color more than shampoo. I try not to use gobs of hairspray and currently trying some aveda products. Less alcohol.

  29. nenebird


  30. jillo

    I like ice cream. You buy the two parts separately so you get a more than one use out of the products.

  31. AnGeLwInGz

    I like Feria for the shine and silky feel. However, all of the colors fade pretty quickly except Black Leather. It’s best to get one shade darker than you want to achieve, and in a week or two you’ll have it perfect. I’ve been using Blowout Burgundy for about a year now, and I like how it turns cherry-red when it fades. Covers my stray grays too!

  32. Neela

    I’ve been using Ion Colour Brilliance for a year now. It seems to be the best non fading red I’ve found (along with a good shampoo). My colour lasts over 4 weeks (have to dye every 3-4 weeks, ugly natural colour).

    Special Effects if you want to do bright.

  33. Ashley

    Since I’ve been a hair stylist for the last 10 years (that’s so weird to write!), without doubt can say professional color is the way to go. I’ve worked with many different color lines since I began my career. However, one stands out far above the rest, Goldwell! Supreme grey coverage without being too solid- like shoe polish or a football helmet. By far the most gentle yet effective color. They also have a fantastic line of color primarily geared for bold, bright, intense colors. Plus it has a color lock, so vibrant colors don’t fade for quite some time. They also have highlighter yellow- how fun is that! I should also add that I used drug store color for several years before I decided to make profit doing what I loved/obsessed. So I think that qualifies as being objective?:)

  34. One that I have used that I do like is the Garnier Nutrise. I think its great because I feel like it is soooooo moisturizing!

  35. Sophie

    I help my friends dye their hair a lot as well as dyeing my own and I’ve found different dyes work best for different people. I’ve tried Manic Panic, Special Effects, and RAW, and Manic Panic seems to work the best for me, but for some of my friends it doesn’t work at all and we get much better results with other dyes. When I go to the salon my hairdresser uses Paul Mitchell INKWORKS and that works really well too.

  36. Luisafer

    Have NEVER dye my hair…

  37. make_up_maven

    Jeff Brand. He’s the guy that colors my hair! LOL
    No more home coloring – it looked like I colored it with a Sharpie.

  38. Joanna

    If I can afford it, I get my hair coloured in a salon. Especially if I want highlights or more than one colour.

    If I colour at home, I like Loreal products. Their 1-800 number provides excellent advice. In the past, they have helped me to choose the best product and shade to get the results I want.

  39. Dana

    Frederic Fekkai’s color line is the best that I’ve tried. I think it may be discontinued now? They’re hard to find, but I loved the colors he chose..none of them were brassy!

  40. Laura

    The “best hair color” in my opinion is a tie between Schwarzkopf and Framesi (I use their “high lift” colors). These are professional products, so only available through Ebay and a few other online retailers. I purchase mine through “” – An amazing resource for hair education/professional products.

  41. mary wat

    Manic Panic is the best!!! I’ve tried the others. None of them can compare to how long Manic Panic stays in. It’s Vegan too. And when it fades it fades ever so nicely which is a trend now.

  42. What is the best hair coloring out there for home use?

  43. I need something that will cover gray but won’t damage my hair, as I am in my 50’s and something horrible is happening to my hair! I have started using Alterna Anit aging shampoo and Conditoner, which is helping. but the Gray! Help!

  44. this time list the best hair dye brands!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. this hair dye brand is very very good it made my hair look good and shinny