Thursday, March 31st, 2011

The Hit List

What’s the Best Full Coverage Foundation…?

What brand/product wins this category? What makes it so great?

Thanks to Yvette for today’s topic!

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162 thoughts on “The Hit List: Best Full Coverage Foundation

  1. ashley

    LOVE LOVE LOVE MAC prolongwear foundation. buildable coverage, fantastic finish, get compliments all the time on how i have “flawless” skin (and i definitely don’t!)

    • Alley

      I agree!!! I used to use studio fix because of the coverage but it was too heavy and caused me to breakout! I agree, pro-longwear has buildable coverage and a great finish! And it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin nor does it break me out! This is my holy grail foundation now :)

      • Lauren

        i to use studio fix fluid & pro longwear! both of them work amazingly well for me even tho i got the most oily face you ever seen LOL MAC is always a winner <3

    • OMG, Agreeing with you times 1000!

    • diana

      except mac pro longwear foundation isn’t full coverage… it’s at best medium.

    • Leesh

      I must agree with you. I am a STUDIO FIX chick for YEEEEARS now, but I wanted a FLAWLESS look, every single time I step out in Pro Longwear, ppl (including MAC MUA) tell me my skin is so gorgeous. Also, I have a very oily TZONE and it neeeever slides or makes me look greasy. MY NEW STAPLE

  2. Leah

    Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place foundation… it really does stay in place all day, and doesn’t feel cakey or overly heavy. It comes in a great range of colours and it doesn’t irritate my uber-sensitive skin or make me break out. I’m in love : )

  3. Meghan

    I love Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. I’ve tried everything and it is the best!

    • ana

      have you ever tried laura mercier silk creme foundation? which of them was the best?

      • Nancy

        Laura Mercier Silk Creme is the BEST full coverage in my opinion. Very silky and creamy as the name reads and glides on effortlessly and last forever! I once wore it for over 24 hrs straight during some holiday partying and it never faded or budged or transferred, it did get a lil dewy though but NOT oily.

  4. snm

    estee lauder-double is the one full coverage foundation that makes your skin perfect yet manages to create natural doesnt look cakey on anywhere on my face(even under the eyes),controls oil,doesn’t emphasize pores and really stays on all day.although i love it so much,I use full coverage foundations only occasionally.I sometimes mix it with a moisturizer or illuminator to sheer it out.I have never tried the light version of it but i think i might love it either.

  5. Haya

    face atelier foundation…. its perfect cause its full coverage yet nature-looking!!
    I would love it if you could do a review of it.. believe me neither u or ur readers will be disappointed 😀

  6. LM

    definitely doublewear (and it seems to make skin look younger as an extra bonus)

  7. Dame Elizabeth

    I still haven’t found one :(
    I’m fair skinned, very oily and large pores. I’m just recovering from mild acne and so while I don’t have the deep scars, I have red marks on my skin still.
    I use MAC pro-longwear as I am told it’s the best, but on me it is so oily, even with Clinique porefector underneath it. It cakes also and just doesn’t last at all.
    It really gets me down that this foundation just isn’t working for me.
    I’m desperate to find a good way to deal with my horrible skin colour and condition so any suggestions would be so welcome!

    • Susie

      you should try the murad mattifier

    • Izzy

      Try EL Double Wear! Hands down the best foundation I have ever tried & my skin is similar to yours. Though I guess it depends what you mean by “fair” – I’m NW10/15 (probably around 12.5, lol) right now & the lighest shade is a good match. I have a very oily t zone and large pores, plus loads of fading red acne scars & it works so well.

    • Leah

      I don’t know what your skin routine is like, but if you find you’re cleansing a lot right now to help keep the oil at bay, maybe scale it back a little. I used to have the oiliest skin on the planet, but it turns out that was just my skin’s reaction to the routine I was using to keep my acne and greasiness under control. I actually started cleansing with oil just at night and now my skin is normal-to-dry and my acne has cleared up. Maybe like me your skin’s oiliness isn’t just the way it is but a signal that it’s not happy with something that you’re doing to it.

      • Dame Elizabeth

        Hmm that’s interesting…I use two creams from prescription and take antibiotics, plus I cleanse, mildly exfoliate and tone every night, so maybe this is too much? I used Shu’s cleansing oil and I just never got it again, but maybe in conjunction with the prescription stuff that’s all I will need? Thanks for the suggestion!

        • anonymous

          with creams and antibiotics mild cleansing and moisturizer is all you need. sounds like you are damaging the skin surface and it’s producing oil to coat and sooth itself so it can heal. with drs permission I’d take a total break, a super gentle cleanser and a gentle moisturizer and as little makeup as possible and let the skin heal. you don’t want to dry or exfoliate skin that’s abraded and trying to heal. think of how you’d treat a cut or scrape.

        • Sounds weird,but I read an article from a woman whose daughter had acne. She tried all of the regimens, but found that APPLYING MILK OF MAGNESIA IN THE PM WORKED!! Just passing it on. It is cheap!!!

      • Sharron

        ITA with Leah on this. My skin used to be ridiculously oily and broke out like crazy, so I used a ton of different products geared towards oily, breakout-prone skin. I cleansed, toned and exfoliated like it was going out of style, with little improvement. After starting Retin-A, I realized that I was overcleansing which was causing the overproduction of oil. I also figured out that some of my breakouts were due to my skin being irritated from the products I was piling on it. I scaled back to using an eye makeup remover and Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple every night, plus Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant twice a week, and my skin cleared up and became less oily. I also learned to switch up my primers; wearing lighter ones (MUFE HD, Too Faced Primed & Poreless) during cooler weather and using the Murad Mattifier when it’s hot out.

        Ok, back to the topic at hand. The closest thing I have to a full coverage foundation is MAC Pro Longwear, which I love.

      • People forget that when you take something to the dry cleaners to get an oil stain out, they use another oil to get it! Oil cleanses the oil and will help get more of the excess off WITHOUT overdrying.

    • I feel like you are speaking for me. I’ve always had huge pores and really oily skin. I’ve tried Clinique, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Nars, Chanel, you name it! I’ve realized it’s about taking care of your skin first and foremost or else no foundation will work. I invested in a Clarisonic Mia and I drink TONS of water. Right now I’m using MAKE UP FOREVER and i’m LOVING it far more then anything I’ve ever tried. Good Luck!

      • Dame Elizabeth

        I’ve been looking at that Clarisonic gadget, and it’s good to know it works – I have been thinking about buying it until I can afford some kind of cosmetic surgery to minimise my pores like a chemical peel or something.
        I only drink water too and I don’t drink any alcohol so I hope it’s helping, but I might increase the amount of water I drink…I heard green tea is good too :)

      • West LA Tay

        L’oreal Skin Genesis- Pore minimizing cleanser is the bomb! This is coming from a 21 year old woman with oily skin and large pores. This cleanser was the answer to my prayers. Use it in the am and the pm for 2 weeks and I guarantee you will see a difference! The product was discontinued so stock up on it from Amazon!!!!

        Also, MAC Studio Fix fluid in NC40 is my go-to FULL COVERAGE foundation!!!!!! When I am low on cash I opt for REVLON Colorstay in Rich Tan. I hope this helps…

    • alison

      i’m fair (nc15/20ish) with sort of large pores (though i fixed them – i’ll tell you how!) and oily skin that is sensitive… i just got through a bad, multi-year long battle with hormonal acne (switching birth control finally fixed it). i understand your pain about not having any real active breakouts, but having the red marks that take FOREVER to go away…

      i have had really good luck with MUFE HD! i tried velvet mat+, but it didn’t work out for some reason… the finish was just kinda dry, even though i usually have oily skin. their shade range is incredible, too.

      i just bought nars sheer matte, and i’m liking it so far!

      philosophy skincare helped me out a LOT – i think it was the when hope is not enough serum that really helped with my pores. their hope in a bottle is really good for gentle moisture that fights acne, and the help me retinol treatment is really good to help with cell turnover (which will get rid of those red marks faster!)

      • Dame Elizabeth

        This is great advice! I’ve actually never used Philosophy products but I am starting to think that spending more on skincare and less on foundation may help, and then the good quality foundation will work much better!
        Thanks so much, I’m going shopping now and I’ll have to stop myself going crazy trying all these amazing things

    • Celine

      try estee lauder maximum cover. has good oil control and mega coverage. dot it around your face then pat it in with a dense brush :)

    • Mallory

      Hey Dame Elizabeth! It sounds like we’ve got pretty similar skin types. Right now I’m loving Makeup Forever Matte Velvet Plus Foundation. It has a smooth, natural-matte finish and awesomely natural, buildable coverage. If you have excess redness from acne, I’d also recommend Lorac Neutralizer. It’s a pale, yellowish liquid with the consistency of a foundation that I wear underneath my foundation, and sometimes just by itself. It’s also oil free and does a good job of controlling oil. If your skin is much deeper than NC/NW 25, that neutralizer may be too light for you though.

    • ashlee

      Dame try clinique acne solutions or a prodcut that is amazing is from benefit its called doctorfeel good! Its a blam use it before you put on your foundation also you can mix with your porefector for double the results. Its amazing and i know you will love it!

    • Ez

      I have the EXACT same problem, I have red marks all over my chin and jaw so after years of looking for one I finally found Estee Lauder maximum cover. Its a little heavy on the skin but covers everything because it was designed to cover tattoos. But the thing I find best about it is that its waterproof which means I don’t have to worry about my red marks showing at the beach or at the pool on holiday.
      Hope this helps

    • Kris

      RETIN A will save your skin!!! buy it online or get a script from your doc! then try studio fix from MAC or NARS sheer matte foundation

    • Symon

      Try Revlon Colorstay. I am a red head with PALE skin (though I love it) and I have dark pores as well as red spots. I never break out from it and it’s easy to apply. It is only 12$ in most stores (if you live in any other country than US then idk) and I live in the desert so I get super dry skin. The only drawback, although reasonable, is that you have to take it off of your face before going to bed or else it will cause your skin to dry out. I use bag balm liberally all over my face before I go to bed. (yes it feels gross, but it’s all natural and non harmful to your skin)

      So try Revlon Colorstay! It lasts all day as long as you aren’t super sweaty and don’t constantly touch your face. My color in Revlons list is Ivory, the lightest color. So I know what pale is like.

      Good luck! Email me at [email protected] if you have more questions about it.

  8. Victoria

    For me it’s my Nars Sheer Glow foundation. This is the foundation that I would repurchase time and time again.

  9. Dandoona

    Vichy Dermablend, very pigmented and smooth and gets rave reviews, easy to find in Canada and Europe and I heard u can purchase it in CVS in the states

    • Nathalie

      I got Vichy Dermablend from CVS after I watched a Lisa Eldridge youtube video for covering up acne. It has good coverage, but the color range isn’t so great. I’m fair so I got the lightest shade which was too light, and the next shade looked too pink and the next after that looked too dark. I wish I could have tested it out at CVS.

  10. Lindz

    My new favorite is Rejuva minerals! It stays on so nicely. You only need a little bit and it covers so well. It doesn’t have chemicals in it. I’ve noticed a huge difference in breakouts since using it. My skin looks dewy without highlighters.Also, you don’t get that white look in pictures when the flash goes off.

  11. Alyssa

    Cover fx water based foundation! Amazing finish and coverage.

  12. ann

    revlon colorstay- been using it for years, tried every foundation out there and always come back to this HG!

  13. Miss J

    MAC studio fix fluid!

  14. Ashley

    I had always loved and gotten many compliments while using Armani Luminous Silk….but right now I am test driving the new Bobbi Brown Extra Repair and totally loving it!!! It appears kind of heavy, but once you warm it up a little, its great! and I have very sensitive skin

  15. MissBrooke

    After many unfortunate experiences with “broken dreAms/shattered promises” types of experiences with many high end brands, I am elated to say I’ve found the “one” with Guerlain Parure Gold. I love the way this fluid glides onto my skin, and always leaves it looking luminous! I also believe my skin looks better with continued use of this product. i would Just warn everyone – that use of Guerlain Parure Gold may lead to a heightened interest & use of other Guerlain products. Lol

    • helen

      Guerlain, i absolutely agree. I bought it after Christine mentioned it in one of her questions and i am completely sold. I have a thinner one (Lingerie) for the summer and Parure Extreme for winter. Love, love, love! Now i’m coveting a bunch of lipsticks (and bronzer!) but haven’t mad the commitment….yet!
      Thanks Christine for your introduction to quality products.

      • TLC

        Wow! I must say I am duly impressed! With all the quality makeup lines out there it is amazing to find a foundation that truly stands head and shoulders above the rest. Guerlain Parure is it. I tried it from the recommendations here and I am hooked. I use it with the meteorites prep & prime and I’ve never had such great coverage on my large pores. Thanks for the hat tip to a great product!

  16. Emmers

    I usually wear tinted moisturizer but the Rimmel 24/hr matte foundation is nice when I am doing my makeup to last quite a while.

    But I am cheap and spending 8$ on makeup hurts my soul ಠ_ಠ so I just like to LOOK at the pretty, more expensive makeup instead and pretend I can buy it.

  17. Lils

    illamsqua liquid rich foundation is pretty good but hard to find a good color match.

  18. Vita

    i love 3… mac studio sculpt, Chanel Pro lumiere and Guerlain Parure…

  19. Sanneke

    For Full Cover I use the Mat Velvet+ from Make Up For Ever! Flawless soft matifying look! And the other days when i don’t need full coverage, I use the HD Foundation from (ofcourse) Make Up For Ever.

    • Trish

      MUFE Mat Velvet+ has worked wonders for me! I dumped MAC Studio Fix Fluid because it was too heavy for my oily skin and it broke me out. Mat Velvet+ feels light on my skin and the color not only matches my undertones but is buildable and keeps my oily skin in check.

    • Melanie

      Agreed! I love the MUFE Mat Velvet+.It is the only foundation that matches my skin perfectly and keeps my skin oilfree for hours not to mention the flawless coverage! I use it only on special occasions and the HD one for every other day.

  20. Mariella

    Another vote for MAC ProLongwear! Not sure if it’s categorized as “full coverage” or not but it is terrific foundation that goes on great for me (not something I can say about most liquid foundations), lasts all day and makes my skin look good but not “made up”. Doesn’t leave dried out spots or cakey spots or the dreaded dots in my pores.

  21. Dorna

    hourglass veil fluid! Not only does it blend into my skin color perfectly, but when I wash it off at night I swear my natural skin looks better the next day!!

  22. Meg

    MAC Studio Fix Fluid

  23. Leenie

    My favorite is Eve Pearl cream foundation, I haven’t found any other that looks as great on me as Eve Pearls

    • K

      I agree, Eve Pearl HD Dual Foundation is awesome. I have hormonal acne and this has actually helped clear it up.

  24. Leenie

    My favorite Is Eve Pearl

  25. I honestly love MAC Studio Fix Fluid :) I have oily skin, so it works wonders at controlling that, and its the perfect coverage for me. Paired with their Pro Longwear Concealer, my skin looks flawless ^_^

  26. Amy

    I use neutrogena skinclearing oil free makeup foundation but i’m having breakouts recently and the foundation is suppose to help but i see no results the acne is getting worse idk wht to do anymore. plus it feels abit cakey and oily :(

  27. Jilliterate

    Wow, I tried Estee Lauder DW and I HATED it, but maybe it was because the sales associate sold me a shade that was way too orange for my super-fair skin. I’m still hunting for a good full-coverage foundation, and it sounds like I’m going to have to give Estee Lauder another shot.

    • Leah

      Same thing happened to me, and of course I threw out the receipt so I couldn’t even try to return it. I’m mixing the orangey one with moisturizer for minimal-makeup days, and planning to buy a full-sized bottle of the sample in “fresco” they gave me a while back that matches my pale, neutral skin perfectly.

      • LM

        If purchased from a nordstrom’s they can sometimes find your receipt by phone number, macy’s never gave me any problems on a shade exchange even without receipt but may have changed policy. I’ve found setting my foundation with a powder just a little too light balances any extra orange on many foundations.

  28. Dee

    Cover FX is awesome and a great way to buy it is in a kit called The Big Cover it has 3 shades so you can customize your color and the kit comes with a great brush and setting powder…a little goes a long way I used mine for over 6 months and the brush is still in GREAT shape. Has anyone tried airbrush makeup specifically OCC Cosmetics?

  29. saralorine

    For FULL full coverage – nothing beats Dermablend.

  30. John

    Definitely Laura Mercier’s Silk Creme Foundation. It’s incredibly natural looking for a full coverage foundation and sets to a beautiful satin-matte finish. It keeps oil at bay pretty well. It really is beautiful, flawless, and natural coverage. I’m really surprised it hasn’t been mentioned already.

    I don’t think MAC Pro Longwear or Nars Sheer Glow are considered full coverage foundations. They’re more medium coverage foundations… of course they can be layered, but that’s not really the definition of a full coverage foundation. xD EL DW is too heavy feeling for me and it dries to a super matte finish, which makes me look flat and like I have a mask on. Face Atelier has medium coverage as well… and doesn’t last throughout the day at least for me, even when I powder. Studio Fix Fluid breaks me out, and I don’t like the finish as it accentuates my pores, as does EL DW, which I forgot to mention. Revlon Colorstay… I can’t stand the smell. Haha. I have not tried the Guerlain Pure Gold or the CoverFX.

    • Dana

      LOVE Laura Mercier’s Silk Creme. By far the best full coverage. I’ve searched for years and came across this in a hair salon magazine about 2 years and haven’t had one complaint (but so many compliments) since using this product. I’m very fair skin and have a natural red undertone to my skin. This product covers that red flawlessly.

    • Nancy

      Agreed, Laura Mercier’s Silk Creme is the best full coverage foundation without any layering or building up. It last forever too even in humid 100+ degrees weather in the summer and it never makes you look oily if you set it with a good powder. It just gives that natural “my skin but better” youthful dewy glow throughout the day but NEVER oily. I once wore it for 24 hrs+ nearly 2 days straight during some holiday partying and shopping (which I know is bad), but it never faded or transferred and it lasted beautifully and it didn’t break me out at all, which is the ultimate test! It’s also rich enough in the winter time so it won’t make your face look dry or patchy! Seriously, good stuff and you get a bit more then an ounce which is standard foundation size.

      • Tayna Elaine

        Def fell in love with Laura Mercier’s Silk Creme. Also, I’ve noticed that the better you take care of your skin the better your make up will work with you! Meaning drink fluids such as water to stay hydrated, cleanse, and mosturize. I’ve also noticed using a primer such as Lorac Aqua, and setting it with a powder using a fluffy brush or sponge…this was recommended to by a close friend in the make up industry and has never proved me wrong!

  31. jaimee

    vichy dermablend!!

  32. I love the coverage of Revlon ColorStay but it almost stays a little TOO well. Even after cleansing with a washcloth, there is some make up on the cottonball post-toner. I just recently bought MAC Studio Fix Fluid and am very impressed by the coverage! It truly is buildable and feels very silky. L♥VE!

  33. Tiffany

    I have to say… full coverage foundation frightens me. I feel like if I wear it, all my pores will be clogged and I’ll break out all over. Thanks for this post Christine, now I’ll get to see everyone’s responses and perhaps finally venture into the world of full coverage foundation 😛

  34. paola

    obliga clinique redness solutions it has the best coverage ever no breqkouts, lasts a lot

  35. Valerie Brower

    My favorite full coverage is MUFE mat velvet+. I don’t use it often bc I don’t need a full coverage unless I’m having a really bad skin day. I use NARS sheer matte everyday and it’s the perfect light to medium coverage for me :)

  36. brighton

    Ive been loving make up forever hd! Best foundation EVER!!!

  37. After reading all the responses, I’m more convinced than ever that makeup is truly a very personal experience for every single person. To me that is what is wonderful and interesting about cosmetics. What some consider ‘full coverage’ is considered by others as ‘medium coverage’.

    Full coverage and long wearing are two different things that I love to have in a foundation. Until now, nothing has beat my EL Double Wear. I consider that if you get the wrong shade or apply too much, this foundation will be a disaster for your skin. I’ve learned that by experience. =/ Now I’m intrigued by the Guerlain Parure Gold mentioned here… 😉

  38. Julia

    Revlon Colorstay foundation. It works better for my oily skin than any department store brand I’ve tried and it blends easily and lasts all day!

    • Kristen

      Thanks! I’ve been looking for a long lasting foundation that gave good coverage but wasn’t too pricy.

  39. Rachael

    How about best full coverage oil-free / mattifying?

  40. S

    I LOVE Graftobian HD Creme Foundation! There’s a ton of shades and a full size pot is around $12 I think. It’s long lasting and gives a flawless finish to your skin. You need the tiniest little bit, about the size of a grain of rice to do your whole face. I use it w/the ELF Powder brush and I will never use anything else when I’m going for full coverage. Most of the time however I use Kiss My Face tinted moisturizer w/a little Laura Geller Balance N Brighten.

    • Jeanie

      Agreed! I actually bought my Graftobian HD online for around 9-10 bucks, which is so incredibly cheap compared to other foundations I have (Chanel, Dior, MUFE, Estee, Lancome, etc) and works amazingly, especially for photo shoots. It’s so perfect for my medium normal skin :)

  41. Mandy

    I am an NC 43.5, a non existent colour for MAC as yet, although supposed to have come out with the Mickey Contractor collection for Indian skin tones but I never did see it. I have a really hard time matching foundations and right now I am happy with Eve Pearl’s tan foundation as I can mixn’match. I am not a fan of liquid foundations and much prefer creme. I really want to try Graftobian and Mehron simply for the colour choices. Has anyone tried any of them?

    • Missy

      I bought the full range of Mehron Celebre HD foundation for my kit and it’s definitely my favorite full coverage foundation. I did a review with swatches of all shades on my blog. I don’t want to be rude by posting a link to my blog on Christine’s blog, but I’m sure you can find it if you do a bit of googling. :)

      • S

        Thanks for your post and sharing your blog info! I spoke too soon as I just placed an order for a couple of Mehron HD fdt pots, the ingredients sound great and you get twice as much for less than Graftobian :)

  42. Animal

    Does anyone know of a wonderful full-coverage AND animal-friendly foundation? (PS I don’t count MAC as animal friendly; MAC=Estee Lauder)

    • alisha

      Napoleon Perdis has a foundation – China Doll that I like. Too faced and Smashbox are also AF and I’ve heard good things about the one others have mentioned. I also heard good things about the Korres Wild Rose but have not tried it. Their TM has been on my to try list since Christine reviewed it b/c of its coverage.

  43. Ellie

    Too Faced Amazing Face Liquid Foundation. It is medium to full coverage foundation and it looks NATURAL!

    • Eashanna

      yes finally!!! I had been scrolling down wondering why no one has mentioned it!! TooFaced and Clinique Even Better

  44. Alexis

    Estee Lauder Double Wear has been my HG foundation for years. It’s full coverage yet looks very natural on my skin. You just have to use the right amount and right blending brush for application. It lasts all day, doesn’t transfer, controls oil, and doesn’t sink into my large pores. I LOVE this foundation and hope to find a new bottle at the CCO this weekend… the only downside is the price tag.

  45. Krista

    Still haven’t found mine! Does anyone have a good recommendation for normal-textured, young skin with blackheads and some bright red acne, and redness around the nose? No wrinkles or large pores to worry about yet, thank goodness! I have pale netural-olive undertones (usually NC15-NC20 in MAC) and currently use MAC Face & Body, but I find it to be a bit runny and it never really sets into my skin.

    • alisha

      I would say try any of these. I used to be quite spotty myself and I would use double wear and pat it on it with a damp sponge on the bright red spots using thin layers, using concealer also if needed with the same technique and my finger instead. Cuz I know sometimes when they are bright red it seems like it just does not want to stay covered up.

  46. braveviet

    estee lauder double wear, good coverage, control oil, matte finish, just use a little and apply with your fingers it would blend well and not cakey

  47. Janine

    Revlon Colorstay – I always come back to this foundation. I love it. It hast a great coverage, it stays all day and it don´t cost that much money. I love it.

  48. Camille

    laura mercier silk creme foundation

  49. aimster

    laura mercier silk creme foundation !awesome coverage yet doesnt feel heavy on the skin . Not cakey and makes my skin look like skin :)

  50. Allison

    I prefer MACs studio sculp. I have the pro longwear, but it makes me look like a drag queen. It’s a nice full coverage foundation, but it’s more like stage makeup. Definitely not for daily wear.

  51. Tania

    Estee Lauder Maximum Cover!

  52. Adelita

    Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation, Dermablend, Estée Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover Camouflage Makeup for Face & Body SPF 15, MAC Studio Sculpt.

  53. Ibe

    Dior Sculpt has the best coverage, I use it on models all the time for fashionshoots -it covers imperfections perfectly and make the skin look smooth and even:)

  54. Johanna

    My favorite full coverage foundation is Nivea Ideal Finish, I also like Mac studio Fix fluid, but Im a little to pale to pull it off right now (nw15) I also like Estee Lauder Double wear foundation… but the cheapest, Nivea foundation works amazing it looks most natural on my skin and it last all day!

  55. Celine

    estee lauder max cover. holy grail. its coverage is so high u can use it as concealer. amazingggg x

  56. Amanda

    I found one of the best dermatologists in nyc. She said not to wear powders and to only wear one of two liquid foundations, one of which is Neutrogena. I’ve always been god at choosing the right color but there is something different about this one inparticular. It looks so natural. In every photo and glimpse in the mirror, I am surprised.

  57. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation is the best full coverage foundation I’ve ever tried!

  58. Zinta

    Can anyone recommend full coverage foundation for mature skin (40+) that doesn’t settle into the lines?

    • TLC

      I have 40+ skin and the Guerlain Parure line is fabulous! Use it with the prep & prime. I was amazed at the difference in my fine lines and large pores.

  59. Whippetlady

    EL Doublewear fan here. It’s my every day foundation for work and evening. Covers the redness around my mouth and nose, does not look cakey under my ( ahem) 40-something eyes, matches well for my fair skin. Fresco is perfect for 10 months of the year and when it’s too dark, I go to the counter and beg a sample of the lighter one to blend it with.

    • yvonne

      I use this foundation and love it !!! just lately though iv’e started using chemical free skin care because of the ageing effects of chemicals, and i’m pretty sure this product will contain them, sls, peg’s parabens and many more. the only thing is i don’t think iwill be able to find a chemical free one that works as well as this… does anybody know of one pls xx

  60. Elle

    I am in between a NC45 and NC50 in MAC products. I’m of ethnic background and MAC has red undertones while I have yellow undertones. What’s a good full coverage foundation for my undertone and skin shade?

  61. Christine B.

    I’m sure no one will say this one:
    Shishedo Lifting Foundation

    I went through some BAD acne and this stuff covered it up without making it worse and has a nice natural/dewy finish.

  62. Victoria

    The best full coverage foundations I’ve used – Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation and Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation SPF 20. Always use Mercier’s hydrating primer first as well…

    But if you don’t mind splurging, the all-around best full coverage foundation goes to La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation. I have never gotten more compliments than when I wear (aka steal some of my mom’s) La Prairie foundation.

  63. Rafaiahhhh

    MAC studio sculpt covers everything bitc*es!!!

  64. Aksaiyo

    Laura Mercier Silk Creme!

  65. Desiree

    I am really loving Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation…it smells weird but I love the coverage and the way it feels on my skin…

  66. Tanushree

    Love MAC’s studio fix fluid but my favorite is definitely laura mercier silk creme…best coverage and feeling on my skin

  67. Minna

    When I want matte&full coverage I reach, my teen fav., for Max Factor facenity powder compact.Still looks great with moist sponge,doesnt cake on with my dehydrated skin&can put several layers for broken capillars.Mac studiofix made me look dull.Otherwise I stick to Mufe F&B,Jane Iredale,Nivea extreme resist or YSL matte tinted moisturizer.

  68. Sophie

    I can’t believe no one has mentioned Stila all-in-one foundation. It’s a primer, foundation, concealer, and powder all in one. It saves me about 20 minutes or more, and looks fabulous when applied with a stippling brush. The finish is similar to bare escentuals, but doesn’t dry my skin out. I previously used MUFE HD foundation for about the last year or so, and I’m never going back! The HD foundation seems to slide off my nose during the day even when using top of the line primers or finishing powder.

  69. MakeupMonster

    MAC Studio Fix Fluid, no doubt.
    When I wear it, it makes me look like I have perfect skin and in pictures it’s just great. And trust me… My skin is less than perfect, to say the least 😉

  70. Nicole

    I’ve been using L’Oreal True Match, but I’d like to switch to another brand. I also use MUFE HD, but only for special occasions. Any ideas?

    • Sara

      Hi- Basically I have always used Studio Fix but recently I dont really like the way its really shiny at times. I have been told to try EL double wear but so many friends have told me how its taken them ages to get the right shade.. I really dont want to waste money with the wrong colours (I did this with mac and still have the foundations just left in the draw)
      So I was hoping you guys could advise me so I know if the sales assitant has totally got it wrong as the one at our local EL counter really isnt very good..
      So basically I am a NC30 in Studio Fix
      What colour would I be looking at in EL double wear collection?
      Also is it worth buying the concealor and powder too?

  71. nanda

    ik heb 10 jaren geprobeert foundation en nooit de goede gevonden ging binnen een kwartier er af nu heb ik eindelijk este lauder double wear de beste ooit blijft lang zitten gaat niet op kleding en is zeer natuurlijk

  72. Jeny

    I love Chanel pro lumeir and EL double wear for full coverage. Everyday I switch among lancome teint miracle, LM tinted moisturizer, neutregena healthy skin, Bonnie brown skin finish natural, maybelline Mousse liquid, cover fx cream, revlon anti aging one. I know I’m a foundation junkie! I want to like MUfe HD, but it seemed to stay on the surface of my skin and emphasized my pores and blemishes… And slid off during the day. I love the new Dior forever infusion, I’ll purchase it after finish my LM tinted moisturizer.

  73. Daisy

    That’s funny, I used Dermablend and I sort of hate it. No matter what I do it melts off pretty quickly. It looks great for about half an hour on me. My holy grail foundation has been the MAC Pro Longwear. My skin is apparently a difficult shade so I have to mix together NW 20 and NW 25. So I guess I’m about a NW 22.5, anyway, it really stays put and looks natural during the day. Photographs amazingly as well.

    • samantha

      It’s so hard finding people with the nw25 shade?do you mind listing the foundations that match you?I’m new to makeup and trying to find different foundations!thanks in advance

  74. Lilli

    I am currently searching for a great full coverage foundation that will stay on my very oily skin, not accentuate my large pores and will cover my rosacea. Most importantly though, I need a foundation that has NO silicone of any kind in it. Silicone seems to change the texture of my skin, increase my oiliness and makes my skin look damaged. Anyone know of a great silicone-free foundation?

  75. cjsworld77

    ok not to sound crazy but i am a man who has really embarrassing oily and scared skin and i use el double wear and no one knows i wear makeup

  76. Nancy

    Laura Mericer Silk Creme Foundation coming in first with MAC Studio Sculpt coming in second!!

  77. Jo-bee

    My favourite BY FAR is Estee Lauder’s Double Wear. I have really bad skin and no one ever believes when I say that and I’m wearing this foundation! It really does make you look utterly flawless! When I want it to be a bit more dewy or slightly thinner for summer, I mix it with Estee Lauder’s Face Primer Plus and it looks really luminous. I’ve tried SO many different ones and never have a price limit (I just want the one that works the best) and this has been the only foundation I’ve ever been truely happy with.

    The only slight concern I’m having at the moment is that I’m going to be going to quite a few functions soon and know that it can often go quite white-looking under flash photography, so wondered if anyone knew if there was any way of stopping this? Bronzer over the top doesn’t seem to work. I don’t want to swap foundations as this is the only one I like, but also don’t want to look white-faced on everyone’s photos! Does anyone know what to do please?

    • Deezeezee

      Your skin is reflecting the light from flash photography. The SPF in your cosmetics causes this.. SPF particles reflect and cause the flash to flare and gives a whitish or ashy effect, so if you want to avoid this in photos, just for the day(!) ditch the SPF..

  78. robin deluco

    max factor pan stick. enough said

  79. patricia mccaldon

    Can anybody help? i have really bad thread viens on face. ii have tried lots of foundations bot connot find long lastin full coverage.i use two different shades together.maxfactor stick.looks great when i first apply it but doesent last long. please help. many thanks.

  80. Lisa

    Where do you buy it?

  81. Georgie Parisi

    my favourite foundation has to be giorgio armani luminous silk foundation. you dont need alot of it to have full coverage it is liquidy but it looks so air-brushed on my skin, i have not been breaking out which is also good!

  82. :)

    Anyone know a full coverage foundation that has a dewy finish and is great for dry skin? :)

  83. Becca

    MAC full coverage! The only full coverage foundation I’ve found that actually works on dry skin, I looove it. No SPF and fullfullfull coverage. I use it over MAC face and body which gives me the most beautiful finish. HG

  84. anjali

    Guerlain parure extreme is definitely the best..I’ve got an oily acne prone skin, with loads of skin imperfections..all perfectly covered with parure extreme, without any breakouts..The only one I havent tried yet is Estee Lauder double wear..i use Parure extreme number 4..does anyone know its equivalent in estee lauder?

  85. Hi,

    I have huge pores on my nose and my Mia has done great things for not only my nose, but my entire face. Worth every penny. Also, Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple is effective, non-irritating, and takes off eye makeup with NO STINGING. GOOD LUCK!

  86. Jane

    You should really have a look at Laura Mericer. They do a great full coverage foundation, no silicone and it doesn’t break however it does tend to look rusty so make sure to use loads of moisturizer or primer before

  87. ilovemakeup808

    Hey there , I was wondering im an nc45 from mac, but i want to find a cheap foundation from the drug store, and everytime i try to find one i always notice that my face look more orange or its to white for my face  can you please help me thank you 

  88. GeorgiiaaMay

    I would definitelty recommend the MAC Studio Sculpt foundation, because it’s gel-based, and leaves a beautiful dewy finish. The coverage, I’d say, is a medium but easily buildable. It’s £23 for 40ml – so a bigger quantity than a normal foundation, and it has lasted me for 4 months, and I use it every day! The only thing is, it will look cakey and will cling to dry skin areas IF you apply too much – a pea sized amount is just about right… Hope this helps! (:

  89. GeorgiiaaMay

    Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation is really amazing! It’s a liquid foundation, that gives a semi-matte finish, but it does transfer, so be careful to set it with translucent powder and I promise it’ll last all day (: It’s £15.50 so a little bit more expensive than Max Factor, but it will last for a long time, and gives you full coverage!

  90. rcl

    but isn’t it for dry skins? cause mine is combination to oily and I’m not sure if it’d work for me. I’m also not sure about the shade — I’m a MAC Mineralize Compact NC-30.
    And unhappy about the Mineralize Compact, btw. The coverage is just not enough and it looks cakey.
    The strange thing is, I first got the NC-35, and it looked perfect except the shade was darker than my skin; looked light and fresh and dewy and natural, lasted 8 hours easily. Basically heaven on earth. Except the shade was too dark for me, so I gave it to my mom and got a lighter shade for me. It was the opposite of the first one I bought, even though the product is the same — how is that even possible?

  91. GeorgiiaaMay

    MAC Studio Sculpt is brilliant for dry skin, giving a lovely dewey/fresh finish. I would say the coverage is full, if it doesn’t seem to give you enough coverage, it is buildable, and looks lovely if you re-apply. Another bonus is you get 40ml, a lot more than many foundations.

  92. diamond_8806

    No competition for me…MUFE HD! Love this stuff! =)