Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

The Hit List

Best Flat Iron? What product wins this category?

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61 thoughts on “The Hit List: Best Flat Iron

  1. Luv J

    G H D hands down! I have T3 Wet and Dry and CHI, but the GHD is the most versatile amongst all of them. I can curl my hair with this with no problem at all.

  2. Kristine

    GHD pure..hands down!!!!love it so much…=)

  3. Dana

    I love my HAI … I have a large and small and have found it works amazingly well on my naturally curly hair.

  4. For the price, Conair Infiniti of any type. Designer and high-end flat irons do nothing but break easily and you need the products necessary for it not to destroy your hair. Me and my friend swapped flat irons, she took my Infiniti and I took her Cricket and CHI – they did nothing but cause breakage, friz and tear my hair up so now I’m left to do oil treatments and the whole ordeal just to revive my hair.

    • Chrissy

      I agree, Candee. Anytime I’ve spent a good chunk of money on a flat iron, I’m lucky if it lasts 6 months. I have a Revlon one I got for $25 bucks and it’s lasted me over a year and half and still going strong.

      • Revlon is really good too. I think it’s a serious waste of money to go for anything other than the straighteners you can find just from a trip from Walmart and you save $30-$150.

  5. Cathy

    I love my Tigi Bedhead straightener!! Its electric blue! I also have the Tigi Hardcore one that was 2 times as much and i like the Bedhead one better hands down.

  6. GHD no contest. i have tried them all, drug store brands, chi’s, t3, even one with 4 plates! With my poofy wavy frizzy hair, nothing compares to the GHD and I can use it for curls as well!

  7. Kim

    Sedu, seriously takes no time to flat iron my hair!! Doesnt snag my hair like other flat irons have nor do you have to go over any section of your hair more than once!!!

    • Kat

      Sedu is probably the worst I’ve used. I find the Solia too heavy and clunky but efficient and CHI is the fastest with best results

  8. Rachel

    I have various HAIs…and I really like them a lot. Just got the “Twig” cuz I got my hair cut super short..a la Edie Sedgwick.

  9. In terms of value, BabyLiss flat irons really impress me. They’re not as good as GHDs, of course, but they’re very good, and they cost more like £30 instead of £200

  10. Brandi

    I have owned flat irons from the drugstore, a CHI, and now a GHD. The GHD works the best for me by far! GHD is expensive, but worth it IMO.

  11. I agree with Candee!It’s a really total waste of time and money buy high-end flat irons.
    I have the same Conair Infiniti for about 6 months and i’m very satisfied until now…

  12. Shela

    GHD’s hands down. Tried CHI and a few others but nothing beats the investment you get with a GHD.

  13. Ashley

    I actually really like my Paul Brown Hawaii iron. It doesn’t burn my hair (like CHI did and like the GHD one that I tried at Sephora did) and it is easy to use when curling or straightening. It also doesn’t make my hair smell gross (like the CHI did) and makes my hair straight, not flat (again, like the CHI did)
    It also has not broken yet, unliek my CHI which broke in 5 months.
    I have tried a T3, CHI, Paul Brown, Conairs, and another one (I can’t remember the name.. Maybe Cricket? That one was replaced like. 4 times within a year) and out of them all, I have only found really good results with Paul Brown Hawaii.

  14. Andrea

    I love my Chi :) It’s amazing. But once this one gives out on me I’m going to try the GHD.

  15. Ash

    I just bought a GHD recently and have mixed feelings about it? I like it but I don’t love it yet. I can’t seem to get the curl/wave thing down w/ my GHD like I can w/ the Conair Infinity… I thought there would be a huge difference after reading reviews about the GHD, but I am not seeing those kind of results yet? Can anyone tell me… is it necessary to use the suggested products to get great results? I mean, I use a heat protector spray (generic) or should I be using the GHD creams, sprays, etc. etc.?

  16. the best one i’ve tried so far has been the chi :)

  17. Jennifer

    GHD is the best. I’m a latin women with curly hair and I’ve tried them all (CHI, T3, Conair). Nothing works best to give all the versatality like the GHD. My hair can either be full of volume, curly or pin straight. LOVE my GHD. Worth every penny!!!!

  18. Heather

    HAI ~ I haven’t tried other higher end ones, but after getting this per my stylist recommendation ~ didn’t need to. It’s great and i got it for about $80 on Ebay. Temp. setting, smooth and fast!

  19. Tracy

    A friend told me that her stylist recommended the Babyliss, and she was happy with it, so I got it as well for my daughter. AMAZING! Amazon had at the time for $89, which was a steal compared to other online dealers, and just today I bought another since my Hot Tools iron from Sallys finally stopped working. I had never heard Babyliss before she mentioned it, but I’m thrilled with the performance!!!

  20. GHD!! there is nothing better! It heats up in no-time, gets hot enough to not damage the hair too much and doesn’t snag your hair! amazing! it was like another world after using gama

  21. Brittany

    I love my Chi!

  22. Michelle

    I’ve only used the CHI & Sedu & I liked the Sedu better. I want to get a GHD next.

  23. Roberta

    I love T3 flat iron. It heats up super quick and straightens my hair so fast. T3 makes the best hair styling tools.

  24. tess

    i just got my chi and it’s been wonderful…. i really wanted the ghd’s but everytime i try to save up for it… mac takes it over with its collections after collections!!!!

  25. abby

    cortex is really good!

  26. GHD.. by far.. It is by the far the most versatile hair styling tool that I’ve ever used. I have THICK semi-wavy asian hair.. and it can really be used to achieve any style… whether big and curly or sleek and straight! I will admit… we’re not talking pennies for the GHD.. it’s definitely worth getting your coin together and purchasing! ; )

  27. The Sedu 1.5″ iron!! It is $100 well spent! I loved it so much I wrote a review about it on my blog and the conpany contacted me to say thanks!

  28. Andrea

    My Metropolis totally rocks!!!

  29. Alexis

    Deffinitly the CHI it straightens everything and heats up so fast!

  30. Hanan

    GHD and Sedu tie the first spot for me!

  31. shatani

    maxiglide. hands down.

  32. Amy

    I still love my Ultra Chi. I work at Ulta, and I know a lot of people seem to have problems with theirs breaking and whatnot, but I have had mine for 3 years and haven’t had any problems at all. Plus, I got mine at a pro beauty supply store for only $99, and I can’t imagine paying more than that for a flat iron, honestly lol.

  33. leana

    BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Ultra-Slim 1″ Flat Iron


    i got mine for about $60 on amazon.com :) LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! highly recommended!

  34. Christina

    definitely T3 Pro Mini and Colorful Seasons from a kiosk in the mall it’s AMAZING more people should know about it

  35. eri

    my paul mitchell flat iron!!

    • yourshar0na

      I second that.. Paul Mitchell has amazing flat irons, from his older one with the green plates to his newer ion smoothes…they heat up instantly, the plates never lose their heat or tug on my hair, and always leave my hair feeling soft and smooth!

  36. Kelly

    I have the t3 wet and dry and it works well. But, my only problem is that my hair doesn’t stay straight and i have no clue why it doesnt. I am not sure if its my hair or the straightner.I have very curly thick hair so thats the reason why i think its my hair but if anyone else has an explanation why my hair doesnt stay straight pleasee tell me! Oh also, when i got my chi in the mail it broke after i first used it which was very odd.

  37. Grace

    GHD is the best iron I’ve ever used. I love mine! I’ve used all the cheapie ones and Chi. nothing is comparable.

  38. Kimmy V.

    GHD hands down! take it from a girl with thick super curly hair! this is amazing!

  39. aramis

    i only had the jilbere from sally’s and i got ot for abt $80 or $100 dollars and they were well spent ive had it for abt 3 years or more and it hasnt broken i might buy a chi or ghd in da future

  40. Luci

    I have a Sedu. I barely use it anymore as I’m pretty good at just straightening my hair just using a hair dryer, but it’s a miracle tool for sure.

  41. Brittnie

    GHD! I got nervous spending all that money, but it was so worth it. It heats up in seconds, stays heated, and automatically shuts down after a half hour after use (which is good for me, because I’m very forgetful; at least I know I won’t ruin my countertop from having it on all day). It’s so versatile, too. I can straighten, create waves, and curl easily with one tool.

  42. Laurie

    Sedu!!! It has lasted me for 5 years now and counting! It still heats up like the first day i bought it and it leaves curly hair sily and shiny :)

  43. Michelle


  44. Nicci

    Chi..I’ve had it for 2 yrs and no issues. Heats up in seconds, curls my hair, and does the job perfectly! I’ve tried other brands and don’t see myself going back or trying new brands.

  45. Hannae

    Babyliss… had it for 2 years,and still going on strong. I love it, but one thing bugs me about it and that it’s to wide. I am looking into buying a new one. GHD have I tried at and I must say, much better the Babyliss.

  46. I have the Chi and so far I love it. It burns my marble counter though. I have to use a silicone mat.

    I’m dying to try the InStyler. My problem is my hair is super hard to straighten, even with the chi. My hand gets so tired.

  47. mary


    been doing thermal reconditioning and it gets my hair looking like that.

  48. faiza

    Hi christine i want to buy ghd from sephora do you know if they have any upcoming sales like black friday or kind of christmas sale on these thans!