Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

The Hit List

Best Face Primer? What product wins this category?

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59 thoughts on “The Hit List: Best Face Primer

  1. Luv J

    Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer.. water-resistant.. 100% free of fragrance, oil, and parabens. Brightens skin :)

  2. Sandy

    for me it’s Cover FX primer. It’s a mineral canadian brand

  3. Officer's Sweetie

    for me it’s Laura Geller’s Spackle i love that stuff,the texture is nice and cooling and a tiny bit goes such a long way, it’s more of a dewy primer than that dryish finish..a close second is Smashbox Photo Finish, which has a more dry finish to me. Either one you can’t go wrong in my book.

  4. Smashbox, especially the purple primer. It really evens out the yellow in my face.

  5. ayat

    I love NARS makeup primer and runner up for me is the Smashbox makeup primer!

  6. MissDeeCanada

    I like the MAC primer because of the fact that it also helps with oil throughout the day which makes your makeup last way longer!

    I have never tried the NARS or Laura one because of the price!

  7. SnickerDoodle

    I have pretty dry skin, so all I’m looking for in a primer is for it to create a nice, smooth canvas for makeup, and making liquid foundation last longer. So my favorite by default, because it’s the only one I’ve tried, is the Sephora Perfection Primer. It’s not expensive and works fine, but I want to branch out and try either their Anti-Shine primer, or another brand. Just to see.

    • SnickerDoodle

      I left out a whole sentence…the Sephora Perfection Primer is really nice, lasts forever, and has a little pinky/pearl tint to it (very subtle) that brightens skin

    • AmyLou

      I have the anti-shine primer and if you have dry skin, it’s totally not for you! It’s seriously, seriously mattifying. I bought it on impulse this summer, as I was low on cash and desperately needed someting, anything, to zap my oil. Well, this did it!! I often use is just as a mattifier, sans makeup. HTH!!!

  8. Tekoa

    MAC primer with SPF 50. Thumbs up to the sun block!

  9. evangelia

    MAC matte on my nose and forehead!

    • Tracy

      I totally agree..though I am in Asian country,no cold and dry season..but MAC Prep & Prime matte on my nose and forehead! i have better skin even without make-up!!!

      can u imagine?! which means MAC makes my makeup so cakey that seems I am covering up my ugly skin!!!

  10. Sara

    laura gellar spackle <3

  11. MAC Prep + Prime SPF50, it has to be the one with SPF as it’s totally different from the regular one! Have been through loads but this is the only one that works optimal for my skin. Wished that EL Idealist could work too, as it makes skin baby soft, but it breaks me out in cystic acne.

  12. claudia

    still haven’t found it yet! my skin is super oily no matter what i do!

  13. Fran

    I have only ever used one primer and I’m loving it so I haven’t changed to try another one yet, it’s by a company called GOSH and it’s their Velvet Touch Foundation Primer.

    I completely mattes my face (great because I have oily skin and it lasts all day!) and makes my skin so soft and smooth!

    Highly recommended to anybody who can get their hands on it,

    • Art

      hi fran, has it ever aggravated your skin? i have very acne prone skin and i’m a little scared to try it! But i tested it at superdrug and was amazed at how soft my hand felt 😛

      • Fran

        no I’ve never had any problems with it and I have pretty sensitive skin in general, it’s made with Aloe Vera and says on the bottle that it doesn’t contain any perfume or preservatives!
        Hope this helps hon!

  14. lovekills

    My skin is super oily too,

    What I have used before makeup application is Clarin’s Beauty Flash balm, its light weight and seems to work but would love to find something that controls oil, plus I have acne prone skin.

    I use Laura Mercier foundation, I’m thinking about trying the primer, but I feel like a primer is too heavy in addition to foundation but I’ve never tried it so I could be wrong.

    • S.

      I have really oily skin and I use the LM oil-free primer…it’s nice and light :) Much better for my oilslick of a face than Smashbox, MAC, Monistat, or even NARS (although that one is nice too)

    • Kathleen

      I have very oily and acne-prone skin. I have had my LORAC aquaPrimer for about 3 months now. AMAZING!

  15. MAC Prep+Prime SPF50: Oil control, smooth texture, no grit, makes makeup stick like glue, protects my skin from the eeeevil UV rays… it’s perfect! I really liked Laura Geller’s Spackle before I discovered P+P, but there’s no contest.

  16. Stina

    Monistat’s Chafing Relief Powder-Gel.

  17. Kellye

    The LG Spackle. It’s much lighter than the Smashbox.

  18. Amy

    I haven’t tried too many… but I love Smashbox. LOVE IT. I use the green color correcter one.

    • J-BIRD


  19. lina

    laura mercier

  20. Pauline

    Fyrinnae Rice Powder Primer is AMAZING!!!! Not only is it really affordable, but it is the only primer that keeps the oil on my nose from effecting my makeup and it keeps my makeup looking ALL day. And even though it is a powder, I can put anything, liquid, cream, whatever on top and it would look perfect!

  21. Josee

    NARS Makeup Primer SPF 20. Its $33 from Sephora and works GREAT! It makes your makeup last ALL day and it keeps everything looking good. I live in Florida and it helps my makeup last through 95 to 100 degree weather, without melting or sliding off my face. It’s definatly the best primer I’ve ever used.

    • lovekills

      ^ Josee, Even on oily skin?

      • Josee

        Yea.. my skin is pretty oily around my nose and forehead area, and it still works great for me. You might need to dust on a little powder after you’ve put on all your makeup (just to absorb any oil and smooth out your skin tone), but it should work good for you. I don’t know anyone else who uses it, but on my somewhat oily skin it works fine.

  22. Angie Smith

    Carmindy’s new luminizing primer! loooooove it!

  23. LadyRotten

    Smashbox primer or Chanel .. but I am going to try Mac one with spf 50 next. :)

  24. Diyana

    YSL Top Secrets. Best primer ever.

    • H

      I have oily skin and this is the first primer I ever tried – plz DON’T buy this! Lovely with no foundation but not great and then with my liquid foundation on top it cakes, runs off my face just a big fat waste of $$.

  25. classic

    Smashbox Photo Finish Light

  26. Meagan

    I really love MAC’s Prep + Prime Face 50 SPF. It is somewhat moisturizing, and it eliminates me having to put on SPF and a separate primer. Its thick, so I have to let it soak in a bit before I put on makeup. The 50 SPF factor is worth the wait though!

  27. Nars primer wins me :) It smells so nice.

  28. lovekills

    So out of all these answers, which one would be considered the best??

  29. has anyone tried intuit? kim kardashian uses it….you can only find it online at the moment. but before i buy, i was wondering if anyone’s tried it?

  30. Taj

    Laura Geller Spackle!!! AWESOME!

  31. Kiwi

    What is the best Primer for (very dry) medium to dark African American Skin? I don’t care to purchase the Primer with a tint which turns ashy on my skin after a few hours. Is there anyone out there who can direct me to the right cosmetic counter? (HELP)

    • rachel

      definately try Smashbox primers. they come in all sorts of different types for different skin types and they go on light and without residue. they feel amazing and keep makeup from sliding/melting off.

  32. sana


    I have oil, red, sensitive to heat skin. And, i have very oily the sense if i just use an oilfree foundation…with in an hour…you will see oil coming through.

    I have used, jojoba oil(very very small amount) to see if controls the oil…not really.
    I have used, UD primer potion, i think that one works well with oily eyelids. I do not think Too faced shadow insurance controlled the oil well..

    Then i tried MAC prep and prime… i think this is only good when your skin is irritating and you need to calm it down befor putting makeup on… (does not control oil)

    I tried Mac Matte ( doesn’t seem to control the oil much for me)
    I tried POP face primer…the anti-shine one…that did control the oil for me. I would buy that one..

    Also, right now i have the Too face skin smoothing face primer. It is holding up very well, went outside in the sun…didn’t let the redness happen. It’s past two hours…and no sign or oil so far.

    I used it on my eye lids as well and then foundation on top of it…no creasing as well.

    Please try the two faced primer…

  33. Vyki

    Clarins Beauty Flash Primer. You only have to use the teeniest amount and youre whole face feels smooth and your make up stays brilliantly!

  34. Jyss :)

    i use No7 colour calming primer in green. when you put it on you look like cermit the frog. but i have very red skin and it evens my skin tone out. plus its not oily at all. awesome for me. x

  35. Katie

    Even though this is an old post, I felt the compulsion to drop a comment. I’ve been through so many primers. First off, I have dry / sensitive NW20 skin. Though, lately it’s been very oily which is weird for me, but I can throw in my two cents from both sides of the spectrum. I’ve tried Photo Finish and found that it made my skin flake. Though, now it may work well as my skin has been oily. And, to be fair, it was winter so my skin was really dry to begin with. You can purchase a travel size for about $17 USD, which is still expensive but it beats paying $36 USD. Similar to Photo Finish, is Sephora’s brand primer. It’s not as thick, but I think it does a nice job. I like silicone primers because I love the way it makes my skin feel so smooth and flawless. Some women actually don’t like that feeling so they opt for water based primers. I really like Benefit’s Dr. Feelgood. Benefit claims that it can be used under or over makeup, but I just use it as a primer. I like that it sets itself apart from other high end competitors because it’s made from a different consistency. It comes packaged in a little tin with an included sponge. You need the sponge because it’s difficult to apply with fingers alone. Dr. Feelgood is sort of like a balm. It has a mellow scent that you either like or dislike, but I can’t smell it once it’s applied. By the way, I can see this being a miracle worker for those with oily skin, but it doesn’t irritate my dry skin either (that’s a big plus!). I also own B.E.’s Prime Time. I don’t have much to say about this one. It’s not bad, because I know a lot of women love it. Still, I don’t think it’s all that great either. It serves its purpose, but I think the Sephora brand is actually better. Currently, I’ve been using the NARS primer and I like it a lot. The ingredients are derived from botanicals and vitamins. The formula is silicone free and oil free. Personally, I really adore this one. I believe it costs about $33 USD for 1.7 oz. It’s a big tube and you truly get a bang for your buck. I’ve also heard that the NARS primer makes for an awesome aftershave…. but I’m not prepared to share with my boyfriend anytime soon. Once applied, I’m left with a smooth canvas for foundation. I have no complaints with the NARS primer. Laura Mercier also makes a good primer. The formulation is similar to that of NARS. She makes four different kinds, I believe. One for dry skin, oil-free, mineral, and the original. I hope this helps somebody out because I’ve spent ridiculous amounts of money on primers, in search for the perfect one. There’s not many articles that go into detail on them and it’s hard to decide what’s right for you when you already have your makeup on and can’t give them a good test in the department store. Good luck to those who have yet to find their perfect primer!

    • Debbie NYC

      Hello, A good inexpensive primer try Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer ultra light formula. You can buy in on line or in Wallmart. It’s great I love it!!!! So for those girls looking for a great primer use this one you will be glad you did.

    • January

      Thank you, THANK YOU, did I say T-H-A-N-K You1

  36. I like to keep up and learn about the new products.

  37. Tamara Martello

    I have used a few. Bare Ecentials, and another one that I can’t remember but it was already mentioned. I have been using Laura Gellers Spackle. Has anyone used Mallys Perfect Prep Poreless Primer?