Saturday, March 21st, 2009

The Hit List

Best Face Cleanser? What product wins this category?

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145 thoughts on “The Hit List: Best Face Cleanser

  1. Ceci

    Love the Clean and Clear Advantage Facial Cleanser!

  2. Chloe

    I love Lush’s Herbalism. The smell is off-putting, but it works wonders. It cleanses and it has cleared up my spots and other problems.

  3. Nars

    I absolutely cannot live without Shu Uemura’s cleansing oil, especially A/O (the one with green tea extract). It’s perfect for my dry, eczema-prone skin!

    • msciaociao

      I absolutely agree! 😀

    • lisa

      I have always wanted to use oil cleansers but im afraid they break me out. Do u find that u have any problem with acne break outs when using it?

      • Therese

        So long as you steam your face with a warm, damp cloth afterwards, you should have no issues with breakouts.

      • Nars

        If you are interested in Shu Uemura cleansing oils, I believe they have some light formulas better suited for acne-prone skin. Those makeup counters at Nordstrom are usually nice enough to give you some samples! It’s definitely worth checking out!

      • Alison

        They’re really no more likely to break you out than other cleansers: Acne isn’t really caused by the kind of oils present in oil cleansers (internal problems are usually the cause), and oil attracts oil so you’re getting a good gentle cleanse (If the cleanser is good, that is…)

        • Alison

          Just wanted to add that I find it so ironic that people are so obsessed with washing off oils present in oil cleansers and yet are happy to use oil based moisturisers and leave these same oils on their skins without a second thought.

          • Alison

            PS. I use Dermalogica’s precleanse on my acne prone skin and its one of the best cleansers for me.

  4. Colleen

    I am looking forward to hearing the responses to this because I have yet to find one I really love. I am currently using Philosophy Purity Made Simple (foaming). It does the job and I appreciate how gentle it is on my eyes, but there’s just something about it that makes me want to try something new.


    my favorite cleansers at the mo are : ultra bland from & using distilled witch hazel on a cotton pad after I have removed my makeup with a wipe then washed it. this helps my skin to stay clear n spot free xx

  6. For me it is Bare Escentuals RareMinerals cleanser, it has kept my normally acne-prone skin completely clear for the last year! It seems to gently exfoliate my skin too, but also calms my skin and doesn’t bother my rosacea at the same time! I’ve actually stopped using exfoliating scrubs. Can you tell I’m in love? 😉

    • Lingping

      <3 BE rare minerals! I only used the overnight powder for a while (haven’t gotten around to ebaying more) but I loved it for keeping my skin clear and always gently exfoliated. I guess the cleanser is equally nice :)

  7. Liz

    Cetaphil–enough said!

  8. babycakeseses

    love philosophy purity and microdelivery wash but i use proactive lotion at night for beakouts~

  9. aj

    my mornings and nights revolve around Origins Never A Dull Moment Face Cleanser. I <3 it so much!!

  10. Lingping

    I love Lush for this, both Sweet japanese girl and Angels on bare skin are great! If no Lush, I use Lanc

  11. Jenna

    AcneFree cleanser has kept my skin clear from day one! I have combination skin, but my cheeks are pretty acne-prone. AcneFree has taken care of that. :)

  12. Roberta

    I love Philosophy’s Purity made simple, works great at removing my MUFE HD Foundation. Sometimes if my skin is messed up I’ll use Clingue’s Ance bar.

  13. Thais

    Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple, without a doubt. But I recently got a sample of one of the Shu Uemura’s cleansing oils and it was beyond amazing, especially for removing mascara!!! So gentle on the skin, melts the mascara super fast, and leaves skin soft and moisturized.

  14. msviolet

    A bar of Dove or Ivory soap for sensitive skin. Fragrance free, non greasy, doesn’t leave soap film, and non drying. Oh, and did I mention it’s less than 2 bucks a bar? Never leaks in your luggage either. Gotta love solids.

  15. mariel

    I would def say Patricia Wexler’s cleansing foam for all skin types. Its amazing! and not that expensive ($15 at bath and body works). It leaves skin clear and with a glow. I love it!

  16. Heather

    Shiseido cleanser. Very gentle. Great one!

    • Macaddict

      Totally agree! Surprising leavces skin sooooo amazingly soft while cleaning thoroughly! Love it!
      Next best is Bliss.

  17. Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel all the way! Saved my skin a few years ago and I haven’t looked back.

  18. I’m looking for a good cleanser. I’m using Nivea Face Young, it’s quite good, I like its gel consistency, but I’m deadly curious about Shu Uemura ones.
    Unfortunately most of the products you’re talking about are not available here. T-T

  19. Stephanie

    I love my Cetaphil, its so gentle and it comes with a pump!

  20. Donna

    Since I use Retin A I prefer one that’s gentle and fragrance free so the ones I use the most are Shu Cleansing Oil, Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Cleanser, and Cerave Hydrating Cleanser.

  21. Anna

    Garnier Nutritioniste cream cleanser is my favorite. It gets my skin really clean with out drying it out.

  22. Stefani

    MAC’s Green Gel work great for my skin

  23. kat

    baby wipes! no joke! :)

  24. Mamainak

    I love Angels on Bare Skin by Lush

  25. Tam

    Proactiv! I don’t have much acne but it helps keep the oil production down.

  26. Clarins-Cleanising Milk Normal/Dry Skin.

  27. Dianella

    I’m currently using Aveda’s Outer Peace Foaming Cleanser and it’s working very well for me. My skin’s very acne-prone and picky to boot but this line is working really well for me.

  28. Manda

    I love ten 0 six toner! it has a very strong rose like smell but it has helped my pores so much!! love it

  29. lisa

    Philosophy purity made simple high foaming cleanser!

  30. Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash. I always try out new cleansers that are fancier or more expensive, but always end up going back to Purpose. It’s gentle, removes my face makeup, and doesn’t irritate my acne prone skin.

  31. Alyssa

    G.M. Collin – PurAcne Oxygen Purifying Gel. It’s perfect for oily to acne-prone skin yet it’s still gentle and doesn’t dry out my face (like most acne or deep cleansers).

  32. HoneyBrown1976

    I love Clean and Clear’s Morning Burst Deoxifying Cleanser. It’s light and refreshing. I really cannot have hard chemicals on my skin. I break out despite my combination skin.

  33. Ricci

    No drugstore cheapies for me, my face simply cant handle it

    I use stone crop by

  34. Meagan

    I really like Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser for my sensitive-ish skin.

  35. Tanya

    I like Cerave and DHC’s deep cleansing oil.

  36. Abjay

    Kiehl’s is heaven sent! Great foe all types especially sensitive skin like mine

  37. My favorite is Philosophy Purity Made Simple (not the foaming one, the original.)

    • My-Linh

      That one totally broke me out! I was really sad, but then again I have oily skin so the foaming one is probably a better choice for me.

  38. Shannon

    Lush Herbalism! I love this stuff so much!

  39. I have 3! I love Neutrogena foaming face wash in the shower, Shu Uemura Balancing Cleansing Oil to remove makeup at night and Bare Escentuals Rare Minerals cleanser after the cleansing oil at night as a mask. All 3 are great on their own and work well for my acne/rosacea prone skin!

  40. Aishah

    I use Cetaphil. I have very sensitive skin.

  41. Mikki

    Gamila Soap!

  42. Mikki

    Oh and by the way: Zwitsal soap free wash gel hihi

  43. Melissa

    Philosophy Purity =)

  44. sprut

    A lot of philosophy purity lovers have all ready commented and I’m another one! :) It is by far the best cleanser that I have ever used.

  45. Vichy normaderm gel cleanser!

  46. Eri

    DHC deep cleansing oil & Purity foam cleanser!!

  47. Sangeeta

    Definitely DIOR’s rinse off cleanser, it has white tea in it and smells sooooooooo good. Plus removes all makeup and doesn’t leave face dry

  48. Tina H,

    I am going with La Mer – foam cleanser. It is expensive but you only need a dime size amount and I am at month 5 or 6 so it is not too bad!

  49. Amna

    proactiv! I know it doesn’t suit some people but it’s been working great on me for 4 years

  50. Purity Made Simple by Philosophy is AMAZING!!! I have always had oily skin and breakouts. I tried every drugstore acne cleanser out there and none of them worked. Once I started using Purity and Hope in a Bottle my face completely cleared up!!! I love how it takes my makeup, including eye makeup, right OFF!

  51. steam!! i cant remember the brand haha

  52. jenn

    I love Murad’s AHA/BHA cleanser

  53. lucia

    Purpose is a fave, along with skin bightener by L’Occitane. Both are great.

  54. Dea

    High-end : Shiseido Pureness Foaming Cleansing Fluid (loveeee this stuff… half squirt takes off all of myy makeup)
    Low-end : Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser ( not as good as shiseido but still rocks )

  55. Sarah

    i’ve loved ysl’s cleansing and toning water for years and years, even though it doesn’t really remove my stubborn eye makeup. :(
    but it smells divine. :)

    i’ve only recently began using clarins’ pure melt cleansing gel and i need to repeat the face – washing twice (meaning i use quite a lot of product in one go) but the end results are gleaming, flawless skin!

  56. nm

    I was looking for a new cleanser…now I think I need to try either Lush or Shu Umera. Thanks girls!

  57. Okami

    I don’t use it to take of my makeup, but Anthony Logistics Glycolic Facial Cleanser works wonders for my skin. I have extremely dry, extremely sensitive skin and I tried over a dozen different cleansers after Clinique went and changed the formula on the cleanser I had been using, and theirs was the only one that didn’t irritate my skin or strip it so dry the skin would crack before I finished drying my face (I have seriously crazy dry skin).

  58. Beth

    I’ve been using Acne Free foaming face cleanser. I call it the poor man’s Proactiv. It’s totally helped clear up my skin. My Clarisonic doesn’t hurt either. :)

  59. Cetaphil: leaves face clean and not oily, but not dried out . ONly about 5 bucks

  60. Neutrogena Grapefruit cleanser, LUSH angels on bare skin, & dicksons witch hazel. I got the purity foam & imo its junk. It doesn’t feel like its really cleansing my face at all.

  61. Mary Thi

    I love Burt’s Bees Carrot Complexion soap! It leaves my skin squeeky clean!

  62. Jenny

    Angels on Bare Skin (AOBS) by Lush is my go-to facial cleanser. My skin is super sensitive and doesn’t agree to most cleansers. Just last week, I bought Cetaphil facial cleanser.. and for some reason, it broke me out! I had little bumps on my chin, some were white heads and some were just plain bumps. So I stopped using it and immediately started on my AOBS routine and it cleared up. I can’t express how much I love that product!

  63. tremorviolet

    I stick with Cetaphil (actually, generic store copies of Cetaphil, I can’t tell a difference). Doesn’t overly dry my face and is gentle enough for the eye area.

  64. anything mild + clarisonic brush is the answer to whiteheads!

  65. joyce

    philosophy purity, all the wayy :)

  66. I STILL use the Clinique 3-Step system (though I use the liquid facial soap mild) and it keeps me pretty much acne free… I get the odd pimple when I am lazy and don’t wash my face at night after taking off my makeup. I’m starting to look at Dior stuff though… high end but it smells a lot nicer than Clinique’s unscented everything!

  67. Summer

    My drugstore knock off brand of Cetaphil. It’s 1 pint for 5 dollars. And I use witch hazel as a toner.

  68. Machostage


  69. I still haven’t found the perfect one!

  70. vanessa

    I’ve been using DHC cleansing moisurizing oil, their products are from Japan, works great for me, and it doesn’t strip my skin of all it’s oils, leaving it dry and flakey.

  71. Monica

    I love Cetaphil!

  72. heather t.

    Like many, I use Philosophy Purity Made Simple. I don’t know how special it really is, but I’ll wait until I run out because I don’t have any complaints!

    What is your fav. cleanser temptalia?

  73. Kayc

    Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple has got to be the most amazing stuff out there. Gentle, hydrating, deep cleaning and effectively takes makeup off without any residue! I cannot live without this stuff :)

  74. Sarah

    I use Clenziderm and it’s the only thing that calms my acne-prone face down!

  75. Marlo

    Boscia MakeUp-BreakUp Cleansing Oil! I love it for removing makeup and just leaving my skin soft.

  76. imeldita22

    Garnier! cheap and fresh and clean !

  77. Holly

    Fresh Soy Face Cleanser. I also use Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple, but the Fresh one wins for me. I just wish there was more in the tube. I go through it pretty quickly and it’s kind of expensive for what you get, but it’s ultra gentle on my sensitive skin and removes all my makeup without rubbing.

  78. Bananarchy

    Origins never a dull moment and their clean energy oil cleanser when I wear makeup.

  79. BabyAngelLullaby

    Alpha Hydrox – Nourishing cleanser. It got rid of clogged pored and small pimples on my skin. Absolutely love it!

  80. KaylaK

    I use Renee Rouleau’s AHA/BHA Cleanser in the day time or my Clinique Oily Skin formula liquid soap, just depends on what I grab first lol. Then at night I use Clinique’s Rinse-off Foaming Cleanser to remove my makeup and then I use either Renee Rouleau’s Blemish Control cleanser or Clinique’s Acne Solutions Cleansing bar.

  81. Daria

    cetaphil!! gentle for the acne prone skin…although I really think that the clarisonic my boyfriend got me for xmas is really the HG in the cleaning department:)

  82. victoria

    cetaphil, my skin doesn’t like fancy products. i have oily combination skin and this stuff is just simple and gets the work done. doesn’t sting my eyes or dry out my skin even if i use it several times a day.

  83. Jennifer

    PHilosophy Purity made simple did not work for me, i found it hard to get foams. My favourite is Orbis (Japanese) Clear series facial foam cleanser !

  84. Jennifer

    I”d love to know the results on here as I’m planning to buy a new tube of cleanser!

  85. Kymberly

    I use Mario Badescu’s Glycolic Foaming Cleanser 3 times a week and Dermalogica’s Special cleansing Gel for the remainder.

  86. nancy s

    Estee Lauder cleanser! Inexpensive and long lasting. It’s been a year, I’m still using my cleanser. It’s a must try!!!

  87. Rachel

    Makeup remover: Fancl’s Cleansing Oil
    Daily facial cleanser: Kiehl’s Ultimate White Exfoliator alternated with Avalon Organics’ Lavender cleansing gel

  88. vicky

    I love L’Occitane Extra Gentle Cleansing Milk, extremely good for dry skin!

  89. RuBie

    L’Oreal Skin Genesis is the only drugstore that I’ve found to be comparable to department store brands. It’s just sooo good!

  90. msciaociao

    I use shu uemura cleansing oil to remove my makeup, then I use either philosophy purity made simple, biore, or DHC olive soap on my clarisonic to make sure it’s completely cleaned. Working pretty well so far! my skin hasn’t had a pimple since I started this new routine:)

  91. Amarte Perfect Balance Cleansing Foam <333

  92. Aww, I used Purity for a while but it didn’t really impress me.

    My favorite cleanser is actually a cleansing grain formula from Soapalaya Soaps on Etsy. It’s *amazing*. Since I started using it and jojoba oil as a moisturizer about a year ago, my skin has never been in better condition! The cleanser is dry, and made up of kaolin clay, jojoba beads, ground up oatmeal and ground up cold process hand poured soap (with no detergents, and all the natural glycerin left in). I mix up one spatula full w/ some water and use it every night. It’s really really great for keeping me blackhead free and yet it’s soooo gentle & effective. In the morning I just use her bar soap in Chamomile Calm & I love that too.

  93. Qiani

    Love Clinque 3-step! Very refreshing and smells clean – nothing too heavy :)

  94. S

    why is my comment being removed?

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  96. S

    I wold not be testing if I saw it on my screen! but thanks anyway.

  97. ladyluck13

    I like dark angels and ultrabland by lush