Sunday, November 16th, 2008

The Hit List

Best Eyeliner for the Waterline? What product wins this category?

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109 thoughts on “The Hit List: Best Eyeliner for the Waterline

  1. Shayna

    Hmm, Well for me the MAC Technakhol Eyeliners actually stay on my waterline a pretty long time! I don’t think they last very long for other people, but they work pretty well for me. I have one in photogravure, but I also want to get the eyeliner in greypoint and uniform :)

  2. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils
    My one true love! =] x

    • Anitacska

      I agree I love The UD 24/7 eye pencils! I’m wearing the light blue/ turquoise one today and it still looks as vibrant as it did when I put it on 8 hours ago!

    • Susan

      I bought a whole range of UD 24/7 glide on pencils…come with nice vibrant colors, it stays on but not on my waterline :(

  3. Manda

    I really like RIMMEL kohl pencils.. stays on and it is so cheap! haha though I think my prestige felt point liquid liner lasts longer there.. so i guess I’ll go with my prestige.. it has good staying power and is cheap too!!

    • SnickerDoodle

      Ooh, i’m gonna check out the Rimmel kohl pencils today!! We just got a new Walgreen’s in town, and the RImmel stuff is buy one get one free :)

    • Joy

      Yea i totally agree on prestige. One of those drugstore stumbles. Its the only liner that gives me a deep matte black and stay on pretty decent. Better than most liners i’ve bought for over $20

    • jacs

      Ive tried this one but doesnt last at all! after about an hour I have racoon eyes! lol

  4. Karen

    nothing rly stays on my waterline..
    but i use shiseidos black gel liner & then feline kohl pencil and reapply every then and again.
    after it will leave like a lot of black liner at the outter corner of my eye and its soo annoying
    i tried everything x.x technakohls last me not even 5 minutes.. & i tried to put matte black shadow on it

    • Jenny

      same here. nothing will stay on my water line. i have tried eyeliner and eye shadow together and that only lasts an hour at the most. every product i have tried has the same outcome. it doesnt stay on and leaves that annoying smudge in the corner of my eye.

      • Vivian

        Try putting on some eye primer or a tiny bit of eyeshadow on your lower lash line… it helps with me cuz when I line my waterline it runs out onto my skin

      • SOnya

        haha smae here that stupid lil smudge in the corner irritates me.!

      • Julia


      • Fujiapple

        hey I would try mac products/bobbi brown. lots of people suggest Mac Smolder Eye Kohl, or Mac Blacktrack Fluidline gel eyeliner, or Bobbi Brown Black Ink gel eyeliner. Good luck, and hope these help! (oh and still put eyeshadow on top)

  5. I like Feline Kohl Power pencil, or any of Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliners. They last for several hours without any significant smudging. Liquidlast works too, but I find that it’s harder to apply properly.

  6. i LOVE MAC feline!! its fabulous! the pencil is so soft that it only takes one swipe…that way i dont have any time to cry about it! lol

    i also like the urban decay 24/7 liners too…i havent bought any yet, but i played with them at sephora and that Honey colored one WILL be mine!

  7. Kendra

    I find that the only thing that stays on my waterline and doesn’t make me cry is MAC fluidline or any other kind of gel eyeliner. Liquid and pencil liners just make me cry and smear all my makeup :(

  8. Lily

    Urban Decay 24/7 liners for me :) they last all day and don’t budge! and easy to use!

    • Lexi

      I agree! Though nothing really stays on my waterline all day, UD’s 24/7 liners at least stay on longer than everything else.

    • Gabby

      really?? is there a special way to apply it?? cuz i have it and it doesnt work 4 me, but i would love 2 know

  9. Sarah

    Feline kohl power dipped in Blacktrack. Yum.

    • Julia.

      Yep. Whenever I’m going for a night out, and really want my make-up to last I will dip Feline (or really any black eyeliner) in blacktrack, then line my waterline! Works better than anything!

  10. Julie Vognsgaard

    Indelible waterproof, smudgeproof, long wearing Gel Liner from Studio Direct is awesome. I use Black Out, but have just purchased more colors. This is the only place in my makeup collection where I do not use MAC.

  11. Annie

    The Urban Decay 24/7 seem great. My only problem is…How do you take it off without rubbing your eye raw??
    I played with them at Sephora, and when I tried to wipe them off my hand with makeup remover, I had to scrub like a mad woman! I’m not sure if I want to use them near my eyes!

  12. Sara

    LOREAL HIP CREAM EYELINER. that shit DOES NOT MOVE. ive been trying to convince people to try it forever lol

    • haha I’ll have to try this!

    • lizette

      i totally agred, HIP by Loreal it’s the bom, that shit stay’s all day, and it’s totally waterprof!!! I LOVE IT!!!

    • Caitlin

      I really liked it too, but it started getting chunky and dry about half way through. Now I have a really hard time putting it on. I’ve tried heating it to melt it a little and I’m still having trouble.

      • morgan

        i think you should buy a new one i had one and it dryed too:(

      • sun

        yeap totally agree! I had the HIP for a while, it worked very well until I got near the middle of it, and it dried out like heck! I tried wetting it, only helped smoothed it out but didn’t make the color show as well. It was more of a gray black color. But overall, HIP ain’t so bad. Just can’t last til the end.

  13. kat

    CG’s perfect point plus eyeliner is the beat! it stays AND it doesn’t stick to my contatcs! :)

  14. pquanda

    TiGi big fat fun eyeliners. Have bought over 30 of these in my lifetime, lol. 24/7 are nice and what I would choose next, but they do fade aftr 12 hours and have some slight smudging. Feline is smudgeariffic and you better not be anywhere humid! Blacktrack irritates my waterline (as with all other gels) after 12 or so hours. So yes.. TIGI it is! Get yours at Toni and Guy or online!

  15. Thanks for the great suggestions. I can never get liner to last on my waterline for more than 30min! Guess I’ll give Urban Decay a try.

  16. Kirsten

    Lancome Le Crayon Kohl in Black Coffee dipped in Blacktrack fluidline

  17. Waterline? I must be so stupid because I don’t know what you are talking about.

  18. Linz

    Stila onxy kohl eyeliner. The blackest black and it goes on so quickly. I just put a little loose powder on right under my lower lashes with a q-tip so that it doesn’t smudge BUT i live in NM where it’s VERY dry and I know this one isn’t great in a humid setting.

  19. Clinique cream liner.. OMG its the Best Stuff on Earth!!!

  20. aj

    though it’s not as long lasting as some of the other ones mentioned, i like L’Oreal Le Khol Pencil in Onyx, glides on so smooth and is super pigmented!

  21. Rio

    I use Liquidlast, but I need to find a different one. It works wonderfully on the top, but it teds to crumble up on the waterline and get into my eyes. Kind of painful, really.

  22. jesse

    Chanel Kohl Pencil dipped in MAC Blacktrack

  23. Kate

    Liquid Last Liner is the only thing that I have found that never even budges but it is beyond hard to remove at the end of the day. Otherwise I like blacktrack but I transfers sometimes on me.

  24. lizzii

    i used Urban Decay’s 24/7 in zero (i LOVE the colored liners but black just completes the look for me). anything dipped in MAC’s blacktrack works. don’t even need a pencil liner. you can actually just dip the backside of a thin brush in it or if you’re more skilled, the actual brush and apply it on your waterline.

  25. s

    Estee lauder automatic eye pencil is the best!

    • BINNIE

      I have to say I do love estee lauderliner too but Urbandecay in zero is also amazing as im in the UK Rimmel khol pencils &barry m are also good xx

  26. Whitney

    The makeup forever equivalent to MAC fluidline. I just bought it. Stays forever and is even hard to remove with my eye makeup remover…

  27. Guerlain kohl powder, this beats MAC Powerkohl feline for me but is about twice the price.

  28. Lisa

    Marcelle Powder Eyeliner is awwwwwesome!!!

  29. Shefali

    UD 24/7’s are IT for me. I line my waterline and what keeps it really, really in place, even from slightly smudging, is using Sephora’s new Eyeliner Last. Damn, that stuff is the BOMB. I use it over my liquid liner on upper lash line and everything looks as good as new. Plus it has the greatest brush…super fine and thin.

    If I use anything besides UD 24/7 on my waterline, the Eyeliner Last keeps that in place too. Basically I have found a way to make all of my eyeliners last all day. Thank goodness for Sephora!!

  30. winnie

    MAC’S technakohl stays on mine, I swear by graphblack!

  31. Rebecca

    100% HiP Cream Eyeliner.

    MAC fluidline doesn’t work for me, Sephora Flashy pencil doesn’t, nor does UD 24/7 (though the 24/7 is pretty tough otherwise).

  32. Manda

    MAC is coming out with PEN-ULTIMATE LINER this winter..the pic for it looks insane.. says (permanent) next to the info name and says you cant use it on your waterline haha i’m very excited to try it! hahaha

  33. Kristina

    Avon Daring Definition Gel Eye Liners and Indelible Gel Liners.

  34. chuarmk

    Revlon COlorstay Eyeliner

    • nadz

      i second revlon khol pencil eyeliners. I put a primer and then powder around the eyes because living in humid in Texas eye liners smudge and i end up with racoon eyes. But this eye liner is not only cheap like 10 bucks but it last long too. Mac is my second!

  35. Angie Smith

    Nothing truly stays on my waterline. And my skin and eyelid area isn’t the least bit oily. I don’t wear contacts, and my eyes are pretty dry most of the time, actually!! Nothing actually truly lasts for me! I use UD 24/7, and they are by far the best. MAC feline….totally depressed because i LOVE the blackest black it is, but it is a SMUDGEFEST on me. The outer corners…awful. I haven’t tried gel liners on my waterline yet. That will definitely be my next step!

    • Rae

      MEEE TOOOO! I used to carry around Q-tips and the liner all day to keep it from looking like I rubbed my eyes out! I haven’t tried the UD 24/7 yet, but a combination of using black eye shadows and gel liners works ok for me.

  36. sheena

    I have tried soooo many eyeliners for my waterline and suprisingly wet n wilds h2o proof eyeliner is great! And superrrrrrr cheap! And the liquid felt tip eyeliner by prestige is the best I have ever used on my lid…..others aren’t as vibrant once applied over shadow and this one never faulters!!!! Both can be found at drug stores.

  37. Like Pursebuzz said Clinique cream liner is beyond amazing…and I’ve tried them all!

  38. Sarah

    lancome le crayon khol, i think i own every shade of these (the buggers discontinued the ones with the coloured casing – now they look boring), the darker shades are good on the waterline.
    i also use chanel’s cake liners – they seem ok?
    i think i own too many eyeliners.. i have them all and don’t pay enough attention as to what is better than the next… er, ok i’ll zip it.

  39. Bertha

    Kohl eyeliners are best for waterline
    I use Loreal le kohl eye liner pencils
    it works great!

  40. Jean

    Is there anything BROWN out there? I really really wanna get UD 24/7 now that I’ve been hearing about it so much but when I looked at the color choices I was really left skeptical by the browns they have because they look a little too light to me. I don’t want black, but I don’t want light brown. Currently I use Revlon Colorstay in black-brown and I’m not satisfied with it, aside from the color. Black-brown is perfect. Any ideas?

  41. Brittany

    This may sound weird but what i do is use MAC’s fluidline in Blacktrack on my lower waterline and it usually lasts a long time.

    However you get some days where it may run in the outer corners *which i’ve experienced*

    so i use waterproof mascara as my eyeliner for the corners of my eyes only!! It really works.. if you can cry without waterproof mascara running… why would it run being on the lashline..

    Use a makeup brush for precise application. I use MAC’s 208

  42. I just did my personal review of the top eyeliner and the Urban Decay 24/7 is amazing!! I use it on all my clients :)

  43. ashley

    i have tried many eyeliners for the waterline!
    the best one ove used is revlon color stay
    it doesnt smudge and i can wear it all say and it looks the same from when i put it on in the morning
    its also waterproof
    its a very reasonable price and you can buy it from drug stores
    one of my favourite makeup products

  44. thats your own decision…even though its a pain in the tuchkes to test out all eyeliners (not all at once you will strain your eyes) but once you find the right one you;ll know it. i personally like creamy eyeliners on my waterline. i own one kohl eyeliner (sephora kohl expert color: noir artist) and it is extremely hard and hurts to put on your eye, which is one of the most delicate parts of you. i personally do not recommend kohls for waterline tightline or lower lash line..better for upper lash line..

    • so i recommend creamy eyeliners. like stila kajul or mac technokohl for drugstore….almay intense eyecolor retractable pencil … i also find that retractable eyeliners usually have a creamier formula…i happen to love the consistency of sephora nano eyeiner but it fades in about 3 hours…

  45. Clinique Cream Shaper For Eyes . Stays on alll daay !! :)

  46. Chica

    I have to disagree with the UD 24/7 eyeliners. They are great for smudging and offer a really smooth application, but they do not work for me on the waterline at all. Just a few minutes and it’s gone…

  47. Virginia

    HI Yes its true UD 27/7 last all day on waterline i used to use it but when i started to get really dry eye i found that since it water proof it was making my eye dry out. I have learned you NEVER should USE WATER PROOF on the waterline. i used it for a long time but now i use a KOHL technakohl liner in by mac in graphblack and it last a long time and i dont have dry eye.
    so be careful with waterproof. the sales people at the sephora told me it was ok to use on my waterline they dont alway know that is safe.

  48. Michelle

    NYC waterproof eyeliner is the only thing that has worked for me so far. At less than 4 bucks its a major steal ūüėÄ

  49. I don’t really use the most expensive ones, I use the cheap ones. But I’m sure if you follow this trick, it shouldd work as well as it works for me. Before you apply your eyeliner, you pull your eyelid down. Then take a Q – tip and wip all the water off your waterline, then apply eyeliner. Note that you really shouldn’t let your eye go then put more on because this could cause for it to fade away very easily. thanks, I hoped this helped. X]

  50. Blair

    if you have problems with smudging or eyeliner doesnt stay on try KOHL it stays on very well. any type,brand, or design will work make sure it is kohl though

  51. katie

    maybelline define-a-line!!!

  52. definitely NOT eye studio, i put it on in the morning before school and by 3rd period its all messed up and i have to redo it >:(, it was nott for your waterline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9top eyelip maybe)

  53. Julia

    Stila Smudge Stick is absolutely amazing.

  54. Carly

    I have tried so many eyeliners for the waterline it’s ridiculous from the ultra cheap to the ultra expensive so hope this helps someone!

    Urban Decay didn’t work for me, which was a total disappointment since I’ve heard AWESOME reviews about it. It smudge after about an hour or so – maybe I was applying it wrong (whatever that means) but it did not work!

    Just bought the Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes one and again did not work. Was gone within an hour or two and that was disappointing as well.

    But I have to say the WORST one I’ve tried by far was the Clinique eye cream eyeliner. I was so disappointed because it seemed so easy to apply but within an hour of sitting in an air conditioned room it was gone! I expected more from Clinique and from this product, granted it was only $16 but still for $16 I expect more!

    The MAC eyeliner (especially designed for the waterline) was “ok” for me but I wanted something better – but the price isn’t bad and I definitely always have one of these as “backup”.

    So I finally went to Macy’s and picked up two more: Smashbox jet set waterproof eyeliner, and Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof. Haven’t tried the Smashbox one yet but the Chanel seems to be the best one out of all the ones I’ve tried – has stayed on for at least four hours (which to me is miraculous) the price was a little steep $33 with tax but to be hoenst with you I don’t mind spending $33 on something that works, so I can live with the price tag!

    Hope this helps someone! Though, honestly the best way to know for sure is trial and error. I have friends who can literally use the $0.99 eyeliner and it never smudges on them.

  55. Dena

    NYC color all the way. I purchased it in dark brown and also prestige in dark brown too, put one on each waterline and the NYC color stayed on without running far longer.

  56. Cameron G.

    Despite what everyone says, UD 24/7 Liners just did not work for me. I tested them a while ago, found that they ended up in the outer corners of my eyes (grrr, that’s the worst!) and the outer half of the line faded completely, all within 30 minutes. Tried it again today hoping for better results, wore my contacts this time, same thing happened. I wore Covet and my contacts do not make my eyes water at all, even making them dry. Please, any recommendations? Just one liner that doesn’t smear all over under my waterline and fade as quickly as it was applied?

  57. The ONLY thing which stays on my waterline for more than 10 minutes is the old fashioned Arabian stick and soot combo. No kidding. I guess I am a hard case but soot applied with a stick for some reason will persist on my waterline(s) for hours. Also has the extra attraction of having any smears or unwanted smooches able to be taken off with saliva. Wow.

  58. Kay

    I use Maybelline’s Eye Studio gel liners and their Unstoppable eyeliner on my waterline and they stay fine, but I tend to tear a little bit and the liner would tend to run or just fade off. But after fixing it and letting it dry out for a little bit, it stays on for so long. But on humid/hot weather, well… I wasn’t surprised at all that it would run on my outer corners. Nothing like a Q-Tip would help fix that little problem.

  59. midnightiris

    i’ve found that the roll up eye liners work best
    for example avon glimmersticks

  60. Makeupjunkiegirl

    Here is the coveted secret to a strong, black waterline all day long:

    1) Wipe waterline dry with finger or cotton swab.
    2) Use angled brush to all MAC FLuidline to the waterline.
    3) Go over the eyeliner with black powder eyeshadow.

    I use the MAC Fluidline brush to do my liner on the lid.

    This lasts me all day and into the night, even with watery eyes!!
    :o) Good luck!

  61. bugeater – Make Up Forever Aqua Creamliner. This stuff is BADASS.

  62. Alare

    I’ve tried so many and nothing works… Mac, tarte, mufe, Stila, sephora, Bobbi brown… It’s so frustrating lol

  63. Nem

    The best EVER waterline eyeliner is Wet n Wild MEGA EYES CREAM EYELINER, cost $3 at most Walgreens or Fred Meyer.¬† Comes with brush applicator.¬† You apply in the morning, you sleep with it, still on the next morning.¬† It is totally BULLETPROOF.¬† Few people have discovered this product.¬† I don’t like their brush, I use ELF $1 pointed brush instead, or sometimes I will dip an eyeliner pencil and use that as GUIDE, works like magic, but using brush is best.¬† Try it, it works and only $3.

  64. Diana 198352

    I use the eyeliner Milan Liquif’ eye¬†pencil and it stays on all day on the waterline. Believe me I have every eyeliner you can think of and this is the Best! I think the price is $9.99¬†.

  65. hollylilly92

    UD 24/7 is the best thing i’ve ever tried. ¬†There a few things you should know, the black is gorgeous and pigmented and amazing and stays on my waterline ALLLL day (all the other liners ive tried come off my waterline within 10 min). ¬†If for any reason it doesn’t stay you may want to try patting some eyeshadow of the same color on top, but I have never had to do that with these. ¬†The only thing is that I have to take my time while applying it to my upper lashline because its very creamy and smudgable, I am soo addicted I can’t wait to try the gold and copper colors, I only wish they came with a lower price tag than I think $18 a pop.
    Bonus: they’re cruelty free, which is important to me

  66. hollylilly92

    UD 24/7 is the best thing i’ve ever tried. ¬†There a few things you should know, the black is gorgeous and pigmented and amazing and stays on my waterline ALLLL day (all the other liners ive tried come off my waterline within 10 min). ¬†If for any reason it doesn’t stay you may want to try patting some eyeshadow of the same color on top, but I have never had to do that with these. ¬†The only thing is that I have to take my time while applying it to my upper lashline because its very creamy and smudgable, I am soo addicted I can’t wait to try the gold and copper colors, I only wish they came with a lower price tag than I think $18 a pop.
    Bonus: they’re cruelty free, which is an important thing to me

    • Diana 198352

       @kjammolle I thought I told you that Milian Eyeliner stays on the waterline all day. I love it!!

  67. Diana 198352

    Urban 24/7 eyeliner does pretty good on the waterline but the best is Millian eyeliner, I love it!! Stays on all day

  68. Diana 198352

    Try Millian Eyeliner its stays on the waterline!