Thursday, February 17th, 2011

The Hit List

What’s the Best Drugstore Lipstick…?

What brand/product wins this category? What makes it so fabulous?

Thanks to Christina for today’s topic!

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74 thoughts on “The Hit List: Best Drugstore Lipstick

  1. slick

    Revlon Super Lustrous or NYX Round Lipsticks :)

  2. BeckBeck

    I actually like L’Oreal because it feels nice on and doesn’t dry my lips too badly. I know a lot of people hate their fragrance, but I’d rather have a perfumey “makeup” scent than the waxy/plastic smell some DS lipsticks have.

    • Kylie

      I agree:) Although the smell is a little odd its not all that noticeable (For me) on the lips and the formula is nice so thats really what matters

  3. Cornelia

    Definitely Cover Girl lip perfection; hands down the best drugstore lipstick I’ve ever tried (and I have tried a lot!). Hydrating, excellent color pay off, long-wearing…everything I want from a lipstick!

  4. Maria

    Rimmel’s Moisture Renew, Revlon, and Wet n’ Wild Mega Last Lipsticks.

  5. Sarah

    all of Revlon’s! they have such a variety of colors and finishes. also they don’t smell bad or cheap

  6. Alisha

    I recently purchased an NYC lipstick and love it! The formula and wear-time is great not to mention the price!

  7. Nathalie

    I love Rimmel’s Moisture Renew lipsticks. Only con is that drugstore brands are quite pricey here in Sweden :(

  8. Ryan

    I know they are a bit dramatic, but I love the mac matte black line.

  9. Deejay

    I love the new Cover Girl lipsticks, they are bright, long wearing(becuz the brighter colors stain a little) and moisturizing. I don’t like drugstore makeup but i definitely love this lipstick.

  10. Kajsa/Monticka

    NYX Round lipsticks, hands down!

  11. Evelyn

    Revlon Colorburst…awesome formula, and cruelty-free!

  12. Jen

    NYX round lipsticks. There are about a million shades, so any beauty seeker can find a perfect fit. They are all pigmented and moisturizing, too!

  13. Alina

    Rimmel Moisture Renew, NYX Round,Maybelline Moisture Extreme

  14. Megan

    Revlon, both the new Colorburst formula and the original. Great selection of shades, they wear well and are pretty much indistinguishable from my nicer lipsticks!

  15. NYX Round Lipsticks, and the Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipsticks

  16. informationmate

    i think that rimmel moisture renew lipsticks are creamy and longwearing on me, most are super moisturizing too

  17. Mamainak

    Revlon Colorburst, Bourjois and GOSH Velvet lipsticks

  18. I just discovered the Nyx Round lipsticks and really love them! Hauled them from Cherry Culture and it took two long weeks of anticipation before they finally arrived. So gutted that Nyx doesn’t stock in the UK for the same great price – otherwise I’d probably get the lot!

    I do like Maybelline’s Colour Sensational lipsticks too…they’ve a lovely scent and the colour lasts 4+ hours on me, which is decent. Also, there’s such a large range that it spoils me for choice!

    Cassie x

  19. amelia

    NYX are my favorite! They’re half the price of some other drugstore lipsticks, too. My only complaint is that they’re so hard to find.

  20. Stpehanie

    NYX rounds are amazing! I also like some of the L’reol Endless lipsticks but the smell is just AWFUL

  21. Sunayana

    Maybelline Color Sensational!

  22. Carrie Ann

    L’Oreal and Revlon are the best I’ve tried.

  23. Victoria

    I loved the Loreal color juice lipsticks. They were the only ones I actually finished and had back ups. Too bad they have been discontinued. I wish Loreal would bring them back!!

  24. I like the Revlon Matte line. I’ve heard good things about the new Wet n’ Wild lipsticks.

    • heidi

      My experience with wet n wild lipsticks has not been a good one. I’ve found them extremely drying! But they are really cheap!

  25. td

    After having an allergic reaction to Revlon lipsticks, I think the Covergirl Lip Perfection lipsticks are very nice. Spellbound, Tempt and Flame are my favorites out of this line.

  26. ak

    Revlon. They feel lightweight, have a negligible smell, and no taste really.

  27. ak

    L’Oreal is next best after Revlon although I prefer Revlon, especially for variety’s sake too.

  28. KayDi-Kat

    Revlon Colorburst is a winner! Non-drying and can be worn light or layered for more coverage

  29. Jean

    Revlon for sure. I know that NYX lippies are very popular but I absolutely detest them. The scent, the taste, and how they settle into lines and go on streaky–I know they’re cheap, but it’s still money thrown away if I can’t use them.

  30. anonymous

    revlon is unnoticable to me in terms of wear & solid color selection, stays on well

    loreal feels kinda weird & smells funny I usually wipe it off

    both have some decent offerings in liquid etc type lip products.

  31. Ruth

    Revlon Super Lustrous, great colors, moist and long lasting.

  32. Meg

    Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks! 😀

    • Jordan

      Definitely! I could never find a good red lipstick until revlon colorburst came out.. Crimson is the perfect shade for me.. The only downside is that the color in the tube definitely changes color over time =/

      Lately my absolute, all time favorite lipstick that I’ve ever tried is from Besame Cosmetics.. They have the most BRILLIANT, classic, highly pigmented reds (with none of that shimmer B.S.), and the best part is that they’re all natural and smell like vanilla cake… Kinda pricey… but worth it.

  33. maybelline color sensatioanal line.. i love them. so soft and smell so nice and colors without any sparkle or anything, just cream, are sooo gorgeous!

  34. Barbara

    Revlon Super Lustrous!!! Second for me is Maybelline’s Color Sensational lipsticks, but Revlon gets extra special props for its SL history! Of course people like different things in a lipstick; I love the opacity, long-wearing formula and good shade variety of these two lines.

  35. I tried Maybelline’s Colour Sensational on your review and found it quite satisfying. It’s very cheap, the colors go on solid and not patchy, the formula has a bit of a scent but it’s not overwhelming. I also really like Revlon Super Lustrous. They have great true colors, I have a fuchsia and a red that are both terrific, good smooth texture and the smell doesn’t bother me. I did not like Revlon Colorburst: it has a slick formula that just bled into lines I didn’t know I even had. I live in a small town with few makeup options and I find Revlon mostly satisfying across the board and definitely recommend it as a brand, especially for grown women.

  36. Roma

    Revlon matte!!! Best drug store lipsticks in my book. Super long lasting and come in soo many shades. Can’t beat that…

  37. I REALLY like Revlon’s lipsticks- their regular ones, matte, and the ColorBurst ones.
    The new Covergirl lipsticks are excellent also, I’m very impressed with them- good pigment, interesting colors, and they last long without feeling dry.
    Maybelline Color Sensational has some really well-pigmented lipsticks that feel good on my lips and don’t wear off too fast, but I’m starting to notice that the Color Sensational lipsticks I’ve had for a little while- even 6 months or so- are drying out. :(
    L’Oreal has a few lipsticks I love and have bought again and again- their Sea Fleur is a gorgeous color, and their Drumbeat Red is a good basic red.
    Oh, and Milani has some awesome lipsticks, too. :)

  38. Adelita

    Hmm, drugstore lipsticks, either it’s stay-on nicely but drying or creamy-moist but wear-off easily. I haven’t found my HG drugstore and call me cheapskate, but I wont spend any money for something useless…
    I’d love to hear recommendation though! (and purchase it off-line so that I can try it out first) 😉

  39. Maya

    REVLON! Lots of colors, cruelty-free, and no horrendous, traditional drug-store lip product smell!

  40. Lisa G

    NYX is hands-down my favorite. Revlon is a close second. I used to have several favorite colors in L’Oreal but I can’t stand the fragrance-it actually makes me gag.

    • Instant Karma

      Oh God, are you talking about the one with the golden tube? I have a gorgeous red from that line by L’Oreal but I never wear it because it has that vile cheap lipstick scent. AWFUL.

  41. Emily

    I love Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick and Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick. Can’t go wrong with either one.

  42. heidi

    Rimmel lasting finish I love “Just So” but I also like “Airy Fairy.” Also the Revlon ones are nice. I really like “Pink Pout”

  43. Mavis

    I like the regular Wet’n’wild ones, not the megalast ones but the ones in the silver packaging. Both Maybelline MoistureExtreme and ColorSensational lipsticks are really nice too!

  44. Nadia

    My favorite drugstore lipstick is L’oreal. Their lipsticks are creamy and moist and always look great on my lips. I don’t mind at all the scent of L’oreal lipsticks.

  45. Michal Ben-Sason

    I’m jealous. Here in Israel, we buy Revlon, Maybelline, L’eoreal in the big department stores, and pay for the lipsticks = to 27$! Our drugstore is also expensive. I can buy there also the expensive brands like Estee Lauder and Dior.

  46. justjamiexo

    I have to go with the Covergirl Lip perfection lipsticks. I snagged two when I was in The States and I love them! Great staying powder and they are super moisturizing!

  47. I absolutely LOVE Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Lipsticks. They have a slight minty smell (which isn’t bad for me), they’re hydrating & pigmented. I also just purchased 2 Cover Girl Lip Perfection Lipsticks on Monday & I can’t wait to see if they last as long as people have been saying. They’re definitely moisturizing & very pigmented. I got Temptress & Enchantress. Don’t have any colors like those, so I’m excited. :)

  48. Christina

    Rimmel Moisture Renew is awesome (especially Nude Delight – one of the best creamy yet opaque nudes).. a particular Maybelline Color Sensation.. the NYX glosses are awesome, I don’t like the lipsticks that much (a little streaky?)

  49. Fatema

    Revlon colorburst and revlon matte lipsticks!

  50. Scientific Housewife

    Revlon Super Lustrous as well as Loreal Infallible.

  51. Kylie

    Revlon Colorburst:) These lipsticks are amazing! Extremely pigmented and have pretty good staying power. One makeup item I couldn’t live without!<3

  52. DeeNaturaleArtist

    REVLON all day! Colors are great, they get new shades often, lasting power comparable to other high end brands and have no nasty smell or taste, I own many of them and find that I keep going back!

  53. I would have to say NYX are pretty good.

  54. Instant Karma

    NYX Black Label = AMAZING. Unlike NYX’s round lipsticks, these don’t have that gross cheap lipstick scent or taste. There are a million shades, and it’s one of the best formulas I’ve tried regardless of price. Honestly, there isn’t a discernible quality difference between the Black Label lipsticks and, say, my Dior tubes. Considering the Black Label tubes are only $7 each, I have not purchased any $25+ lipsticks since making this discovery.

  55. theMiaomi

    NYX Black Label. Recent fav is Wet n Wild Mega Last; so pigmented and less drying than MAC.

  56. Mariella

    I haven’t bought a drugstore lipstick in more than 20 years! Not because I’m a snob but because I’ve got so many lipsticks that I really love (mostly MAC, Clarins and Clinique) that I simply don’t need more lipsticks! I do wish there were a bigger selection of NYX lipsticks here, though.

  57. beth maiorana

    L’Oreal creme. I really like L’Oreal !!

  58. Maybelline Colorsensationals are nice, as well as the Rimmel ones in the purple packaging. In Quebec, there’s a drugstore brand called Gosh that makes some gorgeous ones too.

  59. L

    Maybelline Color Sensational and Revlon Colorburst for color, color payoff, texture, and packaging. The Maybelline ones also have an amazing selection as well as a great scent.

  60. FruityLoveKins

    Well, I think, that Mode has really good lipstick at a really great price, I just went to my local drugstore and got 3 of thier lipsticks for $5.00, can’t beat that! And color lasts all day!

  61. Karla

    definitely covergirl lip perfection lip colors.there are many shades to choose from. the lipsticks are creamy, hydrating and very pigmentated. they are awesome

  62. Revlon Matte Lipstick in Smoked Peach
    Maybelline Popstick in Pink Lollipop
    Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Mauve
    Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Latino

  63. Nancy

    Revlon Colorburst lipsticks (soft nude is my fave! ) and Maybelline color sensational lipsticks are the best! Both very very comparable to MAC quality lipsticks!

  64. diamond_8806

    Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks (cremes)