Thursday, October 28th, 2010

The Hit List

What’s the Best Brush for Liquid Foundation…?

What brand/product wins this category? Any particular reason it wins?

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115 thoughts on “The Hit List: Best Brush for Liquid Foundation

  1. Deolinda

    For a flawless face I use MAC’s 187.

  2. I love the Sephora Professionnel Platinum Air Brush #55. It truly gives me airbrush results! I also love that the bristles are synthetic Taklon, so it’s animal-friendly. I’ve it for a couple of years now, and it’s still in perfect condition. Well worth it, I say!

  3. Audrey

    I actually prefer a wet sponge! I use Sonia Kashuk’s equivalent of a beauty blender.

  4. Vanessa G.

    I use the Chanel Foundation Brush, sometimes I use Mac 187

  5. Aeri

    I love the Sephora 55 HD brush.

  6. Shontay07108

    The best is mac’s 109. Quick and flawless application. Mine doesn’t shed on my face.

  7. Ani_BEE

    It depends on what finish I’m going for a duo fiber MAC’s 187 to stipple the foundation on or the Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki – F80 from Sigma for a more buffed finish.

  8. Tara

    i put it on w/ fingers or a foundation brush, then blend with a dry kabuki brush.

  9. Lee

    I like the 189. It’s bigger than the 190 and is easy to blend with.

  10. Andrea

    I love Chanel’s foundation brush and also Giorgio Armani’s.

  11. May

    Sephora HD air brush. I keep coming back to it.

  12. Pam

    Sephora Airbrush 55

  13. Suzy

    I have the 187 but I prefer the 130. I use MUFE HD which is a thinner formula (I tend not to like the thicker full-coverage stuff), so I can build it as much or as little as I like, and with the shorter bristles of the 130 I feel like I get more control. :)

  14. Laura F

    Either the MAC 188 or ELF Powder brush.

  15. Kelly

    For me, hands down, MAC 130. Works like a charm!

  16. Lurique

    Absolutely love the Sigma F80!

  17. Tiffany

    I’m not sure if stila still makes their flat top brush but it’s made of awesomesauce!!!

  18. Julia

    I prefer a sponge as well. I find it’s a smoother, lighter application because the sponge absorbs some of the product.

  19. Regina

    Thanks Christine for your effort. It’s really appreciated.
    …Is it just me or this collection is not getting much love?

  20. Svetlana

    MAC 187 , love it !!

  21. Leslie

    Hands down for me in philosophy air brush!

  22. Vanessa

    Fingers!!!! Just kidding although it works. I like to apply my foundation with small triangular spnges and tap it it always looks great.

  23. Sigma Rounded Top Kabuki Brush. It gives a smooth airbrushed finish and is super soft to the touch.

  24. my fingers! Totally old school around here.. I’ve found that with NARS Sheer Glow (which is my HG…right now) that really is the best method!

    • Millicent

      I find that my fingers work best with NARS Sheer Matte also. After all, that’s the way Francois Nars believes that foundation should be applied. This is the reason why NARS does not sell a foundation brush

    • claire

      The same goes for me!! If I use a lot of foundation, I’ll use my fingers first and go over it with a 187 and a kabuki, but I usually don’t need to. Yay fingers!

  25. I use the Sonia Kashuk liquid brush – I’ve had it for like 3 years, so I’m not sure if that’s the actual name of the brush. No complaints yet! Synthetic and easy to clean :)

  26. Krish

    i like the too faced flatbuki brush

  27. Claudia Costa Manso

    F80 – Sigma Make Up
    187 – MAC

  28. ELF powder brush from their studio set. For the price and how well it works with liquid foundation or even powder, it’s gotta be one of the best to recommend.

    • AnieJ

      actually, on a similar note, i’ve gotten e.l.f.’s new mineral eco-brush for foundation and it’s great. sometimes i need a bit of a buff with another brush, but i’ve found that this foundation brush works better at $5 than the estee lauder brush i had at $32 (or something close). go figure, always check out elf i tell ya!

  29. I agree, Chanel makes a great one, it’s called the #16 brush and is $40. I also really love Cover FX #160 cream foundation brush which is also about $40. Cover FX does shed quite a bit but the coverage is so flawless I don’t even care. I just use my MAC #182 buffer brush to get rid of the hairs.

  30. Sam

    Lancome foundation brush #2
    It works flawlessly and feels so good!

  31. Brenda

    I use Mac’s 187… what’s your favourite Christine.

  32. MAC 130 brush! you don’t waste nearly as much product as you would with the 187, and it still gives you the same flawless coverage. i heart it!

  33. Jess

    Not a brush although I do use them …best results I always get from the Beauty Blender works the best for my skin

  34. slick

    Any sort of fluffy brush so that the foundation actually BLENDS IN! I’d recommend anything from a natural round kabuki brush to a synthetic flat-top kabuki brush. I think those flat synthetic paddle-shaped foundation brushes are the worst! so streaky! I’d use my fingers or a sponge before I’d use one of those, but I personally I prefer my Royal & Langnickel SILK Baby Dome brush.

  35. stephanie

    The Mac 189 is my favorite it’s quick and streak free. After that I like to blend out with Mac 130 and a finishing powder

  36. Jillian

    mac 187!! or sonia kashuk flat brush

  37. 187 for lighter weight (not necessarily coverage) foundations.

  38. pinky33

    I have and love Giorgia Armani’s foundation brush…but it sheds a little. (and it’s reallllllly old) I’d desperately like to try Boots #7 foundation brush.

  39. coco72

    MAC 187 and 109 brush

  40. Tara

    i just went on to and purchased the airbrush #55. the SA used it on me at the store when she was matching me for MUFE hd and i ALMOST bought it then, but you guys really sold me. diregard prior post!!! :)

  41. Kristen

    Beauty blender!

  42. Jakara

    Beauty blender

  43. sponges and Sigma f60.

  44. Cherie

    NARS #19

    Worth the pricey investment!

  45. Crystal

    Sonia Kashuk’s flat top brush from Target, best $15 brush ever!

    • Patty

      This!! It’s the best for creamy things that go on my face. Makes my Studio Sculpt concealer look like my actual skin.

  46. Beth

    I bought the Sephora Professionel Platinum Stippling brush (forgot the number) and it works very nicely but sheds like a mo’fo. I’m returning it and then I’m going to walk to MAC to get the 187 which was quite perfect for application and how it felt on my face (plus no shedding!) when I got my face done at MAC.

  47. Karmen

    Royal & Langnickel Tri Color Nylon flat kabuki small brush. Best thing ever plus was only $5 at IMATS.

  48. I bounce between the e.l.f studio line Powder Brush and the Ecotools duo fiber brush from the Alicia Silverstone set. Both are synthetic=easy cleanup and give me a really natural finish that is perfect for going to class or going out

  49. Chau

    I use my fingers, then you Sigma flat foundation brush (don’t remember the #) for finally touch up.

  50. chyna

    Sigma F80 or the Sonia Kashuk black handle flat top brush

  51. I think it depends on the foundation. Some work well with the 190, some better with the 187. I know that I DON’T like the 109 for foundation. I found that mine started shedding, so I just use it for contouring. Even when I use my 190, I always buff it out with the 187.

  52. Mamavalveeta03

    My preference at work is the Smashbox Foundation brush. It doesn’t take up too much product and smoothly works the product over the skin and gets into the crevices around the nose.

  53. Dana

    I love the Sephora Professional Mineral Powder Brush #45. This works like a dream for liquid, blends beautifully and never sheds. I also like this for cream blush and bronzer. Ironically I do not like this for minerals and other powder foundations. Honorable mention goes to the Sonia Kashuk Flat top synthetic foundation brush.

  54. Diana

    Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Flat Blusher Brush. This thing is HG material and it was only 14.99. It is by far the softest brush I have ever used and yes, I have a MAC 187. The denser bristles allow for quicker coverage and there is no streaking with this baby! It has never shed and has held up VERY nicely!

  55. Skybluesky

    BeautyBlender, used damp! My hands are good, too.

  56. Kgo

    I used to use a sponge till my friend talked me into using brush. I used the ELF Studio powder brush and I’ll never go back to using a sponge again. The elf studio brushes are great for the price and there’s no shedding.

  57. Isabella

    Cover FX 160 brush!

  58. heather

    Bobbi Brown’s foundation brush is amazing!

  59. sigma f80, a.k.a ss197, side by side ss187

  60. Danielle

    mac 109!!

  61. Heather

    MAC 130 – amazing!

  62. Jen

    Hands down ADesign Brush pointed foundation brush!!!

  63. Dea

    a good duo fibre brush (“stippling brush”) – doesn’t have to be the MAC 187, which I think is too pricey…

  64. Taran

    Christine (or anyone for that matter)..what would be a similar MAC brush, that’s equivalent to the Sephora platinum airbrush #55? I get a discount at Mac so I’m trying to save money, but I really love the sephora brush so I’d love to find something similar in MAC. Thanks!

  65. It’s a tie for me between the MAC 109 & the Sephora #55 Airbrush.
    I use the MAC 109 to place the foundation all over then I blend it with the Sephora #55….LOVE

  66. Thincspot

    Sephora’s Platinum collection Foundation Airbrush (#55). I eyed it for over a year and finally splurged ($45 Cdn). Best makeup brush in my stash.

  67. Fatema

    ELF studio powder brush (its a flat top kabuki type brush), gives airbrush finish!

  68. Lisa

    I’m using MAC’s 190 since everytime I get my face done there, they use it on me too. I also got the 187 but I rather use it when I’m in the mood for some blush creme, never tried to apply my foundation with it but I will!

  69. Vanesa

    Close tie between MAC’s 109 brush Sonia Kashuk’s Synthetic Blusher Brush which might I add is more than half the price of the 109. AMAZING!!!

  70. Meredith

    Elf Studio Powder Brush! I know it’s called a powder brush, but it is AMAZING for blending liquid foundations! It makes it look so flawless, and for only $3, how can you go wrong? Admittedly though, for dryer skins this isn’t the best as it will make your skin flake a bit. So during the winter months I love my Clinique foundation brush :)

  71. Christine

    When I’m going out and I want a completely perfect face, I use Bobbi Browns foundation brush which is amazing!! But for everyday I use an E.L.F Kabuki brush to lightly brush it all over my face, so that it doesn’t look too heavy :)

  72. Lerina

    Sonia Kashuk’s flat top brush

  73. Laura

    Studio Gear #16 foundation brush,… plus it has a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!! Can’t beat that! :)

  74. Marissa B

    Sephora #55 or the Sigma F80….cannot live without either of these!

  75. Dre

    I have a couple of favorites 😉 Just depends what mood I’m in, or whats clean. I like the MAC 187; its my favorite. I also like the Coastal Scents synthetic kabuki; just the idea of it is fabulous and it buffs it nicely. A drugstore favorite of mine is the EcoTools blush brush; its also synthetic and delivers just as nicely :))

  76. Anna

    Sigma F80 or Elf Powder Brush or MAC 189

  77. The Sigma Makeup F80 is perfect for liquid foundation!

  78. Enna

    as a makeup artist I have tried everything….proofed to work are: MAC 109 and 130, the best!

  79. Selena

    F80 from Sigma is my HG tool!

  80. E.L.F.’s flat top brush

  81. Annick Chantal L. H.

    For the liquid one? the Mac 191 and the Louise Younf LY 02… Can’t choose I love both of them. Sorry

  82. Francine

    The BEST liquid foundation brush is the new brush by TARTE! Awesome! Flawless application…really buffs in the foundation!

  83. Nancy

    MAC 187/188 and the MAC 190 for fuller coverage. I have the 130 but I hate it, it buffs the product way too thin and streaky =[

  84. Nancy

    Shiseido ‘Perfect’ Foundation Brush. The name says it all. Perfect. Flawless!!

  85. CassandraLalal

    Hands down, the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush is amazing! For $9, best brush you will ever use on your face. LOVE.

  86. diamond_8806

    I use ELF’s Studio Angled Foundation brush, and it spreads the foundation nicely over my entire face.  Then, I use EcoTools Bronzer Brush to buff out any streaks.