Thursday, October 8th, 2009

The Hit List

Best Brush Brand…

What brand/product wins this category? Any particular reason it wins?

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122 thoughts on “The Hit List: Best Brush Brand

  1. Sixx

    With both price and quality into consideration, I would have to say Sigma Makeup brushes. Obviously, they’re dupes of MAC brushes but for a fraction of the cost, which is what makes them so great. Most importantly, I love their quality whether they were dupes or not.

  2. Almost black.

    At this moment – ecotools and coastal scents brushes. Main reason is the fact that I can purchase ecotools brushes in my local drugstore, and CS brushes because they’re quite cheap and yet very good, and shipping costs are really low. :)

    I haven’t had the chance to try MAC brushes but hope I will soon purchase 109 brush, and regular 187. :)

  3. Andrea

    To be honest, I currently only own one non-MAC brush. I’ve never been tempted to look elsewhere because I’m very happy with the quality of my MAC brushes!

  4. Sam

    Coastal Scents – they’re great quality and not RIDICULOUSLY priced like stupid MAC brushes.

    • Desiree

      No, honey…CS brushes are cheap and of poor quality. I think its hilarious that the moment someone asks which brushes are best, someone wants to bring up the MAC price tag. Clearly, MAC brushes are indeed superior. Every makeup artist you see on TV has a MAC brush in hand. Seriously, “stupid” is a little ridiculous to add in front of MAC brushes…no need for any of that…

      • Kayla

        I feel that MAC brushes ARE ridiculously priced though. $30+ for ONE brush? I think not. I have coastal scents brushes and they ARE cheap. But I really want to try Sigma. They seem like very good quality for an affordable price.

        • rachel

          okay… if you’ve used only sponge applicators, then drug store brand and coastal scents brushes are a miracle. i know how good they can seem as well as some cheaper brands available at ulta, for example. sephora offers a few super cheap sets that are honestly the worst brushes i’ve ever seen besides a few maybe at a dollar store. i know everybody wants to think that they’ve hit the jackpot because they were able to find amazing brushes for cheap, but it just doesn’t happen. i’m not even a rich girl; i’m a broke college student but i just bought my first mac brush, and i can swear to you that it is LIGHT YEARS ahead of any brush i’ve ever touched. my first thought when a mac artist showed it to me was that it didn’t even seem that soft to the touch, yet when i got home and used it, it blended within a few little swipes, compared to the enormous time consuming job i’d do with my “great cheap brushes”. i swear there’s a difference in quality; mac brushes are top of the line. if you don’t do any dramatic eye makeup or really blend much into the crease/outer v (so you keep makeup simple) then you shouldn’t own mac brushes. however, for people that like to do full (natural or dramatic) eye makeup, you NEED mac brushes to do an amazing job in a fraction of the time and effort. seriously, save up (quit buying any drinks or snacks out for a month) and purchase just one eye brush (the 217!!) and it will be your favorite makeup-related possession.

  5. happybadfish

    These are the brushes I have used:
    MAC, Quo, Posh, Sigma, Sephora

    I choose MAC but I wish they were a bit cheaper, and I am not thrilled with the brushes that come in the holiday sets. (I prefer the shorter handle) It seems to me like other cosmetic brands have sales from time to time, but not MAC.

    I would probably buy more Sigma brushes if they were all sold individually. I don’t like the “sets” because then I end up with brushes I don’t want.

    Posh are terrible (with the exception of the eyeliner smudger brush, I have bought this brush for all my makeup friends), and Quo are ok – and sometimes go on for 40% off.

    • Cherie

      I get them when they are 40% off too.

      They have a new line of brushes coming out and it wasn’t until I was paying that I realized I paid $25 for a smudge brush… at those prices I would rather MAC..


      I like my Sigma brushes too, since they’re great quality for the price (as compared to MAC brushes). But I totally agree that they should sell a wider ranger of them individually. Because after buying the complete set, I find that there are many brushes I don’t actually use.


      have you tried the new professional line of QUO… ohh they are so soft and i love the quality

  6. MAC! I have like 3 only :( but they’re thee best! very soft & work very well. drugstore brushes it’s gotta be essence of beauty or eco tools!

    • You don’t NEED that many (it’s just hard not to want them ALL!). I still use the 109 all the time – for almost everything! I can do a whole face – primer, foundation, powder, highlight, contour and blush with the 109 in minutes. I just keep a clean towel to swirl it around on in-between steps, so it doesn’t get too heavy with product.

      Besides, the fewer brushes you have at first, the more you will learn and the better you will be because you have to find ways to make them work! :) A wonderful exercize (that I do often) is to work out an entire look with just ONE brush. Sounds scary, but it’s fun and you learn new ways to use your brushes. Plus you get to brag by saying things like this to people:

      I can ROCK a full-on, ultra-dramatic, well-blended look with ONE 242 brush. I know, because I did… Just last week :)

  7. I only use MAC brushes and I find them to be of excellent quality! :) Though I do want to branch out and use other brushes. Has anyone tried the Nars kabuki and Japanese geisha-esque brushes? I’m curious to try them but haven’t found many reviews.

  8. Miss_M

    MAC, hands down. The quality is amazing and the choice in brushes is huge, there’s a brush for everyone.

  9. Paige

    I don’t own any MAC/Expensive brushes so EcoTools are it for me. They are incredibly soft and are earth friendly!

  10. MAC Dior and Chanel. I’m a brush ho

  11. HC

    MAC but NOT the brush sets. MAC brushes are handmade and the brush sets are machine-made, hence why you can get them for way cheap.

  12. Jennifer

    I have only used two brush brands MAC and Lancome, so I’m not sure if I can give much insight into this conversation…I will say from what I’ve seen MAC has a lot of variety per type of brush use for the face. I think their prices are as reasonable as Lancome, Estee Lauder , and Clinique.

    I like both brands. I’ve had a shader and contour shadow brush from Lancome for two years and they are still in good shape. I also have a blush and powder brush from Lancome. I am catching a few strays coming off, so I will probably have to buy some new ones from MAC for Christmas.

    I have a blending brush, lip brush, and a pencil brush from MAC and they work great. However some of the hairs are separating a little…. How do I keep that from happening?

    Also how do I wash them properly? I bought MACs brush wash, but haven’t tried it yet.


    • Melissa

      I’ve used brush cleaner (2 brands). The brush cleaner felt gross in my hands as I washed the brushes and didn’t do the best job.

      I have baby shampoo in my house to bathe my Yorkie. I found that this works best to completely clean and preserve the brushes:
      1) Wash with tepid water and baby shampoo (poured into my hands or directly onto the bristles – didn’t seem to make a difference);
      2) Rinse brushes (bristles) until the water runs clear, and;
      3) Then gently roll the wet brushes between soft towels to absorb excess water. Don’t squish the brushes – you don’t want to ruin their shape.

      Then I let the brushes sit on a dry towel for a few hours. My brushes are like brand new after I wash them in this manner. I hope this helps!

      • Melissa

        Sorry, I forgot….I have a MAC 266 for gel and powder eyeliner; I use my Urban Decay liner brush for the waterline. I have a MAC 266-equivalent shaped brush by Too Faced for my eyebrows (powder). For lips, I use Smashbox retractable.

        For blush I use Too Faced Teddy Bear; for loose powder, I use Urban Decay’s Powder brush.

        For eyeshadow, I use MAC’s 242 shader brush, Tarte’s Brush with Greatness Double-ended eyeshadow brush, and Sephora Professional 24 Smokey Eye Brush.

        The majority of my brushes are made of Taklon. I seek out those brushes based on the anti-bacterial property and anti-cruelty source. My 2 MAC brushes were my first brush purchases (made before I knew of Taklon).

    • Alexandra

      Check panacea81 youtube channel :
      She has this great vid about cleaning brushes easily and cheaply :

      She explains it very well and god I love her accent !!

    • SarahT

      I use MAC’s brush cleanser, and what I do is get my brushes wet under the tap (lukewarm water) then I squirt a little cleanser in my hand, and rub the brushes around my palm, making the cleanser froth, etc, & then I rinse them out under the water.
      As far as the hairs separating, I have not had this happen anymore since I bought brush guards to put over the brushes when they are drying. Check it out:
      Hope that helps 😀

  13. Ok, I love MAC Brushes, but I also love my ecoTools brushes, and my taklon brushes from Aromaleigh/Meow. Once I figured out how to use brushes and what types of brushes were good to use in a specific situation.

  14. Tatiana

    For the price, Crown is good quality but they don’t have cool brushes like MAC’s pencil brush.

  15. Karen

    MAC and Chanel

  16. Nic

    I use mostly MAC brushes, and I’ve been very happy with the quality of them. Essence of Beauty are decent for the price, and I have a few Bobbi Brown and Benefit brushes that I like, but MAC are my favorite.

  17. gio

    To wash any brushes baby shampoo is AMAZING… I tend to wash my brushes and not use brush cleaners as I like to fee that the brushes are fully cleaned.

    MAC brushes hands down ARE AMAZING….

    • Jennifer

      Ok thanks! I’ve never washed my brushes before, but my MAC ones need it bad lolz…I’ll get right on it.

      • Erica

        I was told that baby shampoo is fine for the Mac brushes EXCEPT fot the 187! Make sure you use brush cleaner or the mac oil makeup remover

        • Why not the 187? What about the 188 or any of the duo-fiber brushes? I use baby shampoo for all my brushes and they seem to take it just fine (this includes the two duo fiber buffer/face brushes, the fan brush and the blush brush.

      • Andrea

        I never use brush cleaner to wash brushes unless I’m doing an event. I use baby shampoo every morning and it’s FANTASTIC.

  18. Sephora and Enkore Makeup brushes!

  19. Gali

    Wow, I’m so surprised no one’s mentioned Stila! I LOVE their brushes!

  20. Rachael

    Def MAC brushes, compared to other brands, they are reasonably priced and they are great quality.

  21. montrese

    MAC brushes are amazing…not sure how many other ways there are to say that, but I’ll happily reiterate what’s been said 50 times already! LOL!

  22. kpenn

    I love my MAC brush sets, and have had some of those brushes for years. They wash so well and are just so soft, not to mention the wide variety available. The bags that the sets come in are usually to die for, too!

    I have a big face/body brush from The Body Shop that I received as a gift, and it has become an absolute staple of my makeup tools. It is better than any MAC brush that I’ve tried for applying powder. I’ve had it for a year and it’s still going strong! I would definitely try more of their brushes to round out my collection.

  23. MAC, good variety, decent quality. 2nd choice is Quo & Sephora. Sephora individual brushes are much better than their sets I’ve found.

  24. KrisBliss

    MAC by far – I have 18 brushes at this moment!! They are an investment, but they are handmade and are guaranteed to last a lifetime! Also, as a second runner up – Sonia Kashuk brushes are soft and less expensive for those on a budget!

    • Violet

      I definitely agree on the Sonia Kashuk – I’ve got several of these and they’re wonderful. My Mac brushes are nice but I have several SK dupes that I’ve never felt the need to “trade up” for.

  25. Alexis

    MAC and Smashbox have the best brushed in my opinion.

  26. Autumn

    Ecotools, Quo, Posh (< thos are so cheap, but work so well!)and some of the brushes from MAC

  27. lisa

    I feel like i get good quality and value for money with mac brushes because they last for years!

  28. fwy

    I used Japanese brand Muji. Am comtempleting to try out those from Sephora. Seems like most people go for MAC.

  29. Nicole

    I have Mac and Sigma makeup brushes, then some cheap ones I got in my makeup kit from school that I love to use

  30. Dustin

    i don’t believe in using one brand exclusively! i’m all about brushes that do what they are supposed/need to do. i also don’t like to refer to things as “the best” because what works for me… may not work for everyone! with that being said… here are some i really enjoy: mac 187 is genius, sonya kashuk makes fantastic brushes for the economically inclined. poop on the drugstore brands (cheaply constructed and fall apart) sephora brand liner smudgers (flat and round) are amazing as well as the rounded crease brush (great for buffing concealer too!) smashbox fan brush feels great. the face secrets brush brand at sally beauty supply are worth a mention too! great prices and well made. i have also found some fantastic short handled paint brushes at hobby stores that are fantastic for makeup as well!! (long winded… but there you have it)

  31. Hester

    Hm… I’ve got MAC, Eco-tools, Quo, and Loew Cornell.

    I really love my Loew Cornell brushes although they are painting brushes. To be more clear, not ALL Loew Cornell brushes could be used for makeup. It is best to choose the ones made of real goat hair. They also have hog bristle brushes but those are VERY harsh.

    Also, I love my Eco-tools brushes. Not that I don’t love my MAC but I would rather spend that extra money on the makeup product (lip sticks, eye shadows, etc..) rather than the tools and applicators.

    PS: I don’t like my QUO, and I ended up returning a few because it bleed like crazy.

  32. Luv J

    Trish McEvoy brushes have the best quality, however they don’t have as big a selection as MAC, which comes second in my book..

  33. Beck

    I’ve been thrilled with the brushes I’ve bought from Sonia Kashuk at Target – just as soft as high end brushes but without the price hit. I heart my SK crease brush. Most of the rest of my brushes are Sephora brand and they have been hit and miss.

  34. Jen

    Shu Uemura brushes, they never shed!! Yes they are $$ but I totally imagine how they can be used for 10 years lol

  35. Ali

    MAC and Too Faced brushes are the best quality I have tried

    • melissa

      I adore my too faced teddy bear hair brushes…they are so soft id sometimes just rather pet than use them!!!

  36. Bridgette

    MAC brushes! Yes they are expensive but its really worth the money. I also like Sephora Platnium (I think thats how you spell it). I have been wanting to try Coastal Scents and Sigma brushes.

  37. Vern

    MAC and Sonia Kashuk and Essence of Beauty

  38. francesca

    MAC (but NOT the brush sets!) and Sigma.

  39. Lorna

    Sonia Kashuk- the studio line. No one ever mentions them but I love mine. I have only ever seem them at Target. Great quality and beautiful to boot.

  40. Mac, hands down. And they’re not the most expensive, which is a bonus.

  41. Sushi Flower

    I love Sonia Kashuk brushes, they are on par quality-wise with MAC but less expensive.the only drawback is their selection isn’t as large as MAC, but they do make more types than most brands and have a brush for every makeup application.

  42. Mel

    In my experience, Sonia Kashuk sold at Target and Borghese for Kirkland are both good bang for your buck. Bobbi Brown is great quality but more expensive.

  43. Ribbons

    I love MAC and Louise Young brushes, MAC are slightly more expensive but both have the same type of quality.

  44. margot

    I only have MAC and Sigma. I’d have to pick Sigma because the quality is tip top and the brushes are way cheaper than MAC ones.

  45. MAC wins this category easily. Great quality, huge range and humane prices.

  46. rowan

    MAC brushes are really good. before i discovered them i always used my fingers, but MAC give that flawless diffused look to eyeshadows and powders, without wiping away all the pigment

  47. Erica

    My favorites are MAc 9duh!) and Sigma.

  48. Anitacska

    GOSH. They are as good as Mac brushes, especially the eyeshadow brushes (if not better, I’m not too keen on the 239 brushes I own), but cost half the price! I also really like Superdrug’s own (QVS) powder and blush brushes, and they’re even cheaper than GOSH.

    • Quidame...

      Loooove GOSH as well – especially the eyeshadow brushes as you’ve said plus their short handles:)

  49. Shu Uemura also makes amazing brushes. I splurged and got their top of the line Kolinsky brush and have never regret it. It has amazing application capabilities and is always my go to brush.

  50. Rada

    To me, MAC is THE great compromise between quality and price (they’re hand made in Europe and Japan, not China – except the LE sets and a few exceptions).
    I own something like 62 brushes + cheap brushes, and my favorites are:
    MAC, Shu Uemura (the 5R tapered kolinsky brush is fantastic!!) and Louise Young (for the foundation brushes). I do think that you can’t go wrong with them.

  51. Emm

    MAC brushes are amazing, though when sold in brush sets they are not as good. Sigma are also good, but they don’t come individually yet. I also love my Sonia Kashuk brushes, as well as Sephora’s.

  52. Alexandra

    I’ve got MAC Chanel and Sephora brushes and one from MUFE. My 2 fav brands are MAC and Chanel

    I have this kabuki brush from Chanel for over 10 years and no hair fell and it’s still soft as baby skin and amazingly efficient.

    As for MAC, they’re really great brushes, pricey but great.

    Sephora’s brushes works pretty well, I like them and the price is sweeter than the MAC ones, though they’re not as good as MAC’s.

    The one I own from MUFE is a total letdown and apparently the reviews for that one agrees, it sucks.

  53. Davina

    I know no one likes Bare Escentuals brushes, but I love them. They have so many different ones, that I can use them for anything.
    Their eye brushes are especially great!

  54. I have to give Sonja Kashuk props on her eye brushes – the ones with the white handles. Her crease brush is lovely, so soft and inexpensive to boot!

  55. Proximity

    Shu, because they really ARE that good.
    I like LM brushes too.

  56. Akia

    I have brushes from MAC, Sonia Kashuk, Lancome, Essence of Beauty, Sephora and Crown Beauty… love them all

  57. Akia

    oh, I own Bobbi Brown’s eye liner and fine eye liner brushes and I love them!

  58. Renee'

    I’ve never tried any MAC brushes, but with all the hype I keep hearing I’m definitely determined to buy one. I’m looking forward to the brush sets coming out so I can get more for a better deal than just buying separately. At the moment, though, I am using both Ecotool and I have a brush set from Mary Kay. My Ecotool foundation brush is awesome and believe it or not the set from Mary Kay is pretty good too. There’s no bristle fall out and they apply very smoothly.

  59. Mz. Be

    I don’t own a brush set…and would love to! I love MAC brushes, but can only afford to own one at the time. I also love EcoTools brushes…they’re economical and wonderful!. Posh brushes are terrible and Quo brushes are just one step above them.

  60. Jennifer

    MAC-hands down. Although they are pricey, the quality and variety of MAC’s line of brushes cannot be beat. However, my favorite brush of all time is MUFE’s kabuku brush. I also like Sephora’s platinum line, hough Sephora’s brushes become coarse rather quickly.

  61. Alexis

    MAC (#266,239,219, 217, 226 and the skunk blush brush) and the Stila #9 blending brush – they are my go to brushes!! I would like to try the Bobbi Brown blush brush since it always gets rave editorial reviews.

  62. Connie

    mac and sigma! on the less expensive side, sonia kashuk and eco tools are great!

  63. Kristina

    I love my NARS brushes, I have not found a better brow brush, and I have tried them all. I also like my MAC, Lancome, Sonia kashuk, Armani, Chanel, Dior and Trish McEvoy brushes. I have not been able to stick to one brand for brushes, I think most quality brands offer something unique within their lineup; such as the NARS Yachiyo, I have not seen this brush in any other line. Great brushes make all the difference in the world, therefore I want the best one for its designated purpose, regardless of the company.

  64. Kayla


    But I have one brush I’m loving lately and that’s the Make Up Forever HD Kabuki brush.


  65. I think Mac brushes and Signma brushes should make the list.

  66. Tattoo Girl

    For myself I use MAC brushes. I also like Sonia Kashuk. They are priced reasonably and available at Target. For my kit I use whatever brushes I can find. I did find a great website with good, cheap brushes though…

  67. Definitely MAC! I recently got one of the Sephora Professinal brushes and it is really soft and works very well. I might have to check out more of those in the future.

  68. Fari

    MAC – if you can afford to buy them

    Sigma- if you want MAC dupes/ similar quality brushes for a much cheaper price.

    Sonia Kashuk- is ok, I have a few and theyre not tooo spectacular, but they get the job done.

    Ecotools – if you want to be environmentally conscious & still have good quality brushes, but they don’t have a lot variety.

  69. Natalia

    ok as a complete makeup snob i have to say that E.L.F studio brushes are absolutely fantastic. And i have used many mac brushes and they are awesome as well. But seriously, you’d be amazed at the powder brush and complexion brush from the E.L.F. studio line. And for $3 each?

  70. Haley

    I only own three mac brushes, (i’m slowly trying to build it – they are expensive!) but they are great! I like them better than my ghetto drugstore brands – they don’t shed and if you take good care of them they last forever!

  71. Sass

    I have all kinds of brushes and I would have to say that MAC has the best brushes…the prices just suck.

  72. Alison

    MAC for eye makeup and Stila and MUFE for everything else.

  73. I love my fab brushes from “Everyday Minerals” – they are 100% artificial (thus, cruelty-free), very affordable and SUPERB in terms of quality!

    I really <3 EM make-up brushes, and "Flat Top Brush" is my HG! :)

  74. Jules

    And before i owned a Sigma-kit, i would say MAC.

  75. amy

    I would have to say MAC and Sephora have some excellent brushes.

  76. dancepig

    For the money, I have to say Trish McEvoy or Laura Mercier for eyes. For eyes and face, I love my Chanel brushes, but they are pricey. I am also loving some new Lancome brushes I recently purchased, the anniversary set (navy blue) from Nordies, and my all time favorite new brush is a Lancome brush for mineral loose powder. It’s the new Lancome Ageless Minérale Mineral Powder Foundation Brush. Love this brush!

  77. aradhana

    most of my brushes are mac, and i am happy with them, but my fave brush would be laura mercier.

  78. Cherie

    MAC is great! I should never stray… I am tempted to try Sigma though…

    I have some Quo brush from Shoppers Drug Mart and they are decent but don’t really last so I kick myself in the butt b/c I could’ve bought a MAC brush if I wasn’t so cheap :)

  79. Yaël

    MAC’s brushes are the best and I like Smashbox but I use mostly MAC. Sigma’s brushes set is good when I travel.

  80. slick

    Another vote for MAC Brushes! I think MAC’s brushes are the strongest products in their ENTIRE line. The overall quality, durability, and range of MAC’s brushes cannot be beat IMO.

    In terms of price however, MAC isn’t always the best :( One great alternative I’ve found is Royal & Langnickel brushes – not their art brushes, but their beauty brushes – their SILK series in particular. They are VERY similar to MAC in terms of style and construction, and they cost about 30-70% less than MAC Brushes. I imagine that they are similar (if not better) than the Sigma brushes that are widely available now. They cost about the same, but if you are an MUA you can get a 40% discount :)

    Other decent inexpensive brush lines that I can also vouch for are Sonia Kashuk and Ecotools :)

  81. Sylvie

    Shu Uemura. They are more expensive than MAC but the quality is exceptional. And unlike MAC brushes, which shed, Shu Uemura’s never. If it does shed even one hair you can bring it back and exchange for a new one- that’s how proud and confident they are of their products.

  82. MAC for sure. I have a few benefit and Lancome brushes and they’ve lasted a while. But I love the MAC selection!

  83. I have a whole bunch of brushes & none of them are MAC or Sigma brushes. I have a Sonia Kashuk brush set & they’ve lasted me for about 5 years now. They’re still in good shape & inexpensive. The rest that I have are Studio Tools & some other non-named brands. So, I guess I’d have to say that my Sonia Kashuk brushes are my fave, since they’ve lasted this long (for the moment, anyway).
    I’d love to get my hands on some Sigma brushes, though.

  84. finally, someone mentioned sonia kashuk.. some of those brushes are AMAZING, like the flat top, the duo fiber, and the bent eyeliner brush…
    i also like some of the studio ELF brushes, i hate their shipping cost but at least they have lots of coupon codes to choose from.
    and i LOVEEE my Ecotools brushes, great quality and so soft

    i guess if i can only choose one brand, i’d go for sonia kashuk simply for the variety

  85. MAC brushes definitely. Quality wins out for me – I’d rather spend the extra bucks for something that I know will last, than save a little only to have to buy another one in a few years.

    That being said, I finally broke down and bought MAC’s kabuki/buffer brush and I have to say, while I love the brush, the price tag for a product that’s made in China is a little rediculous. AND I’ve washed it three times and it still smells like an old donkey.

  86. Alice

    EcoTools are inexpensive and fabulous. Green too!

  87. SarahT

    MAC! My entire collection of eye brushes is MAC! I am starting to get face brushes too; slowly b/c they are expensive! But sooo worth it – I have the 182 kabuki and I love it!!!

  88. Vicky

    I honestly believe MAC has the best quality brushes around in general. They are so well made I just love them. However, there are certain brushes that are other brands make better ones but in general, MAC has really nice quality brushes and you really cant go wrong.

  89. wvc75

    I personally love the MAC and IILAMAQUA brushes their quality and longevity(specially the MAC)by far exceeds any other brushes. I have had my Mac brushes for @ least 10 plus yrs And they r holdin’ up beautifully.;)

  90. Vickie Riddle

    I do keep my makeup brushes clean, with baby shampoo once a week, and have several brands that I use depending on the product. Thank you.

  91. Dolores

    I love Mac brushes but have found the Sephora Professional are a good alternative. Especially if you take advantage of the friends and family sale… can’t wait! Got a running list!

  92. Vale

    Make Up Forever, with no doubt. Ive tried tons of different brands, also MAC and I was so excited when I received my first MAC brush set! Unfortunately, after trying them, I was totally disappointed.
    After a week, I bought 2 brushes my MUFE and… THOSE ARE GREAT!!! Now I am buying the entire collection! Theyre a bit expensive (but cheaper than MAC brushes) but theyre surely the best brushes you can find around!

  93. Ashley

    Ecotools and Essence of Beauty brushes!

  94. Natalie

    MAC, Sonia Kashuk (black handled ones for quality, white handled ones for price – bent eyeliner, duo fiber), Trish McEvoy (best brushes ever!), Sane-old line from Nordstrom’s.

  95. Im

    Crown brushes by far!

  96. Nik Love

    If anyone on here is seriously into quality brushes and make-up you would be investing in SHU UEMURA brushes from Tokyo. These are the best of the best and are hand made to perfection with uncut natural hair. Yes mac do some good brushes, but Shu Uemura are the ones that win the awards!