Thursday, November 11th, 2010

The Hit List

What’s the Best Blush Brush…?

What brand/product wins this category? Any particular reason it wins?

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81 thoughts on “The Hit List: Best Blush Brush

  1. Vanessa

    I’m still on the hunt someone help me lol!!!

  2. Tabi

    I don’t like strong blush, so I love MAC’s 188 to create a nice subtle bit of color on my cheeks. I use it with everything and it never fails to deliver just the right amount of product!

    If I do happen to want something a little stronger, the 109 (also great for contour or foundation) or 168 are great.

  3. Eileen

    Chanel makes a great blush brush. It’s soft and is the perfect size for lightly swirling blush on my cheeks. For application of more intense shades, I like the fan brush by Smashbox.

  4. Sandy

    I have an inexpensive NYX blush brush which I really like but I’ve always wanted to buy the MAC 116 blush brush!

  5. Sara

    Love the MAC 129 with a light hand.

  6. Jessi

    I agree with Tabi – the 188 gets the most use, for its ability to give a controlled, natural look. Another thing I like about it is that it’s pretty small, which works on my small cheeks better than something too poofy.

    I also really like the 131 for apply brighter colors.

    • Keen Janine

      I’ve heard that the MAC 188 is good for blush. I’ve her the same about the 130 because of size and due to it being a stipling brush, which is good for really intense colors that call for a light hand. I think I’ll have to try the MAC 188 :-)

  7. Heidi

    I love my MAC 165 brush! Absolute favorite and a great multitasker!

  8. Shannon

    Lilique’s Slant Blush Brush. I bought this at tjmaxx for around $7 and HOLY crap it’s not only soft, but also nicely slanted for a really easy application. it’s almost dual fiber (but not really), so the some fiber are like, a mm longer than others, which allows me to pick up less blush powder if i need to. and it’s surprisingly dense overall, so i can use that to blend. I have a large face and cheek area, and most blush brushes are way too tiny for me and end up depositing way too much pigment in this tiny little area, and then i have trouble blending it out. This brush is perfect size for me. totally HG material. it didn’t shed either, and I’ve washed it a few times so far, and it kept its shape really well. I wish I bought a backup back when tjmaxx still had ’em T___T

  9. Courtney

    I really like my Mac 168 because I like to contour, but sometimes for a more spread-out, wash of color, I use my 187.

  10. Jessica

    Studio Gear #13. It is the best blush brush; soft, fluffy, and puts on just the right amount of color without streakiness. Better than Mac’s options. I love SG’s buffer/ kabuki brush too.

  11. Laura

    I like Ecotools’ blush brush it’s a nice inexpensive brush which does its job (very soft, picks up just the right amount of colour and doesn’t shed). I’m going to try a MAC blush brush at some point tho, probably 168.

    • I’m a fan of that one as well. I wear makeup too rarely for it to be worth investing in more expensive brushes, but I’m very happy with the Ecotools brushes I have. (I actually replaced a very rough blush brush from a pricey Shu Uemura brush set with an ecotools mini blush brush because it’s far better.)

    • Brenda

      I have Ecotools as well and I actually prefer them to my MAC brushes :)

      • Jess

        I bought one out on a limb at target for like $7, and it was the best brush i’ve ever bought (the rest of my brushes are MAC and Sephora platinum)- it’s soft, doesn’t shed, and applies blush evenly. I highly recommend buying one!

    • beth maiorana

      Me, too. The Ecotools are terrific brushes for the price !!

  12. Marcela

    i love MAC 129SH… the bristles are so fluffy and soft! The short handle makes it a nice size that fits perfectly in a makeup bag.

  13. Abril

    I like MAC 129 or 187!

  14. allie

    For powder blush I love my MAC 116, I like the 129 but I have smaller cheeks so the 116 is perfect. For creme blush I use my MAC 187 it blends it really good.

  15. Ani_BEE

    Lumiere Cosmetics: Angled Blush Brush Synthetic
    Hands down favorite blush brush for the ultra soft bristles and right density (neither to full or to thin). This line cam out last January.

    For standard Blush brush it got to be my EcoTools mineral blush brush that comes in the set. I like a soft and airy blush brush for MSF’s.

  16. Annick Chantal L. H.

    Christine, it’s difficult to choose. Guess what. I will say Mac 116 but I agree with Tabi and Jessi with the Mac 188. And I need to add Louise Young’s blush brush, my lovely LY06…

  17. Julia

    I’m pretty pale, so I love using a fan brush to apply blush lightly. My favorite is by Smashbox.

  18. Chloevien

    188 for powder blush and 109 for cream blush

    • Kris

      ^5 chloevien. Exactly the same as mine!
      Wondering how to use 109 for foundation as some of you mentioned here.

  19. Dollymix8

    I still haven’t found the perfect brush yet…

  20. MAC 129 is in my opinion is the best blush brush. It’s fluffy enough to not only apply blush but to blend it too.

    Blending and buffing your blush is as important as blending yout eyeshadow.


  21. Nadia

    Last year, I heard about Sigma Makeup brushes (Thank you to YouTube makeup guru Tiffany D!) I bought some of the Sigma Makeup brushes and have found that their Large Angled Contour – F40 Brush is awesome for applying blush. I think its even better than Mac’s Large Angled Contour Brush. The Sigma Makeup brushes are high quality brushes at an affordable price.

  22. Mimi

    I love the 168… blush bronzer highlight brush! It’s amazing!

  23. Diana

    NARS Yachiyo, hands down.

  24. Carol

    Bobbi Brown Blush Brush!! It’s been voted Allure’s Best Blush Brush for a reason! It’s soo soft and the perfect density and the perfect size. The only thing not perfect about it is the price at $50. But totally worth the investment if you wear blush on an everyday basis. I had been searching for HG blush brush and I finally found it! MAC’s 129, 116, 109, 187 don’t even compare!

  25. Ula

    I really like the Rouge Rosi by Kosmetik Kosmo!

  26. Karina

    i have the bare eccentuals contour blush brush and it works really well and much cheaper than MACs brushes. i dont like to put on alot but this one is soft and is easier to contour your cheeks obviously. and it applies on nice.

  27. Hilde

    Ecotools blush brush( you can get it seperately or in a set)

    MAC 187

  28. danielle :)

    has anyone ever tried the ELF studio blush brush? is it good quality? i was’nt sure because it’s so inexpensive.

    • I use this brush! The quality is pretty good for only $3 and I find it super soft. The complexion brush is pretty good as well (a lot bigger than the blush brush). If you want something even better but inexpensive as well, go with EcoTools!

  29. Tasmin

    I love the Nars Yachiyo. Awesome product!

  30. Carrie Ann

    I like my Ecotools blush brush. It’s very soft and I like that it has a tapered shape so that I can apply blush or a highlighting powder more precisely. I also like the fact that it’s animal-friendly and inexpensive, but still a good quality brush.

  31. I love my MAC 168. I know it’s meant for contouring, but I use my 109 for that. I think the 168 is a fabulous blush brush and it works miracles with cream blushes as well.

  32. Yumi

    I love my MAC 138. It applies blush just the way I like it (subtly), first try, all the time, no light hand needed. Haven’t figured out how to use it for bronzer yet, but I don’t mind!

  33. Celia

    i really love my MAC 116.. that’s my best blush brush

  34. Lisa G

    MAC 168 or Eve Pearl fan brush.

  35. Gisele

    Bobbi Brown’s blush brush. Angled, soft, keeps its shape after washing, and picks up only the amount you need. I do not have a full-sized one but got a smaller size with the Pink Raspberry LE Palette. She needs to include this baby in more promos. It is the one I turn to all the time. Sonia Kashuk has a small blush brush which is also good, but it’s a big step down and is not nearly as soft.

  36. Amrita

    The MAC 187/188, or NARS’ Yachiyo Brush 😀

  37. S

    Synthetic ultimate blush brush from Silk Naturals is my favorite, with Ecotools a close second.

  38. Jen

    I love my Sonia Kashuk Blusher Brush for general blush application, but I especially luuuurve the Sonia Kashuk Medium Multipurpose Powder Brush for better contouring & more precise application of my blushes and powders. Both are so incredibly soft and dense. Plus, I got them at Target (my favorite store ever), which is like icing on the cake. I’ve been using both for about 3-4 months, and I have yet to have any bristles fall out or get out of place.

  39. Lenora

    Can’t say that my Sigma SS168 is “the best” but I haven’t felt the need to replace it. It gets the job done for me.

  40. Lisa

    I like using MAC’s 187 brush for blush :)

  41. shelly

    Another vote for the Sigma F40 here (equivalent to MAC 168). Until recently I never used an angled brush to apply blush, but now I’m a total convert.

  42. nicci

    What happened to the Worst Blush Brush question?? I answered it this morning and now the question is gone?

  43. I use the Bare Escentuals blush brush. It came with a BE starter kit literally 5 years ago and it’s still going strong, long past my short lived love of BE foundations! I use it for matte bronzer/contouring under my cheek bones and blush on the apples up to temples. It picks up a perfect amount of color for me!

  44. Sami

    MAC 168! LOVEEE IT.

  45. Nunuiviet

    My fav the 187. I don’t like the 129 at all and I already bought it ( waste of money). I plan to buy another 187 from the Mac marcel collection , can’t wait looks so gorgeous

  46. Emi

    A cheap but good brush is Sonia Kashuk’s blush brush with the white handle from Target. It was only like $11 but I get so many compliments on the application of my blush because of it! It applies blush more sheerly but that’s the beauty of it. It blends so nicely too. I’m saving up for MAC’s 187 though…=]

  47. eva

    E.L.F studio line complexion brush

  48. Moeko

    Sigma Duo Fiber Brush is the best one that works for me :)

  49. rheasunshine

    The Nars Yachiyo blush brush. Wrapped in wisteria, it’s beautiful to look at and applies blush effortlessly. If you have a growing collection of Nars’ more pigmented blushes (Exhibit A, Taj Mahal, Mounia, every-other-Nars-blush) it is a must. Even though it’s expensive, I use it everyday!

  50. For me it’s MAC 187, no doubt !

  51. Mar

    Ecotools Blush Brush!
    My friend brought me the 5 pcs set (eyeshadow, eyeliner, concealer, lash comb and blush brush) from Canada and I’m absolutely in love with it.
    It’s soft, it picks up the right amount of blush and blends like a dream.

  52. Julie

    Score by Urban Decay!!

  53. Dea

    a duo fibre brush (e.g. MAC 187)

  54. Michelle

    MAC 109 brush

  55. Cristalle

    my fav is mac 138 tapered brush! i just love its softness. second comes the 129 Powder/Blush Brush or 131 Duo Fibre Powder & Blush Brush . (Sorry too hard to decide they’re such good brushes!). i used the 168 more for conturing

  56. Kat

    I’ve been using Sephora’s Stippling brush, with the silver handle and it’s been pretty good to me =)

  57. Kelli

    The elf Cosmetics Mineral Angled Blush Brush. Love it!

  58. MAC 129 or 129sh. Really. I have a lot of blush brushes and that one is awesome. But, but, but for NARS blushes I love to use my EcoTools blush brush. :)

  59. For a lighter application I like the MAC 131 and for a heavier application I use MAC 168 :)

  60. Irene

    MAC 129 for powder blush and MAC 131 for cream blush

  61. E.L.F. Studio Blush Brush! It’s small and fits my cheekbones perfectly. It’s also really, really soft.

  62. My favorites:

    Crown #S205 Pointed Blush brush
    NARS #6 blush brush
    Trish McEvoy #2b Sheer Blush brush
    NARS Yachiyo brush

    If I had to choose only one to use for the rest of my life, it would probably be the Yachiyo, followed by the Crown. Those two are the most versatile…I think pointed brushes are really great on the cheeks.

  63. Lissa

    I really like the ecotools blush brush for most, sometimes the blush from the sephora perfect 10 set is good too.

    Even better though– MUFE HD pump blush–no brush required and no powder blush ever looks that natural/blended. If I could only remember to apply it before powder products…

  64. Nancy

    MAC 129, PERFECT size, shape, and “fluff”. Blends powder and cream blush like a dream. Only downside is I wish it were a bit less scratchy sometimes. With MAC brush though, I do have to say since their handmade some are more rounded and some more squared off, personally I’m an OCD for rounder shapes as they work better for my face shape.

  65. diamond_8806

    I am in LOVE with my Sonia Kashuk Core Tools Highlighting brush (basically a large duo fibre brush)!  It’s super soft and distributes color on my cheeks perfectly.  Of all the makeup brushes I own, it is my favorite hands down!  I always felt as though my blush was uneven until I applied it with this brush.  It ends up perfect every time now!  I actually look forward to applying my blush because I get to use this brush to do.  I am planning to buy at least one more.  If it’s ever discontinued, I’ll die a little inside! LOL

  66. diamond_8806

    I am in LOVE with my Sonia Kashuk Core Tools Highlighting brush (basically a large duo fibre brush)!  It’s super soft and distributes color on my cheeks perfectly.  Of all the makeup brushes I own, it is my favorite hands down!  I always felt as though my blush was uneven until I applied it with this brush.  It ends up perfect every time now!  I actually look forward to applying my blush because I get to use this brush to do it.  I am planning to buy at least one more.  If it’s ever discontinued, I’ll die a little inside! LOL