Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

The Hit List

What’s the Best Blow Dryer…?

What brand/product wins this category? What makes it so fabulous?

Thanks to Melissa for today’s topic!

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56 thoughts on “The Hit List: Best Blow Dryer

  1. BeautyDiva

    T3 Featherweight Hairdryer is the best!

  2. ShockingBlue

    I just started using the Keratin Complex Kera Pro Shine Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer…and I like it more than any I’ve ever used! My hair feels very nice and I don’t have to straighten it as much.

    • Grace

      Okay, so until recently, I’ve always always used the crappy Conair ones for $20, but since mine broke recently, I seriously considered a more expensive one. T3 was $200 — way too expensive! SarahVictor on YT recommended this dryer… because before Keratin, she had used one (I think T3) to quickly dry her hair, then another one to lock in shine. She claimed that Keratin did both!

      So I bit the bullet and bought it! Best Chrstimas present to myself ever!!! I dry my hair in less than 5 minutes (straight medium-thick hair just past my arm pits). And the shine! I was surprised when my coworker asked me if I had colored my hair coz it looked darker, but I think it was because it was shinier (I have Asian black hair) I am truly impressed! I don’t have T3 to compare with, but for $140, it’s worth the price. 😀

      (Great topic btw!)

  3. Hana

    T3 Featherweight Hairdryer all the way! I live in the South and have had a frizz problem ALL my life. When I use my T3 — no more frizz. It’s a miracle machine.

  4. Cindy

    I have curly hair so I use the Deva Curl dryer with the Deva Fuser. It works fast and doesn’t dry out my hair.

  5. T3 is the best!!! It dries your hair super fast and doesn’t burn it as much as other blowdriers do. It is also very cute designed, the only problem I find is that it’s too pricey :-( but if your willing to invest in a good hairdryer that doesn’t harm your hair as much, this is the one!! (at least for me and I have frizzy and medium length hair)

  6. Irene

    I love my T3 featherweight but it’s my 2nd under warranty. I wonder how much durability is compromised making it lighter. I love it, it dries so fast.

  7. Diana

    T3 Evolution!!!

  8. Andrea

    T3 Featherweight hands down. I have really thick and long curly hair and I used to have to diffuse my hair for and hour and a half every night. Every other blower dryer I had before this one would burn out after about 6 months. I’m happy to say I’ve had the T3 for 3 years and it’s still going strong. Oh, and I don’t have to use a diffuser because it doesn’t blow my hair everywhere and it only takes about an hour and 10 minutes now.

  9. Jen

    I love my Remington 3-in-1 hair dryer! More option than any other hair dryer and great value :)

  10. Jess

    Super Solano Xtreme- it’s amazing!

  11. Kat

    Hey for those of us who are broke and/or can only shop at places like Target, my pick is the “Infiniti by Conair® Tourmaline Ceramicâ„¢ Ionic Styler.” It’s sturdy and has good features for under $40.

    • NeenaJ

      I agree. I have an older model of this hairdryer and I think it does a very good job. Perhaps not perfect but, for $26, it’s quite a value.

    • Natalie

      I second this. As much as I love beauty, I have never seen the need to purchase a ridiculously expensive blow dryer. I do have naturally straight hair that isn’t problematic, but this still leaves it soft, gorgeous, and undamaged.

    • Kiana

      Thank goodness…that the Infiniti by Conair is listed…I just bought one called that…and someting about Nano Silver…so far so good!!

  12. Diane

    Hmm, I don’t get the hype about the T3s. I own the T3 evolution. I do not think it puts out enough airflow. It’s just hot, hot, hot. I actually timed it, and my $20 revlon dried my hair faster than the evolution which cost me over 10x more. I don’t have an issue with frizz, and my hair is styled straight, so maybe these dryers are best for curls?

  13. Ashley Sarah

    I have a Tool Science which I got for Christmas to replace my previous hair dryer. I really like this one. I don’t have any frizz problems with it and it straightens my hair nicely.

  14. BlueRoze2001

    T3 Featherweight all the way! Its super fast and leaves my hair shiny. I’ve tried so many others and they always burned out or burned my hair. This one is worth the money.

  15. Kim

    The Mary-Kate and Ashley one, that Juicystar07 uses.

  16. Thincspot

    T3 Featherweight Tourmaline!

  17. Madeline

    I buy cheap ones eith 1875 voltage/watts… I’ve gone thru so many of all price ranges. I just want one w some power and a low Ned high speed. I’m not waiting any more $$ on them

  18. What a great question! My CHI Pro DIED last week after about two years worth of moderate use! I was so mad! You would think a $100 hair dryer would last longer than a Conair, which I have now. I’m still getting used to to it, so the verdict is out. I was thinking about buying a T3, but now I’m afraid of spending that much money on a dryer if it might die just as soon as a drugstore brand! I quite liked the CHI when it ran, but the diffuser was AWFUL. It fell off every morning.

  19. I like my Farouch Chi–pricey, but I’ve had it for something like 3 or 4 years now and it’s still wonderful and keeps my hair from becoming too damaged. Plus, my hair dries super fast with it.

  20. Mickie

    I have an Elchim dryer and I love it. It cost more than the regular dryer I’ve always had (got this one on ebay, about $70) and I’m so glad I did. The shortened drying time (I have a short attention span) is completely worth it, for me.

  21. Heather Dempsey

    I love my T3 Featherweight.

  22. saralorine

    T3 hands down, no contest! My first one (travel size) caught fire after 5 years and I didn’t hesitate to pony up for the featherweight. I have straight hair almost to my waist and we’re talking 4 minutes, TOPS!

  23. Caitlin

    T3 Evolution!!

  24. S

    I like the Solano Solanotronic X. Has variable speeds you control by wheel and great cold button. Dries my mostly straight medium length hair in about 10 mins.

  25. Traci

    LOVE my T3!! had it for a few years now and I’d never go back to anything else

  26. Abby

    T3 featherweight, no doubt about it! I have very thick, long hair. With just about any other hair dryer, it takes 60 – 90 minutes to dry my hair. 25 minutes with the T3!!!! love it

  27. Paige

    I really enjoy my BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium because it get’s the job done well and it’s very lightweight. Gets my client’s hair dry quick and doesn’t add frizz. It doesn’t get too hot to touch either.

  28. Sixx

    CHI Turbo! It is so quiet it will have every other dryer (including T3) make you wanna put in earplugs.

  29. Danielle J.

    Tourmeline T3! the best! its pricey around $100

  30. Jessie

    I really like the Chi blow drier I own…I’m not sure what model it is, but it dries my hair super fast and it’s quiet! :)

  31. Red

    After my T3 Evolution I was so proud of died just past it’s first anniversary, I bought a FHI Heat Nano Salon Pro 2000 (could the name BE any longer?) and it is hands down the best one I’ve ever owned.

  32. Rebecca

    I don’t care which blow dryer I use unless it makes my hair dray ^^

  33. P

    Parlux 3000 Ionic Edition

  34. maria

    Rusk Speed Freak – It has multiple temperature settings and dries your hair in an instant if you need to get out the door!

    • Yolanda

      The Speed Freak is heavy as heck to me but I do love it too!

    • Lisa

      I have this one too (in pink!) and I am very happy with the way it works. I try to use the medium setting to avoid damage, but the high setting dries very fast if I’m in a rush.

    • Melissa

      Rusk Speed Freak – AWESOME! Very powerful & definitely lives up to its name. You get a variety of speed & temp settings. I think it is very comparable to a Chi. My hair feels completely different using this hair dryer. I previously used a Conair ION shine 1875. I decided maybe I should invest some $ in a dryer to see what the hype was all about & now I’m a believer! You get what you pay for.

  35. Isabella

    I don’t know if this is available in the States, but I can’t imagine anything being better than Parlux 3200 Ceramic&Ionic edition

  36. Meghann

    T3 Featherweight. A good blow dry determines how well your hair will look when u style it. Use a cheap one, after u flat iron, it’s straight but not that straight. Use T3 with round boars bristle brush, flat iron, bone straight results. Worth saving up for, IMO.

  37. Sunnygfunk

    My t3 hair dryer has been with me for three years and it still works like new and saves me tons of styling time. Something I value even more as a new mom :)

  38. Supko

    Elchim, which has a great airflow. My hair stylist uses this and my hair always felt so completely different after a salon visit – smooth as glass – so I had to buy one. It makes a huge difference, especially with a Marilyn Double S Pro brush. My hair is super fine, thin and fragile — it’s very prone to frizz but the Elchim gets rid of that.

  39. Gemma

    If anyone lives in Australia, is there anywhere here that stocks this hairdryer?

  40. Linnea

    I am using the RUSK SPEED FREAK. It is much too heavy and it is making me deaf. It does blow hot and hard that I will give it, and its lasted for years now, hence the deafness. I am looking for something lighter and more quiet. I need a good dryer as I am blowing lots of body in my hair every morning. For someone with naturally straight hair blowing it sleek and straight, a Conair is a great dryer and one I used for 20 years. It is really not neccessary for everyone to go out and buy a professional blow-dryer.

  41. melissa

    For me the best hair dryer is the Karmin Salon Pro Professional Hair Dryer, it dries the hair really fast, and the best is that keeps my hair soft, shiny and with volume. I love it !! 😀