Thursday, November 25th, 2010

The Hit List

What’s the Best Acne Spot Treatment…?

What brand/product wins this category? Any particular reason it wins?

Thanks to Jenny for today’s topic!

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87 thoughts on “The Hit List: Best Acne Spot Treatment

  1. kcrystal

    queen helene mint julep mask is the only thing i use when i have an occasional blowout.

  2. Danielle F.

    For day or night I like using Clean & Clear Persagel 10. It works really well when you feel acne coming on or on existing acne. Zaps it right up! Only problem with this is you have to make sure you also moisturize your face–it has a tendency to dry out my skin—and I usually have very oily skin! Also, from The Body Shop a night time treatment I like is their Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion. I love both of these items and they work wonders on my skin!

  3. Tiffany S.

    I really like Neutrogena Eliminating spot treatment gel. Not only does it get rid of any pimples I have but it also heals and gets rid of the marks and scars they leave behind for the most part.

  4. Aveda’s salicylic acne treatment (comes in a small brown glass container)

  5. MandiMomof3

    Tea Tree oil. Best hands down, and I have tried everything from under the sun.

  6. neutrogena’s on the spot treatment….i like benzyl peroxide and it clears up spots pretty well. Murad Clarifying Mask helps too

  7. Jessica V

    Still trying to figure that one out! I want to Mario Badescu’s drying lotion but I’ve heard such mixed reviews…

  8. Megan

    Mario Badescu drying lotion!

  9. Kelly C.

    Currently my favorite is tea tree oil. I don’t dilute it, since my skin is tough as leather. Really deflates my spots quickly, and smells good : )

  10. Amelia

    This sounds crazy, but i’m doing an experiment. I’ve stopped washing my face. I’m only on day for but so far it’s cleared up. The only treatment I use is a homeopathic oil i got at the health store that is titled “clear skin.” I apply it directly to the acne. My face is almost entirely clear now the best part is it doesn’t get dry or oily (except after a shower it’s dry).

    • I don’t think your experiment is all that crazy!! I have always thought my face looked so much better (clearer, less oily and prettier) the day after I’ve washed it!!

  11. Ani_BEE

    Sulfur masks like Proactiv’s Refining Mask and Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Correct & Perfect Spot Treatment. Us to us another brand for years still the stopped making it.

    For day time spot treatment, salicylic acid gel like Neutrogena’s Rapid Clear 2-in-1 Fight & Fade Gel.

    • Ani_BEE

      Update: Mario Badescu drying lotion is the same fomula to the other Sulfur masks i use to use. Keep and eye out for the active ingredient. Sulfur/Sulphur is the best for acne.

  12. Roma

    Best acne spot treatment hands down would be (perscription wise) “BenzaClin” or anything with both benzoyl peroxide and clyndamyacin. Best drug store over the counter stuff is the neutrogena acne spot treatment :)

    • weebee

      Benzaclin!! Used it for years, really helped me. No drug plan anymore so I can’t purchase it as regularly as I used to :(.

    • tia

      if you have insurance then yeah

    • Kat

      I love Benzaclin too!
      I use Benzacline at night (not too many days in a row though, or my skin gets sensitive and dry).
      I use tea tree oil during the day, under my makeup because I find that Benzacline gives my skin a strange texture and looks really obvious on.
      I’m lucky and I pay about $20 per 50g bottle which is a lot less than I’ve heard of some other people paying. It lasts me quite the while.

  13. kennis chen

    bye bye blemish drying lotion

  14. Mario Badescu – Drying Lotion

  15. Carrie Ann

    This isn’t an actual spot treatment, but it’s something that really works for me. If I have a zit or I can tell that one is about to pop up, I dab Murad’s Clarifyig Mask on it before I go to bed and leave it on all night. It dries the pimple right up.

  16. AnGeLwInGz

    I really like Skyn Iceland Anti-Blemish Gel. It’s like a liquid band-aid for pimples. It actually creates a barrier over the skin so the bacteria can’t get in (for those of us who have a bad habit of touching our faces) and the willow bark dries out and heals the blemish. I don’t necessarily seek out products with all natural ingredients but it’s kinda cool how effective this one is.

  17. Origina makes a fabulous spot treatment!

  18. Hands down, Kate Somerville EradiKate!! It contains 10% sulfur, which is the highest concentration I’ve seen, and still doesn’t irritate or dry out my skin. Love.

  19. Emily

    I actually really enjoy the On The Spot Acne Treatment from Neutrogena; I put it on in the morning after cleansing my face, and before bed after I shower.

  20. Jess

    Mario Badescu Drying Lotion…get’s rid of them overnight 😉

  21. Naz

    I really do swear by Neutrogena…they make quite a few spot treatments.
    Also, the old standby which works miracles to me and a few other friends is using tea tree oil. Desert Essence makes a tea tree oil blemish roller, and a tea tree oil cleanser which works without being overly drying or harsh on the skin.

    And if you find that you scar easily (which I do), I’ve discovered and am obsessed with Cliniques clinical Spot treatment. Works wonders!

  22. laura

    in my opinion it’s lush grease lighting!!

  23. SusyLovesMac

    Mario B- Drying Lotion…love it!

  24. Lisa

    Clean & Clear’s Persagel….it reduces the size and redness overnight. 😀

  25. kenzie.

    BenzaClin, which is prescription. It gets rid of anything overnight. And if you pick (Like me. Oops!) it has an antibiotic so the spots won’t get infected. Tea Tree Oil is my other favorite, and I make a homemade toner with that and Witch Hazel which makes my skin stay clear. I also use Tea Tree Oil Castile Soap to wash my face. I NEVER get breakouts now.

  26. I adore Origins’ Spot Treatment (in the tiny bottle)!

  27. Nicole

    Yon-ka Emulsion Pure! I’m curious to try Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel too, but right now I can’t get enough of this Yon-ka product. I had never heard of the brand until last week when I had a facial, and it was recommended to me.

    Emulsion Pure is water based, alcohol free and has essential oils of lavender, geranium, rosemary, thyme, and cypress. Never in a million years would I have chosen a product with essential oils to treat my acne, but it seems to really work miracles. And it never hurts that the company is from Paris, right? :p

  28. Mia

    DHC Acne Spot Therapy has worked wonders clearing up my cystic acne. Zits practically disappear overnight

  29. Eren

    Lush’s Grease Lightening. It’s a miracle in a bottle!

  30. Janet

    Booboo Zap by benefit. It smells nice too!

  31. Kristen

    Not really a spot treatment, but using Stridex pads (red box) DRASTICALLY reduced the amount of acne and clogged pores I had. Now I feel comfortable enough to go out without makeup! YAY!

  32. Tina

    Neutrogena On the Spot Acne Treatment – I’m 28 and have been using this since I was 16…it’s the best acne treatment I’ve ever used.

  33. Charlotte

    I’ve had really good results with Korres Cinnamon and Thyme Gel

  34. Marissa

    No OTC product I’ve tried has worked, but Duac (a prescription gel that’s part antibiotic, part benzoyl peroxide) works pretty well for me.

  35. Mariana

    I like Boo Boo Zap from BeneFit Cosmetics

  36. Lisa

    For my skin I love to use Lush´s Catastrophe Cosmetic mask and afterwards Grease Lightning. Wonderful stuff!

  37. Lush’s Grease Lightning!!

  38. Dorie

    Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

  39. Sarah

    Ziana is the best for me – it is an Rx that contains a retinoid and an antibiotic.

  40. sasha

    the pink stuff kate somerville makes is so great.

  41. sasha

    also: cheap version- clearasil works wonders for me.

  42. Julie

    Definitely DDF sulphur mask. It’s awesome. The zeno also works well.

  43. Molly

    Aczone — I believe you can only get it through a dermatologist though. It seriously saves my skin though… you just put a little bit on a pimple that is new and by the next day it is gone.
    I swear by this stuff.

  44. Sharron

    Like like? Apparently I need more coffee coffee.

  45. Christina

    mario badescu drying lotion. i can’t live without it

  46. An antiseptic cleanser and tea trea oil.

  47. Mickie

    Another vote for Mario Badescu drying lotion. Can’t beat the stuff.

  48. Diana

    Aesop Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque. Use it all over as a masque, or as an overnight spot treatment.

  49. Jess

    I have LITERALLY tried it alllllll, and Origins Spot Remover is epiccc. its also clear which is great for daytime, and at night for heavy duty sometimes i layer it with out of trouble mask as a spot remover.

  50. Dani

    Nuetrogena used to make these little round flesh colored stickers for spot treatment and they were great! Pop them on and go to sleep. I wish I could find them they were handy to have around.

  51. Jaime

    LUSH Grease Lightning, hands down. It works on zits of any size and type and all you do is put it on before you go to bed. Also, for $10, you get a whopping 45g of product! I’ve had my bottle for a year now and I haven’t even made a dent in it.

  52. Carole

    I use exfoliac nc gel. And that’s holy to me, it’s a frensh product so i hope they sell it everywere. It’s something you buy in a pharmacie i’ve been using it since i was 15 (now 22) and i had acne and now i have perfect skin. If a spot is showing up i put it on and in 2 days it’s gone

  53. Lolly

    Burt’s Bee’s Blemish stick is great, its mostly tea tree but it’s a handy little rolly topped stick

  54. Carla

    Definitely Dermalogica’s concealing spot treatment

  55. Lucy

    I use Clinique Acne Solutions 3 step system,

  56. Nunuiviet

    Mario badescu drying cream

  57. Jami

    I really like lush’s greased lighting. It really helps clear up a spot fast. Which I hardly ever have anymore thanks to lush’s dark angel face cleanser!!!!

  58. zee

    Kiehl’s Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment

    • Sandra

      Yeeesss! Absolutely second Kiehls’ blemish treatment. It is amazing!! I only discovered it beginning of the year and I’ve just finished my first tube. SOOOO desperate to run out and buy a refil now >_<

  59. jennSda26

    acne spot treatment by MUrad and Kiehls blue herbal spot treatment and some tea trea gel of Body shop

  60. MARGO


  61. Caitlin

    I love Lush’s Grease Lightning – but in saying that I’ve actually never tried any other “spot treatment”. This one definitely helps though in my opinion! :) I also use their Tea Tree Water Toner and Dark Angels face wash, etc.

  62. LeslieB

    Tea Tree oil! Natural and great for any cuts and scrapes too. I get mine from Aveda!

  63. Alison


    By far. It cleared up my moderate to severe acne. Now I only have a few pimples at worst. Nothing else has ever done anything apart from help my acne get better faster/mildly improve its appearance.

  64. Mary Kay’s Acne Gel… very affordable and works instantly!! I’ve been using it for years now, and it definitely helped out my acne!

  65. kiwi

    Mario Badescu Drying Lotion!! holy grail for me! amazinngg

  66. Kyrie' Mumpower

    Where do you buy your tea tree oil from?!