Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

If you’ve caught some of the more recent review posts, you’ll notice a new rating system is in place. I’ve long wanted to change the criteria within the rating system, and the time has come to do so. Though these have always been part of the review–just not so transparently–I’ve decided on a new set of parameters to provide you better insight on where points are going (or getting lost) and really providing an overall score that is representative of the product. I also felt that it was time to make our system more distinct and truly ours as rating systems have gained popularity over time.

The biggest change is in the removal of the “value” metric, which I had always based a product’s price/quantity ratio compared against the average price/quantity ratio of similar products from comparable brands. From using value in the rating system for the past couple of years, I’ve found that value is simply too subjective. Some are looking for quantity, others are looking at low final cost–even if you get a metric ton of blush. One person may find a $10 eyeshadow is cheap, while another finds $15 outlandish. I will, of course, continue to talk about value and in particular, speak on products that really fall below or above, but it will be in the written review and not a component of the total score.

The Glossover


Introducing: The Glossover -- The Rating System

I hope you enjoy the new rating system! It is our hope that it will make it easier to understand our overall grades and provide a more helpful summary when you are not sure you want to read the whole post!











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  • PRODUCT looks at whether the product does what it is supposed to do. If it’s a curling mascara, did it curl? If it’s waterproof, was it?
  • PIGMENTATION looks at whether the product is as pigmented as it is supposed to be. Products that are supposed to be sheer will not get 0/10 because they are not pigmented–I am looking for the level of pigmentation to be in sync with the product’s description.
  • TEXTURE looks at whether the product has a good consistency for the type (e.g. you wouldn’t want a gritty cream blush, right?) and how it contributes to a better product.
  • LONGEVITY looks at how well and long a product wears. If a product is supposed to last all day, does it?
  • APPLICATION looks at how easy the product is to apply–do you have to experiment with ten different eyeshadow bases to get the eyeshadow to pop? Is it difficult to blend?
  • PACKAGING looks at functionality, sturdiness, and overall appeal. This is less about whether it’s pretty (as “pretty” to me may be ugly to you!) and more about if it pumps out an appropriate amount, if it will withstand being tossed in a purse, and so forth.

There is a total of 50 points available, and once actual points are totaled, a final letter grade is assessed, which you will find on the lower right corner of The Glossover. Directly to the right of each component of the rating system will be my final thoughts–just as before–but displayed in a more eye-catching format. The “where to buy” component will now be listed above The Glossover, which is typically the end of the written review.

We do recognize that there are some product categories (notably, hair care and skin care) that do not fit within this rating system, and we are still determining whether certain categories really require a rating system (like fragrance or skin care) and/or need their own rating system.

Over the next few weeks, I will be moving through past reviews to bring those rating systems moved over to the new system. I expect only slight variations in grades–particular for products that were either very below or above value–but otherwise, the overall grades are getting clarified and refined.

Updated @ 11:49AM PST:  We tweaked font sizes and colors and hope that it has satisfied at least some of your concerns. Thanks!

Discussion and debate are highly encouraged, and we expect community members to participate respectfully. When asking a question, please check the FAQ section (above) for information about purchasing, price, dupes, and the like. If you have general feedback or need technical support, please contact us.

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106 thoughts on “Introducing: The Glossover — The Rating System

  1. I don’t want to be super rude or anything, but when I first saw the new ratings at the bottom of my post I was kinda like “eeuurrrghhh” because, to me, the font isn’t as nice and it’s rather chunky and big. Not as aesthetically pleasing as the old ratings. Not trying to offend, just my personal opinion on the design. The new system is great, though!

    • We are trying to reduce graphics to help with the loading time, so we did not use any graphic elements, sorry!

      • Moni

        I think the ratings graphics are unnecessary…

      • Mariella

        I actually like the ratings graphic….it’s a sort of “cut to the chase” presentation, which I very much like. I also agree with your thinking regarding the “value” rating – your “final thoughts” and your clear descriptions of the products has always pretty much taken care of that aspect for me.

  2. Ludwig

    You’re amazing Christine! Thanks so much for all the hard work that you put into this site : )

  3. Patrice

    i like it….

  4. Lucie

    I have to agree with Maya, I personally would rather you changed the rating system but kept the old format if you know what I mean? This style is a bit of an eyesore and less streamlined imo.

    • Perhaps you could offer ideas for improvement? We definitely didn’t design it and think it was an eye sore, you know? We were quite happy and proud of it, but we are always open to constructive criticism. We do not want to use graphics to represent the rating system so that we can lower bandwidth and improve the load time.

      • Jen

        I think it’s very pretty, actually. Don’t worry about it, Christine, there is no way you can possibly please everyone when it comes to aesthetics. You said it yourself, what looks pretty to you may not look pretty to everyone. I love the new format! I think it’s very eye-catching and well-designed, and I’d be very proud of it if I were you. Also, thank you so much for continuing to work to improve your already awesome blog!!! I spend hours every day reading your evaluations and compiling lists of products. It’s amazing how dedicated you are, thank you so much!!!

        • That is definitely true, but we are always open to improving and certainly would try to please as many people as possible when we can! :)

          Thanks, Jen!

          • Mariella

            Well, count me in as one who actually LIKES the Glossover and the larger font, etc. It’s putting all the vital information right there where it can be seen easily and quickly.

      • Faiza

        I love the new rating system, however, I do have to agree that its too much to take in visually. Maybe using a smaller/different font would help? You don’t have to use graphics but maybe reducing the size of that table would help? :) Those are just my suggestions.

      • Alyssa

        I think it’s awesome, but others will probably agree with me when I say it’s the font that’s not very attractive. The system itself is an improvement. It would look a lot better with a smaller font and no capslock.

      • I don’t think it’s an eyesore. It goes well with the new layout well. I was surprised when I saw it an hour ago but I think it is more detailed and looks great. If it takes up less memory this way, I’m all for it because that means that the photos you have will load even faster! I am for it. Sure it’s not as “pretty” as before but it is clean and chic.

      • Charlotte

        I can offer some ideas – please not all in capitals, and not all in bold (it does look clumpy) also the numbers being in italics is really not pleasing to my eye.

        I know it’s subjective but it does look ugly to a fair few of us. And I know you prefer ideas than people just pointing out they don’t like it.

  5. Zoe

    LOVE the new rating system. For me I don’t always look at the product’s overall grade but rather it’s individual ratings to fit what I like (usually pigmentation and longevity) Thanks Christine!

  6. Sass

    What happened to the “value” category as value for the money aka price point? Or was it not there before. I remember seeing it or was that on another blog. I apologize if I’m wrong.

  7. Looks good to me! I know it will be useful and also, I’m fine with how it looks- clear and simple will do the job just fine.

  8. ShockingBlue

    I really like it – aesthetics and all! It’s so much easier to comprehend!

  9. oscarelli

    Good job in improving what was already an extremely valuable feature of your blog. You do an excellent job in explaining and substantiating your ratings in your reviews. Keep up the good work.

  10. Altea

    Wow that’s a lot of work!
    As an obsessive/compulsive organiser I must give you my compliments for the job Christine (and bf, I suppose he’s the other one in the “we”?) ^_^

    Honestly I didn’t think it was bad to look at, I like that it’s all in one single pane, kinda helps you focus.

    Maybe a smaller, “softer” font (like the one used in the old overall grades or the one in the Temptalia logo) would be preferred by the eye-sensitives?

    I’m not one of them anyways, I just look at the pictures 😛 (joking 😉 )

  11. RF

    Love the ease and explicitness of the new system. It looks streamlined and great! Nice job, again, you guys!!

    Question, though: Why have ‘application’ and ‘packaging’ worth less?

    • They’re not as important as more quality-based factors (like product, pigmentation, etc.), so I wanted them to be weighted less in the overall score. :)

  12. Elaine

    I really love the new rating system – the new categories, and especially the new layout – contrary to what other readers think (and everyone’s entitled to their opinion! they’re all valid!) – i think the new layout looks modern sleek, and fantastic :)
    keep it the way it is!

  13. kc

    Looks great Christine! The only suggestion I have is that maybe the font for the ratings could be either in bold font or a different font so that it doesn’t get lost in the post.

  14. Rae

    LOVE the new rating categories – they’re perfect! Very easy to understand & *exactly* what I would want to know about a colour product.

    I don’t know about the colours, though… from reading the other comments (and from my own opinions, of course), I feel like it needs to be a bit more “elegant,” if that makes sense? I want to say that even just going a little lighter with the colour scheme and de-capitalizing the headers would do it – but I quite like the simple, minimalistic feel of the table.

    Either way, I do really enjoy the new format, and I’m sure I’ll be used to it in a days’ time! It’s entirely possible that these ideas are just due to the fact that I’m bad with change, lol 😛

  15. Ali

    Love it! Great work, Christine!

  16. Oh Christine I can’t believe you and the boy did this! You put so much thought and time into Temptalia. I love it! Personally one of my biggest pet peeved when blog hopping is that so many bloggers have…adopted (basically stole) your rating system–the criteria even down to the pink letter grade!

    I like it :) my deciding factors are usually if it performs well and has decnt product amount for the price (relative to comparable competitor brands). Thank you so much for this!

    Have fun going through 1,000+ pages of posts! LOL xP

  17. Looks fine to me! Especially if the new design is going to help the page load quicker.

  18. Carrie

    I like this- both the new system (more specific = more useful) and the look, quick and easy to read!

  19. Janet

    I think I like it – it’ll just take some time getting used to.
    Two things:
    On my computer, the numbers don’t line up – the numbers are all shifted down one line so that there’s nothing next to product, and the last 5/5 marking is next to nothing. I
    Will you still make note in the actual review of a product’s value, especially if there is a noteably large or small amount?

    Thank you so much Christine – you’re an amazing blogger!

    • Hey Janet!

      What browser and computer (or device) are you reading it on? I’ll let tech know ASAP!

      I will definitely talk about value still :)

      • Janet

        I have Windows Vista, with Internet Explorer 6, I think.

        Yikes… I just realized how badly I need an upgrade… My computer is about 3 years old though, lol.

        Thanks again for all the terrific work you put into your site!

        • LOL! Well, we actually don’t support IE6 any more – I actually can’t believe you even can read the site in IE6!

          You gotta upgrade – I think they’re on IE 9 now!

      • KB

        The ratings are misaligned for me as well. Hope you can fix this. Right now, I’m using IE7 on a laptop. I don’t recall seeing this issue yesterday on my MAC with Safari.

  20. I LOVE the new ratings system. It’s a lot more straight forward and I like that it stands out from the rest of the review. Excellent work, Christine!!!

  21. Something about the font seems… overly chunky? Oh well. Not a big deal. You do amazing work, Christine, and this rating system will give a lot more in terms of information. Cheers!

  22. I personally don’t mind it, but I think it does look a bit chunky. Almost like it’s drowning the rest of the review, you know? Perhaps reducing the size a little would help? Especially for “THE GLOSSOVER” title and the “OVERALL” rating. I feel like I end up reading the “OVERALL” instead of the “A+”, and that the title is overpowering the entire thing due to the size, placement, and color. ^^;

    I think it’s a good system, but it’s not something that can’t be improved. We’d like you to know that we really appreciate your hard work, Christine! ^__^

    • Thanks for your feedback, Ryou! I will pass it on to the designer.

    • Celine

      I think this new system is a great improvement ! Even if I liked the former system this one is even better, the criteria are really well chosen !

      However I have to agree that “THE GLOSSOVER” is too big, I understand that it was made this way to make the rating system stand out but, to me, the fact that the grades are in dark pink already makes the system stand out.

      Same goes for “Overall”, if the final letter is big it is enough I think, because it is obvious that it is the overall grade (so there is no need I think to insist on that).

      Actually what is strange is that, for eg in your last review, the title “Rescue Beauty Lounge…” is almost invisble compared to “THE GLOSSOVER” and “OVERALL”, and I think the size of the title is great as it is but it should be what stands out more, so the rest should be reduced accordingly !

      Anyway your blog is the greatest ever and I feel it is always improving over the years (not like mac collections^^ just kidding!)so congratulations for your work !

  23. Pawsha

    The font just seems out of place. It does seems to be chunky as everyone is stating.

  24. I like the way it looks personally, and its better for your servers and for people who need less graphics because of load time. I think it’s bold and grabs your attention better than the way the previous rating system looked. I agree that is doesn’t look “slick and fancy” but it’s practical, conspicuous, and attractive.

  25. Kim

    I like the new rating system! The only thing that I don’t like too much about the look of it is the middle dark pink that highligths the score. I just found it too harsh and distract from the averall note. I would have prefer having the actual 10/10 or 5/5 in the colour dark pink (kind of something like that http://images3.photomania.com/948638/1/rad2736B.png (sorry I did’nt take the time to fill the number in a clean way..)) just a suggestion..

  26. Jeanie

    Maybe you can try Helvetica font? Otherwise it looks nice. Keep up the good fight Christine!

  27. While I like the overall “system”, I agree with a few other comments. I think the design might be a little big (text size) and the font a bit out of place. Perhaps you could choose a script-type font for the title and “Overall:”. I’m wondering if having “Product, Pigmentation, etc.” not in all caps, might help as well.

    Another idea: Create a few new designs and let readers vote on them!

  28. While I like the overall “system”, I agree with a few other comments. I think the design might be a little big (text size) and the font a bit out of place. Perhaps you could choose a script-type font for the title and “Overall:”. I’m wondering if having “Product, Pigmentation, etc.” not in all caps, might help as well.

    Another idea: Create a few new designs and let readers vote on them!

    • We have learned from previous experience that while feedback is helpful, allowing readers to dictate the process doesn’t work well. A lot of time went into this design, and we are definitely open to tweaking it (please keep in mind,w e launched it last night, and it is 8AM here, so we haven’t had time to even consider changes), but we aren’t going to redesign it at this time.

  29. Madeline

    Christine, the thought and effort you put into this blog is superlative. Thank you so much for all the hard work that you do!

    • Madeline

      And I really like the new ratings system, I love detailed reviews so I think this is definitely an upgrade!

  30. Rocio

    I was thinking maybe you could change the way you’re going to grade pigmentation. If you approach all the products in the same way it could give us an idea of how much we can expect from a certain lipgloss or lipstick, for example. Maybe without it affecting the final grade? Just a suggestion! xx

    • I’m not following – could you clarify, Rocio? Pigmentation is based on the level the product is supposed to have – like I won’t knock a sheer eyeshadow that’s called “sheer wash eyeshadow” (just an example) for being sheer, but if it’s supposed to be richly pigmented, and it’s sheer, then I will.

      • Rocio

        I meant that, even if the product is supposed to be sheer, maybe have a standard scale for all the products’ pigmentation (1 being transparent and 10 being opaque for example), not meaning that the product is poorly pigmented, but showing us what we can expect from it.

  31. I like this upgrade. It really does detail what makes a product good/bad which I appreciate knowing. You’ve done a great job Christine.

  32. Eve

    This is awesome! I never cared how much a blush or an eye shadow is per pound, since I’ll probably never finish even the tiny ones anyway, so usually cheaper selling price=better value for me.

  33. Renee

    Graphics are fine, love the new system. Thanks for keeping us informed Christine. :)

  34. Charlotte

    I’d really like a rating based on the product itself and not whether or not it lives up to it’s claims. For instance I’ve seen you mark down a couple of lipglosses because they claimed to be plumping but you didn’t see that effect. Personally, it’s good to know whether or not the product is plumping (or curling for mascara) but that isn’t what I base my decision to purchase on – unless I’m only looking for a plumping product.

    • This is my take on it: If you just give out scores based on what you want, then the rating is completely subjective and essentially meaningless to everyone except for you. For example, there are sheer lipglosses, which are supposed to be sheer, but I don’t like sheer lipgloss in general–if I assign arbitrary grades based on what I want rather than what they claim or their description, those glosses will fail every time – and that’s not fair. I cannot account for every nuance of each person’s purchasing decision-making process, but I can try to create something that gives you the information you need to at least help you in your decision.

      I have always rated based on what a product is supposed to do, not what I want it to do, because I feel anything less than that doesn’t make sense–especially when people may not read a whole review and only the snapshot that the rating system provides, and yet if they saw A product, when it doesn’t actually do what it should – they would be disappointed, and that’s the last thing I want!

      At the end of the day, you’re rating the product on what it does, but in your example, you’re only choosing to rate on how the lipgloss performs as a lipgloss – but then, should we break lipgloss down to its most minimalist form to do so? So then any gloss that applies and looks shiny gets an A? It just sounds like you’re rating some claims and not others, and any decision not to take something into account is personal to the reviewer, and ultimately makes it less useful to others.

  35. snm

    I am loving the new system plus the graphics.the rating categories looks like the ones that a make up junkie exactly need:) btw I agree about the “value”,especially the weight of product rarely concerns me.

  36. Vivian

    hi, Christine!
    I already left another comment somewhere about the system itself and how much I enjoyed it.
    About the design and looks of it, what I think is making it seem like such an “eyesore” for so many is the comparison to the previous one. That one was a lot more delicate. So, like some said, maybe removing the capital letters and using a more rounded font for the grade like it used to be. Keeping these colors and overall design, it will still stand out a lot more than it did before, but will also keep a bit more feminine and less “hard” looking.

    I hope I’ve helped!

  37. I think the appearance/design is fine, Christine. I like that it stands out, I don’t think it needs to be frilly and it’s easily understandable. It was good before, it’s great now, be proud! I definitely appreciate your concern with keeping loading time short! 😀

  38. I love the new system and the fact that pigmentation and longevity are included. You explained everything so clearly. Also, thank you for all the hard work!

  39. Karyn

    I like the new rating system, I’m someone who is willing to shell out $45 for a lipstick as well as $4 so value for me is something that’s as you say, subjective. I think the font is fine, it’s straightforward and easy to access, the rating system is usually the first thing I look at when you review something, THEN I look at swatches. So being able to scroll down and easily find it is a plus for me. Thank you for all your hard work!

  40. Evelyn

    “Where to Buy: You can’t buy a rating system like this!” = love

    I am excited to see the new system in action. If a product is supposed to be long-wearing (like a lipstick that claims it will last all day), will it get dinged in both “product” and “longevity”? I suppose it should! :)

    (I love that you’ve developed an actuarial model for makeup reviews.)

    • Yes, it will – but you’ll see less of a “ding” because the lipstick (probably!) claims to do other things, too – moisturize, pigmented, or whatever, so on a total claims basis, it might hit 2 of 3, but longevity you might see more points taken out!

      • Nadia

        So what if a product doesn’t claim to be ‘long-wearing’…what happens to the longevity score? It sounds like it wouldn’t be fair to take points off for something it doesn’t claim to do but also wouldn’t be fair to give points for something it doesn’t do lol.

        • It’s measured against the average wear time as well as how it wears/fades away (if applicable) – based on over 300 different lip products that I’ve reviewed and tried. This is the best measure I can come up with, and of course, the rating system is not perfect but I always try to do the best I can.

          I’m not giving points because it’s long-wearing, necessarily — but if it’s a lipstick that wears off in a half hour, then there’s something wrong. If it’s a lipstick that leaves behind a ring of color, that’s also a problem!

  41. The font is just fine. The new rating system looks great and it really highlights the aspects of your reviews that make you the best. You put so much time and effort you put into actually reviewing the product versus just slapping it on and typing something up.

  42. Lisette

    I think the new rating system is extremely helpful! I rely on your blog for many of my makeup purchasing decisions and this will make things so much easier and more convenient for me (and many others I’m sure). Thank you for always considering us and for all the hard work you put into this.

  43. Sarah

    I really like this! It helps simplify your breakdown of the product if we don’t have time to read the entire review. Keep up all the good work :)

  44. Steph

    Great categories! Thanks for all your hard work. I’m also glad to hear you will still mention value in the review because that is an important factor to me depending on the product and the price.
    I hear what others are saying about the “chunkiness” and not being easy on the eyes. I feel that since most of the words are capital letters and the table and font are quite large that this contributes to the chunky look and feel.

  45. Julia

    I agree that there seems to be a lot going on. I think if it were all in the rectangle; like, the overall rating were right below the “final thoughts”. I think the added categories are spot on, and I love your rating system!!

  46. Louise

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the new rating system! :) Putting longevity in is so great, since it’s the main deciding factor for me. I don’t mind splurging as long as I know the product is gonna last!

    My only comment is along the lines of everyone else, I’d prefer a smaller, not capslocked Glossover. Maybe 1/2 to 3/4 of its current size?

  47. This rating system looks great! The breakdown helps simplify everything. Keep the good work coming! Love it!

  48. I see people complaining about the size but considering how often people ask you questions about something you already stated clearly, as if they didn’t read it thoroughly, I think it makes sense to have the bottom line be obvious and visible to all.

  49. clementine

    Hmmm, I think what ends up looking overpowering is the pink background behind the numbers. If you took that out and removed the italics, I think it’d look even cleaner and bring all the focus to the final letter grade. At the moment, the layout feels like there’s too much to look at because almost everything is highlighted.

    That said, though, I love the new categories! Definitely very helpful.

  50. Caroline

    I really like the new layout, it gets my attention and gives me the key points right out of the gate. I also like that when I view it on my phone, the text is the same size as the rest. Great job!

  51. Carrie

    I’m absolutely shocked by all of the negative comments. You put so much time, effort, & thought into your blog. As reader, I could care less about the font used, font size, caps, etc. The reviews & swatches are by far the most important thing!!! However, I do like the new layout/format. I agree that the value part could be very subjective. Eliminating that section makes the review much more “scientific”. Thank you so much for all of your hard work!!!

  52. Cleo

    I love the new, more comprehensive rating system, thank you. However, there is something about the layout that is off. I think the font needs to be darker so it doesn’t blend into the general layout of your site, and I think it would be helpful and less “all over the place” feeling if the overall and grade were moved under the score marks. In the old layout the overall grade popped and here it doesn’t really. Just my two cents, and this is still the best beauty blog around!

  53. B Jones

    I love these new ratings. Totally takes to a new level. Please do not elimate them as they are more helpful.

  54. WithIt

    When I noticed “the glossover” yesterday I was really impressed. You have truly created a spectacular rating system! For most of your reviews I usually look at the rating first to get a “snapshot” as to how you felt about the product. I’m so excited about all of the new categories!
    Also, I can’t believe you’re going to go BACK over your previous reviews and change them over to the new rating system! You are amazing, Christine! We all appreciate you sooooo much! :)

  55. i reckon instead of having a ratings system for things like fragrance, have a sliding scale, because things like concentration are uniform and throw doesn’t differ much between people etc. for example instead of rating it on quality from 1-10, the numbers represent how long the fragrance lasts, how many sprays/dabs are needed for decent scent payoff, how far the throw is etc. :) HTH

  56. aradhana

    i think your new rating system is great! and as per usual, very thorough. i really appreciate that you break down the product ratings in categories to be as objective as possible. i also really value the thoughts and impressions you give of products you review.

    i liked the formatting and aesthetics of your old rating system (especially the ‘handwritten’ style of the final rating) so i guess i’m a bit sad to see that part of it go. however i know you are constantly working on and improving on your already excellent blog, so i’ll be interested to see what you guys come up with.

    one thing i find a bit jarring is actually the title ‘glossover’, which looking at the definition, (http://www.thefreedictionary.com/gloss+over) your new rating system seems like just the opposite!

    • It’s actually meant to be a play on the phrase “gloss over” – because it’s more for people who gloss over the actual/written reviews and those who only want to read if it meets certain ratings or whatever, haha! 😉