Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Looking for a new eyeshadow combination? Lip combination? Six colors that can coordinate as a palette for an entire look or mix and match your favorites.

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51 thoughts on “The Color Wheel – The Vixen, Monochromatic, Tropical Glow

  1. Heather

    I don’t really get it…

  2. Ashley H

    yeah i don’t really get it i feel stupid

  3. I actually like this idea…I love the Vixen and The Tropical Glow…time to buy more eyeshadow :)

  4. Jen

    so, these six colors match each other and if we have shadows in these colors, then they should look good together?

    • Hey Jen! These are colors you could use on eyes/cheeks/lips. It could also just be all eyeshadows and maybe a lip color. But generally, the scheme will work on one face.

  5. I like it too – great for people like me who buy the same colors over and over and fail in making a good palette.

  6. George

    Wow, I completely adore this idea. I have tons of eyeshadows and make tons of combinations, but I tend to fall back on old favourites (my current of which is very similar to the vixen palette).
    New inspiration would be awesome! Definitely keep this up.

  7. Sandy

    This is a good idea if I’m getting it right. I think I’m a “Vixen” with all my purples…lol

    • It’s basically to give you some eyeshadow combinations, or eyeshadow/cheek/lip combinations. Basically, all of the colors will work together whether on your eyes or using your entire face. Of course, not green lips, but you get the drift!

  8. DevilishDoll

    I have most of the colors for The Vixen and Tropical Glow. Interesting post, but maybe you could also give some suggestions, like what actual products match those colors. Like Hush, Lotusland, Illegal Cargo, etc.

  9. Ariele

    Great idea! But I think you should include examples of specific shades that would fit the bill for each color on the wheel, whether it be an eyeshadow, pigment, lipstick, blush, etc.

    Otherwise, great idea :) I love The Vixen.. definitely my type of combo!

  10. I think this has huge potential, great idea!

  11. Reesa

    I definitely like this idea, if I am understanding it correctly. I agree with others who recommend including shades, examples of products (shadow, blush, lip, etc).

    I’m definitely a monochromatic girl… :-)

  12. i’m a mix of vixen and monochromatic — depending on my mood :)

  13. gio

    I think this is a great idea! I love the Vixen and Tropical Glow

  14. Calico

    I love this idea – maybe the people who comment can suggest their colours used for each palette?

  15. Sydney Young

    i lik the new font much easier to read!

  16. Danielle

    This is fun and very useful! Thanks for coming up with this! It’s kinda funny that you did this because for one of my classes I have to come up with color stories for a fictional clothing line that is a big semester long project so this is giving me great ideas….Thanks again Christine!

  17. Nicole

    I like the idea of a color wheel. Especially for getting new inspirations how to pais some colors.

    The twirls in the letters R N and A a litte overdone in my view. The other letters are okay.

  18. michelle

    This is good..
    I like Tropical Glow but I wonder if you could list suggestions of products that would fit within the category. Perhaps the name of one or two products for each shade?

  19. Loving the monochromatic!! Then again what would you expect from a neutral-loving gal :)

    I’m thinking of heading over to MAC and making a palette of my own, so this helps a lot! This would probably be a great feature every once in a while, especially with some of the more unexpected colour combinations.

  20. natasha

    i like the idea. dun have to crack my head to figure out the complimenting colours. BTW … i’ve loving the new font type.

  21. Alma

    Tropical Glow looks great. I am guessing the three right colors are for blush and lipgloss colors you could use? In any case, the middle color of the 3 right colors looks great, I really should get such a lipgloss/stick.

  22. i like this post. im in the process of depotting all my shadows and putting them intro palettes =) thx!

  23. LocaLoli

    OOOH! this is a great idea. Thank you.

  24. Susah

    I like the idea Christine and like the new font ur using. What i think would make this even better is a real picture swatch of the color. you can just say it’s generic but at least your not limited to html colors.