Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

My week started off on a pretty bad note, which meant no makeup at all yesterday.  My puppy, Mellan, was scheduled to be neutered yesterday, but the Humane Society said he had a heart murmur graded 5 out of 6.  I couldn’t take the risk of him dying on the table for the sake of nixing his parts.  But of course, lots and lots of tears were spilled at the realization of just how mortal he is (and how much I love him).

We were aware he had a slight murmur (grade 1-2) since he was at least 12 weeks old, but it was minor and presumed to be a puppy murmur (which tend to disappear by six months).  We saw our vet yesterday, and he graded the murmur 3-4.  Today, Mellan is at our vet all day, so he can get his chest x-rayed and have the doctor listen to his heart throughout the day.  We are hoping for good news! *crosses fingers*

So since I’m liable to cry off any makeup I wear today, here is a look back at my favorite green looks I’ve done!  Just click the photo to see the full look and its details! :)

I LOVE emerald greens, because they’re so intense and vibrant, but they’re not not neon or chartreuse greens. I have a thing for smoky eyes, especially when there’s some gold glittering in the darker colors.

As much as mineralize eyeshadows *don’t* do it for me, I actually enjoyed the way last year’s Flashtronic shadows came out in this look!  I think it’s the softness of the greens, though the overall look is a bit frosty, I suppose.

This is kind of gold-green-blue, but still, I see predominantly green 😉  I love the way the blue liner popped, but I think the color of the gold blended well with the green.

I just LOVE this muted shade of gold-green and everything.  I am so tempted to try this again!

This is not my own creation, but it is a recreation based off of the Barbie Loves MAC promo photos!  I was so amazed at how this look turned out, because I was totally in love with it (still am!).

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73 thoughts on “Temptalia’s Top 5 Green Looks

  1. Chrissy

    I’ll be thinking of you and Mellan, Christine! There are so many options for animals with “special needs” these days, although when we are reminded that our babies are mortal it is very scary. I just know it’s all going to turn out okay. :)

  2. Zsofi

    Hope You get good news Christine!!!
    i wish Mellan all the best!!!
    Hope he will be O.K. very soon!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fingers crossed!!!!!

  3. Aww, Christine… how devastating. Poor Poor puppy. Poor Poor Christine.

  4. Carrie

    Oh, pets! Dear Mellan, be well!
    Sadly, I can totally empathize with the sudden realization that your buddy has a health issue: this morning at 4:30 I woke up to find my cat having a seizure. SO scary! He is “normal” now, but yikes…now we are in the “monitor him for a while” phase. It is really scary, I’ve been really upset all day. Needless to say, I’m not wearing mascara right now.
    Oh, pets! Christine, my thoughts are with you and your boyfriend and Mellan!

    • Oh no, Carrie! Did you guys talk with your vet about her? My mom’s pekingese has seizures every few weeks, and unfortunately, it’s “normal” for the breed to have those. :/ I can only imagine your fear! Wishing your cat well :)

  5. Alexa

    oh im so sorry
    id cry so much if anything happened to my dog!
    good luck to mellan!!

  6. Val

    I am so sorry to hear about Mellan. I know how scary it can be. My dog just had surgery on her leg…(she blew a tendon in her knee)and it was so difficult to deal with. It makes you realize that they are really members of the family and how much we love them!

    • How has she been recovering? I think what makes part of this so hard is not knowing very much about how severe Mellan’s heart murmur is, but hopefully today’s x-rays will at least give us some knowledge.

      But I totally agree… it’s so easy to fall in love with their adorable faces, and it isn’t until they’re hurt that you realize just how MUCH you love them.

  7. Kharina

    Sorry about your adorable pet Mellan. I feel like I know Mellan too because you’ve shared so much and it also broke my heart to read this. I pray his health improves and keep us posted. Best wishes.

  8. Eva

    Oh, Christine, I am so sorry to hear about Mellan!
    I hope everything turns out okay…I am sure there are meds that help him live to a ripe old age to take care of you! :o)

    On a side note: I love your version of the “Barbie loves MAC” look! If you haven´t made a tutorial for that already, please do..

  9. I like the one with the blue on it. I hope Mellan is ok :)

  10. Rubi

    Pooh (my pug) sends him get well wishes and licks.

  11. Mamade

    Oh, poor Mellan! He, and you, will be in my thoughts.

  12. Vivien

    I realllly hope your puppy is alright!!

  13. Claire

    I’m so sorry to hear about wee Mellan. :( I’ve got my fingers crossed that the results from the vet go well. He’s lucky to have a mummy that cares for him so much. :)

    Those greens all look fantastic on you – sadly greens make me look a bit like frog!

  14. Stacey

    My thoughts are with you and Mellan, Christine <3 I hope he is ok.

  15. zzainy

    Awwww Cristine,

    My best wishes for u and Mellan.I hope everything will be just smooth.Dont worry dear. :(


  16. Claudia M.

    Me and Chevy have our fingers (and paws) crossed!!!

  17. Brit

    I LOVE green looks! Yours are all fabulous, and I’ve even tried a few of them myself. I hope your dog will be ok! I’m not a huge dog fan, but since i plan to be a vet, I have hope for all animals’ health :)

  18. Ashley

    I’m sure it will turn out all right Christine! Has it been the same vet listening to his heart murmur since he was young? They rarely use the grading system anymore because of the fact that people hear things differently! Let us know how it goes! They might be able to use a different anesthesia to neuter him if need be, one that is not as hard on his heart! My thoughts are with you both!

    • Hey Ashley! Yep, it’s the same vet. That’s why we were so concerned – because our normal vet detected it from the first visit, but he wasn’t concerned (he marked it as 1-2 back in April). Yesterday, he felt it was 3-4, so it did get louder. We really LOVE our vet – he is amazing.

      Thank you :)

  19. So sorry to hear about your dog’s murmur, Christine! Sending good thoughts to Mellan.

  20. Tekoa

    Mellan will be in my prayers. *offers cookies to cheer everyone up*

  21. awww keep your head up, girlie. my puppy was diagnosed with cancer at 4 and they said she had 6 months to live……well, she passed away at age 15, 11 years after they said she would. so don’t doubt the strength of the little fuzzball

    **treats for Mellan**

    • Oh my goodness, Courtney!! That is just incredible. Dogs are so resilient and tough :)

      LOL, I went out and splurged on gourmet doggy treats yesterday for him!

  22. Michelle

    Your pup is one of the cutest pups I have ever seen, he is just so precious and I can tell that he is an absolute sweetheart. I hope that everything is going well with him, my dog is 12 now and Mellan reminds me of Tipper when he was young. :)

  23. becca

    First, I love the green looks (I always visit here for ideas on what to wear).

    Second, I hope Mellan is okay!!! One of my cats was diagnosed with a 5/6 murmur, at age 15, so we were worried. Later, it was brought down to a 2–she was better hydrated and in better shape, so it wasn’t as loud. I’m sure you’ve checked into it, but my vet said that diagnosing murmurs by listening can be difficult. I hope that the little one is alright!

    • Thanks, Becca! :)

      I’m so glad to hear that it was brought down to just a 2! It’s scary, because the loudness doesn’t correlate to severity, so you could hardly hear it and it could be awful (and vice versa!).

  24. Calico

    :( :( Thinking of your pup! Keep us posted!
    Hope you ok! I am sooo sad for you and Mellan!

  25. sophia

    my dog has the same exact condition!! She is quite old for her breed, (8 yr old shi tzu), nothing can get rid of the murmur..but the good thing is, drugs can control and manage the situation. Girl has been on mediation for her heart, and lungs for the past almost 2 years, and she is still leading a happy comfy life. I bring her to the vet every 4 months for a check up, though the vet says twice a year is enough. To feel even safer, I bring her for a check up before I leave the country.
    The medical expenses are crazy but what to do, she is my precious Girl, she’s like the closest to me the whole day! I would spare no cost to make sure she is OK!

    Watching out the coughing and accumulation of fluids in the lungs, and with long term condition, the condition can be kept in control.

    • I’m really glad you’ve been able to control it with medication :) It’s so good to hear. How much are the expenses (at least for the meds)? I feel like I should start a savings account for Mellan!

      • sophia

        She is currently on 3 medication, Fortekor, Durietics, and Lasik (not 100% about spelling!!) They cost me something like $50 a month. Fortekor is the most expensive of the lot! Plus I bring her for check ups more often, the consultation fees and additional checks they run on her are another matter. But the peace of mind I get when she is happy is PRICELESS. :)

        I am happy to hear that Mellan is doing well after the x-ray! Yea!!

  26. sophia

    I meant medication* instead of condition in the last statement.

    Hope all goes well for Mellan!

  27. Christine, you and Mellan are in my thoughts…I am sure that everything will turn out for the best…Keep us posted!

  28. 3 and 5 looks gorgeous.I do not like green eye makeup but they r still pretty.

  29. gio

    I’m so sorry to hear about Mellan, hope everything turns out ok

  30. Deanna

    :( Poor Lil’ Mr. Mellan! I hope you had better news today. I know first hand how devastating it can be when one of your babies is sick. Annie (my Jack Russell) and I will be sending you and Mellan lots and lots of good thoughts, prays, and best wishes. BTW, your looks are simply gorgeous! I’m green with envy! 😉

  31. Carolina

    Oohhh, poor Mellan. Give him a kiss on his nose for me (my fave place to kiss my own golden). And stay strong, Christine. My own golden, a 4 year old girl, developed a serious alergic reaction to one of the shots while a puppy. And now we believe that that might have been the trigger for all the other problems she developed: after a few more serious alergic reactions, which meant a few trips to an animal hospital at midnight for some steroids shots, her eye started to look funny. My sister took her to the vet and the (imcompetent) vet told her the dog was blind. Even I could tell you the dog wasn’t blind at all, but she scared my sister so much, she got home crying. Fortunately, the vet also directed my sister to a specialist, who discovered she had an autoimmune disease that attacks her ocular muscles, making her look “surprised” all the time. After a long therapy of steroids and some horrible tests, she’s the best she can be. Her growth was a little stunted from the steroids and her eyes are more open than normal, but she doesn’t mind and we sure as hell don’t either. She’s the baby of the house. Even though she’s big and heavy enough to count as an individual… LOL

  32. I’m so sorry, Christine. I just read this post. Have you found out anything yet? I am crazy about animals and I sincerely hope that Mellan will be ok. You guys are in my thoughts!!

    • It turns out that his heart looks normal (doesn’t mean it is…), and the vet & radiologist both think it’s normal so naught to worry about for now!

  33. Ruth

    Hi Christine!!!

    what lenguajes do you speak?

  34. Ruth

    can you please explain to me what are the mixing medium for(water base, alcohol base,mixing medium gel), and wich one is youre favorite?

    Oh and wich one is better for Oil skin

  35. Rini

    My Best Thoughts and Wishes for You, Your Boyfriend And Mellan…. I’m hoping for absolutly Wonderful News!
    Hugs & Kisses for All Of You!