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There are a plethora of products, ranging from miracle creams to spot treatments and gels to topical prescriptions, that are bought and sold under the premise of reducing the signs of aging. But did you know that there are many habits and things you can do today that will prevent some of those wrinkles (or at least reduce their severity) tomorrow? Here are ten things you should do with products you probably already have, or fine-tuning habits and daily rituals already in your day.

Antioxidants are essential to good health, which also includes helping skin maintain its youthful glow. You’ll notice many anti-aging products market themselves as having antioxidants within them, but you can bolster your regimen by ensuring you consume a few foods that are known to be excellent sources of antioxidants.

  • Beta-carotene (e.g. carrots) may neutralize free radicals which effect your skin on a cellular level. Anthocyanidins (e.g. berries) increase your cellular defense system. Flavanones (e.g. citrus) and flavonols (e.g. apples, onions) may increase cellular defense as well as neutralize free radicals. Sulforaphane (e.g. broccoli, cauliflower) may increase your cellular defense system.
  • Vitamin A (found in dairy, fish, and liver) and Vitamin C (e.g. citrus fruits) both help to protect cells from free radicals. Vitamin E (e.g. nuts, oils, seeds) can also protect cells from free radicals. Selenium (e.g. meats, tuna) may be preventive in damage to your cells from free radicals. Source

Be conscious of how you touch your face. When you’re washing your face, are you scrubbing vigorously? Harsh, hard, or vigorous movements and touches can stretch and pull at the skin in an adverse way. For instance, you should pat your face dry, rather than rubbing a cloth up and down.

Use brushes rather than your fingers to apply makeup. Brushes apply makeup with a light, easy touch, which means less stress and tugging for your skin. When you use your finger, there is more pressure exerted on the skin, even if it feels minute to you.

Cleanse your face regularly and ensure you remove ALL makeup. It is important to wash your face on a daily basis (twice if you can – e.g. AM and PM), even if you don’t wear makeup, because throughout the day your face does get dirty in some aspect. If you go outside, dust and dirt particles may have settled into your face. Make sure when you cleanse your face, you do a thorough job of removing your makeup, too. Residual makeup can rest in pores and on the skin’s surface, clogging it or preventing daily renewal. It’s good to have a package of makeup removing wipes in the house, just because if you ever get lazy or dead-tired, you can opt for using one of those instead of your regular cleansing regimen (not a substitute, but I recognize that we all have days when we just cannot seem to bring ourselves to do things!).

Wear sunscreen everyday. The best policy is to invest in a light sunscreen (e.g. SPF15) for everyday usage, and just get used to having that as a step in your everyday routine–like brushing teeth or showering. It is also a good idea to have a stronger sunscreen (e.g. SPF30+) to use for days when you know you will have increased exposure to sun. You also want to ensure your sunscreen protects against both UVA and UVB, because both can cause problems later in life! Even cloudy days, driving, etc. can cause you to be exposed to harsh rays, so sunscreen everyday!

Exfoliate once a week. Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells, which helps bring younger cells to the skin’s surface. As we get older, the cell renewal process slows down, giving skin an uneven or rough appearance. It is important that you don’t overdo exfoliation, and the frequency may depend on the product you choose. Also, don’t forget about body scrubs, because aging doesn’t just show up on your face!

Moisturize and protect your hands. There is the old addage that you can tell a woman’s age by the state of her hands. The skin on our hands is subjected to a lot of activity, from work and utility, but also substantial washes, so it does go through the ringer, so-to-speak. It’s good to remember to moisturize and treat your hands well when they’re not busy working. Try a heavy hand cream and encasing your hands in a pair of light gloves while you sleep to give them a boost of moisture. Sunscreen for your hands is also a great idea, because we know the sun does a lot of damage!

Drink lots of water. It’s an oldie, but it still remains true. Make sure you get your daily intake of water! If you have trouble, try filling up a large jug or thermos of water and keep it by you at all times — you’re more likely to drink it if it’s staring you in the face!

Reduce or remove bad habits from your life, like excessive drinking, smoking, and tanning. Both drinking and smoking can ravage the skin over the time, and reducing both or quitting will serve you well both bodily and skin-wise. Tanning, whether it is in a booth or from the sun, is not at all advisable, especially if you don’t use sunscreen to do it. There are so many self-tanners and sprays these days that you can get your glow without harming your skin in the process.

Make sure you are using your skincare products properly. Some products can multi-task, but some can’t. Don’t use a body scrub on your face because the abrasives in it are too strong for the more delicate skin on your face. Just like a cream for your body may not be good to use on your face. When in doubt, use as intended, because if you aren’t sure, the results may be bad news.

Share your easy and inexpensive anti-aging tips with us!

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33 thoughts on “Temptalia’s Ten Easy & Cheap Anti-Aging Tips

  1. Christine, thank you soo much for this lovely article, it is one of the best and most informative ones I’ve read in a loong time! I showed it to my hubby (who by the way has been on my case since I’m using so much make-up) and he had to bow down to logic! All of the points you listed are helpful, easy and practical indeed! I never knew there were nice big names (:p) for all the good things in fruits and vegetables. Just like to add that the water thing absolutely really works. Whenever I’d upped my intake I’ve seen instant results in a day or two. Thanks again for this post 😀

    • I’m so glad it was an informative article! I think it’s so great that we’re all into makeup, but skin is equally important. Water is just essential and GREAT! I honestly wish I was better about my intake, but I keep trying to be good, lol.

  2. Tanya

    I would just add that its really important and easy to take some good vitamins to help your skin, body and over all health. Take a daily multi, a skin, hair and nail vitamin (these really do help a ton), and an Omega or if your a vegi or vegan like me take Flax oil in a cap form.

    I think its most important to feed your body from the inside out instead of outside in :)

    also STOP SMOKING!!!!

    If you go out and drink, try to drink one glass of water for every beer or cocktail, also to help prevent a hangover…which is just being dehydrated…drink water and take a B complex :) before you get to bed.

  3. Amy

    what kind of skin care products do you recommend?

    • Hi Amy,

      You can go through my skincare reviews to see what I’ve liked. I always recommend starting with Clinique’s skin care if you are new to skin care, though, because they make it easy and their products work!

      I also LOVE Renee Rouleau’s line of products.

  4. Shefali

    Hey Christine! Great article and lots of useful information :) Plus none of these are going to cost me any money, LOL. Thanks!

    I have two tips that you can do daily to decrease signs of aging:

    1. Always wear sunglasses when you are outside. It protects the eyes, but it also stops you from squinting, which then stops you from stretching skin on your face and getting lines around your eyes.

    2. When applying creams/lotions on your face, you should massage, and always massage upward, never downward. Massaging or pulling skin on your face downward on a daily basis causes skin to sag.

    • Ceci

      I heard that massaging upward to reduce sagging is an old wives’ tale and doesn’t really make a difference. Gravity always wins in the end.

      However, I think that if you just apply creams or lotions with a very gentle hand (no excessive pulling or applied pressure, like what is suggested in the article), that would be enough to prevent further stress to/sagging of the skin.

    • Thanks, Shefali! Exactly :) I wanted to come up with ways people can save their skin without paying an arm and a leg — it’s not always about finding the miracle cream!

      You listed some GREAT tips! Protecting eyes is definitely important :) I agree that massaging skin in circles is a great way to reduce pulling and additional pressure on the skin.

  5. karen

    a very helpful article! thanx.
    and I really believe a good sleeping routine is also essential for our skin. even its really hard to do it.

  6. Wear sunscreen on your NECK! And on your hands and feet too!

    • TRUE THAT!

      Best part about summer? You end up showing so much more skin that it makes sense to do all-over-the-body-head-to-toe sunscreen.

  7. mac-addict

    Hey Christine! Lovely article! Im so glad that youve pointed out the importance of keeping your skin in order…cos if we dont, all the makeup in the world wont be able to make it look good!

    I currently have just a few MAC eyeshadows, im a newbie! I have MAC Paint Pot in Painterly, Slip Pink e/s, Carbon e/s, Woodwinked e/s, French Grey e/s, Innuendo e/s, Idol Eyes e/s, Sumptuous Olive e/s, Tete-a-tint e/s, Well Plumed e/s, Espresso e/s, Shroom e/s, Courage e/s and one e/s shadow which is a lovely antiqued gold in satin finish (dont remember the name cos the label came off – oops!) Could you please please please come up with a look using some of these colors? I know the choice is limited but im sure you can handle it 😀 I would be ever so grateful!

    Love love love the site! Thanks in advance!

    • Thanks mac-addict!

      Here are some looks… (use Painterly as a base in all looks listed)

      1) Slip Pink all over lid, Woodwinked in outer crease, Shroom as ahighlight

      2) Slip Pink on inner half of lid, Courage on outer half, Espresso in the outer crease, Shroom to highlight

      3) Shroom all over lid, Well Plumed in outer crease, Shroom to highlight

      4) Idol eyes all over lid, Well Plumed in outer crease, Shroom to highlight

      5) French Grey all over lid, Carbon in outer crease, Shroom to highlight

  8. lala

    I’m def. going to try the “Glove Moisturize”, because I tend to overly sanitize/clean my hands ..and I’m getting a litte dry in the “hands” department.

  9. I loved this post! It’s all really basic things that we all need reminders about from time to time. Especially the random things, like moisturizing your hands. A lot of people forget that one because they are so preoccupied with keeping their face and eyes moisturized. Another big one that’s similar to hands is your neck.

    Using olive oil and honey on my face is one of my tips. It really helps to moisturize and tone your skin. Honey is a natural astringent and olive oil is well, flat out amazing.

    • Hey Tashina!

      I’m so glad the post was helpful :) It’s amazing how many little things that can help in the long run.

      Thanks for your honey tip!

  10. glamqueen

    great article, C, but I would put the bad habits first! stop smoking and reducing alcohol is really number one, smoking is like infusing yourself with free radicals, both on inside and outside, that’s what breaks down our cells, both skin and everything inside. there is no moisturizer in the world that can repair that and all the fruit and veggie-eating will be in vane!

  11. BaDKiTTy

    Great info, thanks again.
    I was wondering what eye cream would you recomend to us at 25 y.o. Cause i do get these little wrinkles around my eyes:((((((((

  12. Lisa

    This is an old thread, but my favorite cheap anti-aging trick is:
    I buy a bottle of vitamin e capsules and poke a little hole in one of the capsules and at night I squeeze a little bit out and dab it around my eyes, on fine lines and even any hyper-pigmentation spots. It really softens and moisturizes and is all natural.

  13. Emile

    Hi! I turn 25 in a month and am…shall we say…not very happy. )-: I really want to get on a good and simple skincare regime that won’t break the bank. My skin is very tempermental–oily and acne prone one day, dry and sensitive the next. It’s so confusing with all the products out there and online. I don’t smoke, only occassionally drink and am very concious of using sun block. (On the downside, I’m a total junk food addict…)
    Can anyone recommend a good line of products that are tried & true?


  14. nina

    dear christine, thank you very much for this :)
    i also have a good tip. i drink every day at least a few cups of green tea because it also helps against anti-oxidants. many friends of mine start saying that i even lost weight, but i can’t really tell because i didnt take photos to compare or something 😉

    anyway, this works only if you drink a lot in general. if it does not taste very well, you can always add honey. but NOT the liquid one, the sticky one is better because it has more vitamins. the liquid one is basically the useless rest of the sticky one :)

    hope this helps

  15. nok

    i think this article has a good tips but it depend on me cant’t do it or not.i think drinking water , doing exercise and eating fruit and vegetable is imporant than using the expensive cosmatic.