Friday, December 28th, 2007

I am pleased to announce the launch of Temptalia’s new layout, just in time for 2008. The web team has been working around-the-clock these past few days to get it up and running, so I want to extend a huge thanks to them for all of their hard work and effort! Feel free to leave feedback concerning the new layout, positive or negative, as well as if you happen to come across any bugs.  Happy new year!

New Features:

  • White background – easier to read
  • Organized categories – making finding things easier
  • Brands – now find the latest posts for your favorite brands
  • Most popular posts / featured posts
  • Better integration of content

As part of our launch of a new layout, we would also like to invite and encourage you to participate in a survey concerning your satisfaction with the site, what you’d like to see in the future, and overall, give us a clearer idea of what’s working, what isn’t, and what we should concentrate on.  Your participation helps improve the site for both yourself and other readers, so please think of filling it out – it’s only ten questions!

To take the survey…

Discussion and debate are highly encouraged, and we expect community members to participate respectfully. When asking a question, please check the FAQ section (above) for information about purchasing, price, dupes, and the like. If you have general feedback or need technical support, please contact us.

Comments that include advertisements, self-promotion, insults, etc. may be in violation of our comment policy and subject to deletion. Please see our comment policy for more information.

52 thoughts on “Temptalia’s Reader Feedback Survey

  1. lisa

    I love how the pics are a lot more larger and clearer with this new lay out!

  2. Ashlee

    Love the new look!

  3. naomi

    i don’t like it. way too bright- i found the black background much easier to read… i probably won’t venture on here much anymore due to the colours. my eyes are sensitive and i took online journalism- so i know what colours hurt peoples’ eyes… and this is one of them!

  4. Lori

    wow I’m opposite of Naomi….
    the gold on black was harsh, and if you were reading the screen for more than 5 mins, and then looked away, it seemed like there was an “imprint” on your eyes for a bit. Definitely dissuaded me from coming here often.

    I appreciate the white but can see how it may be too bright, perhaps a more neutral toned down hue could be chosen? Not a dark black or a harsh bright white but a nice peach and green toned theme? Or pastel type blue?

  5. lala

    I love the look.

  6. I agree with Lori. I found the text a lot harder to read in the old layout, especially with posts that had a lot of long paragraphs that weren’t broken up. I like how this one is a lot brighter, but I might change the stripes over the background gradient, and use a different pattern, or at least lighter grey or pink scanlines instead of the black ones, because those are kinda harsh. Or you could make them thinner, if you didn’t want to just pick an entirely different pattern. Other than that, I like it a lot!

  7. tricia

    i dont like it, which part all of it. why so many , what is all that? that creates like an additional space/paragraph between each post.

  8. Kat

    I’m pretty sure that white text on black is actually easier for your eyes, which is counter intuitive to me because for some reason I find black on white more comfortable? Each to their own. I like the new layout-looks quite professional. :) But I haven’t poked around yet…

  9. Jenny

    Hi Christine!

    I love the new banner and the links after each post!! But I’m not sure if I like the harsh white =( However, this definitely won’t make me stop coming here! I love your site =)

  10. Tonee

    Hi Christine!

    I like the new layout – very neat and no-nonsense. I do have a suggestion – the title of each post doesn’t stand out because of the white background, especially on the home page, even with a pink arrow thingy on the right hand side. The titles would be clearer with a different background color IMO.

  11. Gio

    I love the new look!

  12. Madeleine

    Last night for a moment I thought I ended up on a wrong site.
    I like it a lot.I still have to get used to it…
    ps.I don’t like changes…althoug they are good LOL

  13. Tanya

    A few comments –

    Funny, but on my computer the pictures of products are more vivid and “true” to color which is a plus on a personal level.

    Comments added to posts are hard to read because its hard to tell that they are comments added, the old layout made it much more obvious. I highly suggest you change up the colors or make it more obvious that a comment has been added to a post. No one wants to read each name to tell if a comment has been added by you.

    I like the new addition of pink, one of my fav colors, but unlike most readers I prefered the black background.

    • Hi Tanya!

      Those are some interesting points you’ve made! I will pass them all along to my development team. We are thinking about allowing users to choose their background (white or black) sometime in the future.


  14. Skyler

    Great new layout! I love it. It’s so nice to see popular site owners listening to their readers! 😀 I like the colours and the most popular/featured posts boxes at the top. Very handy. Like the navigation style with the drop-down menus (I actually suggested this in the last survey and I’m guessing others did too–it’s so nice to see it implemented!). Cleaner, easier to find things, and it doesn’t take up as much space like the old navigation. Instead of posting this in the little comment box in the survey, I will post it here:

    I think I suggested it before but it would be great if you had site templates/skinning abilities. They are very easy to install and that way, everyone can be satisfied (some people preferred the dark background) and readers can change the web site templates whenever they want. :) Here’s a fab script for doing just that: It also leaves you with less work, having to design new layouts less often because when readers get tired of one design, there are a handful of others to choose from. 😀

    My only other suggestion is to center the Home, Features, Looks, etc. links at the top navigation. It’s not a big deal but it might look better. :)

    • Lori

      I love your skinning suggestion Skyler. LOL I hope Christine isn’t pissed with all of us saying “Do this, I liked it better this”…can’t please everyone all the time but I do think the skinning so that people could change it to suit their own viewing pleasure is fantastic!

      • Skyler

        Exactly what I was thinking. 😛 As a web designer, I know how hard it is to please everyone and since the magic of skinning exists, we may as well take advantage of it! I am sure there will be -some- people who still hate all of the skins, but at least if there is a light backgroud skin, a dark one and maybe a neutral one, most everyone will be satisfied. 😛

    • Hi Skyler!

      We are actually working on skinning, after so many people have voiced that they dislike the white background (which confuses us, because prior, no one said they liked it – we only received criticism for it!). This layout has been in the making for months upon months, so we’d really like people to enjoy it.


      • Skyler

        Really?! Well that’s not very nice. *lol* I personally love it! Anyway, sorry that the people are so hard to please. 😛 I am happy to hear you are working on skinning; I think it would make your life a lot easier! :)

        • It was just so utterly confusing, lol! We made the move to white because it seemed like what people wanted. Hopefully the skinning thing will work out!

          Thanks, Skyler! :)

  15. Tekoa

    I have determined that I like it.

  16. Carrie

    I think this is good, but I liked the old one too, so, either way! I’ll still be checking in constantly.

    It seems to me that a generally accepted website color combo for easy reading is a slightly off-white background (like #F5F5F5 or #FEFDFA) with #333 (very dark gray) text. That way it’s kinda high contrast, but not sooo high contrast.

    Looks like based on your code you’re already doing the #333 for text, so maybe a slightly less stark white might help, if that continues to be a complaint? But personally I’m fine with it the way it is, just throwing something out there!

    (sorry, that stuff’s my dayjob 😛 )

  17. I dig the new layout, girl! Broke & Beautiful just launched our new layout, also! It’s that time of year, you know?


  18. Niqui

    I was a little shocked when I cam here tonight. I really liked the black background. I am a creature of habit and it will take me a while to get used to it, but I’m sure I will. :)

  19. MoOn

    me too add me with you ladies (creature of habit) but I will get used to the new changes and background..even though I prefer the old background coz I got used to it for years ..I’ll miss it lol but I like the top drop down mune :)

  20. Sara

    im sorry idont like it at all…it doesnt stand out anymore it just looks like a regular site..this isnt a business site it is a BEAUTY site it should have lots of color…also extremely hard to read now way too much of a contrast…GO BACK!!

  21. Zsofi

    i liked the old one much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the black background was sexy and bold.
    i love love love Your site,but first i was shocked to see,that now it looks like a regular site.
    if i could change a thing,i would go back,i liked it soooooooooooooooooooo much.