Friday, July 31st, 2009

Temptalia’s MAC Collection/Stash – July 2009

I know I enjoy peeking into other people’s collections, so here’s mine (just the MAC portion). Happy Friday!

Where to Buy:

For detailed photos and description of the storage solution itself, look here. Lots more storage solutions await you, too. You can see my MAC eyeshadow palettes in detail here. Also, all my MAC products are available with close-ups on the Temptalia Gallery.

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38 thoughts on “Temptalia’s MAC Collection/Stash – July 2009

  1. Christina

    I love your organization! I never get sick of watching your collection videos!

  2. DevilishDoll

    I’m moving in! Aww, you have so many items that I would die to have! But if I keep buying as much as I do, I should have a collection as big as yours in no time, lol.

  3. tehreemnazar

    Im in aweeee……
    Simply Amazing
    Thats it…u need to lock that up…like now@!!!! lol

  4. Kim

    Dear Lord… All i have to say is “Wow”

  5. i have a budget

    thanks for contributing to the economy!!!!!!

  6. Heather

    Hello I was just wondering where you got those cute tins you put your brushes in? Now how long do you keep all your cosmetics? I have heard that you should not keep things after a certain amount of time. Jealous of your collection. I think my boyfriend would kill me if mine was that large : ( Need more money!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I looked up those drawers on Amazon (thanks for the link) and they say they’re only like 2.75” tall. That fits a holder inside that holds your MSF’s? I’m surprised they fit :-) Would you say this is your “optimal” storage solution?

    • The top drawer is the *only* drawer that will fit them, because there’s just a lil’ bit more room :)

      Optimal? I don’t think there’s a such thing in existence. I’d say I’d have to have something completely customized to be optimal!

  8. VetTechDivaTN

    Wow!Loved the video! Glad to see someone has a MAC collection much larger than mine! My husband will be thrilled! LOL!!!

  9. Your makeup look in the intro looks so gorgeous, Christine!

  10. Is this all just a personal collection? That seems like way too much makeup for just one person…

  11. Leah

    I love your current organization techniques! I’m considering getting one of those to have alongside my vanity.

  12. Lotte

    Wow! That’s a lot of make up!
    Are you a makeup artist?

  13. imee

    just curious … the longevity of this makeup … well what happens when they expire soon? The glosses especially, I know they start to smell bad after 2 years or so.

    • None of my glosses smell bad, and there are definitely some that are well over 2 years. I also use recyclable disposable lip wands to increase the life of my glosses.

  14. cloudburst

    Wow, you are so organized! I also really like the makeup colours you are wearing in the video – could you list them please & thanks?

  15. Saira

    That is an awesome collection! I really like the way you have organised everything. What make-up are you wearing in the video? The colours look so pretty on you.

  16. Diana

    great video as always, christine! ;D

  17. Elise

    Good Lord! A collection that big would be too overwhelming for me. I would never be able to make a decision on what to wear! LOL You go girl!
    Bye the bye. Glad to see you on youtube! :)