Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Temptalia’s Collection – June 2010

For my 100th video, YouTube user kanadian00797 asked if I would do a special video — my makeup collection. I asked on Twitter if it was of interest, and by the post title, I think you know what the response was! :) The video is LONG. In previous years, I’ve split up the videos into MAC and non-MAC, but it’s all in one big video this time around. I also talk in more detail about blogging, the size of my stash, and what I do with products I don’t want or why I keep certain products. Since the video is pretty lengthy, I want to recap some of that in this post, too! :)

The Why & How:  Video Summary

  • I’ve been collecting makeup for 6 years. My collection wasn’t built overnight!
  • I am a *collector*! I may use what I buy and receive, but I am a collector at heart. Makeup is not purely utility for me, and this is why I consider it a hobby that I am passionate about.
  • I have been blogging for nearly 4 years. Brands and PR do send me product to consider reviewing. I don’t get paid to review products, no one gets to edit or preview my posts, and I’ve never lost a relationship because of a negative review, even the Ds and Fs.
  • I donate products to to local organizations like battered women’s shelters. I’m currently trying to work with a local veterans organization to find a way to send products to service men and women overseas.
  • The bathroom all my makeup is stored in is only used for makeup!  I wish it didn’t have a shower and instead a giant closet…
  • I consider this also an archive of the makeup past — it allows me to go back to previous launches for comparison.

My Storage System

Fun Facts

  • The Boy was the videographer for most of the video!
  • I still have the first brush I ever owned — Benefit’s Eyeshadow Blending Brush, which has long been discontinued.
  • I don’t know how many of each item I have, and it would probably make me cringe even a little if I did.  So don’t count!
  • I keep a lot of products for comparison purposes–e.g. how does X shadow compare to Y shadow from 4 years ago?  My memory is faulty, and though the improvement in my photographing skills over the years help me to photo-document everything, I like having it in real life to compare, too.
  • In looks, I try to keep older limited edition/discontinued products out of them.  I try to use new products (to show how they look applied) or permanent products.
  • I have the Scarlet/Spring/Summer seasons to thank for finally getting some permanent lipsticks in my stash!
  • My dream is to have California Closets come over and design me the ultimate makeup storage system.

See more photos!

The Trinity of Carts

Counter-top with brushes, makeup remover, etc.

Translucent Drawers with Concealers, Mascara, etc. (also jewelry)

MAC Palettes (permanent shades only)

Face/foundation products I use regularly

Lipglasses, Pro Longwears, Cremesheen Glass

Cart 1, Drawer 1: MAC Limited Edition Lipsticks

Cart 1, Drawer 2: MAC Dazzleglass, Superglass, Mattenes/Slimshines, Lip Stain Markers

Cart 1, Drawer 3: MAC Mineralize Eyeshadows, Holiday Palettes, etc.

Cart 1, Drawer 4: MAC Blushes

Cart 1, Drawer 5: MAC Mineralize & Cream Blushes

Cart 1, Drawer 6: MAC Pigments

Cart 1, Drawer 6: MAC Pigments

Cart 1, Drawer 7: More MAC Pigments, Loose Beauty Powders

** Note, Drawer 8 is empty — it is reserved for the newly repackaged MAC pigments

Cart 1, Drawer 9: Misc. High-End Lipgloss, Laura Mercier, Estee Lauder

Cart 1, Drawer 10: False Lashes

Mid to High-end Lipsticks, MAC Permanent Lipsticks & Quads

Cart 2, Drawer 1: MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes, Beauty Powders, Bronzers

Cart 2, Drawer 2: Benefit

Cart 2, Drawer 3: Bobbi Brown

Cart 2, Drawer 4: Lancome

Cart 2, Drawer 5: Make Up For Ever & Sugarpill

Cart 2, Drawer 6: NARS & Illamasqua

** Note, Drawer 7 is empty but slated to fill with Rock & Republic shadows I bought ten billion years ago.

Cart 2, Drawer 8: Stila

Cart 2, Drawer 9: Urban Decay

Cart 2, Drawer 10: Misc. High-end brands (Smashbox, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Shu, etc.)

Designer/luxury lipsticks

** Note, Drawer 1 is empty currently, because it accomodates MAC lipsticks/beauty powders (both of which I’m nearly full-on), so it’s on reserve for more of those!

Cart 3, Drawer 2: Eyeliners

Cart 3, Drawer 3: Cream, Gel, & Liquid Liners; Brow/Mascara

Cart 3, Drawer 4: Chanel

Cart 3, Drawer 5: Dior

Cart 3, Drawer 6: Dolce & Gabbana

Cart 3, Drawer 7: Givenchy

Cart 3, Drawer 8: Guerlain Eye/Face Products

Cart 3, Drawer 9: Guerlain Lipsticks & Lipglosses

Cart 3, Drawer 10: Misc. Luxury/Designer Brands (Le Metier de Beaute, Cle de Peau, YSL, etc.)

Though I am not intentionally endorsing any products in this video, I know that I said, “Love this!” a few times. Some of the products in my collection were provided by PR for original review purposes. If it’s here, I probably reviewed it on the blog. However, there are just as many, if not more, products I have purchased myself over the years also in my collection. Just to be clear!

Discussion and debate are highly encouraged, and we expect community members to participate respectfully. When asking a question, please check the FAQ section (above) for information about purchasing, price, dupes, and the like. If you have general feedback or need technical support, please contact us.

Comments that include advertisements, self-promotion, insults, etc. may be in violation of our comment policy and subject to deletion. Please see our comment policy for more information.

286 thoughts on “Temptalia’s Collection – June 2010

  1. karen

    Wow! I want to come over and play!

    I’d love storage like that, but I’ve got no room. Plus I have just a Sterilite container and several (haha, like 5) makeup bags filled with all the stuff I own.

  2. Kate & Zena

    I’m not going to lie–I was itching to get in that room and throw about half of it out. At the same time, I was itching to get my little paws and steal some away from you. I’m torn between which I should settle on. I, unfortunately, can’t have a collection that large; I get panic attacks because it’s seriously chaotic to see that much of one thing to me (Autism, it stinks). I love having options but that is WAY too much.

    I was an Army kid (wait, I still am, just not active), so if you’re looking to donate products, you need to find your local VA (Veteran’s Affair) branch and ask what they need more of; the VA sends military care packages about once a month or twice if there’s a major holiday like Christmas (my dad is Commander of his VA branch). They probably will tell you they need suncare products the most. A lot of companies donate their products for the soldiers (particularly toothbrush/toothpaste companies) so the VA generally doesn’t need toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant or hair products. It’s sunscreen and foot powder. A lot of people never think of sunscreen for soldiers. My dad had a lot of suspicious moles taken off his back and most were probably caused by lack of suncare products when he was deployed to Kuwait. They’re always grateful for help.

    Don’t donate to the other places; I can honestly tell you that 99% of those places that collect materials overseas to soldiers are doing it so you feel better about yourself and never send those products overseas. It’s the same thing with becoming a penpal with a soldier. It’s unfortunate, but it’s true. Why don’t they send them? Everything sent to soldiers overseas has to pass military inspection and shipping isn’t cheap.

    Okay, I have to get off my soapbox now. I’m very passionate about supporting troops and veterans; three generations of my mom’s side and two on my dad’s side have served the US armed forces.

    • Hey!

      Is the American Legion Post not a good organization? I’ve been working with the Commander there, because my Grandma works with hers where she lives (my grandfather was also a serviceman when he was alive), so I’ve been working with my local post. The Commander is actually looking into how/where I can donate for me right now.

      • Kate & Zena

        Yes. I actually mixed the two up; I should never post comments at 12:31 in the morning. Veteran’s Affairs provide medical care and federal benefits and the American Legion is made up of veterans that help deployed soldiers, hospitalized veterans and veterans. My dad is Commander of his American Legion post.

        Have you tried looking at legion.org/posts? It’ll give you a rundown of posts near you within 10, 20 or 50 miles. Some will have e-mail addresses but most have telephone numbers. Not all posts do care packages, so you might want to do some sleuthing of your own while you wait for the Commander to call you back.

        What branch was your grandfather, if you don’t mind my asking?

        • Yep – I’m in email contact with the Commander at my local American Legion post! We’re trying to work something out. He said he would poke around (I assume the post doesn’t have anything at the moment). I was trying to use the American Legion website, but I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to. But no rush, I have everything ready to go in boxes and am happy to wait for a good cause!

          I’m completely blanking on what branch he was – I know that he trained soldiers here in the U.S. to fight in Vietnam. My other grandfather was a senator in Vietnam who fled the country during the Vietnam war and was president of the Vietnamese Veteran’s Legion. Those two sentences almost seem contradictory. I know both of them had gun salutes when they were put to rest. So, since my answer was very vague, I gotta send off emails to my parents so I can get details, because I feel pretty terrible that I can’t remember!

          • Kate & Zena

            One of my grandfathers was a Squid (Navy) and the other is an Army vet. I have two cousins that are Jarheads (Marines), I think I have another is Army and an uncle that is Air Force. No Coast Guards yet.

            Don’t feel too bad! I had to ask my mom what branch her father was and which war he fought in (WWII) three seconds ago. I always forget which branch he was in and I mix up whether my biological paternal grandfather served in Vietnam or Korea. My mom sighs every time I ask because I should know by now it’s Korea.

  3. Vagabondage

    Awe-inspiring stash. What percentage of your stash would you say you’ve purchased yourself?

  4. Karmen Can

    Wow…..it feels like having a sephora in your own bathrooom. Btw what website did you get those UD loose pigments from?

  5. I absolutely LOVE Love love love your collection.Thank you for sharing it with us especially since usually some people tend to post nasty comments and personal questions about finances. I just love the variety of brands and the colors! Wow!

  6. Katharine

    OMG!!! I’ve never seen anything like this. I knew you had a lot of stuff, but..WOW! With all those products to choose from, how do you ever decide what to wear each day?! If I had that many lipsticks, I would be lost in all the possibilities! Looks amazing though 😉 If makeup wasn’t so expensive down here, I would probably have a collection to rival yours!

  7. Mara

    You said in a comment reply that you don’t think it’s ethical to sell products that have been sent to you for review & that most charities don’t accept used products no matter how slightly used.

    Well, here’s an idea: How about you conduct a blog sale for slightly used and/or PR products and THEN donate the proceeds to charity? That way you get some makeup geeks happy, get rid of products you don’t use or want AND donate to a good cause at the same time? Just a thought.

    • Hi Mara,

      I personally don’t agree with it. I think it is better to simply donate the products to organizations who can give them to people in need. Around prom time, for instance, a lot of high schools have girls who can’t afford makeup, and so those girls are really happy to receive some. If you look into it hard enough, you can always find ways to donate products to others, used or unused–that’s why I said most but not all.

      I’m not sure why there is any issue/problem with what I do now, I guess? I always thought what I was doing was a good thing!

      • Mara

        [Note: I posted a similar but shorter reply — due to character limits — over at YouTube.]

        Hi Christine,

        Thanks for replying. Not only is just straight donating to others a good thing, it’s a commendable thing! I agree that bloggers selling PR samples on Ebay, etc. for profit is a blight on the community and a cause for concern, but that’s not what I’m suggesting here. I’m simply suggesting another way to dispose of slightly used products that charities won’t accept. Of course, if you can find other ways to donate slightly used products without doing a sale, that’s great, too.

        Anyway, I totally understand your position. Needless to say, you have the prerogative to deal with your collection the way you see fit, and if the idea of a blog sale is personally uncomfortable for any reason, that’s more than enough justification not to do it.

        Lastly, I appreciate you sharing your collection with us, not to mention the wealth of information on beauty products that you post on this blog. Because of you, I’ve become a more informed and discerning make up geek!

        • Hey Mara,

          I totally understand where you’re coming from and what you meant :) I appreciate you understanding my position, too! I try to hold giveaways often (with products I buy specifically for giveaways or arrange for product with brands for giveaways) as a way to give back to readers in lieu of blog sales or the like, too.

          Thank you!

  8. christy

    I noticed that you had some Guerlain Orchidee Imperial products and was wondering if you’ve tried it so far and how you’re liking it. I’ve been trying to determine if i wanted their eye cream or go with chanel sublimage’s or stick with my natura bisse diamond extreme eye. Eye creams usually last me almost a year so I haven’t been able to decide cause i’ll be stuck with it for a year, haha

    • Hey Christy,

      I really liked them when I tried them, but my biggest issue was I saw a subtle difference in my fine lines around my eyes, but I don’t know if the results would have been more dramatic if I had more signs of aging elsewhere, too. I have heard some really good things about Sublimage, though I haven’t tried it – as in being the one eye cream that really does deliver on results – from other beauty bloggers I trust (just asking them personally for recs and the like).

  9. shuz4ever

    Love, love, love your make-up collection Christine. Esp the neat organization…i’m just the same… tho my collection is teeny-tiny compared to u’rs and consists mostly of MAC. Kudos to u for juggling so many avatars…law/biz student; make-up guru; blogger amongst others…thank you for sharing your passion with us. BTW missing Mellan updates:)

  10. Ann

    what do you do for leaving that you have money for this? I want that job too:)

  11. Amanda

    Wow!!!! I am in makeup heaven after seeing all those. How do you decide what to leave the house in, I struggle to decide with my tiny make up collection every morning!!!

  12. Hi, thanks for the video 😀 can I ask what that material is at the bottom of your drawers? Did it come with the drawer itself or did you have to buy it?

    • It’s non-skid liner I got from the Container Store, actually! Same stuff you’d use to line your shelves in the kitchen :) I think 1 roll is enough for 1 cart.

  13. Hend

    That’s what I call : HEAVEEEEN !
    your collection is amazing :D,
    I think I have to live twice to consume half of it lol
    nice way of organizing 😉
    thanks for sharing

  14. Kristina

    Holy mother of mercy, that is an awesome collection! Please tell me you have it insured!! I am just in awe. Another thought on donating, by the way, is Look Good….Feel Better. It’s through the American Cancer Society, and they help give cancer patients makeovers to help them feel better. Here’s a link:


    Great collection!

  15. Isabella Rabello

    I have just 1 thing to say: OMG!

  16. baby in a corner

    i totally agree with not throwing stuff out just cause you’ve had it for 2 years and it says 2 years expiry date on the product. i am careful about cream products but most of my eyeshadows i only apply with clean brushes so i’m not going to throw them out just after 2 years. I mean a bag of flour which you’ll eat has a expiry date of about 3 years!

  17. Kim

    This was so pretty. I wish you could have a giant slumber party where we all come over and play with your makeup…lol

  18. My goodness thats a lot!

  19. Maja

    Wow Christine! I’m soooo jealous! Please feel free to donate any of your products to a poor student – me! :-)
    Seriously, if you want to donate something, which I think is awesome, you could auction some of your stuff off on ebay. If you would announce a special Temptalia-auction, I think there would be many of us who would like to buy some of your awesome makeup for a god cause. And you could donate the money to wherever you think it is needed the most. That would be great!
    By the way, do you own any beauté lip products?

    • I can’t use Beaute’s products :( Something they put in their lip products causes my lips to react in a terrible way. I had bleeding, peeling lips for almost a week after using them :/

      • Maja

        Uhhh! That is really good to know. I can’t test them out anywhere here in germany, so I will not spend a lot of money to order some until I get to the U.S. and try myself someday, hopefully.

  20. Ashley

    I usually don’t watch collection videos (especially if they’re nearly 30 minutes long!) but I love how you organized everything! I get discouraged a lot of the time when people show their collection because they’ll just chuck whatever in a random bin & go “OH HEY! I found something I lost over a year ago, I found like 3 of these today!”
    This isn’t OCD or an obsession, it’s very wise to organize make-up the way you did so there’s not cross contamination & NO CLUTTER or mishap of buying a new something cause you “lost” something when in actuality,it was in another bin. I did my nails while I watched this video too, wooo!

    • Ahaha, glad you were able to do your nails, too.

      I couldn’t believe it was 24 minutes. I was like, “WTF? WHY? HOW?!” I know I used to split up the videos into MAC and non-MAC, but last year was just over 10 minutes. Chatty Kathy over here, I suppose!

  21. Helena

    I cried.

  22. Elle

    LOL–‘I don’t have eyebrows sitting around in there’ Love it! Thanks for the video Christine!! Amazing!

  23. melissa

    Do you de-pot all of your LE MAC eyeshadows?! I want to but on some of them I cant bare to part with the cute packaging! Also have you ever depotted your UD shadows, I have a ton of them and was considering putting them in a small palette, I noticed that you keep most of your shadows in original packaging! I love your collection!!! I have watched this video too many times already!!!! 😀 😀 😀

    • Yep, I depot ’em all! To be honest, I just don’t have room for all those little pots. Palettes are huge space-savers! I also find that I’ll never use anything that’s in a pot unless I’m very, very specifically hunting for it. But I know some who depot most but leave their very favorite packaging ones in their pots. I keep a couple of the Moonbathe eyeshadows like that (just three).

      If UD put out a palette, I probably would!

  24. Your collection is amazing <3

    Givenchy is pronounced "gee-bon-she" :)

  25. shilpa

    awsome collection….no doubts about that…..
    but one question…..all the makeup products have a shelf life…and with so much makeup lying around..its bound that quite a lot of it expires…..do u still use it…..

  26. Krista.K

    Oh my goodness! Definitely the best makeup-porn I’ve ever seen! LOL
    I’m a collector as well and I don’t think in the next 6years my collection will expand into your’s! Haha. I’m sooooo amazed! I knew as a beauty blogger you would have an amazing makeup stash, but I seriously was not expecting ALLLL of that haha. Thank you soo much for sharing!

  27. Rachel

    Oh myyy!
    I am in complete and utter awe of your collection, I’m still a uni student and find it soo hard to buy expensive make up! So i only just got my first tast of things like MAC when my parents did a mini haul overseas for me!
    I wish Australia had the range of make up you had, I was a happy chappy to say the least when they came home with things like Urban Decay and Too Faced!
    I would love to travel overseas very very soon and my make up wish list grows by the day…i may need a seperate suitcase to bring it all home! haha
    Thankyou for showing me makeup can be a spectacular and fun hobby!!

  28. Valerie

    That. was. Awweesommme!

  29. WithIt

    OMG! Great video! Don’t pay any attn. to any of the “haters” on YouTube who were telling you to buy a house… evidently, they didn’t watch until the end. I’m so impressed with your collection and your organization, girl! :)

    • It is always kind of funny when people say that, too – just ’cause I live in California, where houses pretty much start at $500K and go up… even in the housing crisis, LOL.

  30. I had to manually close my jaw from drooling over your collection! I keep thinking mine is too massive but really it’s quite small compared :) Very awesome collection though, really fun to look at!

  31. Bonnie

    Wow, this is an amazing collection! Awesome!

  32. Anna

    Your collection is beautiful. But honestly by the end of the video I felt kind of uneasy, haha.

  33. OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! My jaws just dropped and I don’t think I could ever fix it back! 😛

    It’s makeup Heaven!!!!!

    One day, I shall try to organize my stash….. you are so neat and organized, Christine! My stuffs are literally everywhere, and I always have huge headache trying to find something. I need to get those storage drawers……

  34. Dianna

    That was so fun to watch!! You should definitely have a makeup closet or something. Do you keep all your nailpolish in that bathroom too? I bet it’s stacked in the shower lol.

    • Dianna

      Oh and I forgot to say – thank you for doing what you do! I’m sure I speak for every follower of this blog when I say that you are awesome! I really appreciate all the time you spend showing us new products, sharing your opinion, and reminding me that it’s okay to have fun with makeup :)

    • Nail polish is elsewhere, lol!

  35. Nessa

    Whoa! just whoa! only in my dreams..

  36. waldenae

    What do you do for a living??

  37. Chloe

    hi i live near palo alto in menlo park, where do you get your mac? thanks!

  38. Sarah Z

    So nice! I hope to one day have anything close to the variety that you have! How do you even begin in the morning with all those choices?! 😀 I especially appreciated the fact that you try to donate to great causes! Me being in the Navy it’s always sweet to hear when people support us!

  39. Thu

    Hi! This is my first comment to you, though I’ve been reading your reviews for a while. I have a blog too, that I do just for fun. It’s a baby compared to Temptalia :) I one day hope to have an entire cart full of Urban Decay the way you do for MAC.

    Your collection is impressive. I’m just starting to outgrow my train case, and there is stuff I have that I never use – how do you remember what you have, so as to avoid having doubles or dupes? And is everything you have “compatible” for you, or is a lot of it stuff that you bought/obtained for the purpose of reviewing or just collecting, but it’s not actually your color? (Would you, for example, buy the full range of UD lipsticks just to have them, or do you only buy stuff that works for you?)

    And lastly… I haven’t read through all 232 comments, so I apologize if you’ve already addressed this, but could I get the names of a couple of the places you donate? I’m in California too (though I’m from the Bay Area – I’m not sure which end of the state you’re in).

    • Hey Thu,

      Thank you! :) Ahaha, a UD fan, eh! Luckily, UD’s line does not seem quite as mammoth as MAC’s, so at least you’ll be there sooner rather than later! :)

      I very rarely buy the entire line of anything unless I actually want it – like Chanel Rouge Allure Laques, I received four via PR and bought the remaining four myself. But in general, I think any color can work (other than foundation, lol), so usually color isn’t the point I dismiss something at. I certainly keep products I’m not loving (color-wise) for later on down the road, which was actually a great idea when I started up the season lip series!

      I am in the Bay Area, too, actually. I use this list: http://www.homeless.org.au/directory/us-california.htm

      I will call around and see who’s taking stuff, who needs what. For lightly tested/swatched stuff, if you find out when your local high schools are having homecoming/proms, sometimes you can just drop off a box when they’re making floats or if you live by your old high school, sometimes you can work with a teacher specifically. I figure those ladies will always enjoy some new goodies, just in time for those dances, but most high schoolers don’t have lots of funds to work with anyway! Senior citizen homes may also take goodies,, or even if you volunteer somewhere, you could bring in a box as a gift, too.

  40. Julie

    oh em gee. that is all. I admire you for donating your makeup towards a good cause, it`s so nice to hear! Keep up the great work ! = )

  41. Hannah

    Wow Christine! I am speechless! I could spend a week here and not leave your room… Seriously, whatever makeup you’ve got that you’ve bought for yourself and don’t like it, I’d be willing to pay for it!

  42. Isabella

    Kso, YOU ARE THE LUCKIEST GIRL ALIVE!!!! I forced my mom to watch this, and she FREAKED. She said when we move to the house we’re renting so we can get some custom build or whatever, she said that she’ll get me a collection that big if I really want. I was like, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes I do want it. lol. Just saying that you definitely are my idol 😀

  43. mariana

    Christine do you work ? or this is your work if this is your work is the most amazin work ever!!

  44. Paula


  45. bianca

    where can i buy mac pigment samples?

  46. Wow, you can open your own store, haha!
    It’s amazing!

  47. Aya

    the most epic makeup collection i have ever seen. seriously, my jaw dropped. :O i love it alot! you’re so cute! LOL!

  48. Fiona

    Hi Christine! You have an awesome makeup collection and I love it! You truly are an organized person! I’m surprised you don’t have OCD :D. I was just wondering if you buy or receive (from PR etc.) stuff from every MAC collection that has come out since you’ve been a beauty blogger.

    • I’ve been buying every single MAC collection since Dame Edna. Sometimes I get PR samples from MAC, but typically it’s 4-5 pieces.

  49. CAn you do a video on all your mac palettes? also do you think MAC eyeshadows are worth the money?

  50. Melody

    gasp!! I feel like a kid in a candy store~

    Suddenly feel like I need more makeup~ XD

  51. I just wanted to let you know I really appreciate your collection, and your website you help so many people (including me) with your reviews and everything! Great collection–and I think it’s great that you donate! Keep it up :)))

  52. Michele

    HI Christine! Two comments (questions)- 1. Do you have a tutorial on the blue look you’re wearing? I LOVE it!! 2. I think its GREAT you’re donating unused products, I’ve been battling Leukemia since Dec 2009 and the American Cancer Society has a program called Look Good Feel Better, they show cancer patients how to apply makeup and even gave us a bag with some goodies in it! You might want to look into whether or not they will take some new stuff off your hands. :) Love, Michele

  53. Abby

    Wow if I have 30 minutes where I need something to do here it is.

  54. i would keep 10 favourites of everything and then give the rest away before it goes off.xx

  55. jennifer

    hey christine, i love your makeup collection and your blog! i’m fairly new to makeup and just recently moved up from drugstore brand to stuff like benefit, korres, bobbie brown and urban decay. i have a question for you. i’m really into colored pencil eyeliner under my lower lash line right now but i’m having a hard time finding one that keeps it’s color and is long wearing. i’ve tried the urban decay 24/7 liners and they’re great at first, but for some reason they end up running under my eyes after a few hours. i read that mufe aqua eyes are good but since you really know your makeup, i want to know your opinion before i spend $17 dollars on a pencil. what are your favorite pencil eyeliners other than urban decay?

    • Hey Jennifer,

      MUFE stays on better than UD from what I’ve heard/seen — they stay on about the same to me, but MUFE isn’t quite as creamy, which might be why it seems to stay on a lil’ better for most.

  56. Ouckeenzy

    Hi, I couldn’t find a contact adress on your blog, so I hope I’m not disturbing you by asking for your e-mail adress – if possible, I’d like to ask you something ! =)

  57. Ashley

    I was excited and interested in watching this! My collection is smaller than one of your drawer’s lol. I hope one day I can have 1/6 of what you have. I thought out of all of your drawers I was most excited about the Bobbi Brown and Urban besides your Mac of course. I love my Bobbi Brown Nude Palette! I love the way you organized all of it! You did a great job! Thanks for all the hard work you’ve done 😀

  58. Chandra

    I would give you my kids for that collection. I had to show my husband so he can see I’m not the only one with a huge amount of makeup.Although I don’t think it worked lol. I also think its really, really amazing that you make the time to answer all the questions from your readers.

  59. Cris

    Christine if you don’t mind mentioning in your blog, what kind of profession are you in? Anything that has to do with cosmetics? Because I would love to know how you obtain such wonderful make up items! I am sooooo amazed by your wonderful collection! Ofcourse you don’t have to answer but I just LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your make up! Simply fantastic :)

  60. JaneS

    Just awesome! Just found your blog while looking for MAC reviews. Now I’m hooked!

    Funny how some of the comments really matched my own feelings when your readers said they felt really happy and relaxed when viewing makeup collections! One question: what lipstick did you wear on this video? I didn’t see any references around. It’s a lovely nudish color!

  61. I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute of this video, I think if you would have sat down and shown every item that you have, I would have taken the time out to watch it no matter how long it was. Also after watching this, honestly makes me feel better because I buy makeup as well that I do not wear often, but I love the way it looks. Hopefully, my collection one day will just be just as great as yours. Also, btw your eyeshadow look is beautiful!

  62. Miyu


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  64. Makavelina

    Christine! I just watched your collection video and my jaw just dropped and stayed like that all the time 😀

    I just wanted to ask you, you obviously cannot use up all of that, and every product has some shelf life… what do you do with products that are “old”? Do you give them away before their expiration date, or do you just throw them away? Cause it would rip my heart to see those jewells going to a trash bag 😀

  65. J

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