Friday, March 6th, 2009

Finally finished my eyeshadow depotting project :) I have a bag full of empties, and nine full 15-pan palettes. Wow! There will be another post going up with close-ups of the palettes and the names of the eyeshadows shortly :)

See the other eight…

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53 thoughts on “Temptalia’s Collection: Eyeshadow Palettes 2009

  1. Sarah

    OMG! I love ALL of those colours! I’m drooling hun!

  2. jesstoimpress

    good GOD! thats amazing. .

  3. Stephanie

    How do you know which order to put them in?

  4. Rachael

    Sounds like your ready for B2M!

  5. Faiza

    You have no idea how jealous I am! lol. That is fabulous!

  6. Almost as big as mine 😉 I like your organization!

    • Do you have yours posted? 😉

      • Ah yes of course! All of my shadows are posted…and arranged similarly too. I don’t have square looking ones like you do :-) You are my inspiration!

          • So from now on, when people say they haven’t seen anything bigger than mine, I’m totally saying, “But Heather outdoes me! By Leaps and bounds!”

            Those Guerlain Terracottas look gorgeous. How do you like ’em?

            BTW, do you feel like you have most of MAC’s permanent eyeshadows?

        • Something about them being arranged by color is so pretty. I know some people also only keep X color in their palette, even if there are empty slots. I always think about doing that, if only so I don’t have to rearrange ALL my palettes whenever I add a new pan.

          • I <3 anything and everything by Guerlain! The Terracotta’s are extremely gorgeous – hence why I bought two! I use one as a bronzer and the other can be a blush. Their texture is very smooth and buttery – just like their shadows (which I know you like too!)

            I feel like I have at least 80% of the MAC Perm. shadows. I haven’t calculated it precisely, but there’s not many colors I come across that I don’t have…and if I do it’s because it has never caught my eye. I’m still working on it though…collecting, and eventually I have no doubt that I will have every permanent color!

            BTW – I just got the Le Metier De Beaute in Papaye Cream. It’s really beautiful, feels great, smells like cinnamon, but is more coral/orange colored than I thought it would be. I usually get almost everything you recommend! :-)

            • Hey Heather!

              Is it a good or bad thing that the gloss is more coral/orange toned? LOL. I really, really love it so I am hoping it’s a good thing if only because I hate steering people wrong!

              I’m definitely going to look into the Terracottas now :)

  7. WOW! I love how you coordinated by color! Its like the whole rainbow! Lovely <3

  8. Olaronke

    SO Jealous …
    I wish…

  9. Linds

    It looks so pretty!!I’ve been meaning to depot my eyeshadows… this will inspire me to hurry up.

  10. lala

    looks so yum!!! <33

  11. Shyenne B

    How do u take the eyeshadows out of the original case if i wanna put it in the palette because I want to have them organized not in lil boxes

    • The pot has two pieces; there’s a little break between where the lid clicks closed, and you can pop the top part out so it’s a little plastic pan that holds the actual metal eyeshadow pan. Then I put it in the oven at 180 degrees for about 5 minutes, remove it. I take a thin knife and slide it around the eyeshadow pan, pop it out, and voila. You should use alcohol or a glue remover so you can remove the excess glue on the bottom of the pan. I use magnetic tape (find it at a craft store) and stick a small piece on the bottom. I take a lighter and gently run the flame over the bottom of the eyeshadow pot (where the label is) for 5 seconds or so. Then the glue has melted a bit so I can remove the label from the eyeshadow pot and put it on the back of the eyeshadow pan :)

  12. Sylvia

    Wow. That is awesome. I just recently finished depotting and filling just one of those palettes. I can’t imagine doing as many as you have. Just awesome.

  13. omg christine!! this is amazing!! u should B2M when the dazzle glasses come out so u can get them for free 😀

  14. Nicci

    wow, that’s a lot. But how long do you keep it? I know with some cosmetics you should dump after a few months such as with mascara. What about eye shadow though??

    • Eyeshadow is a powder product, so it’s pretty hard for it to harbor bacteria. I spritz mine with alcohol every few months, too, to help keep everything clean :)

  15. That’s a lot of eyeshadow! I don’t keep mine in any order, I think that my palettes are just in the order I purchase or received them in.

  16. ayat

    Whoa! Amazing!

  17. Love love love, the last two pallets :)

  18. jenny

    what are the names of the shadows you hit pan on? they must be good!

  19. Christine, hi and merry christmas btw! what brand do the square eyeshadows come from?

  20. Leea

    why are some of your mac eyeshadows in squares instead of circles?

  21. Anna

    hey christine, i was wondering how did you depot the holiday e/s? i mean the square ones. im not sure how to take them out of the palette lol

  22. Mirna

    Since you depotted these eyeshadows do you ever take the casing back to MAC for the 1 free lipgloss deal? You know the deal where you can take empty containers back & get something in return, or something like that. Or are your eyeshadow cases just too messed up to take back for the deal after depotting?