Friday, September 5th, 2008

In my excitement to tell (and show!) you all about my new hairstyle, I totally overlooked how important a before and after shot would be! So, here it is :) I was completely overwhelmed by the response to the cut, so thank you all so very much! I agree I could go as short as the original inspiration cut, I love that I have the illusion of length, but the perks of shorter hair. It’s not fear holding me back to go shorter, it’s how much I love this modified cut and how well it reflects me! Thank you all for your assurance the cut worked out and I could go short :)

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62 thoughts on “Temptalia’s Before & After Hair Photos

  1. victoria

    oh wow, beautiful, sophisticated and sexy.

  2. Beautiful as usual!

  3. Sash

    I lalalalalalalove it!
    I mean you were beautiful before, but now ur like drop dead!
    You look amazing!

  4. Rosy

    Both styles are great, but the new style is glamorous. New dos are the best!

  5. Love, Love!!!! Fabulous!

  6. It looks so good on you Christine! I love the new do.

  7. Tanya from Oz

    i love it! your hairdresser did SUCH a good job!

    btw did it get darker? it looks sooo shiny lol!

    make sure to let us know the pros/cons of having shorter hair w. bangs! (like washing/styling more products needed etc.)

    you are beautiful!!

    • Thanks, Tanya! Nope, not darker. It might be that this is 100% my natural color (which is quite dark), whereas I probably still had some lighter parts from who knows what, when it was longer.

      Will keep you all updated!

  8. slick

    YoWza! *cat calls* lol…

    I’ve been trying to get inspired and creative with my hair -you’ve definitely helped! Currently I’m trying to grow it out and its taking forever!

    Do update us with how you feel about your new hair routine! I so want a cute ‘do but I am fairly opposed to styling it every morning. I dont even blow dry it, just tuck and go! I have to spend every second I have in the morning on my makeup routine so trying to do a hair routine as well seems so overwhelming! lol..

    • LOL!

      You know, today it’s totally natural, and it still has a bit of a style to it. I’m liking how it lays on its own, which is EXACTLY what I need in a cut. Sometimes it’s hard to decide on a new hairstyle, because you see it styled — not just cut.

  9. n.fiona

    christine! you look great!

  10. I really love the new cut Christine! It looks amazing and so Vogue! 😉

  11. Nicole

    This cut is to die for.

  12. Kella

    I can’t believe you’ve gone so long without a change like this, because it looks fab on you! Have fun with this, you look gorgeous!!

  13. Alannah

    I LOVE it! The bangs look great–it’s amazing how different you look between the two pictures (but I always thought your old haircut was so pretty too)!

  14. Erin/slipnslide

    I TOLD you you’d look smokin’ with bangs!
    Dude, I called it. For real.

  15. HeavenLeiBlu

    It’s gorgeous, and fits you well! how are you feeling about it now that you’ve slept on it, so to speak?

    • Thanks :) I’m still liking it. I love that it still looks good (at least, to me) totally unstyled and natural. It still has some of that “style” to it, even without products and time.

  16. Kendra

    I love your new haircut! It looks seriously sexy!

  17. Robin

    This look suits you much better than the other one! I love that side bang on you :) It looks like you pencilled in your brows a bit?- Looks good! I could def see you in the longer in the front, shorter in the back bob…

  18. Jessica

    Christine your hair looks so beautiful!! It shows off your beautiful features much better. You have totally inspired me to finally cut my hair.

  19. Jessica

    Your hair is hot! Makes me want to get bangs.

  20. Steph

    It really highlights your sort-of heart shaped face nicely! I love it – you look really sophisticated.

  21. cloudburst

    Did they colour your hair too – because it seems darker in the after shot.

  22. LocaLoli

    It fits you perfectly very beautiful

  23. Trace

    Awesome cut, Christine.. it looks so good on you! Bravo for having the courage to finally cut it!

    I’ve been growing mine out for a while and it’s almost where I want it and *healthy*, which is really important. I’m going to enjoy the long hair for a while and then eventually (i’m thinking when next spring or summer rolls around) I may have summoned the strength to get a cute shoulder-length cut. We’ll see, lol..

    But yeah, you look great! who knows, maybe you’ll have a change of heart at some point and decide to go shorter.. =P If you do, you know we wanna see pics!

    • Thanks so much, Trace! :)

      Yay for healthy hair! Congrats on getting through the growing out stage :) But I totally know what you mean. Once you’ve gotten long hair, it’s hard to part with. No matter what people say, even though hair DOES grow back, that doesn’t mean it grows back overnight!

  24. Zsofi

    absolutely amazing and sexy and gorgeous and beautiful 😀
    i am soooo proud of You,You were brave to get a new do,and it turned out the best possible :-)

    for all the girls like myself who are afraid of hairdressers:
    take the plunge,it wont hurt,it will be glamorous :-)

    You are a totally new woman 😀

  25. Kharina

    Oh my gosh you look sooooooo cute! Love the bangs!!! This hair cut definitely suits the lovely shape of your face. You actually inspired me to get a new look! :p But MAC has left me broke so I can’t actually afford the new look :( hehe

  26. classic

    Christine love yr new look

  27. Chocobon

    OMG Christine u are sooooooo much prettier and even more gorgeous than u already are!!! This hair cut suits u to T and accentuates all ur beautiful features!!!

  28. JackA.


    (That’s a good ‘wow’ by the way, very sexy. Very.)

  29. Dawn

    Really like the hair. You look great. Makes you look really mature and classy

  30. Ashley

    I love it,, it really complements your face shape!

  31. Sara

    Stunning – the fringe really suits you!